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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 68 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 68

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 68: Shame

The 158th hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day. The blood moon arrived.

14:33 p.m.

There was still bloody rain in the sky. Looking far away, the shadows of the dimensional breaks had almost engulfed the entire sky, and there was only a touch of gray at the end of the southern horizon.

The ridge of the snow-capped mountain.

In the holiday cottage, Wang Ji recharged the charger and the Wave-particle Duality in the energy field and came out of the holiday cottage. It’s almost the only place where he could see the lights in the protective film. The shadows of the dimensional breaks were eroding the last rays in the sky.

It didn’t take long for this civilized world to fall with the defense zone.

A thunder raged in the sky, and the storm crow took off. Passing through the dark forest, Wang Ji passed over the mad plants and went to Evergreen City. He felt that he needed to go there again if he could still find Kerry’s daughter.

Half an hour later.

Wang Ji landed in the ruined courtyard of the state madhouse in Evergreen City. Before landing, he saw a blue cloud rising to the sky far away in the direction of the hospital and the woods, flying away from the earth toward the blood moon, and finally dissipated.

“Are they those ghosts?”

He walked over.

The madhouse.

His servant, the Bloody Road Flower, had recovered from dying, hiding its entire body underground and waiting for the call of its master. This result was also Wang Ji’s expectation. Anyway, they had a strong vitality, and they’re undead creatures. Even if their forms were eliminated, they would resurrect in the dark forest.

“Just stay here first.”

After Wang Ji looked back and forth and determined that there was no annoying plant coming in, he climbed into the second floor of the collapsed hospital in the debris. The ray of the blood moon shined through the windows on the gravel of the earth. A ghost girl with blue light was in the moonlight, staring at the bloody rain outside.

“You are back again, Hunter.”

The ghost girl turned her head and looked at him with a smile. “Is my father still okay?”

“Of course.”

Wang Ji replied. He put the record player on the ground and said in a steady tone. “I lied to Kerry and said that you and your mother are also very good, and that you’ve successfully escaped taking refuge. After the disaster is over, you will reunite.”

“Thank you.”

The ghost girl’s voice suddenly choked.

“Thank you for lying for me,” she cried. “If he knows that my mother and I are dead, I don’t know what he will do. I hope he can live well, even if he knows, It should be after this disaster…Hunter, thank you! Thank you very much…”

Wang Ji remained silent and watched the ghost girl crying quietly. The blue teardrops were dropping on the masonry, and became silky smoke and disappeared under the illumination of the blood moon. He turned his head and looked at the bloody world outside the window. He could still hear the strange sounds of the plants from a distance clearly.

“I’m going to leave soon.”

The ghost girl stopped crying and said gently to him.

She raised her head and reached out her finger to the blood moon outside the window. “There is a power calling us. I know that God needs to fill its belly after the shadows cover the whole world. The rest of the souls and I will be its food. I’m sure, because I heard it. My soul is destined to become God’s food. Hunter, I hope you can keep this secret to the end, don’t tell my father of the true ending of my mother’s and mine.”

Wang Ji nodded silently.

“Thank you, I have nothing to repay you. May the Holy Spirit bless you. Hunter, hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.”

The body of the ghost girl began to break down. At her last glance, she was smiling, and the smile was similar to Kerry’s smile before he died. She let go of her last hope, disappeared joyfully and contentedly. Her dark blue debris flew up like a star river, passing through the collapsed beam columns, and flew away toward a farther and higher place, disappearing into the bloody rain.

Wang Jing quietly looked at the soul flying away as his watch screen at his wrist began to shine.

Capital A, there’s 5 minutes left until the shadows completely devour the world, please leave this civilized world as soon as possible. Your civilized world still requires your guardianship.

From Experiment A.

After reading the contents on the watch, Wang Ji looked up and saw the familiar figure of Lily sitting on a round stone in the ruins. Half of her figure was in the darkness, and the other half was in the faint bloody light.

“I hope you’re not here to laugh at me for not accomplishing the promise.”

Wang Ji’s tone seemed a bit indifferent.

“How can it be?”

Lily stood up in the darkness. “I won’t laugh at what has happened because it can’t change the result. The fact is like you’ve imagined, you might be able to save her father, but the price must be the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of people. I can’t laugh at you for this. Hunter, at least your lie made two people who are destined to die relieved before they died. This is the meaning of your actions.”

Wang Ji became silent.

“But I will still laugh, laughing at your kindness. You don’t have to see these tragedies, you know? During the long hunting, many Hunters’ wills are destroyed in this constant tragedy. You feel powerless now? This feeling is terrible. When you feel that you can’t protect a civilization, when you feel that you will fail sooner or later, what waits for you on your way is self-destruction. What I don’t want is to let you experience these things. Because human thoughts are too weak. It is not too late now. You should go back and forget the things here. Forget the destruction of this civilized world, protect your civilization with your heart, and go on your own way.”

