The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 33

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Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 33: Infrared Program

“You said that the mayor is no longer human? What evidence do you have?”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s eyes widened and her face was slightly angry.

“There is no evidence yet. But according to basic logic, I don’t think the Preacher allowed you to save the mayor that easily.”

Wang Ji replied when biting a piece of bread.

“Then you can’t talk nonsense. You don’t even know how cruel things were in the National Volcano Park we were in. The live broadcast given by the preacher was just a small part. You didn’t see the terrible monsters! We lost a total of 75 people! Everyone was, they were all…”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s chest was undulating, she did not say it. And there’s no way for her to go on. Throughout the raid, she was a witness, watching the familiar faces suddenly become monsters. That disgusting flesh and blood tissue became weapons of massacre, and they brutally attacked comrades-in-arms and colleagues. She was also dyed blood for this. She couldn’t talk anymore. Wang Ji’s thoughts negated their entire actions from the very beginning.

“Sorry, please forgive me my rudeness.”

Wang Ji calmly acknowledged the mistake and then said. “The mayor’s asylum plan was not feasible. The preacher is still wandering in the city, and all the citizens are very scared. This is true. But assigning a large number of citizens without any identification to the refuge areas will only cause further spread and outbreak of infection. The population of each of the 13 main districts is more than 300,000. You can imagine the so-called refuge nature…”

“He appeared.”

Liu Hsiao Nan suddenly said.

Wang Ji stopped and asked. “Who?”

” The ‘they’ mentioned by the Preacher.” Liu Hsiao Nan looked up at Wang Ji, his eyes were calm and bright. “The person you tried to track at that time. He appeared, and helped the special police force responsible for handling the back to retreat. He was a shadow, and his eyes were bloody. He talked like a devil. He was holding a long-winged bow, and he never missed, killing all the monsters in the crater. Maybe we can find a way to contact him.”

“It’s not worth relying on.”

Wang Ji shook his head and refused. “This kind of individual is not worth relying on. God knows when he will be killed by the preacher. He’s still using the cold weapon that is so ancient, we are now in the 21st century. We need self-awareness, not a superhero. Listen to me, when I patrolled the city, I discovered some of the physical characteristics of the monsters, which could be used as an identification standard…”

At 1:20 p.m.

There’s 15 hours 41 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life.

“Citizens, please listen to the radio and go to Guanyin Well Square. We will have military and police control to send you safely to the refuge areas for asylum, and ensure that you will not be attacked by the preacher. Please quickly…”

Many military trucks drove into the central square of Guanyin Well.

The horns on the cars constantly uttered the mayor’s voice. It spread to the streets of Guanyin Well. After the reintegration, the armed police and armed personnel quickly jumped out of the cars and began to carry out a resettlement plan for the citizens in the Guanyin Well area. Wang Ji and Liu Hsiao Nan stood on the roadside of the National People’s Congress. Liu Hsiao Nan waved her hand to the truck.

From the car, a policeman close to 50 years old, with a beard, slightly fat, got off. Wang Ji knew this man. He’s Zhang Guoqing, deputy director of the police station. He should now be the highest commander of the police. Liu Hsiao Nan and Wang Ji looked at each other and then ran over. They began to talk about something to deputy director Zhang, and Liu Hsiao Nan kept looking at Wang Ji.

After a while, Zhang Guoqing came over. Wang Ji greeted him. Before He tried to talk, Zhang said first. “Was it you who found that those monsters have abnormal body temperature?” “Yes, much higher. Their local body temperature will be about 20°C higher than that of ordinary people. The high temperature area will keep moving down to the bottom of the body over time.” Wang Ji replied.

“The body temperature will be 50 °C! Is this information confirmed?” Zhang nodded and asked.


Wang Ji affirmed the answer and said. “So I do not recommend to put citizens together for asylum. If there are infected people in the refuge area, it will undoubtedly cause even greater disaster. According to the body temperature test, we can find these monsters hiding into the crowd.”

“It makes sense.”

Zhang squatted at his temple and called an armed police captain to ask the armed forces whether there was equipment such as a thermal instrument. After the radio contact was verified, the commander of the armed police replied that “it has been completely destroyed. We suspect that the preacher in advance… …”

“Needless to say.”

Zhang swung his hand and frowned without speaking. Wang Ji said at this time. “As long as it is a hospital that can do a comprehensive physical examination, it should have equipment in this area. It is not difficult to detect body temperature through equipment. We can use the hospital as a base to divert the citizens and let the districts operate it. This is also more conducive to isolate the infection. If there is a large batch of equipment, the police officers would not have to risk to checking the body temperature. We have to be prepared for explaining and comforting the citizens.”

“Medical infrared camera.”

Liu Hsiao Nan reminded.

“Good, your idea is nice.”

