The Great Conqueror – Chapter 111

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Translator: Dongdong

Editor: Wisehelm99

Translator Note: Archery Guild is changed to Bow and Arrow Guild to prevent any future form of confusion. Enjoy this chapter! 🙂

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Chapter 111 Title: Awakening of Ai Wei Er’s abilities

The people who were awaiting for the event were not few. One day, two day… Three days went past and yet both Ya Se and Ai Wei Er were still nowhere in sight. At this point, Ke Te and Lan Di were starting to feel worried as well.

Could it be that Ya Se wanted to make use of the influence of the temple?

That was definitely impossible. After all, the temple was not allowed to interfere with the matters of the occupation guilds. Should they try to abuse their authority to overstep their limits, they would be met with retaliation by the various occupation guilds. Or could it be, Ya Se had connections to guilds from other places?

That was even more impossible since Tuo Ma Si’s influence is limited only to Yelu Samo City. In addition, Lan Duo Fu’s uncle also held the position of Vice Chairman in the Sheng Cheng guild. With that, Ya Se would not be able to use money to solve the problem.

Lan Duo Fu’s uncle also spoke out openly and requested for the Bow and Arrow Guild to choose their candidates properly. Should there be any unskilled candidates who served to just make up for the number, harsh punishment would be issued.

What started off as a quarrel between two teenagers had already escalated to become a competition between Yelu Samo’s occupation guilds and the temple.

In this period of time where both sides had started to stand on even grounds, a slight mistake on one’s part may go a long way in affecting the balance. As such, the upper divisions of Yelu Samo City were also keeping a close watch on this upcoming battle between the two sides.

The Bi Er Tribe was known for having the bad habit of being easily agitated and thus spouting out words which could not be taken back. This was not really a problem for the more intelligent Si Nai Ke and Fu Ke Si Tribe.

Should Ya Se lose, he would not only bring embarrassment to himself, but also tarnishing the reputation of the temple. While he may not suffer any direct punishment from the occupation guild for losing, that may not be the case for the side of the temple.

Honor was not something one could trifle about, especially in the beast world where the importance of life precedes glory.

Without a doubt, Ya Se still prioritised his life more. However, he could not risk gambling Ai Wei Er’s pride.

Even though Ya Se was able to obtain high quality beast spirits from the Adventurer Guild, the outcome was not positive. It was not that the crossbow could not be created, but the fact that it lacked a proper attribute. In the continent of the Ameng God, there exists a law of nature which states that all objects of any shapes or sizes must obey this law and possess an attribute, for there must be a purpose for the existence of every object.

After several trial and errors, Zou Liang discovered the problem. With the crossbow being vastly superior to a standard bow in terms of stability and accuracy, it requires the property of “Accuracy”.

This meant that if the beast spirit contained this property, success could easily be warranted. On the other hand, if the beast spirit does not contain the property, the chances of failure were astonishingly high. Even if Zou Liang’s ability to control were increased by 30 more percent, Ai Wei Er’s beast spirit could not handle being tossed around.

By the time Ya Se came to this conclusion, the ten bottles of beast spirit were already depleted. More importantly, it was already the night of the third day.

At this point of time, Ai Wei Er was very nervous as well. She had no choice but to give it a try.

“Ya Se, as long as you give it your all, I will not blame you regardless of the outcome. I trust you!”

Zou Liang also realised at this point of time that he was indeed too rash and overconfident, causing matters to overcomplicate till such an extent. In his defense, he was not able to stand other people taking advantage of Ai Wei Er in such a manner.

“Let’s gamble then. Wei Wei, fully release your beast spirit power and stay in your strongest mental state. I need to familiarise with it for a while, as long as I can get the process going smoothly at one go, I believe that the chances of success is still relatively high!”

With hardwork, the probability of 1% could become 100%. With such large stakes on hand, Zou Liang was pressured into giving his all.

Ai Wei Er gave a slight smile as she focused. The crescent moon imprint on her forehead started to glow. Strangely, the crescent moon gradually formed into a full moon as rays of light started to exude from her body. The colour of her hand turned sparkling silver as well.

