The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 31

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Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 31: Human Parasite CR72

At 11:23 a.m., the 11th hour of the bunker time. It has been 6 hours 20 minutes since the Preacher completed preaching.

The illuminated cell phone screen displayed a series of information about the seeds of disaster:

Capital A, the first type of civilization seeds of disaster carried by the Preacher now has been confirmed to be the CR72 seed. The seed is characterized by inhabiting brains to replace the brain tissue. Its cells can mimic human elements and generate weapons that can be disguised as any creature without incubation time, and their actions are directly manipulated by the Preacher. It takes 24 hours for the first generation of CR72 seed to take control of intact body; after 24 hours, the seed will enter the second form of life (i.e., the second generation), when a large number of second generation seeds will be produced and the human gene will be completely integrated and cannot be distinguished.

The first generation of CR72 is characterized by local body temperature abnormality. During the transformation to the second form of life, CR72 seed will undergo cell proliferation within 24 hours and annex the parasitic tissue for assimilation, which is manifested from the fact that the temperature of local body will be higher than that of the organism. The temperature is about 20 °C higher than normal human body temperature, and the local abnormality of body temperature will be transferred from head to toe. The cell tissue expressed in human genes is similar to tumors.

Mission Updates:

The second life form of CR72 seed will be gestated after 17 hours and 39 minutes. Please destroy all CR72 seed parasites by then. If you fail, the civilization will fall into the countdown of destruction. At that time, you will be completely powerless.

Clue Updates:

Successfully obtained CR72 “human parasite” data, the tree party has backed them up and spread the information. Someone sent a third-party item to you through the super membrane, and provided you with clues about the location of the item to support you to complete the preaching war. Please collect it as soon as possible.

Equipment Clue: The initial position of the game of killing.

From experiment A.

“It’s Rodin, he fulfilled his promise so quickly.”

Wang Ji’s was a little bit absent-minded. He suddenly turned the screen of his phone off, putting it back to his clothes, and pulled a zipper. Holding the handle of the back door of the truck with one hand, stepping on the two protruding nuts, He took the ride of the rescue vehicle and charged the Wave-Particle Duality when passing by North Sea Town. The impression of the bald smuggling arms dealer was still in his mind. Wang Ji did not expect that the devil would actually fulfill the promise so quickly.

The car was driving on a provincial road. Wang Ji didn’t think too much. Everything about the preaching war was basically stereotyped in the experiment mode. He didn’t have much to think about, he just had to find out how to deal with the strategy of the preacher in the city. After all, the seed parasites of the National Volcano Park were only part of it. He knew that there were also some seeds that work with them. It’s still a puzzle.

Brainless creatures invade the world; dead lives conquer civilization.

Meanwhile, in the city…

“It’s really more unexpected to trade with the devil and it is surprising that he guessed my thoughts beforehand. It seems that my first item transfer was a bit early. I think, for at least 50 years, I have not seen any new Hunters trading with devils. Okay, I participated in the battle of the Warband fifty years ago. I still have a solution for the devils.”

In the electrical appliance recycling station, the Preacher took out a tattered knitted glove from a refrigerator, and there was a red embroidery on the palm of his hand. Through the mask, he looked at the item support transmitted and talked to himself. He inadvertently got an important message through CR72: the other party might have made a deal with the devil.

This was beyond his expectation. He remembered that no one had ever traded with the devils for a long time. Therefore, losing the angel’s gift was a huge loss. But it’s clear that the opponent he was facing now has chosen an unusual path.

If you want to know what he’s thinking. It really makes him unprepared, and he even has a hint of jealousy.

“It seems I can only wait for the support opportunities of my remaining two items if I want to kill him. It doesn’t matter, I got the data of the CR72 human parasite. His first item support should have also arrived. That’s fine. I will use the seeds to consume his items, then look to use the remaining items to pinch this bug.”

The Preacher got up and smoothed the creases in his suit, put out his hand in the glove and touched the old computer next to him. He turned around and left.

On a provincial road, the gateway to North Sea Town.

At 11:32 a.m.

Wang Ji flew down from the back of car and turned into a black shadow to head to North Sea Town. The town was very quiet, there was almost no one walking around during the day. The curtains in the houses were covered up. It’s really strange to see such a strange scene during the day. Wang Ji did not stop and went directly to Mrs. Isa’s Mansion. The force field in the basement seemed to be in a different state today, but he was not aware of this abnormality because he’s currently subject to the vision of the day and the dim light in the basement.

Wang Ji recalled that after the protective film was formed, he would occupy the energy field here. After filling up the energy, he quickly left North Sea Town, and the whole process did not waste any time. Back in the woods along the provincial road, Wang Ji lowered his body down, seeing an armed truck driven wildly on the road.

“It’s the time, it is when the special policemen return after they handled the back.”

Wang Ji looked at the big truck quickly approaching and decisively seized the opportunity to jump. His tiptoe gently fell on the roof of the car, which did not make a slight noise. He rolled to stabilize his figure, directly lying on the roof.

