The Great Conqueror – Chapter 108

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: Wisehelm99

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Chapter 108 Title: Archery Guild Chairman’s Abilities

“Since your identity is a secret, we will not disclose it on the surface. However, the fact that all five-star members of the Adventurer Guild are our valued customers, you are all allowed to purchase on credit, with the maximum limit capped at fifty thousand gold coins.” La Nu said as it was obvious from his tone that he was trying to build up friendly relations.

Upon coming in, Zou Liang was given the impression that although the Adventurer Guild’s construction is of poor quality with its inner rooms and prized possessions being only ordinary, its financial capability is not secondary to that of the Engraving Master Guild. The only main difference between the two guilds is the fact that one is more arrogant and flaunts its wealth more openly.

“When do I have to return?”

“Hehe, you can choose to return whenever you feel like it. However, when the guild encounters some minor problems, I hope that you would not back off.”

La Nu phrased his words cautiously. Even though the opposing party is young, he did not dare to undermine him as his achievements in Yelu Samo City have stirred the heavens and earth. Hence, he would do his utmost effort to tempt Zou Liang into being a guest member of the guild.

“Hehe, Chairman La Nu, you are too polite. As a member of the Adventurer Guild, I will help out as long as I have the ability to.” Zou Liang spoke enthusiastically. He knew that this was a heaven blessing in disguise and even the dumbest Bi Er member would probably not pass it up. After all, what he lacked the most in his current situation was money and resources. As for the Adventurer Guild which was seeking to improve their standings, what they required the most was the support of people with strong backgrounds. Even though they have the resources to do so, many members of the other tribes merely look at the Adventurer Guild with disdain, as they viewed the guild as just a workshop. On the other hand, Zou Liang was fair and did not discriminate. He understood the saying to follow whoever is feeding you very well.

La Nu hesitated for a moment as he attempted to decipher whether Zou Liang’s words were sincere or sarcasm. It did not take him very long before he figured out through Zou Liang’s eyes that he was being sincere.

“Priest Ya Se is young, promising and very insightful. We definitely need to stay in touch more in the future!”

“Chairman La Nu, I feel the same, having the regret that we did not meet earlier!”

In this world, people of standing generally tend to be arrogant. That was not the case for Ya Se, despite him being one previously bestowed with the Beast God Honourable Medal and having limitless potential. Someone of such importance was a figure the Adventurer Guild would definitely want to pull over to their side. What caught La Nu off guard was the fact that despite Ya Se’s success, he did not undermine the Adventurer Guild and pay no attention to it unlike the other people.

The young lad and old man had a lengthy discussion as they shared many common topics. After the conversation finished, Zou Liang carried ten bottles of Beast Spirits before heading off. Five of the bottles were bought on credit while the others were given for free.

This was the fascinating power of discussion and negotiation.

The Adventurer Guild was indeed farsighted and progressing past its era, having already come up with the concept of credit cards.

Zou Liang reckoned that his greatest harvest from the trip to Meng Jia Empire was not the bottles, but actually the five star adventurer medallion he obtained.

At the same time, La Nu was in deep thoughts as he thought back over his encounter with the interesting lad. His name resounds through the various countries, but was he an arrogant figure?…. No. He was a Bi Er tribe member, but was his brain simple? …. No. In fact, he seems to be brimming with intelligence and also knows his limit very well during negotiations.

During the past few years, even though the Adventurer Guild developed at a tremendous pace, its social standing continued to stagnate, causing them to suffer under the pressure of the various occupation guilds. It was  a natural instinct that one will not want to be suppressed by others after having the ability to stand strong. However, the path to engraving one’s identity into history was not one everyone could easily walk. This was especially the case in Meng Jia Empire which had a strict hierarchy. Even though Lan Duo Fu was beaten up by Ya Se and was unrelated to the guild, the Adventurer Guild still have to reimburse the Archery Guild for the inconvenience. While it was unsure if the Archery Guild will dare to seek out the Temple to settle the matter, they may just very well take out their anger on the Adventurer Guild instead.

Why was this the case?

This was because the Adventurer Guild lacked standing!

