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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 59 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 59

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 59: Hunter Squad

The 154th hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day. There are less than 14 hours left before the final deadline.

10:10 a.m.

The collapsed area in the old town, Deepwater City.

The sky was overcast, the entire sky in the protective film was gray because of the shadow world. The collapsed area was full of broken walls, and the abandoned mines have beast activities from time to time.

Capital A, you have already occupied the cannon in the city.

From experiment A.

It was still more than 40 minutes left before the time Wang Ji appointed. However, he had already arrived at the appointed location in advance, just in the high building far from the collapsed area. He sat quietly beside the fixed platform of the cannon, and his feet were hanging in the air more than 100 meters high. He quietly ate the bread and overlooked the whole earth.

The city under his feet was clear.

“Hope that in the next 45 minutes, I will not see any Hunters arriving here to arrange traps.”

He said silently, because this was already his last kindness.

He had thrown away the multi-function X-ray glasses, and embedded the two contact lensessd in the eyes of two wild dogs, letting them run wild in the city.

He still remembered Veronica’s Hunter notes and the signposts under the psychic tower. This world had suffered too much, and only when Hunters helped each other could there be hope to solve the dimensional breaks. However, if they used traps to set up each other, then everything will be meaningless. If all Hunters only considered themselves and their own worlds, the Warband would be totally useless.

Wang Ji didn’t know how to continue to investigate the dimensional breaks, but he knew that if there’s a pair of eyes behind him, trying to snatch all his items, he could not complete the hunting mission. With this in mind, he had made his decision.

5 minutes later, someone came up.

On the broken street, two Hunters moved quickly toward the collapsed area. The Hunter on the front sat on a magical broom and wore a flame-patterned mage hat on his head; the Hunter on the back had a strong body, carrying a huge steel wrench. Five machinery spiders led his way and he followed them with a jet backpack.

“I knew you would come.”

Wang Ji thought.

He didn’t feel disappointed, what he would do was to continue to act as planned. He methodically took out the bag and put the leftover bread bag and the apple core into it. Standing up from the tower, he stepped back and moved along the fixed platform of the cannon to the other side of the tower, then jumped off and flew straight down!

When he was about to land, his storm wings suddenly spread, and instantly turned into a storm crow curve flying up, and then returned to the human form when he landed. The whole process was carried out almost close to the tower without revealing any traces.

“Then, it is time to sneak into the waste mine in the collapsed area.”

He took the bag and went in from another road in the collapsed area. In the dark mine, the moonlight cloak was completely invisible. Standing in the darkness about 50 meters away from the mine hole, he put the garbage bag on the ground, and then took out a plate of chocolate from his pocket. When the other party had not yet approached, he tore the bag open, and tore the chocolate piece by piece, placing them in his palm.

He silently observed the two Hunters walking toward him, and picked up a piece of chocolate to ate it.

They came.

In front of the collapsed old city mine, the two Hunters stopped. The wizard Hunter slowly landed and said: “Place the trap, faster.”

“Right now.”

The Hunter behind stopped the jet device, and threw the equipment and huge steel wrench aside after landing, putting on the monocle. The Hunter was extraordinarily strong, his hair was lush, and his beard was worn in a ponytail. He leaned down, pressing his hand on the ground, and the black mist began to overflow from his palm, spreading out toward the surroundings, and then all penetrated into the stones and grass.

“Yang Gerry, after we have arranged the trap, let’s go to the Psychiatrist?”

The Hunter suddenly asked and looked up when he placed the trap.

Yang Gerry leaned on the floating broom and shook his head to reply. “No. Uncle Sam has already given instructions. If it is not necessary, we better not to meet the Psychiatrist. This guy is crazy. He exchanged this trap with the devil. Uncle Sam suspected that he may have to do something crazy in the last period of time. Now the situation is that Uncle Sam is our superior Hunter, the captain of the Hunter squad. He is the best person who can deal with the Psychiatrist, and we are all subordinate Hunters like the Psychiatrist, the ordinary members in the Hunter squad. We should still be careful with him.”

“Okay. The Psychiatrist is really sinister. He is too smart and still eating people. I don’t want to see him. What do we do after we find Uncle Sam? The plant invasion last night destroyed Evergreen City, I saw a shadow going to the madhouse there.”

“Do you still want to live?”

Yang Gerry vetoed. “The Evergreen City is too close to the shadow world. There are animalized monsters everywhere. Do you really want to challenge that shadow? Don’t forget Uncle Sam’s order, we should ask Psychiatrist for help. Before the dimensional breaks completely swallowed here, he was allowed to take refuge. As an exchange, he had to cooperate with us for hunting actions. In addition to this, we shouldn’t do anything!”

