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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 75 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 75

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 75: The Smoky City

The 1st hour of the bunker time; at 10:50 a.m. on September 25th, 2017.

Guanyin Well District.

Standing on the streets where the dead bodies were everywhere, Wang Ji quickly closed the prompt information of experiment A through the brain wave. After confirming that the gun demon outside was destroyed through the satellite map, he immediately walked out and started the operation.

This crisis was more difficult than he thought. The crouching period of the seeds of disaster was more than 100 hours, almost twice as long as that of the nightmare knitters. The long time represented the sufficiency and scope of infection time. Every minute from now on would determine the number of casualties.

After all, the breakout of seeds of disaster was an imaginable disaster. The existence of the gun demon could cause huge and incalculable casualties in a very short period of time. Wang Ji could even think of what kind of world he would face if he won alive. The ideal era would eventually be shattered. In front of the Preacher, you will not even have the weapons to defend your dignity.

“Select new mission of nano bug.”

Wang Ji quickly began to set up missions for new nano bug by the scanning item.

A new mission has started:

Target: Eliminate guns;

The target is selected; the mission will be prioritized;

From experiment A.

“The military region first.”

Wang Ji hesitated a bit, and then chose the military region where the troops were stationed.

Through the satellite map, he saw the place where the weapon monsters were raging the most, the military region. There were hundreds of thousands of troops stationed there, and the number of weapons stored there was terrible. If it’s not eliminated in the first place, the consequences would be disastrous. However, such a choice made the raging gun demon in the city even massacre more unscrupulously in the short time. Wang Ji hesitated for a short time and immediately made a choice because he did not have a choice.

“The city has been under the control of the military for a long time. Only they can really take responsibility now. I will help them clean up the troubles as soon as possible. They can also formulate an asylum plan as soon as possible. I hope they will organize the citizens to take refuge as soon as possible so that I won’t be worried.”

Thinking of this, Wang Ji quickly confirmed the new nano bug mission. Through the gravitational lens, he quickly ordered the nano bug, and selected the gun demons in the entire range of the protective film to allow the nano bug to perform the engulfing mission.

New nano bug has started the mission.

From experiment A.

“Then it’s finding the central AllSpark.”

Wang Ji thought. By listening to the echoes, he “watched” the shadows of thousands of nano-robots, and he began to look for a central AllSpark.

On the satellite map, the coverage points of the gun demons covered almost all areas in the entire protective film that humans can reach. The number was more than the monster frenzy he saw in Yellowstone Park, especially in the area where the troops were stationed, where the monster density far exceeded that of monsters in the shadow world in Yellowstone Park.

As the nano bug just flew away, the task calculation of experiment A immediately gave Wang Ji a stable result, about the number of seeds of disaster “gun demon” in the full range of protective film.

The calculation of the amount of the new nano bug missions is completed.

The number of gun demons in the protective film is 1358950; the time for the new nano bug to engulf them all is expected to be 53 minutes.

Please identify other firearms that have been infected by weapon monsters as soon as possible, especially for large weapons that have scattered AllSparks; after infected by the seeds of disaster, they will be the main force to destroy the civilization.

From experiment A.


Wang Ji turned and looked back at the dead bodies on the streets. He quickly checked the situation on the satellite map and then picked up a walkie-talkie on the ground.

“The current channel should be right.”

Picking up the walkie-talkie, Wang Ji pointed his finger to the sky and his cloak flew. At the margin inside the protective film, a thunder raged in the sky, and the storm crow on the ground rose to the sky. Wang Ji landed on the high-rise building in the mall, he turned the intercom on and began to send a notice to the whole city!

“I am the Hunter. At present, all the ordnance in the protective film has been resurrected by the seeds of disaster; please don’t fight with them. Organize an effective refuge plan quickly, I will do my best to cover you all over the city. Every human organization that survived, please take refuge all as soon as possible. All troops must not wear any hot weapons, otherwise, I will kill them.”

After sending out the notice with his indifferent and calmly voice, Wang Ji faced the city filled with smoke, spread his palm in the wind, and pulled the Wave-particle Duality!

For the first time, in addition to the touch of the dark beam, he had a specific induction through the echoes in his mind. It’s a bunch of beams that were almost transparent, indifferent and invisible. The shell was cold, and the inside was condensed with unparalleled heat.

Pulling the bow, Wang Ji saw the strong smoke rising everywhere in the city. The thick smoke blocked many high-rise buildings, and the flames filled the city. The autumn wind couldn’t blow away to prevent the smoke from rising into the clouds. Fierce gunshots burst far and wide. The killings never stopped. There were crowds who fled without purpose. No matter where they went, the gunshots were roaring all over the streets.

“Split attack, 2 loads!”

The wind blew, the cloak fluttered, the black iron branches and the robe knitted with the magic feathers shimmered with strange luster, and Wang Ji, who was overlooking everything, whispered and loosened the bowstring.


The firearms sounded like a hyena, as if the whole city has turned into a bloody African savanna. As this kind of laughter climbed up the high building and just resounded behind Wang Ji, two dark beams have penetrated the gun and turned it into evaporating iron gas!

