The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 30

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Translator: xjshengchen

Editor: Myro

Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 30: Let the Hunt Begin

Wang Ji flew quickly across the trees along the sound. The blood in the air was very strong, and the ground was full of dead bodies.

He saw the special police unit that was still retreating on the crater. Those people were running and shooting behind them. Looking at them, Wang Ji finally saw the faces of the monsters. Their heads almost split the cell tissue, extending infinitely and dancing wildly. It seemed that the blade of the hardened tissue was very sharp, easily splitting the special police’s weapon, piercing their bodies. The hardness of their bodies was incredibly strong, the whole body was like an iron. Though getting shot by the bullets, they only resounded with low sounds.


The gunshots were coherent, and the bullets were embedded on the skin. But they were stuck by the cells tightly and couldn’t moved in. They were all human bodies, but they had the hardness that no one had. Their running speed was incredible, and the reaction speed was unusual. The savvy bone blade sometimes collided with the bullets which coming over, and the slow-moving policemen were directly beheaded. These monsters were eating with the bloody trophies, and their running speed was still not reduced.

During the daytime, the tragedy of human purgatory was even more prosperous!

Wang Ji clearly saw through the leaves that they were like the nightmare weavers before, who rushed into the tea forest quickly. They seemed to listen to a common instruction to encircle these special police units who were retreating. Their rhythm was not slow, or fast. They hunted with a natural blood and cruelty.

It’s a unilateral killing.

“Are they the first generation of the seeds?”

Wang Ji jumped.


He jumped from one tree to another, and he gazed at the ancient tea forest in front of him. Until now, he was so calm, his figure fluttering gently. He was flexible like a ghost, falling onto the top of the highest ancient tea tree. He looked at the distance, the entire trees and sea were in his vision. The bowstring was stretched, and Wang Ji’s bow was finally aimed at the monsters chasing the special police units.

The bowstring was silently bounced, and the beam was released…


A monster running away instantly vaporized, and the flying cell tissue evaporated along with it. Before it died, it seemed that its sole was slipping on the stone. Before it fell, it had already disappeared.


Wang Ji didn’t blink his eyes, and he rushed down to the group of around thirty to fifty monsters. The second arrow, the third arrow, and the arrows were released fast. The monsters sprinting in his eyes seemed to overlap with the shadows chasing in the night before. But these fast-moving figures were much slower. The vague cloudy sun had only a faint halo. Wang Ji pulled the bowstrings again and again, and there were monsters vaporized each time! There was not even a little residue left!

The colorless arrow shot through the three monsters running in the end. And the last one got scratched in the dancing cell tissue by the beam, and the whole body was eliminated along with the first two!


“There’s someone on that tree!”

“That’s not a human being!”

The emergency retreat of the special policemen fled with their hands and automatic rifles, but they found that the devils chasing one by one in the forest evaporated and disappeared without any reason. Soon they found the highest ancient tea tree with a black flame burning at the top of it. It seemed to be a figure, a wizard with his hem floating like a flame. Becoming fearful, they had never seen such a figure. Even more frightening was that the figure was constantly pulling a bow with black wings. His bloody eyes swept over, it was heart-rending.

He looked more like a terrible predator.

However, they immediately discovered that every time the black shadow pulled the bowstring, the devil in the certain location would evaporate. If they had the heart to observe the details, they would find that each evaporation was spreading from a central point, either the chest or the limbs. Every time they’re different. That was due to the fact that the position Wang Ji shot every time was different. He couldn’t accurately aim at a specific part; he could only ask for a rough alignment. He didn’t ask for an accurate shot in the heart, but for an arrow to stumble the target, nothing more.

“Approach him! He might be the guy that the Preacher wanted to find!”

A special policeman suddenly realized. He shouted at the colleagues around him and ran toward the direction of Wang Ji in the state of gasping. Other people’s thoughts seemed to be affected, and they all followed him. Wang Ji did not say anything, but continued to pull the bow, beginning to take cover, quickly destroying any violent monsters in his sight.

Suddenly, these monsters began to retreat and escape.

“Do they have wisdom? I can’t let them escape!”

Wang Ji jumped off and flew agilely on the branches. When the leaves were separated, he suddenly pulled the bowstrings and shot the beam in the high-speed movement. The monster that escaped the fastest got shot first, and got evaporating!

The monsters who escaped were stiff, and they seemed to be shocked. However, in the next second, all the monsters turned back to dash toward Wang Ji. The skull tissue split into a spine bone blade, rushing toward Wang Ji.


