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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 72 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 72

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 72: The Return

On September 25th, 2017; troops stationed district in Tengchong City.

The researchers in the institute were still busy working. Almost half a month has passed since the preaching war; there was still no progress in the relevant scientific research. The energy purification that appeared before the protective film disappeared cleaned up all the monsters in the city, and no traces were left, even a dead body.

In the office.

Wang Si was biting a pen and sitting on a leather chair. Her clean, white, clean fingers constantly pressed the remote control in her hand to play back a monitoring record on the display. The screen recording was a street surveillance video in Guanyin Well District after 3:20 a.m. on September 3rd, 2017.


“Leader Wang.”

There was a knock on the door and a low voice.

“Come in.”
Wang Si said indifferently and took off the glasses. She touched her hair, and leaned softly against the leather chair, looking at the direction of the door. The door opened and a sergeant walked in with a young policewoman in a police uniform.

“Leader Wang, I found her.”

The sergeant turned around and reached out to give Wang Si a signal.

“Good, thank you very much. Sergeant Chang.”

A smile appeared on Wang Si’s indifferent face. “If there’s nothing else, I will go out first. Call me directly if you have problems later. I will wait in the lobby on the first floor.” Wang Si did not speak, just kept smiling and nodded, and watched Sergeant Chang leaving.

The sergeant closed the door after leaving.

“Please have a seat, comrade Liu Hsiao Nan.”

Wang Si stood up from the leather chair and indicated that Liu Hsiao Nan could sit down. She then got up and took the initiative to get a cup of water for Liu Hsiao Nan. Liu Hsiao Nan stood up and was in over her head. “Leader, I…”


Wang Si shook her head with a smile and handed the water cup to Liu Hsiao Nan. “I am not a leader, just an ordinary researcher. Come, sit down.” Then, Wang Si opened the chair for her and handed the cup over. Liu Hsiao Nan took the cup and took a cautious sip. She quickly placed it on the table and waited for Wang Si’s question.

Wang Si looked at all the details, and she just smiled and sat back in the chair.

Wang Si looked at Liu Hsiao Nan with the fingers of her both hands crossing on her chest. After a moment, she spoke. “Of course, apart from doing research, I also have a family identity. I am Wang Ji’s sister. Thanks to the care of your father, Leader Liu, he works here. “

“My father?”

Liu Hsiao Nan immediately remembered some of the words mentioned by Leader Liu at home, he had met some characters on a business trip in Beijing. These ideas flashed, she immediately asked. “How is my dad doing now?”

“The surgery is done. He’s recovering.”

Wang Si answered with a smile on her face.

“That’s good. That’s good.”

Liu Hsiao Nan whispered and nodded. She knew that her father had been taken over by an important department of the country. Until now, she hasn’t heard about him. She could see that Wang Ji’s sister was unusual, and now she could only hope that Wang Si was telling the truth.

“Let’s talk about Wang Ji.” Wang Si suddenly said. “I asked him to go back to Beijing on the 12th. I’ve not heard about him since then. My friends and family in Beijing said that he did not go back. He didn’t go to Shanghai, either. Basically, I’ve asked people to find him in every place he could go, but none of they found him. I thought that he had evaporated. Until I saw this surveillance video, I discovered that my brother actually had some secrets which he didn’t explain to his sister.”

Wang Si sighed, reached out to adjust the screen, twisted to an angle that Liu Hsiao Nan could see, and then repeated the key footages. It was a surveillance video left in the early morning. It was like Wang Ji’s back walking on a dark street. He suddenly jumped forward and disappeared.

Liu Hsiao Nan’s eyes quickly turned from confusion to dignity.

Wang Si calmly picked up the water cup without hesitation and slowly drank it. She smiled and said. “If you know anything about him, you should tell me immediately. This is very important to him, to the family and relatives, and to the country.”

“He’s been connected with the Hunters.”

Liu Hsiao Nan clenched her fists and said it under her breath


Wang Ji was rolling the pen between her fingers thoughtfully.

At 10:20 a.m.; the old district of Guanyin well.

In a slightly messy alley, a clear flame was ignited. The moonlight cloak was quickly hidden, and Wang Ji immediately reverted to the proper dress of this era. It was still the ordinary dress, the sports sweater. Behind his waist was a small hammer. He stood alone in the alley with a record player in his hands.

“I’m back.”

Wang Ji looked back and saw the armed vehicles on the street outside the lane. Correspondingly, his phone also immediately lit up. Wang Ji hugged the record player and took out the phone to view the information:

Capital A, your civilized world is currently on September 25th, 2017; there has been a Preacher who took over the position of the original Preacher, took on the invasion of your civilized world, and transmitted the seeds of disaster to your city (the Preacher has not yet arrived). It has been more than 100 hours since the seeds of disaster were preached. Since the Hunter is not in the defense zone, it is impossible to obtain information about the seed through the protective film.

Note: 100 hours is the longest incubation period of all known seeds of disaster. After 100 hours, the seeds of disaster will be in a period of large-scale explosion at any time. Please prepare for it.

