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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 63 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 63

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 63: Plant Church

State madhouse in Evergreen City.

Time was fixed at 0:00 in the morning. During the shaking of the earth, Wang Ji steadily walked in the dark corridor. He remembered the time, and he spent a whole minute walking out of the shadows. The shadow shrouding him was probably the edge of the wing of the shadow monster.

The moonlight reappeared and shined on Wang Ji’s body. The clear moonfire formed a circle of touching fire around him, and the flames flowed away like water marks.

He turned and looked at the horrible giant wing outside the window. It was a monster that he couldn’t imagine how huge it was. The bloated shadow continually trampled on the earth. The thunderous bang burst in the entire ruined Evergreen City. It’s no wonder that all the animalized monsters and plants did not dare to get close to here.

“However, it does not seem to be wise. It should be guarding a certain existence. If it has a clear mind, it should be obvious that I am closer to the existence he’s guarding than the Bloody Road Flower. But its attention is still attracted by the Bloody Road Flower, which is probably my luck.”

Thinking of it, he turned and continued going.

He didn’t know how far the weird corridors would come to an end. The more he went forward, the brighter moonlight he would find. After nearly ten minutes, the corridor was already silvery. The moon was like a sea full of light, illuminating the ground from the sky.

At this time, he finally saw a dark gate.

The edge of the gate was engraved with an abstruse rune, shrouding the darkness of the gate. The phone vibrated silently, and he took it out of his pocket and looked at the information on Experiment A:

Where the soul is, where it sleeps.

Capital A, behind the gate is a sleeping place for souls. There may be souls of humans who died in Evergreen City last night. Please be careful, the position you are in now is in the shadow of the dimensional breaks. If you die here, you can’t go back to your own world through the super film. You will completely disappear in all the universe and the world covered by the super film.

From experiment A.

“So the moonlight corridor in the madhouse is leading to the shadow world under the dimensional breaks. Am I actually in the shadow world now? If this is the case, I will be relieved, which proves that I have not come to the wrong place.”

The last trace of suspicion in Wang Ji’s mind disappeared. He was not afraid of death and danger, but worried that he had come to the wrong place and wasted his time. For him, efficiency always determined everything.

After the screen was turned off, he carefully put back the mobile phone and placed the Wave-Particle Duality in front of him, walking into the dark gate. As the black fog spread, two carved stone pillars appeared on his left and right. He was surprised to find himself standing under the door of a cathedral, which was intertwined with the vines on both sides toward him, and extremely delicate lines were on it. The two sides of the door were engraved together with the stars and the universe shining through the earth, and the inlays of pearls and gems were dotted with stars.

The whole church got a taste that couldn’t be explained. Under the fine view of the pillars and the dome, it’s formed by the interweaving of dark brown vines and thorns, and it outlined many obscure runes with extremely delicate lines. The entire church was actually built with plants. Also, in the great earthquake and resounding from the moonlight corridor on the other side of the dark gate, it was extremely stable without any trace of vibration.

“Although the church was built with plants, the overall architectural style was obviously Baroque. It had the taste of the Cathedral of Santiago, Spain. This architectural style was formed very early, when the United States might not have been established. The background of this church should reflect the chaotic period of colonization in the early years.”

Wang Ji vaguely felt that some runes were similar to hieroglyphics. Although his English was fine, it’s a delusion to try to interpret these runes. The reminder of Experiment A came in time, and the correct solution of the rune was informed through the watch.

Interpreting, please wait.

The interpretation is complete.

The ancestors’ sacrifices are fulfilled, while the forest and land predict the future.

The stars are born in the darkness, and the abyss breeds peace.

The moonlight leads the way in the darkness, and the blood in the curse creates eternal life.

Combining blood and moon, the earth wakes up; the ancient god comes, and sin will never die.

From experiment A.

“These words are very religious. It mentions the moonlight, and the connection between the blood of God and eternal life. Finally, the blood will be combined with the moon, and God will come to this world. It is not difficult to guess by the religious story. The god is the origin of all these disasters. God’s blood creates a connection between eternal life and healing medicine. I don’t think deeply what kind of creature God is. In short, the shadow formation of dimensional breaks leads to an extremely powerful existence here.”

He made a rough interpretation of this and then walked into the church. Because he went to the church door after passing the dark gate, he also had no way to understand the scale of the building from the outside of the church. He could only judge the architectural style of the church through the detailed design. Now he saw it from the inside. The interior of this church was incredibly large. In the upper corridor, he could see the ghosts who fled after the collapse of the moonstone wall.

They were wandering in this church.


