The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Moonfire Cloak

After reviewing the information about the knowledge, Wang Ji didn’t know what to say.

The Wave-Particle Duality was a smuggling item, which was called a prohibited item by other Hunters in the Sky. This time, Dark Ranger’s experience was even more so. It directly stated that it’s a forbidden knowledge which cannot be learned.

Sitting on the water pipe, Rodin smiled and said, “What’s wrong? You just had an expression like you were constipated.” Wang Ji shook his head and ignored his joke. He asked. “Do you have normal items and knowledge to trade?”

“How can you doubt the position of a smuggler?”

Rodin was surprised. “If the items and knowledge I sell aren’t different from those of normal businessmen, then what is the use of a smuggling businessman like me?” After that, Rodin re-ignited the cigar. His thick black fingers bounced the cigar and a wisp of black mist began to pervade, covering the golden knowledge from top to bottom. He then held it in his palm.

“If you want, I will give you two choices.”

Rodin said. “First, exchange it with the Anti-spirits Explosive Gloves in all series of Explosive Gloves; second, exchange it with another complete knowledge after the next preaching war. I am not interested in the Holy Light Bomb. I want Explosive Gloves.”


This time, Wang Ji agreed willingly. Explosive Gloves were useful, but complete knowledge was more practical for him. He happily took the Explosive Gloves out of the Night Devil’s Suit and handed it to Rodin.

“It’s your knowledge.”

Rodin handed in the Dark Ranger’s Experience to complete the transaction, which was considered cash on delivery. When Wang Ji received the fruit of knowledge, Rodin reminded. “Each item can be inlaid with two kinds of knowledge fragments without cost. You can learn a part yourself and then put the pieces on the items. For example, Inlay the Dark Arrows on the Wave-Particle Duality.”

“But if the weapon is lost, my knowledge will be incomplete, right?”

Wang Ji asked.

“Well.” Rodin did not deny it, but he explained. “You have no magic or mana. Using some knowledge fragments in the experiment costs vitality as a price. But if you break the knowledge, inlaying some pieces of knowledge on the item, there is no such problem, and it will save you time to learn and improve the control level of the knowledge.”

“It doesn’t matter; I have Life Capture.”

Wang Ji said. Rodin shrugged and said that he had no opinion on Wang Ji’s view.

The golden fruit began to melt in Wang Ji’s hands, and the golden light of the layers peeled off and disappeared into Wang Ji’s palms. The corresponding information was displayed on the multi-function X-ray glasses:

You got a complete knowledge: Dark Ranger’s experience (4/4)

Current learning process;

Silent Magic (you are level 0, Sylvanas is level 18);

Dark Arrows (You are level 0, Sylvanas is level 18);

Life Capture (you are level 0 and Sylvanas is level 18);

Charm (you are level 0, Sylvanas is level 18).

Wang Ji carefully examined his current learning knowledge and said to Rodin. “If I can ask for it, I hope you can give me the knowledge of the Ashes Master and Shadow Archer next time.”

“No! Trading these common things is not sm0uggling!”

Rodin refused, and then he rolled over the water pipe and groped for a moment, then took out a box. He said. “These are the items that Lily prepared for you. She didn’t come this time because there is a world where God will arrive soon, and the world will soon be destroyed. She is going to take a look and make sure that the Hunters there don’t need to trade with the devils. Look, these are the two items she gave you.”

Rodin opened the box and a black cloak was in it. It seemed to be made up of feathers and branches. Next to the clothes, it was a square-shaped electric appliance. It looked like a… charger?

Wang Ji picked up the first item:

Item Name: Moonlight Cloak (Dark)

Item type: Natural Demon items

Item Introduction: The great scientist of Hell, HATEinstein, suddenly became interested in the knowledge of natural druids one day. This Dark Moonlight Cloak is his magical work.

Item Effect: First – the wearer hides into the dark, the moon, the woods and other environments, which can kill the spirits but it’s not spiritual itself; Second – enhance the control level of the dark camp and the natural camp magic, skills and other knowledge by 1 level; Third – the surrounding moonfire will insulate all non-material invasion and weaken the level of knowledge control of material invasion by 2 levels; Fourth – wearer of the Moonfire Cloak will be allowed to use part of the druid knowledge and enjoy the buff of all dark, demon, hell items; Fifth – the item effect will be strengthened by different degrees due to the moonlight state.

Note: I come with the wind!

Knowledge Fragment 1: The Fire of the Dark Elf; it can corrode the life composition of the target’s life in the field of vision, causing continuous torture and weakening of the resistance; can have the vision of the target; will burn continuously for more than 120 seconds;

Knowledge Fragment 2: Hurricane; blow the target in sight into the sky, continuously being carved by the dark wind; time duration depends on the mass of the target;

Knowledge Fragment 3: Storm Crow; Turn into a storm crow soaring in the sky, the dark magic flame under the claws will help you become the sky master.

The second item:

Item Name: Rice Charger

Item type: Functional items

Item Introduction: The second self-developed product that Thor launched after meeting with the gods of India. It is also the most popular item of Asgard except the tree party machine. The Hunters think it is the gospel of all the charging items.

Item Effect: Charges all chargeable items; energy is fully loaded at 10,000 units.

Note: As you can see, this is just a small rice grain in the rice field of Asgard’s real strength.

Wang Ji quietly read all the information of the two props. After thinking about it for a moment, he asked. “How much blood do I have to pay if I want it all?”