“Fine, let’s head for Uncle Sam!”

The Hunter got up after the trap was set. Yang Gerry questioned. “Are you sure that it is placed?” “Of course. I made an improvement device for the trap. From the front of the mine to the observation tower, it’s all trap triggering area. I don’t need him to approach this time, the trap will be triggered automatically.”

“I hope so.” Yang Gerry solemnly said. “Psychiatrist said that the Hunter this time is a rookie. But this rookie has a strong self-protection awareness.”

“Then we are waiting for him directly here, and then we kill him.” “You underestimate other Hunters.” Yang Gerry shook his head. “If it is not necessary, we better not to face any Hunters. Hiding is the basic law of survival.”

“You are too careful, we have got Veronica’s anti-violence armor, and I am not afraid of fighting against any Hunter.” The Hunter who set the trap was confident. Suddenly, he seemed to have heard something. “Did you hear that? It seems that something is in the mine, as if someone is eating.”

They both looked at the mine hole.


In the dark mine, Wang Ji snapped a piece of chocolate and ate it like nothing happened, looking at the two Hunters outside.

Indeed, his hidden place was too easy for any alert Hunter to detect.

“It’s just a wild dog, don’t worry. Since the trap is set up, let’s go.”

Yang Gerry frowned and looked at his watch, then said to his partner. He obviously didn’t want to stay here anymore. When he finished speaking, he immediately sat on the broom and flew up into the sky.


The Hunter who set the trap quickly picked up the steel wrench and fastened the jet equipment, then he flew up. Five mechanical spiders quickly followed the owner to run away.

In the mine hole.

“It seems that they found me. It doesn’t matter.”

Wang Ji stood in the darkness, looking at the two Hunters quietly. He sent the last piece of chocolate into his mouth, lowered his head and packed the garbage bag. He got up and came out from the other side of the mine, where he found a garbage box to throw away the waste.


The lightning thunder responded to the sky above the city, and a storm crow flew up the sky and hovered over the city along the protective film.

“It’s a storm crow! Manatee, inform the captain quickly, we are being tracked.”

On the city street, the Hunter Yang Gerry sat on the broom and eagerly asked.

“Got it.”

The Hunter Manatee promised. They watched the storm crows hovering over the city. The fact was the same as they suspected. It wasn’t a wild dog in the mine hole but a Hunter there, listening to them saying everything. What made Yang Gerry hard to imagine was that the Hunter in the mine was deliberately making a sound for them to discover him, and now the storm crow could make them aware, and it was completely deliberate.

Sitting on the broomstick, Yang Gerry lowered his mage cap and said after thinking about it. “Tell Uncle Sam, this Hunter deliberately let us discover him.”

“Huh? Then let him come!”

Manatee waved his steel wrench and was not afraid. He operated the jetpack and made several rounds in the sky, as if he was demonstrating.

Yang Gerry remained silent about this.

He clearly remembered that he just said that hiding himself was the basic law of survival, and that Hunter immediately made a noise and deliberately let them discover. If this was not a provocation, what kind of action was it?

“Let’s get to Uncle Sam first.”

Yang Gerry said. The speed of the storm crow was much faster than them. It was impossible to throw off the Hunter. Since they couldn’t solve it with traps, they could only use violence. He was very careful. Since he had to fight, he would gather all the power to fight.

Unlike Manatee’s self-confidence, he would never look down on any Hunter.

These two left Deepwater City at full speed, and there was no dragging and stopping except for the demonstration of Manatee. As a storm crow, Wang Ji watched all this happening, watching them flee from Deepwater City, then followed them slowly.

“The place they are heading to must be safe and secure in their minds, where should their superior Hunter Uncle Sam be. Well, let them go, let them look for their ‘daddy’.”

Wang Ji was chasing after them tightly. He would not be soft-hearted now, because he had given them an opportunity. He had paid the sincerity he needed to pay. However, this Hunter squad still set traps and did not have the sincerity for the hunting mission.

In this case, his choice was to eliminate all the people who have a clear intention of attacking him before continuing the hunting mission.

Away from the snow-capped mountain ridge of Yellowstone Park, hearing the calling of the master, the Bloody Road Flower was awakening from the slumber. Dozens of amber eyes were open, and the thorns and vines began raging with the rhizome from the frozen soil. This huge horrible monster jumped high from the snow-capped mountains and went to listen to the call of its master.


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