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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 62 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 62

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 62: Moon Tree

State madhouse in Evergreen City.

There was a broken sign hanging in front of the hospital. The door was closed, and the courtyard was silent.

“The madhouse, it should be here. I remember that last night I heard that Kerry said that there’s a defensive structure in Evergreen City, it should be a safe place. But everything here seems to have been decades.”

Wang Ji looked back at the ruined Evergreen City, turning to spread his hands, and the blades of the Wave-Particle Duality bounced. He waved his hand, the sharp blade smoothly cut the chain; the door lock was cut off. Pushing open the iron gate, he came in. He glanced at the concierge first, and there was no one inside.

“I am afraid that there is no living thing inside.”

He observed the surrounding environment, and the quietness made him feel lonely and dangerous. He alertly pinched the Holy Light bomb in his hand, walking very lightly to the front of the hospital hall, and opened the door with his bow to get in. There was no one in the empty hall, and the back of the counter was dark.

Tik, tok.

There was a dripping sound in the corridor.

He looked back and walked toward the sound.

The bathroom was also dark, and he could faintly saw the broken faucet twisting aside was dripping water slowly, and the sound seemed to be extraordinarily crisp in the empty and silent madhouse. Back in the empty corridor, he suddenly turned and glanced at the bathroom mirror.

There’s no one.

The corridor was dark, and the medical drip stand and the moving bed were randomly scattered in the corridor. He opened the door of each room along the corridor to see the situation inside. Except for the scattered newspapers and messy quilts on the bed, he didn’t find anything.

Tak, tak.

He knocked on the wall, hoping to hear something, and there was nothing in the dull sound. At the end of the corridor, he climbed to the second floor. Just passing the corner of the stairs, he suddenly stood still.

Next to the nurse station on the second floor in front of him, the silvery moonlight came in through the darkness and spread evenly in the hall. The shadow of a towering old tree dragged on the clean floor, and the shadows of the trees were fluttering. There’s wind blowing in from the windows, and the shadows of the leaves were fluttering with it.

“When is there a tree in the yard? And I remember it is 12 p.m. now.”

He looked at the time on the watch, the number was 0:00.

He froze and immediately put down the watch. Without questioning the time, he returned to the first floor and confirmed that there was no problem to retreat. Standing in front of the lobby on the first floor, he once again examined the environment of the hospital. Everything was like his memory, there was no tree in the courtyard at all.

He checked the time again. 12:23. His watch was indeed a 24-hour watch.

“My memory is correct, and the time here is normal. That is to say, when I arrived at the second floor, it became 0:00 in the morning. And the environment has changed. The weirdness started from the second floor. Let me go up again.”

Turning around, he re-entered the second floor, standing on the corner of the stairs, watching the shadow of the moonlight. The time was 0:00 in the morning. The time he just passed has not passed away here. Realizing this situation, he began to count in his mind silently. A minute has passed.

Time: 0:00 a.m.

It seemed that everything has frozen.

“If this time has a special meaning, then it is the time when the dimensional breaks completely cover the world. At 0:00, the next morning, the shadow of the dimensional break will cover the whole world. But now, the meaning of the appearance of this time is somewhat unknown. I adjust the watch to see the date… December 25th. It is indeed a day faster than the outside world, but it stopped at 0 a.m. Maybe it has been covered by the shadows here. Under the dimensional breaks, time may not exist.”

Wang Ji put down the watch. He had thought of everything he could think, and the following time was not for a daze. He squeezed the Holy Light Bomb and walked toward the moonlight. His pace was decisive. When he stepped into the moonlight, he threw out the Holy Light Bomb!


The magnificent cross of the holy light rushed toward the moonlight, and the vast white light disappeared in an instant. The rounded Holy Light Bomb dropped on the floor with a crisp sound and rolled back to Wang Ji’s feet. Under the moonlight, the flame of the moonlight cloak burned even more, and Experiment A reminded Wang Ji through the watch.

Your control of knowledge is fully improved

The effectiveness of the Moonfire has increased.

He did not look at this because a mysterious stone wall ran across the floor-to-ceiling windows of the second-floor lobby of the hospital in front of him. Mysterious and bizarre, it seemed to be a door that should not appear. The dark stone wall should be able to block all light, but the moonlight shone through it onto the floor.

“It should be some kind of door, or at least a clue.”

He looked at this stone wall and thought about it.

Approaching two steps in the moonlight, he saw the face of the stone wall. The uneven stone wall presented a strange dark cyan color with a round moon on the top, the moonlight was shining on the earth, and the outline of a giant tree was erecting on the earth.

“So, the scenery of the moonlight tree shadow is actually the mural on this stone wall.”

He looked back at the tree shadow on the ground and went back to try to find clues.