Chairman Si Tan Fu’s son had been beaten up again! This news spread across Yelu Samo faster than a hurricane. After all, people enjoyed gossiping especially when it came to the matters of the aristocrats. In the past, Lan Duo Fu had always gone wild and committed trouble whenever he feel like it. Having his father as his backing, nobody dared to offend him. That was until he encountered Ya Se, who could very well be described now as his life long enemy, having beaten him every single time they met.

In regards to this matter, Head Priest Tuo Ma Si merely glance over the matter as just a friendly bickering between a group of children, causing Si Tan Fu to be very unhappy.

The one who was the most happy from this incident was the chairman of the Shadow Hunter Guild, Lei Ruo. The previous Lan Duo Fu commotion caused the Shadow Hunter Guild to be unjustly blamed due to the Archery Guild quickly pushing the blame and evading the situation. Hence, he was now gloating in their misfortune. Since everyone knows how protective Tuo Ma Si is, no one would even bother seeking the temple out.

Lan Duo Fu’s loud groaning could be heard from Si Tan Fu’s mansion. His constant shouting out of pain caused the chairman to feel very troubled.

“My noble father, you must definitely back me up! The temple has been too arrogant lately! Just a mere Priest Trainee and he dares to beat me up in the street? If we let this go, how would we face other people in the future?”

Si Tan Fu stared coldly at Lan Duo Fu. “You have yourself to blame for being such an idiot. Having told you countless times to practice your martial arts, yet you chose to ignore my words and instead find new girls every day to flirt with. Now, you can’t even beat a mere Priest-in-training!”

“This only happened because that bastard launched a sneak attack on me. How am I supposed to know that he was such a despicable fellow? Since you had always told me to give way to him, I did not take the initiative to attack. It was out of my imagination that this fellow is so vicious!”

Lan Duo Fu did not dare to admit that he had lost to a priest in a proper fight as this was a great embarrassment. On the battlefield, it is widely known fact that the archers could easily overwhelm the priests.

Si Tan Fu nodded his head as he listened to his son’s words. In his opinion, the Bi Er tribe only had brute force and shouldn’t be able to defeat his son in a fight. This Ya Se really deserved to die! “Give him an inch and he’ll take a yard.” He had indeed went too far.

“Father, let’s recruit some people to get rid of him!” Lan Duo Fu said as he made a gesture of his hand slicing through his neck.

“Get rid of your head! Use your brain and think. If we assassinate a priest with the Beast God Honourable Medal, that is akin to making the entire Vatican Council our enemy!” Si Dan Fu angrily scolded. This bastard only knew how to use his brain when he flirted with girls.

“What should we do then? We cannot afford to just stay still and do nothing. Even though I am fine, you are the head of the Archery Guild! If you did not take any actions even when your son is beaten up, how do we answer to the public once the news spreads?”

Si Dan Fu’s face had a gloomy expression. The temple has really went too far this time, having trampled over their heads like its nothing. Seeing his son’s miserable state caused him to be furious. After all, he was none other than the son of Yelu Samo’s Archery Guild Chairman!

“You want to save your face right? Don’t worry, your father will help you take revenge!” Si Dan Fu said expressionlessly. Initially, he did not want to get involved with a feud between the children. However, he felt that Ya Se did not know the heights of the heaven and depths of the earth. (Ignorant and does not understand the overwhelming strength of his opponents)

Lan Duo Fu immediately opened his eyes excitedly. “Father, please instruct me.”

Si Dan Fu nodded his head in approval as he defended his son’s behaviour in his mind. Even though this son was a bit lecherous, this was typical of any young man.

“Weren’t you previously interested in that little girl named Ai Wei Er? Since this whole conflict originated due to her, this shows how much Ya Se treasures her. Initially, she was not able to engrave a bow, so I delayed her registration date. Now that the situation has changed, it seems that we need to make some changes.” Lan Duo Fu said with a cold expression.

In order to get back his reputation, there were other ways to achieving his goal besides using brute force. When it comes to dealing with people, they could always start by dealing with the people around them.

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Arthur Rebello

RIP his position as chairman. If he was my son I would already given him a good beating.

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