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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin - Chapter 1 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 1

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Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro


Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 1: Capital A


6 a.m. in Beijing, while it was 6 p.m. in D.C, USA, August 30th, 2017. All the communication devices started to vibrate, people received the same message, which was translated into many languages and spread all over the Internet.

Your civilization has been bugged with the seed of disaster. There’s less than 18 hours left before the second phase of the seed begins. That will be the time you are all sentenced to the death penalty.

Happy doomsday, people.

The Preacher.

Feeling the harshness of the sunshine, “A” opened his eyes. He felt that he was lying on a strange bed, then he saw a strange environment. It was a medium-sized room with a closet next to the bed, desk in the right side. There are some documents, a computer, a cellphone, a key, a wallet and a box of cigarettes on the desk.

“A” sat his body up silently and browsed the whole room.

“First, I’m still alive. Second, I’m in a place where I shouldn’t be, and I’m temporarily incapable of making sure that if I’m still me. Third, I should check my condition.”

It’s the first thing “A” noticed after he woke up.

“A” put on his clothes, looking around the whole environment.

“This house is likely to be a rental house. It’s not roomy, but the supplies is abundant. It’ll be a bit crowded if it’s for a normal family.”

The water boiler on the ground, fan on the desk, shabby crowded room made “A” realise that this house should be a normal rental house. As for the socks and clothes scattered around let “A” know that the owner of the house is a really casual person who lives alone.

“If he’s living alone, I need to make clear his identity. Before I make sure if I’m still me, I am possibly stuck in the body of a addict or a guy with AIDS, which is the worst result.”

The door of a room down the wide hallway is open. “A” lifted a black garbage bag, threw it into a trash can after picking up the scattered trash.

This is a detail which is seldom noticed, but it made him look more natural in a strange environment. It allowed him to not be doubted.

At the end of the hallway, “A” washed his face calmly in the public washstand. Upon looking up, he realized himself in the mirror is still himself, but with something which is hard to tell is different.

“It’s a bit numb in the breast……This scar is the cause of my death. It looks like I’m still myself, but appear in a place where I shouldn’t be at.”

“A” pinched his hand and took a glance at himself in the mirror. He looked inside his clothes, saw the terrible looking scar on the left chest. It’s a scar which is left after a bullet is straightly shot into the chest, and it looked like it’s just been healed.

He turned and walked back into his room. Upon closing the door, “A” opened his wallet right away to make sure of his identity. There is exactly a ID in the wallet, with a face looks like him printed on it. That is to say, IDs always look like real people. 100%.

The front side is his information.

Name: Wang Ji

Sex: Male

Ethnic: Ethnic Han

Birth: January 9th, 1992


“The address is basically the same as mine, but it’s just not the one in my memory. Which is to say, it’s a least a place close to the Earth, even China. Due to the fact that I firmly remember that i died, It can’t be someone’s trick.”

It wasn’t the environment “A” used to know. He was even more confident of it after he checked the back side of the ID. The top of the ID has a countries name written on it, with a civilian ID under it. More under it, it’s a agency and expired time, which is a match with his memory. Except for that, there’s a republic badge on it.

The environment was still the same, what changed was only himself. He continued to search for information. In the pocket of his shirt, he found a police license, which was correspondent with the police record on the chair and the permit of gun in his pocket.

“Well, he works in the police station.”

“A” calmly turned on the computer.

“Needs password?”

On seeing the familiar user interface of booting and logging, as well as the requirement of the password, “A” paused a bit. He accessed it with the correct password, and browsed for news right after. Websites were familiar for him, and the search result was in his prediction. The government of the nation has existed for more than 50 years, which is a match with his memory. He should still be living in his original world.

After understanding the world shortly , “A” started to infer his message with messages in all areas he got.

“There’s 17 member cards of different nightclubs in the wallet, this man may have had an intense night life. This wallet is also a luxurious French brand.”

He started to make sure of the identity and the name step by step, also checked the closet after checking the wallet.