Wang Ji knew that he was a bit greedy, but he still wanted to ask.

He definitely needed that Rice Charger, and the Moonlight Cloak was obviously a very strong item, he wanted to have it even if he didn’t have that much blood. After all, this Moonlight Cloak was much stronger than the Night Devil’s Suit. Wang Ji just suspected that the trading items that Lily had prepared for him were most likely to be carefully selected, so that he could not bear to let go after seeing it.

Lily exactly succeeded.

“The witch said that.”

Rodin touched the Moonfire Cloak and introduced. You can exchange it with the Night Devil’s Suit plus ten blood container cans. This Rice Charger is the price of five blood containers. The total is fifteen blood containers and the Night Devil’s Suit. If you are still willing to continue working in the Devil’s Bar, you can replace the five blood containers.”

Rodin’s eyes were shining, and he could see what Wang Ji was interested in.

“How many pieces of knowledge fragments can each item be socketed with?”

Wang Ji asked again.

“The default is two. But it can be increased up to five. But it requires to find some special weapon masters, only those weapon masters can open up the socket slots of the items.”

Rodin explained.

Wang Ji nodded.

“Thank you for your care, but I can’t stay in the Devil’s Bar to work anymore.” Wang Ji suddenly shook his head. “Give me that charger.” After that, Wang Ji extended his arm and let Rodin draw his blood.


Rodin felt a bit surprised.

“My sister wants me to go back to Beijing. I don’t want to hurt her, and I don’t want to waste my time, either. So during the day, I was looking for a hunting mission in the Sky and picked up one. Remember the Psychiatrist? His world is about to be destroyed right away. He is willing to pay all his knowledge and items in exchange for the continuation of his civilized world. He listed all the knowledge and items in the Sky, including the Demon Bow and Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying Skills. I need them.”

Wang Ji said, while taking out the letter from the Psychiatrist at the preaching war under the Night Devil’s Suit. Today, during the whole day, he was watched by the two sergeants and couldn’t do anything. Wang Ji had to look for the information he needed in the free time with the two sergeants. And he found it.

In the hunting mission plane, a Hunter with the codename “Psychologist” issued a mission. His world was about to be destroyed, and he was willing to exchange all his items and knowledge for the support of other Hunters. In the end, he also listed all his items and knowledge, Wang Ji found the existence of Demon Bow. In addition to the Demon Bow, the Psychiatrist also had a complete knowledge of “Beowulf’s Dragon Slaying skills.”

“His world coordinates are also mentioned in the mission. The world background is Wyoming, the United States, in 1963. I have also consulted the related super-film travel. At present, I have no civilized exploration mission. So after the transaction, I will set off immediately. I will come back after having the news about the Preacher.”

“I don’t recommend that you go there.”

Rodin looked a bit serious. “I wrote a letter to you during the preaching war. Didn’t you see it? The world of the Ogre is sure to be destroyed. There is even no way for a Hunter stronger than you. And you still don’t know any Hunters. You don’t know how they behave. That “ogre” invites all Hunters to come to his world for the final madness. When you go, you are looking for death.”

Rodin’s tone was firm.

“You are right. I believe in your experience. But I can’t always hide in my own world. I don’t know how other Hunters behave if I don’t meet them in person. Continue the trade, please draw my blood.”

Wang Ji raised his arm and his attitude was firm.


Rodin rubbed his bald head and felt very nervous. He understood that he could not persuade Wang Ji. Rodin first thought about it, and then said: “Didn’t you just learn about the experience of the Dark Ranger? Getting the Moonlight Cloak, you can use Life Capture! 1500 ml of blood is a big burden for you. But you can recover it immediately with the Life Capture. You must know that this knowledge is forbidden by God, that mental retard. It is precisely because Life Capture does not cost anything when you have no magic. Think about it,, how does the undead have vitality?”

Wang Ji froze a bit and immediately understood the meaning of Rodin. “You are right, draw my blood, fifteen blood containers.” Wang Ji said.

The Moonlight Cloak allowed him to upgrade his level of knowledge by 1, which meant that Wang Ji could gain some knowledge without learning. Although the level of control was not high, there would no problem if he could use Life Capture.

The blood draw was completed.

Rodin filled fifteen blood containers, and then stripped off Wang Ji’s Night Devil’s Suit. Wang Ji’s face was pale, his lips were purple, and he was still trembling a bit, on the edge of shock.

Rodin silently pushed the box with the items to him, then turned and began to sort out the blood draw equipment. He reminded Wang Ji. “You are now looking for someone to use your Life Capture. The lost blood and vitality will be restored soon. The Life Capture with the control of the level 1 is very poor, but absorbing…”

Rodin was stunned before he could finish his words.

Under the night, Wang Ji stretched out his palm to Rodin. His palm had already captured a green glow, and the figure of Rodin was somewhat blurred. The large group of lights and shadows on his body was pulled out. His vitality began to diminish, because the light of the Life Capture was quickly absorbing a part of his vitality.

“How dare you…”

Rodin said angrily and turned back but the space above the high-rise balcony was torn apart and Wang Ji had disappeared through the crack of the elemental raging. Rodin froze for a moment, then smiled and shook his head.

“Forget it, I wish you good luck, Lily is also there anyways. If the independent Hunter who just appeared dies right after surviving a preaching war, it would be too bad.”



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