“Maybe I could have fulfilled the promise.” Wang Ji suddenly said. “Maybe the original time was enough. But because of the lack of understanding of other Hunters, I encountered obstacles in Deepwater City and confronted with those Hunters. Owing to them, I wasted some time. Maybe it was due to this little time.”

“It’s useless. It’s useless to say it now.”

There’s a hint of helplessness in Lily’s smile. “Let’s go, there’s not much time for us to stay here, you still have your own…” “Tell me the truth here.” Wang Ji looked up and interrupted.


Lily sounded a little surprised.

“Tell me where the God will come. Also, what is the shadow guarding the madhouse, and will it still appear?”

Wang Ji looked firm.

In the darkness, Lily’s lips were slightly open, and she’s a bit unable to believe what’s going on. She understood what it meant when the Hunter asked. She’s hard to believe that a relatively calm Hunter in her impression would lose control of his emotion.

“Don’t ask, it’s useless.”

She said.

“Hunter. You should be glad that you are still ignorant now. The more knowledge you have, the closer you will be to the truth, but the truth is terrible. God has the knowledge and wisdom that no one can reach. The deeper the mortals contact, the more tentative and crazier they are. The shadow in your mind is the guardian of God. It is a very terrible creature. The more knowledge you have, the more terrible it is you see. It’s hard to imagine that you can still survive after seeing it before, which it is difficult for you because it exists according to my knowledge, and has the power to kill me.”

Seeing the silence of Wang Ji, Lily continued. “The more knowledge you have, the more terrible the truth is. God knows that a life with wisdom will seek knowledge, so it uses knowledge as a trap to re-provide a choice for a smart life. This choice is deceptive because its purpose is to eliminate wisdom. Have you ever wondered what the Garden of Eden looks like? What you see outside is very similar to the final appearance of the Garden of Eden. Well, time is not much, we have to leave quickly.”

“I feel ashamed.”

Wang Ji suddenly said.


Lily was surprised to hear the word from the Hunter’s mouth.

Wang Ji lowered his head and looked at the residual stone under his feet. His looked calm and didn’t sound emotionless. But what he was going to say wasn’t like any cold language.

“I have a hard time feeling something about things around me, but I can still feel ashamed. I am ashamed of unable to accomplish the promise; I am ashamed of unable to complete the mission; I am ashamed to have to lie; I am ashamed to take advantage of others as shields. I will not be sad about this, but I will be ashamed of it because I was a civilized person. And the most shameful thing for me is that I will use my shame to go on more determined and persistent to continue to deceive and take advantage of others. Because I am a Hunter, everything I have, my thinking, and my spirit, are all existing for this.”

Wang Ji’s eyes looked indifferent and ruthless, and the tone of his speech was like saying something very ordinary. Power like volcanos was hidden in his calm words, and it’s raging in the lines.

“Thank you for telling me the information. I will stay until the shadows engulf this world, until God comes, until the guardian walks on this shadowy land. If God is the cause of the dimensional breaks, I will use everything I have to pull it down from the altar. For no other reason, I am a Hunter. The first message I received since my resurrection was not to escape, but to face.”

As Wang Ji said this, turned and prepared to leave.

The bloody rain dripped down the crack in the broken ceiling, and the bloody rays illuminated deep red color, and the junction between light and darkness was not clear. Lily looked at the back of Wang Ji and turned back to open a black misty passage.

“God is also a kind of creature.”

She said.

“There is a strange phenomenon in the tree of life. The more the bottom life, the more able to adapt to the harsh environment; the newly born deer will soon be able to stand up because life is always eliminating the one unable to adapt, they must stand up; The lives closer to the pyramid even have difficulty in opening the eyes at the time of their birth. Because they don’t need to worry, their future route has been paved, and no predator can get close to them…”

Wang Ji understood the meaning of this sentence with a gleaming look.

“But you must remember that life without wisdom is destined to be enslaved by God; and a life with wisdom will fall into madness because it cannot carry the knowledge of God when seeing God at first sight. God cannot commit suicide, it will wait for you. Hunter, your friends in this world have already set a trap for you outside, I wish you good luck.”

After that, Lily’s figure disappeared into the darkness.

Wang Ji’s watch lit up again.

Capital A, the shadows of the dimensional breaks have completely enveloped the civilized world, and the defense zone has fallen;

The hunting mission has failed;

The hunting time is over;

The protective film has lost its ability to restrain itself;

Hunting regulations are ineffective, and dying in the world will die completely and cannot be resurrected;

At present, you have completely lost contact with the super film, you can no longer contact the Warband. From now on, all your knowledge and experience will be a precious memory. Please record these notes. In a timely situation, you can send it out through the support of the tree party, leaving the future generations to discover the hidden secret of the dimensional breaks.

Wisdom is with you, and the tree party will never die.

From experiment A.

“Crazy? I hope I can still go crazy.”

Wang Ji lowered his head and said to himself.

After a moment of silence, he looked up and said firmly. “I have to apply for a tree party support.”



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