Resembling a goddess in a moonlight, her captivating beauty and elegance at that moment could not be described in words. As her body gradually floated and her jade-like legs started to tremble, Zou Liang’s heartstrings were tugged as well.

With Ai Wei Er already being naturally pretty, it was enough to attract a lot of unnecessary trouble. If she step outside with this transformation on, won’t it cause disorder under the heaven?

Zou Liang quickly used his superhuman willpower to awake himself from the distractions. With such a face, Ai Wei Er would not even require makeup should she decide to star as an actress in the moon goddess film. With his eyes no longer fixated at her jade-like legs, as he raised his head up, he could not help but stare at her well-sculpted figure. It was only at this moment that he understood why the Rui Bo Te tribe were so famous for having such nice figures.

In order to prevent himself from succumbing to his lust, he started chanting his prayers to calm himself down.

The moment he came into contact with Ai Wei Er’s beast spirit, he started to calm down and was a bit disappointed, as he realised that her beast spirit attributes were relatively lacking. Upon seeing Zou Liang’s expression, Ai Wei Er felt upset as well. After all, she had high hopes for herself due to her unique “Moon Bunny” trait. The reason why she had delayed her engraving process for so long was because she had yet to discover her strengths after so long. She blamed herself for having too high of an expectations, as reality was too much for her.

Suddenly, Zou Liang started bursting into laughter as he jumped around and hugged Ai Wei Er tightly before spinning three rounds. “Ai Wei Er, this is too bullshit! I have solved the mystery. You do not need to worry about other guilds competing for you anymore. In fact, that old fogey Si Tan Fu would be begging for you to join the Bow and Arrow Guild. Hahaha, I am such a genius!”

Even though Zou Liang’s build was not considered big in the Bi Er tribe, it was certainly more than sufficient when it comes to enveloping Ai Wei Er in a hug.

On the arranged date’s afternoon, Lan Duo Fu was the first to arrive. Funny enough, this was the first time he was not late for school. Since it was the ‘grand’ ceremony for the arrogant Ya Se to eat his shit, he made sure to invite all his friends to come and witness the moment.

As such, the school’s courtyard was filled with many people, with many of the school’s elites being at the scene as well. After all, a battle of such a level was not to be missed.

Lan Di and Ke Te also arrived at the scene with their expressions being not that great. After three days, there were still no sign of any news from Ya Se, thus signifying that something probably went wrong.

“Ke Te, Lan Di, your friend is not really punctual with his timing. It can’t be that he already ran away out of fear?”

“Late your ass, it is still not the promised time yet!” Lan Di could not help but retorted immediately. “If you continue to talk trash, don’t blame me for teaching you a lesson!”

“Hehe, why resort to violence? Calm down, let’s use facts to talk things out.” Having met this fellow who was more unreasonable than him and always resorted to fights to solve matters, he was having a slight headache as well.

In the past, it was common practice for people of different factions to always be clear of one another’s affairs. Hence, no one expected Ya Se, a figure who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, to suddenly stir trouble with another faction.

As the minutes and seconds started to pass, the crowd started to get impatient and started to make an uproar. After all, it was one thing to just lose a bet. However, when one does not even fulfill their promise, they do not deserve to live!

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Thom Meredith

Just picked this up and enjoyed it very much. Hopefully you are still translating this! Cant end on such a cliff plz. Thank you for all of your hard work so far, you’re doing a great job!


“the importance of life precedes glory.”
Is this backwards?

Thanks for the chapter

Arthur Rebello

Moon powers are my favorite kind of powers. I am getting really curious right now. Thanks for the chapter!!!


Ohh. I finally understand the names of the chars… they are the sounds of english names, “translated to chinese with their sounds.”

Like Ya Se, being Arthur, while Ke Te, being Carter..

I couldn’t guess Ai Wei Er though… Iwill, Awill, Aiwiru?
EDIT: Found it, Avril… omg lol.

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