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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin - Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 6

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6/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 6: Nightmare Knitters

At the convenience store.

“What are you going to do with so many AA batteries?”

The cashier asked curiously while quickly keying in the items into the computer.

“To prepare for the war.”

Wang Ji replied.

“That was a nice joke, your total is RMB 90.”


Time: 17:40.

During the sunset, the last rays of sunshine of the day gently illuminated the city. A busy day had passed, and there were 6 hours and 19 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

After paying, Wang Ji returned to the rental house. He opened all the batteries and stuck 6 of them into the noses of Kampus. The eyes of Kampus, which is also the hint light, changed from green to red, meaning that it was ready to shoot. Then he found a sports outfit which had many pockets with zips on it. He zipped up all the pockets.

It took 30 minutes for Wang Ji to buy some fast food and return to the rental house. He set 1 hour for him to rest. During this 1 hour, the traffic’s efficiency in the city became worsened. In the meantime, Wang Ji took a walk in the hallway and the neighbourhood to help his digestion, which would prevent the chances of any spasms or vomiting occurring due to the high pressure in the stomach, caused by intensive exercise.

Meanwhile, he also prepared for the completion of experiment mode. First, it’s the charging problem of the Kampus. This weapon can shoot 1 time for each charge, which requires 6 AA batteries. Wang Ji bought 36 batteries in total, providing the power to shoot 6 times, which cost him RMB 90. The only exception was that the batteries for the first shot were already loaded while the other 30 batteries were the maximum he could carry along with him which would not affect his ability to move.

6 batteries were placed into each pocket, which would allow him to shoot once.

Time: 18:30.

It’s 5 hours and 29 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

The one hour Wang Ji set was over. He’s already worn a sports suit, which provided more freedom for movement. He also put on the sneakers, which were designed for outdoor training, enabling him to move faster. After putting on the camouflage glasses and the backup ninja mask, Wang Ji locked the door and walked downstairs with the head of Kampus.

The phone rang and it was it’s Leader Liu. Wang Ji picked it up.

“I just went to Fuhe Mountain Park, where are you?”

Leader Liu’s voice was calm.

“I’m resting at home since l was really tired after walking for a whole day.”

Wang Ji lied. He was on his way to the mountain park. The whole city was crowded. If he rode a bike to the subway station, it would take him 5 minutes. The subway to the Fuhe Mountain Park took around 15 minutes, plus the 5 minutes for walking, he would probably need half an hour.

While he was talking, Wang Ji had already started riding the bike and was heading to the subway station. He definitely planned for the time.

Leader Liu’s voice was serious. “I found pink gas outside Fuhe Mountain Park, which corresponds to the gas found at the crime scenes of those 2 cases. So it has to be related. But just like you said, the scientific personnel were unusual since they did not allow us to interfere their job. I’ve already filed a report for further investigation. Also, the families of the victim didn’t care about Bai Ge’s body, but they protected the victim’s body so much that they refused an autopsy for the body. So the possible chain of clues is temporarily cut off.”

“But I’m sure that the anatomy of the victim’s body will help us find clues. Hope you can take care of this, Leader Liu. Also, please remind the guys on the night shift that they should not fall asleep tonight and check the morgue on a regular basis in case that the family of the victim steals the body due to the intense emotions.”

Wang Ji answered firmly.

“Anyway, your visit really did help this time. If you’re going out next time, inform me first, or I’ll punish you.” Leader Liu hanged up the phone.


At 19:00.

It’s time for daily night news. The time alarm blaring from the Preacher indicates that it’s 4 hours 59 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters. At this moment, the whole city is dark, starting the wait for the long night and the sunshine tomorrow. At first, people thought it to be a joke, but now rumours were spreading around. Finally, many people started to think it was real and began to become frightened.

Disaster. It’s not a good word.

Wang Ji arrived at the Fuhe Mountain Park.

“Due to personnel from the science department, I can’t break into the park. Also, there are checkpoints at the west gate and the south gate of the park set up by this department, so I can’t walk on the main roads. But I saw some holes on the handrails during the visit in the day, it should be the tunnels for nightmare knitters to go in and out.”

Under the dim street light, Wang Ji kept thinking although his pace was fast. 15 minutes after he stood next to the steel handrails at the back of the mountain, which was more than 5 meters high with sharp stings on it. It was dangerous to pass over. However, there’s a 3-meter-wide hole on the steel rails.

