The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Hunting Area Alert

Winter, 1963.

Wyoming, US.

Wang Ji stood on the streets in the United States in December 1963. At this special time, special location, he had a hunting mission which was going to be held in the Jackson Town, a must-see at the South Gate of Yellowstone Park. At least at the time and in the world he was in, this town was world-famous.

But at present, the town was covered by a protective film.

The arrival time was the night of December 23, one day before Christmas, which was a special day. But it’s not necessarily right in 1963. Wang Ji deliberately checked the situation of American society at this time. There’s a huge social change quietly brewing here. Simply speaking, at the time background, the whole world was crazy, including the United States.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, there was a strange Asian guy on the street of this town. He stood by the snow under the streetlight and seemed to be in a daze. He’s completely different from other townspeople who were walking on the streets.

Hunting mission: Identify the causes of dimensional faults and save this civilized world.

You refused to install language;

Capital A, we have set the route and coordinates of the returning super film for you. The time you complete the hunting mission back to your defense zone will be set to be about 30 minutes before the seeds of disaster break out in your city by default.

Please check your pocket, we have prepared a driver’s license for you, this will be your identification in the United States;

Please note that this world has been shrouded in shadows, and powerful shadows are creating irreparable dimensions. Now the oriental sky you see is the source of the shadow. Once the shadow covers the entire hunting area, the dimensional break will completely isolate the connection between the world and the super film, and you will never be able to leave here.

Please keep the hunting regulations of the Warband in mind:

1. Since the Hunter released the hunting mission from the defense zone, the defense zone will be officially converted into a hunting area, and the jungle law system will be implemented. Hunters can freely hunt for competition and compete for knowledge and items;

2. The Hunter who dies in the hunting area will be revived in his own civilized world, but will lose all the items except the traditional brands; the knowledge fragments will also be forgotten;

3. After any Hunter completes the hunting mission, the hunting time is over. Only the Hunter who completes the mission can get the reward of the hunting mission.

here is no item support in the hunting mission (As the independent Hunter, you can still enjoy the item support of the tree party, but the application must follow the conditions of the hunting mission).

From experiment A.

The tree party has detected that the Hunter of this civilized world is a non-independent identity. As an independent Hunter, you can occupy all known civilization heritages and tree party resources in the hunting area and have the highest decision-making power (this information is hidden to all non-independent identities by default).

The spy satellite service has been launched, and the map information of the hunting area in the protective film has been launched for you!

The three energy fields in the hunting area have been proven.

The eight super subway stations in the hunting area have been proven.

The five cannons in the hunting area have been proved.

The nine psychic towers in the hunting area have been proven.

The air force command of the hunting area has been proven that there are currently eight A-10 attack aircraft on standby.

Capital A, throughout all the history of the Warband, you can judge the civilized world to fall if any civilized world has a dimensional break for more than 168 hours. At present, the hunting area has been in hunting time for more than 139 hours and 43 minutes.

In any case, please leave before the dimension breaks completely cover the zone.

From experiment A.

“It turns out that the hunting mission will transform the defense zone into a hunting area. All Hunters are not only Hunters but also preys. This is the reason why Rodin didn’t want me to come. All the Hunters are not coming here to save this civilized world, but to compete for knowledge and items against each other.”

Wang Ji understood.

He understood why Rodin didn’t want him to come. The concept of a hunting area was completely different from that of a defense zone. Here was a jungle of hunting. All Hunters had a core mission. But according to Rodin, the world was destined to be destroyed, meaning that the hunting mission cannot be completed. If the hunting mission can’t be completed, then the only way for Wang Ji to get the Demon Bow and Beowulf’s Slaying Dragon Skills was to kill the Psychiatrist.

Kill this Hunter who wants to save his civilization? Wang Ji was skeptical about this and he preferred hunting missions.

Wang Ji looked at the eastern sky.

At this time, it was a dark night. But Wang Ji could see that half of the vast Milky Way was blocked by the shadows, and Wang Ji was shocked. This was the first time in his memory that he really saw the Milky Way when looking up at the stars. It was beautiful and splendid, with ultimate emptiness and thrilling beauty. Just like a ring, it formed a half-ring in the eastern sky.

The reason why it’s a half-ring was its half covered by a shady shadow. There’s no star under the shadow, so black that shocked his heart.

“It is normal to see the Milky Way. It is not far from the south gate of Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone Park is also a famous natural resort in the world. It’s normal to see the Galaxy. What really makes me mind is the scope of the protective film. Seven cities, sixteen major towns, and dense red dots, am I coming late?”

