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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 48 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 48

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 48: The Sky

At 7:30 a.m., on September 12th, 2017.

Wang Ji was taken away from the city’s police station and was sent to the troops stationed at the east of the city. He asked what was going on along the road, but the two soldiers who took him were silent.

Many things happened while he was asleep.

It’s not necessary to say that the number of troops stationed in the southwestern region was scary. Apart from appeasing the local people, the distrust of the international community has also led to the emergence of the game between countries because of the protective film. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made it clear that with any turmoil, the Chinese army will not hesitate to fight back in self-defense.

The multi problems complicated the situation in this region. Wang Ji understood this, so he did not ask any other questions except his own business.

Sitting in the car, Wang Ji quietly looked out the window. He passed through three urban districts in succession, and at least one company patrols on the roads in each urban area, and patrol cars were bypassed by him on every road he passed. The city has entered a state of martial law; quiet, strict, which was the keynote of every inch of road and soil.

Wang Ji was taken care of all the way to the military area until stopping at a research institute. “Get off the car.” The two officers said simply.

After the physical examination, Wang Ji sat down in the hall of the institute and waited.

“You are waiting here, I will inform Director Wang.”

One officer stayed to look after Wang Ji, while the other went inside to make a notice.

The sergeant was sitting beside Wang. “Why are you guys bringing me here?” Wang Ji tried to ask again at this time. The sergeant still did not answer him. Seeing him having no words, Wang Ji also turned his head and no longer asked. Through the map of the spy satellite, he could clearly judge his position, and no one could stop him if he wanted to leave. Since he was sure of it, he confidently sat down and waited.

A minute later, a silver ladybug flew in from outside the institute and fell into Wang Ji’s collar.

“It seems that I have to wait for a while, I don’t want to waste my time. I get a lot from this preaching war. I need to digest it. Let me retrieve all the information. First, the booty loots, the carving of the Heaven Sword is on my arm; the Explosive Gloves are on my hand. The Holy Light Bomb is…”

Wang Ji looked at the holy sword tattoo on his arm, then turned over to look at the glove he wore in his right hand. It’s black, with a red “boom” in his palm. And there’s a light bomb, but he did not know where it was. He recalled the details after killing the Preacher, then took off the Explosive Gloves and saw the holy light mark in the palm.

It’s the Holy Light Bomb.

On the X-ray glasses, the information of Wang Ji’s items was displayed.

Capital A, you currently have a total of 9 items: Wave-Particle Duality, Night Devil’s Suit, Fallen Badge, Ninja Mask, Heaven Sword, Holy Light Bomb, New Nano Bug, Multi-function X-ray glasses, Explosive Gloves.

Note 1: Hunters can convert items into “traditional brandings” to hide, and can hide up to 6 items to become “traditional brandings” (some items are not considered traditional brandings, such as Nano Bug);

Note 2: The items in the traditional branding state will not be dropped due to death, while non-traditional branding hidden items must be lost after death; attention should be paid when collecting items and hunting the Preacher;

The traditional brandings you currently have are: Wave-Particle Duality, Night Devil’s Suit, Heaven Sword, Holy Light Bomb.

From experiment A.

“Traditional branding. Maybe the Preacher also has it. He still had hidden items at the time, so I only got three items.”

Wang Ji saw the traditional brandings of the black wings and the holy light in his palm and had a new understanding of the acquisition of items.

The items he could bring around were always limited. As the accumulation of items increased, he felt that he needed a storage-type item, like parcels or bags.

“Except for the item issue, there should be other information retrieved.”

Wang Ji flipped the information history of Experiment A, and immediately saw the message recorded while he was sleeping. The Cobra organization had sent staff to his world and rested in the Devil’s Bar. By 23 pm, he would need to go there to confirm the trade of the Nano Bug.

There’s also the arms smuggler Rodin, who’s waiting for Wang Ji in the Devil’s Bar.

In addition, Wang Ji had three related information retrievals, which corresponded to three tasks of learning, social and construction.

Learning tasks, about learning the knowledge fragmentation “Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills”;

Social tasks, about the Hunter socializing of the Warband system “Sky”;

Construction tasks, about the tree party material support and urban development routes;

“One by one.”

Wang Ji began to deal with these three tasks.

The first learning task introduced: the learning of knowledge fragments, in the state of concentration, meditation, or sleep, put one’s mind into the battle of the ancient Hunters through knowledge fragments, learning their knowledge and skills.

“I have experienced Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills in my sleep.”

He dreamed that his consciousness was on Beowulf last night, and he experienced various kinds of battles with him, but these battles were one-sided. Because the knowledge was a fragment, Wang Ji only learned two techniques: attack after defense and dodging.

That is to say, all the elapsed time in the dream, all the enemies encountered, such as dragons, witches, sea monsters, giants, etc., he could only face them with these two skills. In the case of incomplete knowledge, he had almost no possibility of killing the monsters that appeared later. It’s not even easy for him to survive.

“I want to check the learning record of knowledge.”

