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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 17 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 17

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Translator: xjshengchen

Editor: Prawnxia

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Part 2: Ms Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 17: Ms Isa’s Haunted House

Searching mission, day 2.

At 13:20, in the suburb of North Sea Town.

Wang Ji arrived at North Sea Town by car, accompanied by Leader Wang. Compared with the other experienced police officers, these young people like Wang Ji still needed a captain to lead the team. Liu Hsiao Nan and the other young police officers also arrived, led by Wang Jianchun.

The urban and suburban areas are completely 2 different landscapes. The tree shades in the city can only cover small shops and ordinary streets, while tall buildings reflects the steel posture of a city. Arriving at North Sea Town, it was a quiet village scenery. Huge banyan trees could reach up to 15 meters high and cover half of the house. When the police car stopped, Wang Ji could still hear the dogs barking in the town.

“Here it is, get off the car!”

Leader Wang opened the door and yelled.

With Liu Hsiao Nan, Wang Ji started observing. Liu Hsiao Nan chatted with the locals, her sweet smile made the people who were interviewed feel comfortable. She carefully took the notes and asked serious questions, while Wang Ji stood by and asked the old man about the folklores of the mansion.

“Anyway I know that you have to work, but should your leader meet Captain Chang in the police station? I suggest that you …….”

The old man lowered his voice, talking to Wang Ji in a whisper. “If you’re going to investigate in that mansion, don’t follow them into the mansion, young fellow.”

“Got it.”

Wang Ji was serious.

One was visiting seriously, and the other was discussing feudal superstitions in a whisper. It not surprised that they did not get along very well. Coming out from the yard, Liu Hsiao Nan seriously criticized the Wang Ji. “The Leader said that you have a psychological shadow, but I think you are very leisurely. Ask some other questions later, don’t ask those meaningless questions.”


Wang Ji replied. He didn’t confront with Liu Hsiao Nan. The old man’s mysterious story made him think deeper. Don’t go into the mansion easily. If he has to go, don’t go in alone.

At 3 p.m., the special investigation group gathered in front of the mansion. After checking out some files in the village police station, Wang Ji brought some officers from the station here. Many police cars stopped in front of the mansion. After briefly looking at the visiting records, he called the staff to open the lock.

The gate of the mansion was locked.

The gate of the iron fence was marked as cultural relics. The mansion was originally opened for tourism, which can be seen from the signage. However, the town government closed down the mansion for some special reasons. The locals were talking about the rumors of the mansion, saying that Mrs Isa’s cry could be heard here. Also, during the day, they could see the portrait on the hallway in the mansion laughing and looking at them. For various reasons, it was temporarily closed down, and the lock on the iron door was also rusty.

The gate opened and Leader Wang went in first. A gust of wind in the manor suddenly blew, and his hat was blown aside. The police officers of the local town police station immediately stopped.

“Do we really have to go in?”

The captain of the station’s tone was stiff, which made his voice sound very unnatural.


Leader Wang picked up the hat and put it on.

“Wang Ji, enter the mansion with me. Other people stay in the manor to look for clues. I suspect that there are underground passages in the manor. After all, it was built in a special era, you see the four bunkers….. How come there are two left?”

Leader Wang found the number of the bunkers was wrong when he was talking. He turned back and asked the captain right away. There were 4 bunkers in the manor, but now there was only 2 left. The other 2 collapsed.

“It was at 9:30 last morning and 9:30 this morning. It was about these two moment that the bunkers collapsed.” The captain said profoundly. “So I mean that the situation is bad recently. If you want to investigate, you can wait a bit.”

“9:30 last morning, it was about that time that I contacted with the experiment A and confirmed the fact that I am a Hunter. The bunker collapsed around that time, and so did it today. So can the collapse of the bunkers represent a time lapse in days?”

Wang Ji thought in his mind.

“Wang Ji, come with me.”

Leader Wang called Wang Ji immediately. He quickly walked into the manor, followed by Wang Ji. He did not complain or fear.

“Liu Hsiao Nan, go there with Lee. Check out the bunker. Be careful that the buildings are ancient, don’t rush it.”

Leader Wang brought Wang Ji toward the mansion after assigning the jobs.

The location of the mansion was not in the center of the manor, but in the north of it. It’s facing north. The trees enclosed in the walls were dense and the tropical plants transplanted here lived well. The banana leaves rustled in the air in the afternoon, as if the climate inside is different from the climate outside, which was very weird.


The heavy door was pushed open by Wang Ji.

The heavy historical atmosphere and the dark solemnity came into their view, and the solemn hall was displayed in front of the two. Tables, wooden chairs, hanging drawings, vases, etc. were all very particular. The entire hall was surrounded and swallowed up by a solemn and dark atmosphere.

