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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin - Chapter 11 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 11

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Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 11: Heritage of the Civilization

Wang Ji’s thinking was really simple.

If he chooses not to join them, he might be able to return to a normal life. But the world won’t return to a normal one.

The Preacher and the seeds of disaster will still come. Choosing to be a normal man under these circumstances just like risking your life to wait for the fate to come. Maybe it’s more reasonable than emotional in his thinking now, he likes to control his own life. He will never let the strange Hunters decide his life.

At least he’s been through the incidents of the nightmare knitters, Wang Ji thought it was the safest decision. At least he can try his best to change, while he’ll be nobody if the chances belong to others.

Also, the story about him is just started in another world. Thought it’s tough, Wang Ji also wanted to let them know his existence deep in his mind.

“I choose to join the Warband.”

Wang Ji repeated.

The screen dramatically blinked twice but became normal after a while. Further information started to be shown in front of Wang Ji’s face.

The lock of hyperspace transport is successful.

The ultra-membrane space tunnel is open.

The binding of experiment A is completed.

Capital A, you’ve chosen to become one of us. We’ve already locked the hyperspace transport tunnel of the Preacher in your city. The seeds of disaster and the Preacher are limited to appear in your city. Also, the ultra-membrane space tunnel is open to your city, which allows partners and allies from other worlds to arrive at your city through it.

From now on, you need to scout your city. There are plenty of heritages of civilization in every world, which support you with weapons and equipment for war. If you carefully search for it, you’ll be rewarded. 230 hours later, there will be an unknown Preacher landing in your city and beginning to preach, as well as searching for you and killing. At that time, you will have a fight against him.

Please be prepared for the war. If your civilization is destroyed due to your failure and death, we have no reasons and no power to revive you again.

The Warband.

“It’s over?”

Wang Ji asked but the computer did not answer. Wang Ji opened his eyes wide and become gradually healthier after the reviving under the sunshine. He soon noticed his change. Maybe it’s like what experiment A’s message said, this change isn’t a change. It’s been there all the time, you just didn’t notice it.

It’s quite reasonable if you think about it more thoroughly. When he found himself being in a strange area, the best choice would not be bursting into tears but would be scouting and discovering more reasonably. The situation today is different from yesterday, he had around 10 days to rest and relax his nerve.

Wang Ji’s phone suddenly began to ring. He scrolled to activate the screen. A message went into his sight, and the entire message was shown after he opened up for the content.

Capital A, you can communicate with your new friends via emails to get lessons from the veterans, also you can borrow weapons and equipment from them.

Missions of the heritage of the civilization which are available are opened for you. You may go to the destination corresponding to the mission to survey. Please be well prepared when conducting an exploration and you also should complete the missions before the war if possible to avoid the Preacher stealing your heritage.

Searching mission: Mrs Isa’s Horror Mansion

Mission Difficulty: 1 star.

Mission Background: Mrs Isa was a French woman who lived here in the 30s last century. People said that she’s an uptown lady, but she’s not into social life. She died in her own house alone. The mansion she used to live in was reserved until now due to the unique historical social culture, but there are still no one who dare to live in. According to the locals, they can hear Mrs Isa weeping near the mansion at night.

Time Limits of the Mission: 72 hours after receiving the mission.

Searching Area: in the south of North Sea Town in the suburbs.

Reply ‘yes’ if Receiving the searching mission, reply ‘no’ otherwise.

p.s.: The first civilization searching mission for a Hunter will be an Independent Hunter Test, which rates your overall performance and affects the resource distribution from the Tree Party to you. You only complete the test by finish the mission independently, which means you’re not allowed to borrow equipment from other Hunters and ask for help. This mission is very difficult for a rookie Hunter. If you are unable to complete it independently, your hunter identity will be demoted. The civilization you be in will be distributed to other Hunters. But no matter what, stay alive, please.

(It won’t count as helping if you change equipment on a deal in a business mode.)

From experiment A.

“Independent Hunter? Are there independent Hunters in the Warband?”

Wang Ji typed a ‘yes’ with the keyboard.

Capital A, you receive the civilization searching mission “Mrs Isa’s Horror Mansion”. After receiving, you enter the mission mode. There will be unknown creatures arrive at the place you will be to kill you after the sunset in Mrs Isa’s horror mansion in North Sea Town. Please be careful, the time limit is 3 days. The mission will be cancelled if you don’t complete the civilization searching mission after 72 hours. If so, you will lose your right to inherit your civilization.

From experiment A.

“This means, from now on, I am not safe anymore?”

The window was closed, but the curtain was rolling up for no reasons. Wang Ji felt unsafe. He looked at the time, it’s 9:40 in the morning. He’d better complete the searching mission by this time after 3 days. Getting up from the chair and turning off the laptop, Wang Ji took out a postcard from the drawer, ready to write his second letter to Isaac.

Postcards were bought in the morning, there are few people writing letters nowadays. Wang Ji put the postcard into the toy box after he finished writing. Then he sat along the bed, waiting for Isaac’s reply. He did not borrow equipment from Isaac but inquire of the way to get equipment except for borrowing them.

Wang Ji did not mention anything about the civilization searching mission and the Independent Hunter Test.

This time, Isaac’s reply was fast.

My elder brother, when people need help the most, the first who give you a hand is never an angel but a devil. Walk around your city, devils should already be doing business there. They like to have a bar as their business and only use blood and souls to trade. Also, you’re a smart Hunter. You don’t easily borrow equipment from others. I should warn you that never borrow equipment from other Hunters, never! Just like the nicest kindergarten in the view of an adult, there are actually lots of filthy existence in the Warband. Unfortunately, the era we are in happen to be in the darkest time.


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