Wang Ji was speechless, pulling the bow and arrows, and shooting dark beam silently. The monster in the front got killed by an arrow, and the flying cell tissue immediately evaporated with its main body! Wang Ji followed closely and discovered that all of these monsters passed through the trunk under his feet, scattered and rushing, and once again chasing the police.

“Their brain tissues got infected and split. But I don’t know where does their wisdom come from, they seem to know that they can’t attack me.”

Wang Ji speculated.

His thinking changed, the bowstring in his hand has not stopped for a moment. The speed of the arrow was like the light speed, which made any sprinting monsters have no room to dodge. Wang Ji’s toes tapped the branches, turning his body in an amazing balance, and he quickly shot each beam. As long as his fingers pinched the bowstring, the dark beam would automatically condense in his hand. Without the procedure of picking up arrows, once Wang Ji maximized the firepower of the Wave-Particle Duality, the efficiency was more horrible than most conventional hot weapons!

In the woods, the mad monsters evaporated one by one, and there was no resilience under the attack of Wang Ji. After shooting the last two monsters, Wang Ji stopped.

During the whole process of hunting and killing, Wang Ji did not say a word. In addition, thinking about the characteristics of monsters, his heart was almost in an ethereal state. All his minds seemed to have been taken away by the beams he shot out. And all the beams were almost shot out by the unconscious or subconscious inertia of Wang Ji.

There was no pleasure in killing, and life and death can not bring pleasure.


A group of special police ran under the tree, the wind in the ear finally stopped, as well as the snoring of the ghost. At this time, a floating dark flame descended from the sky, and the fluffy black robe was in the shape of a flame. Wang Ji landed smoothly.

“Tell me the whole process and the survivors now, as well as the information about the monsters.”

The voice was hoarse and sounded like a devil.

Even during the day, under the gloomy sky of the dome, the shade of the trees carried a natural coolness. All these still made these human beings feel a natural fear for Wang Ji. A special policeman trembled and said. “Large troops… They covered the mayor’s to retreat! We, are responsible for handling the back, turned from human to monster, brain, brain splitted, cannibalism and assimilation…”

“The seeds parasitized the human body, possessing the ability to disguise as human beings. The head is the main body, and can split into weapons, preying on humans and having the ability to assimilate humans. And last, I suspect they can ‘think’.”

Wang Ji’s mind quickly combined their incoherent information with what he saw, deducing the characteristics of the seeds in this preaching war. His bloody eyes swept over the humans with their bones trembling, and he asked with the hoarse devil’s voice again. “How do they assimilate?”

“Their bodies will breed a parasite that can penetrate into the normal human body and completely parasitize its brain tissue. It won’t be different from normal humans in appearance.” A policeman calmly talked to Wang Ji, “And I think…”

Suddenly, his head instantly turned into a huge cell organization, and the bloody mouth of the fangs was swung toward Wang Ji. At this moment, the sudden mutated monster was vaporized by the beam!

“Thank you very much. Unfortunately, you are not faster than the bald demon who consider himself damn.”

Wang Ji turned the bow back and tightened the bow string, silently pointing to other surviving special police officers. The panicking police officers subconsciously took the guns toward the king, but their hands were trembling.

“We are not! We don’t even know that he’s assimilated!”

They tried to explain, and their expression changed very strongly. Indeed, they did not expect that the companion who led them had become a monster without knowing it.

“Don’t kill us! We’re not monsters!”

Their nerves were tense, and the scene of that moment was really too shocking. The monsters reacted so fast that none of them could react. However, the dark figure in front of them was even more scary. They couldn’t understand when his bowstring was pulled. They didn’t have time to blink, and their companion who suddenly became monsters got killed. The death was characterized by the evaporation. Unconsciously, the special police officers felt the coolness of the back of the ridge!


Wang Ji’s cell phone suddenly rang. A nerve-tight special police officer was trembling, shot the first shot, followed by many gunshots. After the last shotgun, the bullet fragments were deeply embedded in the bark. The black shadow in front of them shook his head, turning around and flying up the tree top, and disappeared.

“The bullets we just shot……”

“All of them passed through its body.”

The police officers looked at each other, and their sweat dripped on the land. Each of them saw the fear from the other’s eyes. Just today, they encountered too many irrational existences. The disgusting appearance and powerful body of the monsters were terrible, but the most terrible thing was that they couldn’t hurt this black shadow at all.

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