Creatures without wisdom couldn’t know that this black shadow that held a bow was listening to the echoes of all things, and God’s senses made everything visible. However, Wang Ji still couldn’t confirm the position of the central AllSpark. He could feel a special echo wandering on the earth, but it was ubiquitous.

Ubiquitous, it is equivalent to not being there.

“The army is cleaning up the city! Get away!”

“I am shot, help me!”

“Block these monsters, don’t let them chase the escaping people!”

Various echoes appeared in his ears.

“Forget it, I can’t confirm the location of the central AllSpark, I’d clean up first.”

Taking a deep breath, Wang Ji took out the charger and held it in his hand. The bow pointed to the sky, the arrow pointed to the dome, and Wang Ji pulled the bowstring.

Spy satellite map refreshed

The protective film opened bridge conversion with the Wave-particle Duality energy attack…

The bridge conversion is done;

The current item combination is Wave-particle Duality (split attack) + protective film + spy satellite;

The current item combination effect is “satellite attack”;

The current item combination attack range is the range of “Wave-particle Duality”;

The targets are the confirmed gun demons in the whole city!

From experiment A.

On the transparent dome, dramatic ripples began to appear.

The 1st hour of the bunker time; at 11:10 a.m. on September 25th, 2017.

In the military region, in a research institute.

“I am the Hunter. At present, all the ordnance in the protective film has been resurrected by the seeds of disaster; please don’t fight with them. Organize an effective refuge plan quickly, I will do my best to cover you all over the city. Every human organization that survived, please take refuge all as soon as possible. All troops must not wear any hot weapons, otherwise, I will kill them.”


When the current resounded, Wang Si suddenly turned off the radio. Sitting in the office, she listened quietly to the fierce gunshots outside, as if a doomsday war appeared without warning. Everything came too suddenly, and everything in the institute was messed up in an instant.


Wang Si suddenly turned her head and looked at the researcher holding his head behind the table.


Chang’s forehead was pale and full of cold sweats.


Wang Si smiled, and the expressions on her white face looked like mocking. “I don’t panic as a woman. What does a man like you panic about? Forget it, I expected you to do something. I will come by myself.” Getting up, she put her hands in the white coat, walked to the door, and pushed the door out.


Chang screamed in fear. But his team leader did not answer.

Wang Si calmly passed through the corridor, went to the lobby on the first floor, and walked outside the institute. There was no doubt that there were gunshots and smoke outside, which was extremely dangerous.

“With the Hunter’s words as the credible criterion, the virus uses weapons as the source of infection, then the military region is likely to fall right away. But he also said that he would cover the troops. Then he should choose to support this place at the first moment. After all, the weapon infection here is the most serious. So the most important thing now is not to hide in the institute, but to make an asylum plan as soon as possible.”

Wang Si walked down the stairs, and her eyes behind the black-rimmed glasses were as calm with no fluctuations. The sun was not dazzling, and it was shattered and sprinkled on her long hair. In the trucks on both sides, the laughter of the hyena suddenly appeared, but the laughter disappeared right away with the arrival of a wind.

Wang Ji turned a blind eye to this.

“It’s been almost a quarter of an hour before the Hunter sent the notice. The cover he promised should also be there. I think my uncle may have died in the lounge. After all, he likes to think by himself, and it’s normal to be killed by his own gun. Now it is Uncle Li, who takes charge. But I can’t confirm his safety. If he is safe, he will send an officer to look for me. Maybe they were caught off guard and killed by the guns around them. Someone has to handle it, let me do it if nobody cares. In addition, the Hunter’s voice sounds familiar!”

Wang Si recalled the voice of the Hunter in the radio, adjusted the channel, and tries to contact the command.

No response.

“It seems that they are really dead.”

She was not surprised and chose to walk over.

Soon, she saw the bodies all over the place, the air was full of pungent bloody smell, the blood-soaked every inch of land, and the smoke filled the ruins. It seemed that this scene has been expected, Wang Si calmly put on a mask, and continued to walk on the blood.

Xingyang District.

“Take that child away!”

“Block them and build shelters!”

A group of soldiers was building shelters from the furniture of the mall and surrounding vehicles quickly, confronting the weapons that suddenly “rebelled”. In the fierce gunshots, a howitzer blasted and burned all this. The signboard of Xinhua Bookstore on the street was shaken down.

Liu Hsiao Nan hurriedly hugged the child and fled, and there were screams of people getting shot behind her. The look of the female police officer was still very firm, and she felt numb to everything around her. Suddenly, she saw a circle of ripples on the dome!

“It’s an energy response! It’s the Hunter!”

Liu Hsiao Nan instantly remembered the man whose figure was like a shadow!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, pieces of gravel were blasted on the ground, and the raging firearms evaporated and vanished. The defending soldiers stayed for a while, and then they heard a voice from above:

“Don’t make unnecessary resistance. Please contact your headquarters quickly, mobilize all forces, and provide effective evacuation plans for the fleeing people. Don’t waste time, your command is simply numb.”


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