“The clothes are a bit expensive upon inspection, from the view of the value of the computer and the cellphone, the lifestyle isn’t a match with his living environment.”

The fingerprints allowed him to unlock the cellphone with ease. On checking the content of the cellphone, he collected much useful information, which made him have a deeper understanding of the man.

“As far as I know, the monthly salary of a recruited policeman isn’t enough for his lifestyle. There’s no abundant evidence to prove this man acquires economic resources through a legal way. Also, the possibility that he has a second job isn’t found. In all the messages in the phone, the phone call noted as ‘Daddy’ was a year ago, and the calls noted as ‘Sis’ were frequent, averaging a call per 3 days. He also gets a lot of calling from Leader Liu, who is likely to be his superior, also there are many calls from women. In the recent, a message at 6 a.m. this morning. Is this a joke?”

Your civilization is bugged with the seed of disaster. It’s only less than 18 hours left before the second phase of the seed. It’ll be the time you are sentenced to the death penalty.

Happy doomsday, people.

The Preacher.

The content of the message.

“It’s gotta be a joke.”

He put down the phone, and found the lease contract of the house rental.

“With all information acquired, it may infer that the economic source of the man is majorly from the support of family. There is no credit card debt found, with normal salary record, but a high consumption. Things in the closet are expensive and brand new, no old stuff is found. If the economic source is all from family, this man has a different domestic environment with mine.”

“The lease contract started April, 2016. In that day, the message between him and Daddy can still be found in the record, but there’s no more between them since then. In other communicating apps, there’s no existence of Daddy, but the connection between him and Sis is never stopped, with the content related to the economic problems……With the view of all evidence, there’s contradiction between him and his family, while the Daddy is the key one.”

After knowing this, he sat on the side of the bed quietly, with no blood and no fluctuation on his face.

After verifying enough messages, “A” was sure of where he lives, identity and his background. He may be a replacement for a wealthy man who lives alone after he had a contradiction with his family.

The weather was sunny, with warm sunshine falling on his pale face through the window. He was like a man without feeling and no reaction with the surroundings like normal people have. There’s no shock, no embarrassment, no disappointment and no scare.


“A” calmly said his conclusion.

“What I’ve been through is not usual, my reaction is not like normal people. Normal guys don’t make a statement of my death a fact like me.”

“A” was sure that he wouldn’t have this kind of thinking in his old memory.

Tik, tok.

Sounds of water dripping was coming from the empty hallway. The airway of the computer on the desk started to whine. When “A” looked up, he saw the screen of his computer is filled with garbled stuff. Then, lines of letters slowly appeared on the screen.

Capital A, the city you live in is chosen as the area for life purifying. The seed of disaster has already arrived. There is only 51 hours left before the birth of the nightmare knitter,

Clue:Contribute to family, you’ll see heaven.

Goal: Eliminate all nightmare knitters.

Reward: Complete experiment mode.

Punishment: Recycle experiment devices.

From experiment A.

The words on the monitor were burned deep in his brain. It’s like a memory that you can’t erase, it’s always existed. This made him feel that his ability of memorization had strengthened quite a lot.

“Excluding the possibilities of being tricked, the 4th paragraph ’Reward: Complete experiment mode.’ can infer that I am likely getting an advantage as a white mouse by a mad scientist to perform an experiment that is not known to people,”

“A” judged.

“The seed of disaster and the nightmare knitters should have causal relationship. I have to eliminate all nightmare knitters in this mad experiment, which can tell the fact that they are more than 1. But ’Complete experiment mode.’ doesn’t explain the so-called reward, it is unknown. But from these very words, I can see that the result of failing the mad experiment is very serious, though it doesn’t explicitly infer it. I can’t overlook these messages to find the way to fix it. If I truly die after reviving, this whole thing have no value.”

He made a explanation.

“Lastly, Capital A is my network ID and working code number, but it’s not my real name. My name is Wang Ji, not for experiments, unrecyclable.”

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