Thinking of this, Wang Ji thinking about it, letting the experiment a showed his knowledge learning materials on the X-ray glasses.

Current knowledge system:

1. Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills (2/4)

Current learning process;

1. Attack after Defense (your control level is 2, Beowulf’s is 12)

2. Swift Avoidance (your control level is 3, Beowulf’s is 12)

3. ?

4. ?

From experiment A.

He learned two techniques, namely the “Attack after Defense” and the “Swift Avoidance”. There were four kinds of Beowulf’s dragon-slaying skills, which should correspond to one piece of knowledge fragment respectively, but only two pieces were obtained by him.

Do you want to revise your knowledge and improve your control?

As soon as he thought about the learning of knowledge, the reminder of the experiment A was immediately displayed on the X-ray glasses.


Wang Ji shook his head.

Recalling the countless times of being killed in his sleep, he had a sense of powerlessness. The two techniques recorded in the knowledge fragments were all passively beaten, which made him passive in the face of those horrible monsters.

He had his own opinions and understandings about the study of knowledge.

“The learning of knowledge is best done in a complete system, it can’t be done with knowledge fragments. Complete knowledge can achieve maximum fluency at least in the use and connection of skills. It is very passive in actual combat if I only have Attack after Defense and Swift Avoidance, these two knowledge fragments. I should find a way to learn the complete Beowulf’s dragon-slaying skills, but I don’t know what the access to knowledge fragments is. In addition to snatching from the Preacher who betrayed the wisdom party, what are the other ways to obtain it? Let me look at the second social task, maybe I will find it out.”

Wang Ji entered the Sky.

Information is being translated, please wait;

Scanning identity;

The identity has been established;

Capital A, your codename in the Warband is your Sky ID;

The Sky system describes the notes and experiences written by all Hunters since the establishment of the Warband, and also opened up many internal services for all Hunters.

Here you can watch the notes written by other Hunters and absorb their experiences to have more precise control over the items and their future. Of course, you can also leave your notes and knowledge here for other Hunters to observe and absorb.

Excellent notes and experience will be rewarded by the Warband.

The Warband.

Capital A, as an Independent Hunter, you have the authority to open all the planes under the Sky, you can freely search for the information you need.

From experiment A.

All the tips were scattered and the Sky system appeared. The seemingly large system was divided into five parts:

Hunter notes;

Items knowledge;

Route analysis;

Hunting mission;

Free market.

Wang Ji was browsing and researching.

“It turns out that the Sky is an internal public interaction network where Hunters share their experiences with each other. Notes and experience are part of it. The Sky displayed on the X-ray glasses, in addition to Hunter notes, items knowledge, as well as releases of hunting missions, items, knowledge, the trading of urban resources, etc., all the dialogues between Hunters were open in the Sky system, there’s no secret at all. To some extent, public means safety. In summary, the Sky system is very useful.”

Wang Ji continued to analyze.

“I should be able to find a lot of things I don’t know here. For example, the acquisition of knowledge fragments. There are also combinations of items. I’ll search for keywords first. Let me try to input ‘Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills’.”

Wang Ji searched Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills according to the process.

In the first trading line, an anonymous Hunter has the complete knowledge of “Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills”, but he needs complete alchemist knowledge to exchange. In addition, there are notes on “Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills”, such as how to defeat the final assessment of the enemy Beowulf to get full control.

“Attack after Defense, Swift Avoidance, Heroic Attack, Anger Outbreak. Complete knowledge turned out to be these four skills. But I basically don’t have the requirements of the transaction, the complete shaman knowledge, the knowledge of the alchemist, I have none of them. It seems that the task of perfecting knowledge can only be delayed. I will search for the Wave-Particle Duality and see if there is any knowledge or items that match it.”

Wang Ji searched for the information of Wave-Particle Duality. In addition to the item data, the first message that came into view was a Hunter note.

“Check it out.”

Wang Ji chose to read the Hunter note.

The opening of the note was written: In the last battle of the Legion, I got the prohibited item “Wave-Particle Duality”. As everyone knows, this is a standard artifact of the Demon Legion. However, since the failure of the last World Battle, Warband was defeated and the Wave-Particle Duality has been included in the prohibited weapons. The D-series dice is also owned by heaven. It is impossible to get the ultimate item “D-series” with the demon items. For anyone, this is a tough choice.

The requirement of getting the God’s Dice is not only that you can’t trade with the devils, everyone knows how rare it is. My world is in jeopardy. If I don’t immediately strengthen myself, what’s waiting for me is only destruction and death. So I refuse to give the prohibited weapons to heaven. And after a long exploration and battle with the Preacher, I finally found the viable knowledge that could be compatible with the Wave-Particle Duality, so I leave notes here for your reference:

Knowledge requirement 1: “The Ashes Master’s Arcane Experience”, the key knowledge fragments: Colorful Arrows;

Knowledge requirement 2: “Shadow Archer’s Bow and Arrow Wisdom”, the key knowledge fragments: “Demon Bow.”


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