Deep in the church, a painful female screaming came faintly. The sound was not loud, but it had a magical power that penetrated everything, as if it’s transmitted from a very far distance. The painful voice was accompanied by a group of whispers, as if some kind of sacrifice was happening deep in this church.

“Are you a Hunter?”

Suddenly, a ghost floated down from the upper corridor. Wang Ji suddenly turned his head and saw a blue soul of a young girl appearing erratically beside him and looking at him with pure eyes. He quietly clenched the bow. “Who are you?”

“I’m the one who died in Evergreen City last night.”

The girl’s soul sighed slightly and replied, the blue body was transparent, and the outer layer was the appearance of pajamas, which kept her appearance before she died. The girl said. “Not long ago, a beautiful woman came here. She left me a record player. She said that there is a kind of magic music sealed there, which can avoid the animalization of intelligent creatures. She said that if there is a Hunter coming here, hand over the record player to him to preserve the last inheritance of civilization in the paradise of God. I can therefore ask the Hunter for one thing.”

Wang Ji slightly frowned.

He recalled that Rodin had talked about Lily’s whereabouts before he came, she went to a world where God was about to come, and it was about to be destroyed, making sure if the Hunters there need to trade with the devils.

“Is she coming here?”

Wang Ji said to himself. Lily was the first person he thought of. And doing one thing for the ghost girl sounded like Lily’s style.

“I can help you accomplish one thing. Please.”

Wang Ji said after contemplating.

“My stepfather is a policeman named Kerry. He works in Jackson Town.” The girl’s soul said. “The woman said that when the moon fell, all the animalized monsters would turn into plants, all the surviving humans would also enter the process of this transformation. My mother and I have already died, and my mother’s soul has been sacrificed as the soul for God’s coming. I hope my stepfather can live well outside, he has been taking care for my mother and me for too long. My mother and I love him. I don’t want him to become a beast, sacrificing his soul for the coming of God like me.”

In the end, the girl began to weep. Her blue tears fell on the ground of the church and disappeared.

“You’re Kerry’s daughter.”

Wang Ji quietly stated the identity of the girl. Kerry, the black policeman, the first person he came to this civilized world to cooperate with, and he had a strong sense of responsibility. Even if he’s in danger of life, he would properly handle a drunk hobo who was looking for death. He may not know last night that it had become ruined when he considered Evergreen City safe.

“Yes, my stepfather is Kerry, an African-American. Have you seen him before?”

The girl wiped her tears and looked at Wang Ji with her hopeful eyes.

“I had escaped with him.” He cautiously said. “I have a certain understanding of him. He had planned to come back to see you that night. But because it was blocked by monsters, he did not accomplish. I am sorry. I will promise you your request.”

He promised the ghost girl’s request.

Not only because he needed the magic music in the record player to stop the animalization of all humans in the hunting area, but also because he suspected that the so-called magic record player was given by Lily, he thought she might be here too. “Retain the last inheritance of civilization in the paradise of God.” Wang Ji repeated this sentence in his mind and carefully recalled it.

“Thank you very much, I know that that woman will not lie to me, I know that you will not lie to me.”

The girl smiled through tears and said with excitement. “Go ahead and do what you need to do. When you come back, I will give you the record player. Thank you very much, I know, from the very beginning, the Hunter guarding us is not crazy, he will definitely stop all disasters.”

The delightful ghost couldn’t help but whispered, then drifted into the walls of the church and disappeared.

“She may have regarded me as the Hunter in their civilized world. But it doesn’t matter.”

Wang Ji shook his head, instead of thinking about Kerry’s daughter, he turned his attention to the painful scream.


In the gloomy plant church, this painful scream was always there. It was a woman’s voice coming from the deep in the church, as if she was suffering great pain. While Wang Ji and Kerry’s daughter’s soul was talking, the voice was never cut off. The accompanying group talk was also constantly whispering, responding to the violent earthquakes that have been transmitted from the hospital far away, making everything under the darkness very strange.

“As Kerry’s daughter said, there may be some kind of sacrifice deep in the church. Let’s go look at it. Maybe the sacrifice is the source of all problems.”

Wang Ji grabbed the bow and followed the direction of the painful female voice. As he got closer, the painful screams he heard became more and more clear. Finally, after jumping over a statue of prayer, he saw the center of a magnificent palace. A painful pregnant woman was screaming on the altar. Under the altar, hundreds of female souls in robes continued whispering to pray:

The ancestors’ sacrifices are fulfilled, while the forest and land predict the future.

The stars are born in the darkness, and the abyss breeds peace.

The moonlight leads the way in the darkness, and the blood in the curse creates eternal life.

Combining blood and moon, the earth wakes up; the ancient god comes, and sin will never die.

The cold-eyed gaze reappeared from behind him…


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