His cell phone suddenly vibrated and Wang Ji carefully took out the phone to see:

Capital A, the protective film just detected a super membrane gliding. Please be careful since it might be the item support of the Preacher. (As a hostile force, the preacher also has props support).

From experiment A.

“He has item support too? I see.”

Wang Ji put back his mobile phone and took out the Fallen Badge from a pocket. After thinking for a while, he put back the Fallen Badge into his pocket. “I have to leave a card for myself. It’s still not time for us to face each other, I have to have some reservations.” Wang Ji could not help but think so.


“The special police units have returned after handling the back. There are 21 casualties. Over.”

The police officer in the car reported the situation to the team that had withdrawn first.

“Report the information about the monsters. Over.”

Answered by the walkie-talkie.

Police cars and armed trucks quickly evacuated back to the city along the provincial road. The armed men escorted the reporters from the mountain to the car and began an emergency retreat. About fifty minutes ago, their rescue operation suffered a powerful monster attack. Those flying cell organizations were still the nightmare of many armed police officers in the car.

After having informed that the troops had retreated after handling the back, people were relieved. However, the fear was still not reduced. There were 35 men in the troop responsible for handling the back, however, 21 were killed or injured.

Liu Hsiao Nan knew clearly that there were familiar faces behind the numbers that had passed away.

She also watched those familiar faces suddenly turn into horrible monsters, and carry out massacres against their colleagues. In the entire report of the mountain isolation, they discovered that the townspeople near the volcano were the source of infection. They assimilated the armed police officers who isolated the mountain, and then the infection quickly spread in the entire rescue operation.

Liu Hsiao Nan still held a gun in her hand, and her arm was slightly trembling. At first, her bright and firm eyes were a lot dimmer now. A kind of slyness completely crushed her steadfastness and conviction. Her trembling hand picked up the walkie-talkie, and her voice was trembling. She said. “Shoot their necks with the guns. It can paralyze them in a short period of time. Attack them during its fission with shotguns, it can kill them…over.”

The other police officers kept silent.

In the face of the crisis, they weren’t even more determined than a woman.

“I am the person responsible for handling the back. We were attacked and chased by monsters when we retreated. A man who likely was the guy the preacher looking for covered us to retreat and killed all the chasing monsters. He… it was a bit not like a human being, but a shadow. The bullet couldn’t hit it. Its pupil was blood red, and there’s traces of hexagram in it. Its weapon was a black-winged longbow, which was 1.8 meters high. The length of the bow may be about 2 meters. Each time the bowstring was loosened, a monster would disappear…over.”


Liu Hsiao Nan’s heart was beating, she recalled the ‘they’ said by the preacher in the information from the preacher she received on the night ten days ago. One of them appeared in the National Volcanic Park and helped the special police officers to retreat? For no reason, Wang’s face suddenly appeared in Liu Hsiao Nan’s mind. He silently closed the door for her, holding the gun to leave alone. He did not support the rescue operation, but investigated the seeds. In fact, all the casualties in the rescue operation were stemmed from the fact they lacked of defense against the monsters.

The report was still ongoing.

“The media has confirmed that the current urban area has become more chaotic, and that the police force is completely unable to maintain order. Over.”

Many reports have described the current serious situation. In a short time, the voice of the mayor came out from the walkie-talkie, which was still steady and heavy.

He said. “First, open refuge areas, collect supplies, and send citizens to safe refuge areas for integration and management. Second, set up an investigation team to conduct search and security inspections from urban areas to townships; and third, call the city government, and transfer the government personnel to the police station. I am going back to a meeting to find the countermeasures. Fourth, don’t panic. If you panic, the public would panic more. Remember your responsibility and maintain a stable order. Don’t give the Preacher any chance.”


A police officer ended up helping end of the speech of the mayor. The mayor’s extremely rational speech and the strategy that he immediately took out made the police officers in the car feel relieved. Just less than an hour ago, they just lost the highest command of the police agency, but now a more powerful and intelligent leader was back and would lead them to continue fighting. This rescue operation was still worthwhile for them.

After all, they finally reached the goal and rescued the mayor, but Liu Hsiao Nan’s expression was not good. The mayor’s words were clear to her. His strategies were Wang Ji’s initial view and strategies: Stable order in the city, conduct search and security investigations. The only difference was that they paid an extremely heavy price in exchange for the mayor’s words.

“Find him, Wang Ji.”

Liu Hsiao Nan looked at the scenery that was passing by the window and muttered. In her mind, she had worried more. The situation in the urban area was very bad now. What is the situation of Wang Ji? Dad said that he’s a p***y that couldn’t even find a safety switch. He could now face the confusion in the urban area? “Have to find him as soon as possible.” Liu Hsiao Nan thought.

Wang Ji quietly lay on the roof of the car, his ears cling to the carriage, silently listening to the information integration from the walkie-talkie. After finished listening to the whole process, he turned over on the roof. Now that the violent agency had re-discovered a leader and could defend the city. However, he did not have any hope for it. Because he did not believe that the mayor who was rescued was still a human being.

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