“Let’s go.”

The leader said without turning his head back.

Following him, Wang Ji began to investigate in the mansion which was not small. On the first and the second floor, he remembered all the balcony, the offices and the layout of the patchwork firmly in his mind. Although it was during the day, the light inside the mansion was not very good. The leader did not intend to open the curtains that might fall off when they were gently pulled. The two started investigating in this gloomy place and tried to find some secret passages. The leader said that they should understand the structure and environment inside the entire building first.

After checking the first bedroom, Wang Ji followed the captain out of the bedroom to check the second room. When he was just about to leave, he suddenly looked back and felt a pair of eyes watching him. The discovery seemed to be an illusion at one moment. When he paid more attention, the eyes disappeared. However, Wang Ji saw the eyes of portrait hanging on the wall moving. In a very dim mansion, this feeling was undoubtedly horrifying.

The leader turned his head almost at the same time.

“What did you find out?”

The leader frowned and asked.

“Nothing.” Wang Ji replied. “Just felt that my back was uncomfortable.”

“It’s true that your back is uncomfortable, because someone’s watching us.”

There’s an imposing manner in the leader’s eyes. He walked up to the fireplace and looked at the portrait hanging high on the wall, reaching out to start checking around the fireplace.

Wang Ji followed him.

On the portrait was a general with a big beard, facing forward into the distance with sharp eyes. When Wang Ji looked at the portrait, he felt that there were more eyes on his left looking at him. He turned back and found nothing, but a photo on the closet. It is a photo of the general and his men, who were executors. Everything is just like the folklores. The people in the drawings seemed to be watching them.


After searching the fireplace, the leader shook his head and turned around. He said to Wang Ji. “But it’s like what Lee said, the psychological implication here is really powerful. I looked at the portrait above, then I felt many people staring at me. Do you have this feeling?


Wang Ji replied. He lied.

“That’s fine, at least it means that you aren’t guilty.”

The leader nodded his head and didn’t doubt about it. The way Wang Ji talked and the indescribable indifference is indeed the truth and he does not have to lie at this point.

“That’s it, let’s go. I’m not feeling good about this. I really don’t know why those people lived in this place.”

The leader waved his hand, signaling to Wang Ji that the investigation had ended early. Although he did not actually say it, Wang Ji could feel that he was a little bit scared.

The leader went out first, followed by Wang Ji. Before leaving, he glanced at the photo on the table and looked at the executors who had their heads covered with linen bags. He looked at the people in the photos, and those people seemed to be watching him too. They looked at each other for about two seconds,Wang Ji then turned and left. He has a bad feeling about the unknown creatures which are going to appear tonight.

At 16:40, on the province road 72.

On the way back, the members of the special investigation group began to communicate with each other, describing the situation of the visit. The leader said. “Wang Ji and I really felt something very strange in the mansion. Have you heard of those legends? Indeed, there is a strong psychological implication in the mansion. When I looked at a photo, I always felt that people in the photo next to it were watching me. When I didn’t look at it, I felt that people in those photos were peeping at me. This feeling is really uncomfortable.”

The leader seemed to be sort of anxious while he was talking.

“Wang Ji, you felt it too?” Liu Hsiao Nan, who sat next to Wang Ji, asked.

“I just felt uncomfortable, but I couldn’t feel what Leader Wang said.” Wang Ji said. The police officer on the side analyzed. “It may be the awareness of investigation! Leader Wang has strong awareness of investigating, so he had that feeling. As for Wang Ji, he definitely has a weaker awareness of investigating.”

The police officer evaluated Wang Ji very euphemistically.

“Speaking of it, there was originally a wax-like artifact in the warehouse of the manor, but those artifacts have melted away. It may be that the weather is too hot, and the manor was locked down, not to mention the collapse of the bunker. Nobody cares about the wax figures are nobody, and now they all destroyed.”

The police officers discussed with each other, Wang Ji silently listened to them and began to analyze it according to the information he knew.

“The wax figures have melted. I’m not sure if they no longer exist. If so, the second time when experiment A reminded me of the unknown creatures, what it meant was different from those at the first time. If they were still wax figures, they shouldn’t be counted as unknown creatures because they were already ‘known’ by me. They ambushed in my house at the first time because they couldn’t be sure of me. Now I have been to the Ms. Isa’s Mansion, if they came back to me… I should be hiding.”

Wang Ji clenched his fists when he thought of it.

“I will return to the city before sunset. Unknown creatures will appear. I have to find weapons to protect myself. There is no difference between hunters without weapons, tools and preys. There’s no reason that the unknown creatures on the second night are worse than those on the first night. It is almost foreseeable that it will be more difficult for me to survive this night.”

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