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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 60 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 60

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 60: Confronting and Hunting

The 155th hour of hunting time, on the 7th day. There were less than 13 hours before the final deadline.

11:05 a.m.

Lighthouse in the lake area.

The dim light from the lighthouse passed through the mist rising from the lake, illuminating the jungle full of crisis. Under the lighthouse, a team of Hunters was waiting bored. A Hunter looked up and asked the Hunter sitting next to the lighthouse. “Uncle Sam, why haven’t they come yet?”

“Be patient.”

Said the Hunter sitting above, who looked like a middle-aged man. There was already white hair in his sideburns, and his forehead is full of wrinkles. He’s dressed like a western cowboy, wearing a cowboy hat, wiping the revolver in his hand with a towel. A toothpick was dangling from his mouth and it was a bit confusing when he talked.


The Hunter smiled helplessly. “The Psychiatrist said that the Hunter should be a rookie? It is possible that Yang Gerry and Manatee have already solved him on their way. They don’t have to wait until we gather here. ”

The other Hunters who were present were either expressionless or barely smiled. No one was willing to say more. The gathering was requested by their captain, Uncle Sam, not their own wills. Since the captain thought that there’s a need for a gathering, and that must be necessary for it.

As subordinate Hunters, it was the logic that everyone knew.

“Never underestimate any Hunter.”

Uncle Sam added with his hoarse voice.

“He’s back!”

A Hunter suddenly shouted.

Uncle Sam looked up at the distant woods. Yang Gerry rode the flying broom through the woods, approaching the lake quickly, and he shouted to them. “Beware of the storm crow above!”

Uncle Sam raised his head.

On the sky near the height of the protective film, a small black spot that was almost invisible has been hovering over them. If Yang Gerry didn’t warn them, he may have not been able to find out even though his eyesight was excellent.


Uncle Sam stood up and held down the searchlight under the lighthouse. All the Hunters were on alert for a time, and their eyes fixed on the storm crow hovering in the sky. Uncle Sam, sitting next to the lighthouse, pressed his hand on the searchlight and used the light to illuminate the figure in the sky, but the light could not reach that height. Wang Ji was still hovering in the sky, but no one had found him.

Yang Gerry successfully arrived in the lake area. Manatee’s jet device was followed by mechanical spiders. After landing, he picked up the wrench and slammed it to the ground. The iron edge of the wrench began to dissipate and deform, and a huge steam robot was formed in an instant, with a chain in its hand and a giant anchor on its back, standing in front of Manatee.

“Get down!”

The Hunter Manatee roared into the sky.

But his sound did not seem to reach such a high sky.

Wang Ji hovered over the clouds, counting the number of Hunters below. Including Yang Gerry and Manatee, there were seven Hunters, which was not too much. The quantity was not a problem, but the quality was the point. He still didn’t know what kind of items and knowledge these Hunters had. It was easy to be ripped off if going down without thinking.

“Soon the Bloody Road Flower will be here.”

Wang Ji thought.

He knew that if he didn’t go down, no Hunter would dare to come up. No matter it’s the jetpack or Yang Gerry’s flying broomstick, it’s extremely difficult to fly to his height. However, as long as they dared to fly this height, Wang Ji would be willing to fight them.

“Captain, some monsters are approaching us!”

A Hunter inadvertently saw his item scanning displayed, his face showed a surprised look and he quickly reported to his Captain, Uncle Sam.

“Confirm the position of the target!”

Uncle Sam ordered with a cold face, pinching the revolver and pressing the other hand on the hammer.

“It’s already close, they’re coming from the north!”

The Hunter said nervously that he could clearly see that an incredible red target approaching them through the item scanning. In this hunting area, the only monster he could think of was the Bloody Road Flower!

“Forget it, there are 3000 meters left! Alert!”

Uncle Sam shouted and signaled that all of them should be on guard. His two eyebrows have been connected by wrinkles. What Uncle Sam said was the height of the storm crow. Time has become an important thing. Although he can judge the distance at a glance, the bullet couldn’t reach that height. The speed of diving would be faster and faster, and he might not be able to hit the opponent when it rushed into the range of fire.

“It’s coming!”



The smoky lake suddenly rushed out of a black-green rhizome, and the thorns raged out in the sky. They instantly pierced the Hunters who were caught off guard by the lake. The instant the thorns pierced their bodies, they sucked the flesh and blood of the two!


The revolver in the hands of Uncle Sam burst a flame at once, and the bullets wrapped in flames were shot from the muzzle. The captain of the Hunter squad held a gun in one hand, and pressed the hammer with the other hand. Other rhizomes rose from the lake. The light flame bullets hit the lighthouse, a searchlight exploded, and the lighthouse was smashed. Uncle Sam rolled over and down from the lighthouse. He fell to the ground and rolled away, escaping the whipping of the rhizomes!

“Be careful, he and the Bloody Road Flower are on the same team.”

Uncle Sam jumped up beautifully, plucking a weapon box from his cloak, clicking his finger at his waist, and six bullets were leaping out of the beautiful arc in the air, falling into the nest. When he just landed, the hammer had been pressed and the bullets were shot.


