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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 61 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 61

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 61: The Madhouse in Evergreen City

The 155th hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day. There are less than 13 hours before the final deadline.

11:30 a.m.

Deepwater City.

On the balcony on the top floor of a tall building, the inverted image of Uncle Sam’s cool and calm face suddenly appeared on the glass door.

“The Psychiatrist. “

Uncle Sam’s voice was hoarse and charming. He gently pushed open the glass door and walked out to stand on the balcony. The cold wind blew, the plants in the potted plants shivered, and the edge of Uncle Sam’s cowboy hat also slightly rolled up with the wind.

“What happened? Captain.”

A mature and charming middle-aged man turned from the front of the table. He gracefully held a knife and a silver fork, dressed in a gown, and covered the napkin in front of his neck. This Hunter wore casual clothes at home, and there’s no sign of trembling in the cold wind, he was completely integrated into the harmonious environment around him.

In contrast, Uncle Sam’s old denim jacket appeared to be too dusty.

The Psychiatrist looked directly at Uncle Sam, as if he had seen through everything. Uncle Sam smiled and sat quietly across the table, placing the revolver on the table.

“Except for me, all the other Hunters have been killed.”

Uncle Sam’s tone seemed calm. He continued. “The information you gave us was wrong. That Hunter is not a rookie. He has enough items to make him strategically coordinated; the knowledge he has was also daunting. I’ve seen he using his Life Capture, he could take away all of Yang Gerry’s life in a flash, letting him become bones. You should know what this means, his knowledge control is at least level 5? It’s even the first time in I’ve seen a Hunter’s control of knowledge can be so powerful outside the Battle of the Legion.”


The Psychiatrist was shocked.

Uncle Sam continued. “I originally wanted to fight with him, but he had too many unknown knowledge. The firepower of the dark beam was beyond my imagination, and he could control a Bloody Road Flower. The vision at that time was completely blocked by the Bloody Road Flower, I was also facing the suppression of numerous dark beams. I couldn’t help, it’s not easy to run.”

“That’s surprising.”

The Psychiatrist smiled and swayed a glass of red wine, watching the bloody red wine rippling. He said. “In theory, as long as you can reasonably guide your thinking, the efficiency of knowledge learning will be greatly improved. I used to try to make myself focused through hypnosis, and then learned the knowledge. I found that the efficiency has improved. It only took me one night to master the most basic level of control.”

“If he is a rookie, he has to hypnotize himself so deep that he can be as terrible as it is now. If his secular identity is also a psychiatrist, then he must be more professional than you.”

Uncle Same smiled.


The Psychiatrist laughed with him.

“Are your defense already over?”

Uncle Sam’s smile instantly froze, and the pleasing eyes became fierce. The revolver had appeared on his hand out of nowhere. The hammer had been pressed between the sliding parts of the thumb, and a flame came out from the muzzle.

But at this time, Uncle Sam’s seat had been crushed by a huge devil’s hand. At the moment the gunshots burst, the floor under Uncle Sam’s feet fell into a darkness, and a purple-black hand was revealed from it, pinching Uncle Sam and the chair. The flesh and blood splashed from his dry bones onto the ground on the balcony.


The hand was retracted, leaving the knowledge fragments and items scattered on the ground.

The Psychiatrist, your superior Hunter has removed you from the Hunter team and has arbitrated for you. You will lose support from the superior Hunter and support you in your civilized world. The refuge agreement will also be canceled.

Tree party machine.

“It doesn’t matter.”

The Psychiatrist shook his head and continued to cut the steak in front of him. “In any case, my world is destined to be destroyed. Your defense zone has now risen to the second-order B-level zone. There will always be a Preacher not willing to let your defense zone continue to develop. As long as you make the preaching war difficult, I’ll be relieved.”

In his eyesight, the Psychiatrist saw the knowledge fragments and items filling up the ground. The items and knowledge fragments possessed by his superior Hunter were so many that he was surprised even though he had prepared for it. Then this surprise turned into ridicule: “Captain, if you leave these items in your own world, there will be no such loss. But you don’t believe anyone but yourself, you are too cautious. I couldn’t help, after all, most of the stuff you have are from the others. You don’t feel relieved when you don’t put them around you. I can understand how you feel. I know you, but you don’t know me.”

Putting down the knife and fork, the Psychiatrist looked at the endless dark world of Yellowstone Park. “And I didn’t lie to you. I learned from the devil that he is a rookie. I didn’t expect that his control of knowledge is that high. I just thought that he’s a Hunter daring to trade with the devils, then his items would definitely make you so busy… Since there is such a strong Hunter hunting outside, then I just happen to have a reason to call up other Hunters to Evergreen City.”

Yellowstone Park, Lake Area.

Wang Ji’s footsteps were brisk, he picked up the items and knowledge fragments left in the Lake Area without any emotional fluctuation.

