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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 16 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 16

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Translator: xjshengchen

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

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Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion
Chapter 16: The Scapegoat

5 a.m.

Wang Ji has stood for more than one hour. Looking at the headless wax figure, Wang Ji remained unmoved with the wax figures. But it’s imaginable that how strong and powerful these wax figure monsters will attack if he moves.

It was enough to tear him apart. In the meanwhile, what he felt more was the numbness and unconsciousness in his both arms.

Both of his arms were grabbed by the monster tightly, and the force remained still. The arms were so hurt that they became some kind of numbness, they seemed no longer belong to Wang Ji.

“The folklores may be true. Except for these wax figures, there are probably other unknown monsters here.”

Wang Ji made a conclusion on the investigation. His mind was unbelievably clear.

This monster should be a product of the folklores, which he had seen when he was checking the data in the police station this afternoon. But he still couldn’t think that these dead people hunted him with such a weird move. Which made Wang Ji felt strange was that why they did not find him, but waited for him in front of his house.

“Maybe I thought too much in the beginning. They don’t know me, nor did they make sure of my position. I was at home when I received the mission, so they came to my house looking for me. I didn’t get attacked by them on my way home, which proves that they only know how to ambush.”

Wang Ji couldn’t help smiling wryly when he thought of it. Exactly, his prediction was right all the time. Knowing the characteristics of these unknown creatures didn’t help, he had to waste his time here to wait for the sunrise. Maybe the black mist will be gone after a certain of time, as well as the unknown creatures in front of him.

Otherwise, he will die if he moves.

“Come in, quickly.”


At this embarrassing but also life-threatening moment, Wang Ji suddenly heard some whispering downstairs. He never thought that there were people walking around at midnight. He saw 6 people sneaking upstairs at the corner of the stairs through the peripheral vision right away. They behaved weirdly and often looked around. At this moment, the hand that grabbed Wang Ji tightly started to get loose with no sounds.

These wax monsters turned around slowly, and hobbled toward them. At this moment, Wang Ji’s both arms hanged down loosely but he still did not have the feeling of his arms.

“What a big mansion!”

“Cut the crap, let’s see what’s inside and take them away as soon as possible!”

These 6 people were whispering to each other. After walking a whole round of the 2nd floor on the south side of the building, they walked toward the 3rd floor. Behind their backs, a bunch of wax figure monsters hobbled following them. This strange circumstance shocked Wang Ji. Those 6 seemed not to notice the monsters following them, they did not even hear the monster sounds. They passed through Wang Ji, constantly lowering their voice to talk. And they didn’t see Wang Ji at all.

A guy directly passed through Wang Ji’s body, and this tiny detail also shocked him. But, he did not move a bit all the time, just watching the 6 people walking quietly until they guided monsters onto the 3rd floor.


Wang Ji looked at the empty stairs. He thought of the 6-man theft gang in the data file he read this afternoon. After long deliberation, he followed them quietly.

Standing at the corner on the 3rd floor, Wang Ji didn’t move a bit, but kept looking at these 6 people walking in the dark. They eventually got to the 4th floor, followed by the monsters, as well as Wang Ji.

“This mansion is kind of creepy! We’re circling around.”

“Yeah, we seem to be back to the beginning.”

“Forget about that, let’s find the exit.”

After they stood on the staircase whispering for quite a while, they started to discover again. Wang Ji still followed them, and then watched them getting to the 5th floor.

“I heard the locals said that it’s a bit creepy here when I bought cigarettes this morning.”

“Cut the crap, keep looking!”

They kept walking in the dark, and eventually arrived at the 6th floor. Wang Ji did not say a word all the time but kept following them. He was aware of those wax figure monsters in case they turned around and rushed toward him. In the end, he saw them standing in front of his rental house, followed by a bunch of wax figure monsters. The leader among these 6 said. “It’s here, let’s get out from here.”

“We finally find the exit!”

The others also felt relieved. Wang Ji quietly watched them starting to break the lock of his rental house open with iron wires quietly. From the 2nd floor to the 6th floor, he was having a sense of absurd. This gang just broke his door opened, and then called it the ‘exit’. But everything happened had a reason, the black mist spreading all over the building was released from his rental house.


“The door’s open, let’s go!”

They sneaked into the house one after another. Then, the wax figure monsters were rushing toward them, and the door closed up automatically. The mist was gone, followed by the sharp howling tearing the mist apart. The lights in the surrounding houses were all turned on.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened?”

The residents were all coming out from the houses. Wang Ji realized something at this moment. The Night Devil’s Suit was quickly rolled up back to his chest. The neighbors were running toward him. “What happened?”


The blood splashed on the windows, and there’s unceasing screaming in the house. The neighbors were all shocked.

“Call 911.”

After saying these two words, Wang Ji started hurling himself on the door. The feeling of his arms were recovered a bit, but the numbness and the pain were still torturing Wang Ji. It’s been one whole hour, the arms might be crippled for normal people.

Some neighbors who realizing the situation came to help. Several men hurled on the door, but there’s a power which is hard to explain behind the door, making the door unable to be opened! Wang Ji’s phone started tickling, but he had no time to look at it. He’s trying his best to hurl the door open with other guys.