This stone wall looked very ancient. It appeared to be more suitable for deep forests or civilizations, but it appeared to be somewhat not fitting the floor of the madhouse. When he quietly approached the stone wall, the mural on the stone wall had turned upside down!

The branches of the tree were connected to the full moon in the sky, and all the leaves of the giant tree disappeared. At the end of the branches, there were large and small round moons. All the branches were not as thick as the main branch, and at the end of the main branches was the full moon in the top of the sky. The sculpture on this round moon looked like an eye overlooking the earth in the dark night sky and Wang Ji.

The tiny, pale feelings faintly eroded his brains.

Tik, tok.

The phone has been ringing for a long time.

He took out his mobile phone and looked down at the content shown on it:

Capital A, there is an indescribable knowledge on this stone wall. Ordinary intellectual life cannot understand or touch the knowledge at all. Its existence may be related to the formation of the shadow of the dimensional breaks. Please continue to approach it and interpret it.

From experiment A.

He stepped forward a bit.

Suddenly, the information conveyed to him by the experiment A began to be fragmented, and all the words seemed to have been crushed by an extreme force. The cool wind with a scent of breath stroked his hair. There was a vague voice in the wind like a painful and heartbreaking calling on the vast land, which was extremely difficult to describe the emptiness and dullness.

The moon tree relief on the stone wall seemed to have begun to become fragmented. The broken embossed mural seemed to be forming a new horrible vision. The experiment A sent a message again. Wang Ji opened it, the content was difficult to understand. The requirements were boundless.

Everything has a resounding sound;

Listen to the calling of the soul;

Knowledge leads to the unknown;

The unknown leads to fears.

(Translation: The voice of the soul echoes here. Find the echo of your soul, you can open this wall.)

Translated by experiment A.

After reading the information, Wang Ji fell into a short silence. In the case of a serious shortage of information, it was difficult for him to understand the meaning of these words. The only thing he could confirm was that the sound he heard was from the stone wall, and that would not be his soul.

In a dead silence, he uttered:

“Sorry, I don’t understand.”

Saying that, his palms hung down, and the item Wisdom of Yan Wang appeared in his hands. The unremarkable little hammer was not amazing, but it gave off a dazzling light when he picked it up!


Wang Ji picked up the hammer and smashed it to the stone wall. All the strength of the body was concentrated on the Wisdom of Yan Wang. The hammer broke the wind and instantly tore the painful calling in the wind, hitting the stone wall!

With a crack, the stone wall collapsed with a rumbling! The rubble disappeared, the stone wall shattered, all the puzzles collapsed in an instant. The echoing soul, the unknown and the fears, all disappeared as he hammered down.

A moonlight corridor appeared in front of him, and countless blue shadows disappeared in the corridor at the moment the stone wall was crashed.

Wang Ji put away the hammer, walking toward the end of the corridor.

As he stepped out his first step, he suddenly felt a pair of eyes opening in the darkness. A look he had never seen before gazed at him, which was the kind of cold-blooded animal’s eyes, cold to the extreme. His face became pale, but his consciousness was still clear. What made him feel cold in the hands and feet was not seeing them, but feeling the ultimate danger in the darkness. It’s omnipresent.

He could not help but speed up the pace into the moonlight corridor.

The moonfire outside his cloak burned even more, and at this time, he felt that his servant, the Bloody Road Flower had also arrived. It had just passed through the wall outside the madhouse and entered the madhouse area from the underground. At the moment the Bloody Road Flower came, the dangerous eyes in the dark suddenly disappeared instantly.


The earth shook, and a huge shadow instantly obscured the moonlight!

He looked out the window. A shadow outline that was enough to cover a tall building was standing outside, and the outline showed two wings that covered the sky, the night and the moon.

The moonlight shone through the cracks in the wings, mapping the illusion of numerous drips of tentacles outside the window. They were beating as if they’re alive, swiftly passing through the window of the corridor. Each tentacle was thicker and stronger than the roots of the Bloody Road Flower. But these tentacles were parts of the shadow outline, they’re much smaller than its overall. It’s unclear what kind of creature it was and what it looked like.

What he could only judge was that the shadow was unbelievably huge.


The shadow of the four feet violently trampled on the earth, the building of the madhouse was shaking with it, and Wang Ji couldn’t help but retreat to the wall, looking two shadows that were enough to break through the clouds flashing in the moonlight outside the window. Then, a huge eyeball dashed away, its outline was like a burning flame. The dark eye shadow was like a lizard’s cold eyes, which was sharp and like a sword upside down!


The third shock slammed the earth, and an amazing giant blade shadow was inserted into the earth. The surface of the ground was split, and the buildings around the madhouse were violently trembling!

“You are now attracting its attention. Drilling deep into the ground, don’t come out.”

Wang Ji calmly ordered the Bloody Road Flower, and then proceeded in the turbulent corridor. His pace was firm!



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