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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 74 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 74

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 74: Gun Demon

Guanyin Well District.

Liu Hsiao Nan took the phone and called Wang Si. Suddenly, the earth shocked. The violent vibration almost knocked her down, but she still didn’t grab the phone. It fell out when the earth shook. Liu Hsiao Nan, who has stabilized her body, felt the twists and turns of the light at the moment of the shock. She looked up and the shocks appeared.

The protective film appeared again!

“The coming of the protective film is the coming of the Preacher…”

Liu Hsiao Nan quickly realized this. The gunshots on the far streets burst at this moment, and it was so intense that people thought that the war was coming. A lot of crying and painful screams began to resound. In an instant, the whole city became an inferno!

“Run! The troop has gone crazy! “

“Kids! Come here!”

The crowds on the streets began to run away, crying and screaming for help. The cars were rushing unorderly. When a crying child was going to be hit, Liu Hsiao Nan spent all her efforts going up, throwing the child down on the side of the road, and hold the child’s head tightly with her hand.

The police cap fell to one side and her short hair was scattered in a mess.

“It’s fine. It’s fine.”

Liu Hsiao Nan appeased the child, quietly watching his police cap being kicked and trampled, and the police badge was crushed by the raging vehicles. At this time, she suddenly felt the change at her waist. She lowered her head and saw an unforgettable scene!

Her police gun made a strange laughter, and broke free from the holster, jumping to the ground. The buttstock stood on the ground, and the safety was automatically on. Then, it started shooting at the people who fled! Every time a precise shot let an escaping citizen fall into the blood. What echoed with it was the gunshot far from the street getting closer!

“This seed of disaster is not human-infected…”

Liu Hsiao Nan stared at the glass film in the sky, and the smoke-filled city was full of this crazy scene. Immediately, she saw a patrolling squad rushing over with guns!

“Drop the gun! Protect the citizens to run!”

Liu Hsiao Nan tried her best to yell.

The soldiers looked at him in surprise!

“Drop the gun! Run!”

However, it’s still late. As the chaos and noisy shouts suddenly appeared as sharp as a hyena-like laughter, all the guns began to shoot themselves! In an instant, the chaotic crowds fell in the blood!

Liu Hsiao Nan stared blankly and understood everything. But the horror of the truth made her shudder. She felt truly hopeless. She knew that in order to stabilize the international and domestic situation, the country has stationed more than 200,000 troops here, and the number of guns brought by was innumerable.

Devil’s Bar.

“Seeds of disaster has already broken out, I have to go, and I’ll read the letter later.”

Wang Ji had stood up and quickly opened the box when he said that. In addition to the letter, there was a box with contact lenses. Without any doubt about the psychologist’s items, he immediately opened the box to obtain items.

Two pieces of light-colored contact lenses immediately adhered to his eyeballs, forming a rotating black vortex on the eyeball like deep sea.

The corresponding information was displayed.

Item Name: Gravitational Lens

Item Type: Scanning items

Item Introduction: This is a gift from the genius Hunter Psychiatrist to his superior Hunter. It combines all the effects of scanning items and can be fully present for any life form. Its inventors hope that this item can be a symbol of the long-lasting friendship between the two civilized worlds.

Item Effect: It can scan and detect all the life forms currently known, and accept the information of the tree party machine to assist with other items.

Note: Heart is like a black hole.

From experiment A.

Wang Ji’s paused and looked at the corresponding item information. He immediately responded and quickly pulled the curtain of the bar, then went out.

After hearing the gunshots and the cry of help, he didn’t have time to come back and chat. Outside the bar, the dark iron branches and feathers were quickly intertwined. The cloak surrounded his neck several times and hung down, and the clear moonlight started to burn. Wang Ji pulled down the hood and tightened the ninja mask, walking toward smoke-filled streets.

Lily watched him leaving quietly.

“Pull that roller shutters up.”

She ordered the devil waiters. As the roller shutters pulled up, Lily pointed with her finger and the lights in the bar resumed. She looked back at the red wine in the glass and started to freeze. A sense of grotesqueness came to her mind.

“How did he carry the wisdom of God?”

Lily turned a deaf ear to everything outside thoughtfully.

Guanyin Well.

Wang Ji reached out and summoned the Wave-particle Duality. After that, he came to the streets in a steady and agile manner. There were fierce gunshots on the streets, corpses and blood pools were everywhere. The bodies lying on the ground exuded a strong bloody smell, permeating the streets as the breeze blew by. Those were ordinary citizens and military soldiers.