Wang Ji was not surprised. Now, compared to the Galaxy, what made him feel a little shock was the protective film. The protective film of this world was very big, and it’s so big that bothered Wang Ji. The range of protective films was so large that it covered the entire Yellowstone Park and nearby cities, which was more than three times larger than that in his world.

“How can it be so big? Shouldn’t the protective film cover the edge of a city?”

Wang Ji looked at the dense red dots showed on the screen of the spy satellites, and at least one-third of the area was shadowed on the spy satellite. The hunting mission indicated that there’s a huge shadow over the civilized world. At present, this shadow has been controlled by the protective film. Once the shadow covers the entire protective film, the defense zone will fall and the world will be destroyed.

The hunting mission that Wang Ji received was to investigate the reasons for the formation of this shadow and the way to save the world.

“If there is a protective film, it means that there are seeds of disaster. At the same time, the hunting mission in the sky does not allow the Hunters to support each other against the Preacher. That is to say, only one seed of disaster appeared and it is enough to destroy this world. But the shadow spreads from the ground to the sky, which proves that it is inside the protective film.”

Wang Ji thought about the situation he was facing. After checking around, he found a strange fact. Unconsciously, there were no people on the streets of the entire town. He looked around and found that the townspeople who had been in a hurry had already run away. Wang Ji was aware of this eccentricity and went to a shop on the street that was about to be closed, asking the owner in fluent English. “How big is this film?”

The owner was originally packing newspapers. When he heard Wang Ji speaking, he couldn’t help but shake. He was surprised to look back at Wang Ji. “How are you still outside, damn! Your accent sounds like you’re coming from outside? Hasn’t the military blocked the protective film? How did you slip in?!”

The owner sounded like gnashing, and he looked at the clock hanging on the wall.

“Protective film?”

Wang Ji was a bit surprised.

He did not mishear. This was the first time he has heard that an average person accurately expressing the word ‘protective film’, and he has learned an important message: people outside the protective film can enter the protective film.

This made him feel strange. He couldn’t help but ask. “As far as I know, people outside the protective film can’t enter it, right? I also came in inadvertently. It’s already too late when I came in. What is the shadow there?”

Wang Ji felt that the civilians here know a lot of things. The townspeople in Jackson Town have probably experienced many preaching wars and shared a lot of information with the Hunter in this world.

“Only ignorant people will not be afraid.”

The store owner once again looked at the clock hanging on the wall and turned his head. Then he said seriously. “Now it is 19:41, find a hotel as fast as possible and live in. After 8:00, the alarm may ring at any time. Don’t go out then. Otherwise, those awakened plants will kill you.”

“Awakened plants?”

Wang Ji realized that this must be the effect of the seed of disaster in this world. There’s one of the largest forests in the world at the Yellowstone Park, its forests account for almost 90% of the total forest area in the United States. If the effect of seeds of disaster was not to humans but to awaken plants, this would be an unquestionable disaster.

But how did that shadow form? Wang Ji turned his head and looked at the shadow of the sky in the eastern sky.

The store owner hurriedly said. “Don’t watch, hurry. I have no place in my house to take you in. Listen to the alarm! Once the alarm rings, you have to hide even in the trash cans! I have no time to explain!” The owner quickly packed up and ignored Wang Ji.

“Awakened plant, air defense alarm, protective film is not isolated…”

Wang Ji began to think about this information, and he decided not to disturb the store owner, walking on the streets in the town alone. When passing a fountain in the town center square, a voice suddenly appeared on the street. “That Asian! Come over and help me!” Wang Ji suddenly turned back and saw a black policeman in the roadside lanes dragging one drunk hobo,

“Yes! It’s you, come over and help me! Get this hobo up!”

The police panted out. “OK.” Wang Ji ran quickly and helped the policeman lift the hobo. The smell of the hobo was very bad, and his body was very fat. The black policeman was burly but it’s still a little hard even with Wang Ji’s assistance. “Thank you, let’s put him in the trash can over there.” The police gasped.


Wang Ji was a bit surprised.

“Come on, it’s too late, and the alarm may ring at any time.”

The policeman began to grit his teeth. Wang Ji grabbed the legs of the hobo and began to move toward the trash. Just then, the sharp air defense alarm rang without warning. The policeman’s action was stiff and he said with sweat on his face. “Come on, throw him into the trash and then let’s find a refuge quickly. The plants at the park will come soon!”

“It’s too late.”

Wang Ji couldn’t believe since he saw lots of red dots on the spy satellite map moving at an alarming rate. The moment when the alarm rang, they spread from the inside of Yellowstone Park at a speed he could not imagine.

They’re too many!


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