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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 71 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 71

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 71: Echo


A crisp crash sounded, and the guardian grabbed the wings of the storm crow and slammed it on the amethyst. Wang Ji felt that his whole bones were broken at this moment, and the guardian still held his wings tightly. Endless force has squeezed his bones to pieces!


Clear pain came from all over his body. Wang Ji gritted his teeth and canceled the state of the storm crow. The feathers surrounding him quickly passed away. The wings caught by the guardian disappeared immediately. He slumped to the floor and fell in the dark black blood. Feeling that larger part of his bones was broken, he trembled a little, and he could still use his left hand to climb forward.

The guardian put down its hand and its body went up. Looking down at the Hunter crawling in the blood, it lifted its blood hoof and stepped on the Hunter who has lost his combat power…

There was a sharp yelling coming from the underground world. It was the Bloody Road Flower whose head had been trampled and deformed. When its owner was about to be trampled, it swooped up and opened its twisted head. Its fangs bit the guardian’s shoulder tightly and pulled it to the ground.



At the center of the cave, slaves of the darkness descended from the sky. Upon reaching the ground, they fell and shattered, and their bones regrouped and stood up in the underground world!

“Stop it!”

Wang Ji gave orders to these slaves of the darkness. At this time, half of his body was already numb, and he even couldn’t turn over to use Life Capture against the guardian. But his consciousness was still clear, as long as he was still awake for a second, he would not stop moving forward!

Time was on Wang Ji’s side.

Under the protection of the Cenarius horn, Wang Ji recovered immediately, and he would be able to stand up right away, while the guardian had not yet stood up.

The smell of the rotten corpse constantly stimulated the smell of Wang Ji. The ninja mask was completely immersed in black blood. He climbed forward with one arm and struggled forward. Nothing in front of him could stop him. He was steady in his purpose and his body recovered fast.

The exit was in front of him!


The Guardian reached out to its shoulder, grabbed the head of the Bloody Road Flower and squeezed it hard. The blood was immediately oozing out from the head that had been deformed!


The Bloody Road Flower still bit its shoulders without loosening, all the rhizomes were entangled onto it, desperately tying the guardian. The mad thorns were constantly beating, trying to break through the guardian’s body. However, they couldn’t afford the burning of blood flames and the rhizomes turned into ashes.


The guardian gradually escaped the entanglement of the rhizomes and vines with its arms, grabbed the head of the Bloody Road Flower, and the powerful arm suddenly pulled out the whole rhizomes from the body of the plant. Blood splashed at this moment, but this revenge did not end. The flames flowed along its body to the body of the Bloody Road Flower, and the fire instantly ignited a struggling soul. There seemed to be numerous souls in its body escaping, but they’re burned down by the flame in the end.

Screaming constantly echoed in the underground world. At the moment, the souls disappeared!

Bang! The Guardian threw away the Bloody Road Flower’s body and rushed to Wang Ji again.


Wang Ji had difficulty in standing up, although the exit was right in front of him. The new hole surrounded by lava appeared in front of him, and he was trying his best. He jumped forward! When the beam was pulled, and it was just once again about to be released. The guardian’s huge palm held his cloak!

“Traditional branding.”

With the whisper of Wang Ji, the moonlight cloak disappeared instantly and turned into a traditional brand to hide back into the body. Originally pulled by the cloak, he lost his bond in an instant, and the void beam was shot toward the deeper lava. Behind him, the Guardian suddenly roared angrily, waving the shadow blade to catch up. A slave of the darkness had jumped on its back, raised the butcher knife, and smashed it to its head!

With a bang, the guardian slammed the slave of the darkness on the wall and smashed its bones. But when it just smashed a slave of the darkness, many slaves of the darkness flooded like tides. Wang Ji could clearly hear the low-pitched roar of the guardian and the crisp sound of the broken bones.

It all passed quickly behind his back.

Lava hole.

The hot lava exuded heart-wrenching heat, which sizzled with hot air, and a huge body was floating in the center of the lava. It’s a monster body which was beyond description. It’s not very big, but it’s also hundreds of meters long, floating quietly in the lava without hurting by the lava.

On the corpse, a giant tree was growing like a mystery. The roots were scattered through the body in the lava, soaked in the lava, surrounded by numerous exotic fire grasses, bright red. The giant tree presented a form of embracing, and the root-like tentacles were holding something.


The energy of the dark beam was scattered, and Wang Ji landed smoothly. He struggled to stand up, and his face was still very pale until now.

“I finally saw the newborn god.”

Wang Ji whispered, looking at what the strange tree was holding. It’s a fruit, a golden fruit. The skin of the fruit was translucently gold, and there was a worm-like monster curling itself up inside. It curled into a half-moon shape, and its body was full of plant-like roots. Its plump body was almost as transparent as the outer layer of the fruit, revealing the root-shaped bones which were connected to the wings growing on the back. And at the heart of the center, there was a fire-like heart.

“I saw you, but I was not insane.”

Wang Ji whispered, watching the worm in the fruit gently squirming.

All his efforts were to get close to this thing. This thing has caused the emergence of dimensional breaks, so that the shadows enveloped a civilized world. Lily said that life without wisdom would be destined to be enslaved, and that life with wisdom would go mad when seeing God.

If a person couldn’t preserve his sanity, how could he have wisdom? The result could be nothing but be enslaved in the end. But now Wang Ji wasn’t crazy. If there must be a reason, he could say that he had gone insane on the first day he revived.