Zhang immediately enlarged his eyes and praised Liu Hsiao Nan, and immediately he turned his eyes and quickly said. “I also thought that. Quickly informed all the teams, check the hospitals, I want a solution that is feasible immediately to isolate and protect. Not only hospitals, but also private clinics. Just do it! I will contact the mayor immediately, and I will spread this method!”

After Liu Hsiao Nan heard the mayor, she immediately had something to say. But Wang Ji suddenly grabbed her hand and beckoned to her to not to talk. Then he volunteered and said. “I don’t recommend telling the mayor because I suspect he has already become……”

“Shut up.”

Zhang Zhang’s face changed, and he took a look at Wang Ji. He turned his head and Liu Hsiao Nan said. “Don’t let him spread such rumors again.” After Zhang finished, he strode away and his face was not looking good.

“What are you doing?” Liu Hsiao Nan whispered to Wang Ji. “How would he believe you if you tell him? Why didn’t you let me say it?” Wang Ji shook his head to express a ‘no’. “Whoever said this, the effect would be the same. At least one of us must win his trust, isn’t that right?” After he said, he also walked away silently. Liu Hsiao Nan wanted to talk but stopped. She did not say anything. She could not help but stamp her feet and did not say anything.

“Wang Ji has a weird temper.”

Liu Hsiao Nan complained in her mind. But as she changed her mind, but she clearly understood that Wang Ji was not wrong. Compared with Wang Ji, she was indeed more trusted by Zhang because of her elder relationship. But if she negated the results of all the police efforts and sacrifices for it, then she would be blamed even it’s her.

“Zhang Guoqing is now a little disgusted with me, this can be used.”

Wang Ji silently watched Zhang Guoqing getting in the car.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the “infrared program” decided by Zhang alone was started. Zhang did not choose to inform the mayor in the end, but it was not because of doubts about the mayor. According to what he said, it’s necessary to give the mayor a trustworthy victory.

“Citizens of Guanyin Well, please pay attention. Please quickly gather at Guanyin Well Square as you hear me. Our armed police forces have established an operation against the preacher. The counterattack has already begun. Please cooperate with us and strive to make all the restless factors disappear before the night falls. We guarantee that we will not limit the personal freedom of any citizen. After the cooperation, all citizens can choose to return to their houses for refuge.”

“Citizens of Guanyin Well, please pay attention…”

The loudspeakers modified the broadcast words. Surprisingly, after the broadcast words were replaced, the mobility of the citizens was partially improved. Wang Ji was not optimistic as he saw this scene. He hoped that the host of the infrared program would be carried out by various districts, but the essence of Zhang Guoqing’s plan was to gather the citizens.

“This only proves that the preacher’s invasion of the government is a wise choice.”

Wang Ji could only think of this. Fortunately, the actions that Zhang Guoqing did not lead were not more popular than the mayor’s evacuation plan. The nature of the plan to gather the citizens could deceive ordinary people, but it couldn’t deceive those district-level representatives who formulated the principle of public security in the morning.

In another area beside the Guanyin well, rows of vehicles were drilled into several lines to block all roads in the area. The representative of the district stood on the roof with a horn and responded to Zhang Guoqing’s reply. “According to the many public security principles concerning the preacher and the quarantine area formulated in the morning, I refused to obey any person who came back from the volcanic cofferdam action, including the mayor. You can use violence, but we will fight to the end. I will defend our area under the circumstance of the isolation firm is existing.”

The representative of the district pointed at the transparent protective film in the sky and his tone was firm. Faced with such an opponent, Zhang was rubbing his temple. He was even more embarrassed as he had a headache.

“The district representative has the desire for power. The people in the three districts are like this. If every district does not listen to the order, then we will be finished because of the internal fight before the monsters’ attack.” Liu Hsiao Nan could not help frowning, she had no good word for the representatives of these areas.

“No, they are truly responsible.”

Wang Ji’s X-ray glasses scanned the representative of the district and the government staff standing on the roof, it was edible and there was no problem. He said. “The casualties of your volcano rescue operation are broadcast live in the city. This has already explained your failure and the bankruptcy of credibility. Let’s go to the hospital. Manage the situation that we can control. Instead of tearing up the law and order principle, we have to promote the infrared program to better cope with the crisis.”

Liu Hsiao Nan blinked. Although what Wang Ji said was not unreasonable, but he kept speaking of the failure of the volcano rescue operation, making her very uncomfortable.

On the way to the hospital, Wang Ji reviewed the whole situation.

“Unifying to arrange all the people to the hospitals for inspection is premeditated from the starting point. Rational people know that all eggs cannot be placed in one basket. But they still want to do this, if the mayor’s asylum plan is what the preacher meant, then Zhang Guoqing’s behavior is a stupid move.”

As he thought of this, Wang Ji also saw through Zhang Guoqing’s so-called infrared plan. He had no hope for the mayor and his minions, and he was also ready to change from persuasion to utilization.

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