The streets in the city that should be lively have become a deadly Shura field in a moment. In the distance, it also echoed with intense gunshots and sounds of escaping.

“That type of echo was nearby.”

Wang Ji watched the surrounding situation alertly. He did not perceive the closeness of the echoes.

The spy satellite map is refreshed.

There are a large number of unidentified creatures in the city slaughtering intelligent life. Please investigate as soon as possible!

From experiment A.

The huge and complicated dynamic map reappeared in Wang Ji’s sight. Urban streets, mountain towns and villages, all the facilities were displayed. This dynamic map was much more powerful than the previous multi-functional X-ray glasses. Data such as heat, forms and vital signs, all appeared.

Wang Ji immediately saw that some strange-looking monsters ruining in the streets and alleys in the city. It was followed by the collapses of the buildings, and the rumbling sounds continued to come up. From the distance of several streets, he could still alertly feel that those fearful lights were constantly moving. In addition, there was a very special shadow killing the crowds who were fleeing in the streets and alleys.

“The guns.”

Wang Ji identified those shadows.

“What I just heard was the gunshots, that is to say, the armed troops are shooting. There are also bodies of soldiers here. The number is the number of patrolling squad. There is no habit of killing each other in the purpose of the seeds of disaster. The bodies were kept still, and some said the troops are killing; which proves that the seeds are not planted in the ordinary citizens. Then, the seed may not be transmitted by humans.”

He quickly walked through the dead streets, pulling up the body of a soldier while thinking. The dead soldier had several cracked wounds on his chest. The damaged organs were clearly visible, and the wound passed directly through his chest, passing out from his back.

“The bullets!”

Wang Ji’s pupil was widened, and he suddenly thought of the echoes what he could only hear on the patrolling soldiers when he came back!

“The guns themselves!”

Wang Ji felt that there was a very unusual echo in the commercial building near him. The shadow of the two ballistics had appeared in front of Wang Ji. The echoes of everything clearly reflected in his mind, and he rolled back agilely in his slight surprise and dodged it!


The fierce bullets quickly blew up the place where he just got out of the way into pieces of gravel dust!


Hyena-like laughter resounded on the roof of a nearby high-rise building, and the gunshots were loud! Guns on the high-rise building were aimed at Wang Ji and began to shoot violently. The butt of each gun jumped agilely on the roof, chasing Wang Ji’s rolling and dodging and firing fast. Two empty eye-shaped parts loomed out of the left and right sides of the gun, reflecting the metallic luster in the sun, which was extremely strange.

Both eyes were facing front and aiming at Wang Ji, and the shells were constantly jumping out. However, a more bizarre scene has taken place. On the edge railing of the roof, bullets could jump and enter the clip themselves.


The raging guns made a ghost-like sneer, the butts rebounded from the high-rise building one by one, chasing the tumbling figure of Wang Ji. And the bullets shimmered with yellow luster in the sunlight, falling on the asphalt road with the guns and chasing their prey.

Wang Ji turned over and smashed the glass of the mall. After rolling behind the flower pot, he threw out the nano bug. The silver nano bug instantly turned into a gust of wind and blew into the sky, rushing to the raging gun monsters. At the same time, Wang Ji also clearly saw that the awakened guns constantly shooting the mall and made sharp laughter.

On the gravitational lens, the relevant scanning information was quickly displayed:

Capital A, the information of the seed of disaster in your city has been retrieved.

Your city is infected by the seeds of disaster “weapon ghost”; this seed of disaster is terrible. It is implanted in civilization in the form of a central AllSpark. After the outbreak, all heat weapons, ordnance, and equipment can be resurrected to destroy civilization. The seed of disaster you are currently facing is called the gun demon, whose body is small and agile, posing the greatest threat to the ordinary wisdom of civilization. This seed of disaster is not equipped with scattered AllSparks because of its volume and can be eliminated by the item “new nano bug” that you currently have.

Because there is a military stationed area near your city, the “weapon ghost” infected area has been expanded, and the protective film coverage area has exceeded 30% of the original area; there will be a large number of ordnance and equipment as a source of infection, which will form a huge shock!

Please find out all the information about the seed of disaster as soon as possible, obtain the corresponding item support, and find out the hiding place of the central AllSpark. In addition, please be careful to creatures with scattered AllSpark; the metal of this creature has a strong rejuvenation and an upgrade evolution ability; it is immune to nano bug and can counter it, which can be upgraded in a very short time to make up the weakness.

From experiment A.


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