“Since I am not crazy and you can’t commit suicide, then all this can be over.”

Wang Ji said calmly, spread his palm quietly, and began to cast a spell against the worm!

When he reached out his palm to cast spells, he saw countless phantoms drifting in front of his eyes, and knowledge fragments with golden light appeared in his sight. Then he heard an inexplicable sound, which seemed to be emitted from his own body with a unique frequency that continually echoed.

“Is it heartbeat?”

Wang Ji said to himself in his mind, but immediately denied such an inference. He couldn’t describe what kind of voice it was.

“No, it’s echo.”

In his mind, this word came up. When the word appeared in his mind, everything in front of him became dark. The tide of loneliness and darkness struck, and the indescribable illusion began to appear in his sight.

The lava was turned into an endless dark tide, forming in a circle of ocean to surround him. The monster body that Wang Ji stood on has become an isolated island, floating alone in the endless sea of darkness. An eternal sense of loneliness smeared his will, this inexplicable sense of madness seemed to be an unspeakable voice, constantly confusing him. The island where he stood was covered with dark misty forests, and there were countless terrible monsters in the endless dark forest, staring at him in silence.



The endless feeling heralded some kind of painful awakening, but what was ridiculous was that he wasn’t touched by all this. His mind was as cold as the dark world. Through the window of his soul, he looked at the world equal to indifference, and he looked equally indifferent. Perhaps, there’s also some different.

There’s still a trace of mercy in his mind, looking at the cold gaze in this endless darkness. Perhaps it was this last little kindness that allowed him to accept this endless dark tide and the forests covered with dark mist.

“My new servant, let me carefully feel what you see.”

At the end of the spell magic, Wang Ji closed his eyes with relief and felt the crazy dark tide. He heard everything. Listening might not be enough to accurately describe this perception. He could clearly feel that the auditory feeling gradually turned into the swaying of everything in his mind.

He felt a broken skeleton falling into the lava and began to burn. He also felt that the echo of another soul descended from the sky and landed beside him. This feeling was not any of the five senses, but listening was the closest one to describe it. He heard the echo of the soul waving the shadow blade in his hand. Everything reminded him of what he saw in the madhouse.

Everything has echoes.

Wang Ji opened his eyes, and at this moment, he saw a golden flame burning in front of his eyes. A pair of incomparably dark and cold eyes in the flames looked at him, and immediately these eyes became dark, avoiding the confrontation with his eyes. The golden fruit surrounded by the bones began to die. A half-moon-shaped golden ripple was deeply planted in the eyes of Wang Ji. With the twinkling of countless stars, the scene of the stars was vaguely revealed. Eventually, it was deeply planted and hidden in the window of his soul.


A dull sound came from the monster body floating on the lava. Wang Ji looked back and saw the shadow of the guardian kneeling in front of him, and then disappeared into a breeze. The unique echoes appeared in Wang Ji’s mind and gradually transformed into the text he could read:

Everything has echoes; everything can be enslaved.


The screen of the phone in Wang Ji’s pocket lit up, and a line of information was displayed on the broken screen:

Capital A, you enslaved God in his childhood, God became your first dream. From now on, the original paradise has disappeared. Choosing wisdom, you who will receive eternal exile.

You get the power of God to perceive the world: echo.

From experiment A.

“Then let it disappear. I never want to go to paradise.”

Wang Ji put back his mobile phone and calmly ordered his new servant. For him, such a paradise was a desert of wisdom. Now, his new servant was deeply imprinted in his eyes in the form of the golden moon. In other words, it’s carved into his soul. With Wang Ji’s order, the suffering in this civilized world could finally end.

Yellowstone Park.

The blood moon disappeared without his noticing it. In the shadow that enveloped the entire earth, an evening sunshine suddenly plunged into the embers that were still burning on the earth. As the shadows faded, the rays of the sunset began to warm the entire land. This was the evening of December 24th, 1963. When the afterglow of the sunset disappeared, Christmas Eve would come.

In the dilapidated city subway station, a citizen on the edge of the city walked out of the stairs after feeling the light. The daylight came into his eyes and all the shadows disappeared.

“Thank god, the Hunter succeeded!”

In the countless joys and sorrows, the Psychiatrist indifferently held the record player standing on the supervolcano and felt the afterglow of the sunset. He was a little sluggish and didn’t know how it happened. He knew that all this was not an illusion, but he could not believe that the shadow had thus withdrawn from his world.


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew from scientific research station in the crater. The majestic storm crow smashed everything hindering him and flew toward the sky. Before he even responded, the crow’s claws grabbed the record player, and the power of the storm and the rage residing in the spreading wings almost slammed him to the ground.

The crow rushed to the sky, soaring into the sky!

Swept by the wind, the Psychiatrist almost fell to the ground. He suddenly looked back and saw the crack in the space. The storm crow passed through the crack and entered the travel of the super film. As time went on, the Psychiatrist turned his head and looked at the land with some surprise.

There was still fire burning in the ashes. Because of a huge energy explosion, the legendary Yellowstone Park now had only the natural wreckage, but nature was ultimately immortal. A new beginning would be born in the scorched earth, the shadow hanging over the top of the civilization would bring new changes after dispersing.

The Psychiatrist looked at the sky where the storm crow passed through, lowered his head, and suddenly laughed. No one but him knew what this smile meant.

“So, before long, I can continue to eat my favorite food.”


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