A round white ball fell in front of him, Uncle Sam’s eyes were widened suddenly, and the Holy Light Bomb exploded in an instant. The magnificent cross of the Holy Light rose into the sky, engulfing Uncle Sam and the large forest behind him in an instant!

The wind was wild, the vines were raging, and the storm crow’s wings were tumbling, arriving in a storm. As the dark thunder raged and dissipated, Wang Ji arrived with the wind. He then stood still after sprinkling the exorcism powder. As his hands stretched out, the blades were spreading from his palm, and the purple-red bowstring was also pulled between his fingers, and the dark beam was loaded!

From his feet, when the black mist accompanied by the magic hand just vacated, it was spurred back by the exorcism powder. The moment contacting exorcism powder, it was instantly taken away flesh and blood like touching the flame.

“It’s the Wave-Particle Duality! Pay attention to dodge!”

Manatee screamed loudly, and at the same time, he spread his hands. The yellow and red tin-sprayed gloves quickly expanded, swallowing up his whole body in the blink of an eye. The huge steel armor rose from the ground, and the reaction furnace on his chest was operating with a loud sound. Hunter Veronica’s anti-violence in the ridge of the mountain armor reappeared, and the energy cannon in his palm was recharged in an instant!

“Split attack, 50 loads.”

Wang Ji’s face looked cool. In the panicking eyes of other Hunters, the arrow was pointing to the sky and he let go of the bowstring! The rebounding bowstring instantly emitted a dark beam arrow rain, striking the protective film with the range and velocity of the light beam, and a series of intense light waves appeared on the protective film.

“Who did he shoot?”

“Dodge it!”

A lightning was striking, and Yang Gerry, who had come to understand, tried his best to scream to the other Hunters when he swung his wand to cast and ran away.


The robot wielding the chain and the giant anchor was instantly evaporated into a steam when it resisted the attack. When the two Hunters who couldn’t escape were dodging, they were engulfed by a few dark beams on the top of their heads, and they were instantly evaporated by amazing energy undoubtedly.

Yang Gerry, who fled madly, escaped and cast spells, and the magic gained from the knowledge was exhausted when he’s moving. However, the dark beam was still chasing him!

It was perfectly normal, because Wang Ji treated these Hunters with 50 splitting dark beams generously. On average, each person was chasing by 10 dark beams.

“Go to hell!”

Manatee opened the energy shield in Veronica’s anti-violence armor, allowing the dark beams to strike on the reticle. After the attack, Manatee spread the energy shield, urging the two robotic palms to spread, and the energy reactor in his palms blew out two energy waves!


The horrible rhizomes of the Bloody Road Flower rushed out from the lake, and rushed to the front of Wang Ji. The powerful roots helped him block the offense of this energy cannon. The thorns shook, and Wang Ji spread his hands in a calm manner under the protection of his servants. The silver-stained Nano bug flew from him and passed through the protection of vines and rhizomes, turning into a wind and blowing toward the armor.

“Great King of Fire…”

Yang Gerry raised his wand and began to cast, and his whole body was floating despite the influence of gravity.

“Shut up.”

Wang Ji took a point in the direction of Yang Gerry and used silence magic to him. Yang Gerry’s casting also became silent at all, like a dumb screaming silently. He fell from the air. Then Wang Ji’s palm turned over and used Life Capture to draw out his vitality.

The green light with blue haze was drawn from Yang Gerry’s body, as if the light and shadow of countless souls were pulled out of his body, Yang Gerry’s handsome face quickly contracted, and the full flesh and blood lost a lot of vitality.

In a moment, he turned into a skeleton.


The head of the Bloody Road Flower came out of the lake, and the spreading petals were full of sharp fangs, with dark yellow saliva. It swallowed Yang Gerry in one bite, and the screams suddenly stopped. The sound appeared in the rhizome of the Bloody Road Flower. The huge monster seemed to have some nausea, and spitted out some items with mucus. It was a big wand for casting.

The roots and vines protecting Wang Ji were spreading along with it, the Nano bug has swallowed up most of the armored machine. Hunter Manatee, falling from the cockpit, was tightly tied by the thorny thorns, and the blood continued to flow from holes on his body. “Forgive me, I still have to protect my civilized world.”

Hunter Manatee cried for help, and his horrified face was already scared by the Bloody Road Flower.

“Let him go.”

Wang Ji ordered.

The thorny vines of the Bloody Road Flower were loosened, and Manatee was thrown aside. Manatee, covered in blood, fell to the ground and struggled to get up. “Your captain has already escaped when he saw the situation. He is your superior Hunter…”

Wang Ji looked back at the exhausted flame and said to Manatee. Uncle Sam was running away from the dark beams surrounded by him while he was killing other Hunters. However, when Wang Ji said, and Manatee suddenly climbed up and grabbed the energy gun left on the ground.

“Go to hell…”

Before he finished his words, the raging thorns of the Bloody Road Flower instantly penetrated through his body. The hundreds of thorns made him become riddled with holes! Wang Ji turned back and looked at this bloody and cruel scene.

“You have wasted my forgiveness, and it is the second time.”

Wang Ji shook his head and passed under the raging thorns, picking the fallen knowledge fragments and items up.


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