“It’s right here.”

Wang Ji made sure the hole was the right place. The hole looked like it was bitten by some kind of sharp teeth. There was even some dark liquid on it.

“The Eagle Vision……is activated by consciousness. These items have really high technique.”

Wang Ji activated the Eagle Vision then made his way into the Fuhe Mountain Park. In the Eagle Vision of the assassin’s, the world is almost completely dark. But the concealment of the light in the night makes eyes more sensitive even than that in the day. The personnel with no threat against Wang Ji were displayed with a blue colour in his Eagle Vision, while those who were threats were red and the target ones gold.

Wang Ji walked along the aisle, trying his best to avoid the friction between the shoes and the ground, which also avoided the noise. Two lights of some flashlights suddenly showed up making Wang Ji immediately hide behind the garden along the road.

On the platform above the road, two scientific personnel in white barrier gowns with flashlights on their hands were walking along it. They lit the area below the platform showing they were looking for something. Wang Ji made a detour behind the garden quietly while watching the two personnel. In his eyes, they were displayed in the red colour with police bats in their hands.

The two scientific personnel tried to talk very quietly but their words were clear in the silent night.

“Let’s go check out the eggs! I saw that they became stronger in the afternoon. They’re going to hatch. ”

“Yes! A touching moment is coming and we are going to see a miracle!”

The two personnel left while talking. Wang Ji walked out after he couldn’t hear their voices. He followed them quietly. With the Eagle Vision, he was following them with a steady speed, and aware of his position all the time.

Time: 19:51.

it’s 4 hours 8 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

Place: Fuhe Mountain Park.

The scientific personnel in the isolation zone of Fuhe Mountain Park were all infected with nightmare virus, which posed a threat to the completion of experiment mode.

Pink gas lingered in the air under the streetlight, and the roads were covered with it. Two scientific personnel walked toward the gas slowly, into the area where the gas was stronger.

“This gas should be the virus that makes people crazy. It’s transmitted by air, and cause psycho contamination after being breathed into the nose. This virus requires a certain amount to cause psycho contamination to humans, otherwise the whole city should have been infected by now. But, by the time the second phase of the nightmare knitters are born, the number of monsters will provide enough pink gas to destroy the city.”

Wang Ji checked his mask and followed them into the virus area. According to the conversation between those two scientific personnel, Wang Ji did not consider the barrier gowns and the air filtration to be able to defend against this virus. Obviously, the personnel who were already infected would pose threats against him.

Wang Ji went deep into the virus area.

After walking about 300 meters, the amount of the virus reached a very serious degree. Wang Ji’s ninja mask was already covered with a thick pink dust. In the Eagle Vision, he still saw a red person at around 50 meters away from him, as well as a tent, a long 6-meter table covered with gold things .

Without a doubt, they are the targets, the eggs of nightmare knitters.

Including the two personnel before, there were 4 personnel there. They were chatting with each other in barrier gowns in front of the table. Due to the Eagle Vision and the dark night, their visibility couldn’t be comparable to that of Wang Ji. Though Wang Ji couldn’t see the inside structure of the building clearly, the creatures related to the experiment mode in the Eagle Vision were still clear.

Two personnel left quickly after a short talk. Wang Ji hid along the road. He stood in the middle of the road after their departure, holding the horn of the head of Kampus with his left hand, ready to open its mouth with his right hand. Wang Ji decided to take actios.

“Aiming, then…..I’ll send you to the heaven.”

Wang Ji slightly walked 2 steps to his left, adjusting his position. He quietly stood in the shadow behind the streetlight, aimin at the lab with the head of Kampus.


At this moment, Wang Ji heard a sound like grinding teeth in his back. Though it was subtle, it was still clear. His back was concealed by the dark night and the unknown scary monster hid there!!

“There should be a nightmare knitter behind my back. It sounds like someone’s grinding their teeth, and coming from up to down according to the source of the sound. It indicates that an adult nightmare knitter should be about 3 meters tall. The shape of the sulfur fire is cross-like, it should be able to eliminate one nightmare knitter if it’s well-timed.”

Wang Ji held tight the jaw of the head of Kampus!

He could see, sickle-like teeth as wide as the length from his left back to his right back, with smaller teeth on them.Thes grinding-like sound became more and more clea as an unpleasant smell leaked out from the cave.

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