You picked up the knowledge fragment: the planting wisdom of the garden master (1/2);

You picked up the knowledge fragment: the skills of car mechanics (2/16);

You picked up the knowledge fragment: the architectural knowledge of the Imperial Engineer (4/10);

You picked up the knowledge fragment: Assassin’s experience (1/9);

You picked up the item: plant seeds in the back garden;

You picked up the item: a jetpack;

From experiment A.

In the end, Wang Ji stood on the shore of the lake, looking down at the wand covered with mucus. He then stared at the Bloody Road Flower with his lifeless eyes. It seemed that it felt its owner’s silent anger, the Bloody Road Flower drove a vine out, rolling up the wand and rubbing it with the leaves. Then it re-stretched the wand to him and handed it to him.


Wang Ji pretended like nothing’s happened and took the wand.

You received the item: Useless Wand.

From experiment A.

Wang Ji checked his watch to view the item information.

Item Name: Useless Wand

Item Type: Spell items

Item Introduction: This stick is basically useless except that it can be used to enhance the power of your spells. In other words, it is also called Good Wand.

Item Effect: With this item as the casting medium, the magical control will be increased by 2 levels by default.

Note: Trying to satisfy every magician.

“In fact, it’s quite useful. Keep it.”

Wang Ji picked out the dirt and leaves on the wand and began to sort out his loot. He got three items this time. Obviously, those Hunters have turned their important items into traditional imprints. But concerning what he got in this battle, these subordinate Hunters were obviously not too wealthy. All their items were distributed by Uncle Sam, and Uncle Sam has already escaped after seeing the situation.

Wang Ji does not intend to chase. Anyway, he would go after finishing picking up the items, it’s impossible to wait for revenge here.

The plant seeds in the back garden were packed in leather bags like the exorcism powder. Wang Ji has not studied the information carefully yet, but directly attached the bag to his waist. As for the jetpack, Wang Ji did not look at the information, either. This item could be recognized by merely looking at its shape. This was a special rocket flight soldier’s combat suit. The actual flight speed was actually not very good. Wang Ji temporarily stored this large item with a traditional brand. Finally, the useless wand is also stored temporarily with a traditional brand.

At this point, Wang Ji re-adjusted his traditional branding. He chose the Wave-Particle Duality, the Moonlight Cloak, the Holy Light Bomb, the Useless Wand, the jetpack, and the wisdom of Yan Wang as hidden items.

His priority consideration here was not the importance of items, but portability. Large pieces were conveniently carried with traditional branding; small items like Fallen Badge and the exorcism powder were carried around him. As for the problem that these would be lost after he died, he did not consider it. If he needed to consider the death problem, it would bring a lot of suffering and loss.

“As for the knowledge fragments, the specifics can still be checked after going back to my own world. Anyway, I don’t have time to study now. Without a multi-function X-ray glasses, it is a waste of time to read the information with a mobile phone or a watch.”

Wang Ji looked at the Bloody Road Flower diving in the lake and spitting out to the outside, he thoughtfully adjusted his following schedule.

“The best choice for Uncle Sam is actually to return to his own world; but since he dares to take risks, he will not go so easily. He should gather the rest of the power and recover the loss. His most sensible choice is to look for the Psychiatrist. Although he may have doubts about the Psychiatrist because of me, rationality will let him use the identity of the superior Hunter to continue working with the Psychiatrist. But that doesn’t matter.”

Wang Ji lowered his body and patted the water at the lake, gesturing to ask the Bloody Road Flower to come up. The huge buds looked up from the water, and dozens of amber eyes stared at Wang Ji.

“Because I hunt for them this time, this Hunter squad can hardly believe that my original intention was just to solve the hunting mission without any worries. I am going to the Evergreen City madhouse to provoke something they dare not provoke. There is no shortage of despair in the world, but the responsibility, isn’t it? I’ll go first, then you follow me.”

Wang Ji stood up and raised his finger to point to the sky. In the thunder and lightning flash of the sky, he once again turned into a storm crow rushing to the sky. The Bloody Road Flower drove into the lake and disappeared.

The 156th hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day. There are less than 12 hours before the final deadline.

12:05 p.m.

Evergreen City.

The darkness has almost shrouded the city, and the glorious city in the past has been ruined. The vines of the plants have covered all the high-rising buildings. The ruins were full of hairy monsters. The storm crow passed through the dark sky and hovered in the city, over the city.

“The madhouse is…”

Wang Ji was searching for the madhouse. A wrecked building resembling a hospital caught his attention. There’s no trace of plant ravaging there, and no animalized monsters were approaching. In the case that the entire city was polluted, it seemed to be equally dilapidated there, but it’s the cleanest existence.

“Maybe there.”

The storm crow flew down.


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