From experiment A.

“It seems that I have to change my phone. Now it is 2017. I don’t know what phone can resist attacks. If not, I have to find a way to get this item.”

Wang Ji calmly turned off the screen and looked at the phone which was full of cracks. For a moment, he put away his phone and picked up the record player, ready to go. As the phone was just put in the trouser pocket, the screen of the watch was lit up:

You have an express delivery from far away, please go to the Devil’s Bar to pick up.

From experiment A.

“Express delivery?”

He took a look at the information. Suddenly, he looked back and saw a row of patrolling soldier passing by. Just on the soldiers, he felt an echo that was very different from ordinary people. Feeling weird, Wang Ji quietly looked at the city that has been taken over by the troops, the atmosphere was still tense. As his sister Wang Si said, everything won’t end so soon here.

The news was still displayed on the big screen of the mall, and the government’s speech was still strong.

“We will not give up any of our citizens and an inch of land. We will use weapons to defend the dignity of the nation. No matter what kind of creatures are intended to harm the masses, we will use force to destroy them without hesitation!”

“Are these the echoes?”

Wang Ji recalled indescribable feeling. He has listened to and seen everything without looking at the big screen. Everything seemed to be instantaneous, just like the feeling of light, everything was light and shadow constantly fluctuating, carrying out some kind of directional movement in his mind.

If not feeling it carefully, it’s easy to ignore the perception of things around him. But if feeling it carefully, everything around him will be invisible.


On the sidewalk, a citizen holding a cardboard box tried to ask Wang Ji, who was walking in front of him, to give way for him. But the cardboard box he was holding contained a lot of heavy things, so his pace was also a little quick. Plus the radio of the big LED screen on the mall sounded so loud that almost no one could hear his footsteps. When he accidentally bumped into a few passersby and saw that he was about to hit Wang Ji’s back, he quickly yelled.

With his back turned on him, Wang Ji gently moved his feet, giving way for him before he opened his mouth.


The fat man walked past Wang Ji and looked at him in surprise.

“Go ahead, please.”

Wang Ji said politely.

“Thank, thank you.”

Sweating a lot, the fat man left did not care about the small details in his life. Wang Ji saw him leaving and continued to walk in the direction toward the bar. What just happened was not surprising. Because of the discovery of some of the patrolling soldiers’ anomalies, Wang Ji has been using God’s Senses to “listen” to everything around him and collected information.

In his mind, he actually saw the light and shadow of the fat man rushing over, and it was these that allowed him to dodge. A small detail made Wang Ji feel the distinctiveness of the echoes. Everything has echoes, and this echo seems to be a little faster than the real thing.

In the meanwhile, at the devil’s bar.

“We have more than 200,000 troops stationed in the vicinity of the incident city, ready to deal with various situations. But this does not mean that we will go to war. Our country’s position is to hope that every country will remain sensible on this issue, no country will use its own people to do biochemical experiments. What’s more, as a country that plays a decisive role in world security, a country that presides over order cannot do research that destroys order…”

On the TV on the corner, some of the current affairs report columns were still analyzing. Several devil waiters were watching TV without interest. The bar looked a bit dull. It was during the day. Except for two middle-aged customers who sat here early in the morning to watch TV and drink, there was only one uninvited guest.

“Have you seen this man?”


“I heard that customers said that he works every night here.”

Liu Hsiao Nan took the photo of Wang Ji and asked the black man behind the bar. The latter was innocent. “I’m sorry, I really don’t know, I just watched the store for my distant cousin, and I was only here recently. I don’t know this person at all.”

“Ok… fine.”

Liu Hsiao Nan shook her head and put away the photo. “When your cousin returns, please tell her to come to the police station. We have something important to ask. Please don’t consider this a joke, we may handle your passport at any time.”


Rodin laughed. After sending away Liu Hsiao Nan, two customers also blushed and paid the bill to leave.

“Fine, although the troops stationed here are strange, after all, security is guaranteed. If there’s another Preacher coming, he might just be a trouble-making terrorist.”

“That is, do you know how many tanks are there in the military area outside? In short, I think it is quiet and safe now, and we don’t have to be afraid since there are troops stationed.”

The two customers staggered and left, and Rodin smiled and watched them leave. The content of their chat was automatically ignored. For a moment, in the darkness behind the bar, a graceful figure appeared.

“How’s the schedule, Lily. Capital A also went to that world, you should have seen him.”

Rodin touched his sunglasses and sat in front of the bar, greeting Lily, who just came back.

Lily sat down in the darkness like before, quietly lighting a lady’s cigarette. She did not answer immediately.

After puffing out some smoke, she said. “The Psychiatrist and we made a deal, but he didn’t want the record player, he chose the trap of Asazler. As for Capital A, just like you couldn’t talk to him not to go there, I had no way to persuade him to come back. Until the dimensional breaks completely engulfed the world, he still chose to stay there, in the paradise of God.”


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