The door was forced open.

The windows were opened, and there was a horrific-looking, mutilated body lying down in the room. Dark blood issued along the door out with wax oil. Wang Ji squatted down to look at it. Bursts of rotten-body smell surged past him. Along the direction of the blood and the wax oil, he saw the open window. He quickly ran to the window and looked down, there was nothing but unpleasant smells of wax. The night breeze was still blowing, Wang Ji turned back and saw many shocked faces in front of the door.

“Keep the scene intact! I am a cop. Everybody, please leave here and stay in your house. Our guys will be here soon…..”

Wang Ji turned on his phone as he was evacuating the crowd. He still felt pain like some needles were stinging on his arms, but it was better than feeling nothing. He opened the cellphone screen, seeing the first message shown in front of his eyes.

Capital A, the crisis on the first night has past. Before sunset, there will be unknown creatures from Mrs Isa’s Mansion come to this place and search for you. Please be careful.

You have 2 days left.

From experiment A.


Searching mission, day 2.

Wang Ji woke up in the lobby of the police station at 7 a.m. He sat up from the seat, looking at Liu Hsiao Nan in front of him. He felt his lips were a bit dry. Unconsciously, he stood up and was going to buy breakfast.

“The identity of the dead is already known.”

Liu Hsiao Nan followed Wang Ji and said. “It’s unbelievable that the theft gang that was escaping in 2011 came here. They were disappeared mysteriously after then. The guys that died in your house last night are those 6 guys. Leader Wang recognized them by those tools and backpacks. They’re now in our online wanted list. According to our information, they should have died in ‘11. The bodies have totally rotten for 6 years, but now they appeared in your house.”

Wang Ji wasn’t shocked. He walked quickly toward the canteen.

“Are you listening?”

Liu Hsiao Nan grabbed Wang Ji’s arm. Though she was a woman, she was not weak at all. Wang Ji stood still and turned back to face her. “I just donated my blood yesterday, I won’t have the energy to talk if I don’t eat.” After that, he got loose of her hand and went to the canteen. Facing back to Liu Hsiao Nan, he pulled up his sleeve and saw the place where Liu Hsiao Nan just pinched.

Black bruises. There were black bruises looked like claws.

He stretched his hands silently and pulled up his sleeves, continueing going forward.


The meeting room was filled with people again. The meeting was hosted by Leader Wang, who was temporarily acting for Leader Liu because he’s hospitalized.

“The anatomy report was released by the court doctor. Those 6 guys died in Wang Ji’s house may be the theft gang lost in North Sea Town in 2011. More detailed report will be released later.”

Leader Wang’s name was Wang JianChun. He was around the age of Leader Liu’s, but their styles were totally different. He never smoked when he was thinking, but liked to say something sounded useful. His voice was loud and clear, a brief opening let the whole meeting room become silent. He stood straight and played with the pen in his hand when he was walking in the hall. He was left-handed because he lost a finger of his right hand. Liu Hsiao Nan said that it was a scar left when going on a mission decades ago.

Leader Wang said slowly. “There’s no need for me to tell you that it’s way worse than the influence of the Preacher. How did these 6 people die? Their bodies were rotten, and they appeared in Wang Ji’s house after they had died for couple years. How did the murderer get away? These are questions in front of you. Wang Ji, do you have any details you can remember?”

After that, Leader Wang looked at Wang Ji.


Wang Ji shook his head.

“It’s alright.”

Leader Wang shook his finger. “It’s the case that Liu and I were responsible for. Now, I can carry it though Liu is in the hospital. A special investigation group must be established.”

“I’m in.”

LIu Hsiao Nan raised her hand.

“Here’s a one.”

Leader Wang said.

“And me.” “Count me in.” …….

The officers in the meeting raised their hands one after another, and they were ready to work on this case with Leader Wang. Leader Wang suddenly talked to Wang Ji after he wrote down all the names. “Wang Ji, join us. It happened in your house, I know you have a psychological effect. Go home and prepare to move your furniture to a new place to live. If it’s inconvenient, you can stay in my house.”

“Thank you, I can find a new place to live.”

Wang Ji stood up and said thank you. Though he was not the favorite of the bosses, but the leaders were nice to him. He politely refused Leader Wang’s kindness, because he had got other business to deal with.

“Let’s visit North Sea Town this afternoon. The case wasn’t done then, and it became a disaster now…”

Leader Wang mumbled and dismissed the meeting. As the officers left, Wang Ji sorted out his files at last. Standing in the hallway with his phone on, he checked the message from the experiment again.

“In the beginning I had no idea of the unknown creatures. Now I have it, and I’ve planned for the worst. I had to look into it in North Sea Town with Leader Wang since I’m a police officer. This makes me reconsider that if I should look into Mrs Isa’s Mansion earlier.”

Wang Ji asked himself, and the answer was negative.

“It should be those unknown creatures’ hideout. If I approach there without any weapons, it’s being in a dangerous position. But it’s not only me going on an investigation. Me, in the Night Devil’s Suit is totally different from the usual me. So my identity is likely not to be exposed……”

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