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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 76 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 76

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 76: Mechanical Army

The 1st first of the bunker time; at 11:27 a.m. on September 25th, 2017.

The location of the central AllSpark was unknown; the scattered AllSpark was being upgraded.

Xingyang Ancient Road, Xingyang District.

In the sunshine, a figure with a bow appeared on the roof of the mobile phone store, overlooking them.

The dark cloak fluttered with the wind, and Wang Ji held the dark bow on the platform of the high-rise building. The robe knitted with iron branches and dark feathers was shining in the sunlight. The clear fire burned around him, and the ninja mask covered his face under the hood, so his face could not be seen. Wang Ji’s voice was not loud, but it’s enough for the soldiers under the building to hear clearly.

“There are shelters in Xingyang District. Go there and take refuge.”

Wang Ji sounded indifferent.

At this time, it’s difficult for him to guarantee that he had no opinion on the troops. If the highest command of the military region could immediately launch the asylum plan, he could have rushed to North Sea Town in the first place.

But the situation he saw was not like this at all. The poor country stationed such a large number of troops here, but there’s no effective refuge plan at the emergency. He has been to all the districts in the city. The sloppy army was still doing things like blocking the guns with their chests, unintentional wandering and fleeing throughout the journey, and integrating the fleeing people. But the unplanned consequence was that they constantly bumped into raging guns, and the integrated crowds were immediately dispersed.

The command was a mess.

He waited for nearly half an hour, and even the nano bug flew back to perform the mission, cleaning up the firearms that raging across the city. But the command of the troops disappointed him. He once thought that the people in the military region were dead, but through the scanning of satellite maps, he could clearly see that although there were many people who died in the breakout of the seeds of disaster, there were still a few people alive.

Most of the dead should be ordinary soldiers, while the surviving minority was unarmed senior officers. What disappointed Wang Ji was that the survivors have taken refuge very efficiently and just simply forgot the city.

The three-foot-thick lead wall isolated everything from the outside world. If it weren’t for the gravitational lens combined with the deep scanning of the spy satellite, it would be difficult for Wang Ji to notice that they were still alive.

Wang Ji has remained silent, and it’s not important for him to understand this situation because he had no time to question these people.

“The policewoman is a local, she will take you to the shelter to take refuge.”

Wang Ji calmly said, turned and jumped off, accompanied by the creaking of his whole body, he turned into a storm crow and was ready to rush to North Sea Town. He has wasted much time. The impression that the army had given him when they controlled the city was completely disintegrated at this moment.

All commitment and self-confidence were jokes in the face of irresistible disasters.

“He is…”

The soldiers looked at the huge crow flying under the sun. This was the biggest bird they had ever seen in their lives. Liu Hsiao Nan, holding a child who had already been shocked, looked at the storm crow fly away. Some familiar voices made her think of a person, but she couldn’t care much then.

“I know that the shelter is nearby. Let’s organize the nearby people to take refuge quickly!”

Liu Hsiao Nan quickly said to the soldiers.

“Wait, the command has some news.”

As the leader, the commander was holding the contact in his hand. During dozens of minutes of massacres and escaping, he finally received the long-lost news.

“For the location of Xingyang District, please go to the refuge area No. 3 for refuge. The location is…”

“The location is in the south of Ancient Road, with the Qingshan lighthouse as the marker point, which is 3 kilometers under the mountain. Please organize the nearby people to evacuate quickly. According to the basic patrol configuration. All teams are equipped with thermal imagers. Please determine whether there is any infected weapon around with this instrument. Avoid casualties. The overall asylum plan will give priority to villages, mountain parks, and tourist attractions. Separate people and avoid concentration of mass casualties.”

Command, main control room.

Wang Si transmitted the information through the core computer rapidly and conveyed her pre-arranged evacuation plan to the special operation squads in the city patrol. Then she got up and pushed away the dead body on the seat next to her, activating the city alarm.

The harsh alarms rang through the city at this moment, even in the nearby towns and villages. The area covered by the alarm was large enough to spread throughout the protective film. The storm crow immediately landed on a building and returned to the human form. After waiting for the alarm to stop, a calm female voice appeared in the city broadcast.

“All the people please note that this is the third military region of western Yunnan. Our city has been invaded by the Preacher, and all the hot weapons have become the source of infection. Please be rational in the face of danger. Our troops will send you safely to refuge area to take refuge. In order to avoid unnecessary concentration of casualties, we will adopt a method of scattered evacuation. Please try your best to keep your mood stable. This is the last broadcast since I activated the base power. The following operations will be notified by the action group in the city separately.”

The broadcast was over.

“It’s her.”

Wang Ji was surprised. The sound he just heard was smooth and indifferent like a synthetic voice, but he could hear that the broadcaster was Wang Si.


Slightly surprised, Wang Ji turned on the walkie-talkie.

“This is the command. Please explain your situation. At present, our satellite can still monitor the city. Please tell us your identity and message, the number of squads, the number of people, and the area. I will choose an escape route for you. Over.”

Command room.

After Wang Si put down the intercom, she took out the satellite map and checked the situation in the whole city.

“I am the Hunter. There is no problem with your asylum plan. I will contact you at any time if there is a situation. There is no Preacher in this preaching war. You can be relieved that your enemy is simply a monster without thinking ability. In addition, I need to know the number of military equipment, armed helicopters and other armaments… over.”

Wang Ji stood on the high-rise building and looked at the map of the spy satellite. He always looked at the progress of the cleaning of the nano bug. He took the opportunity to ask about other armaments. He still remembered that experiment A has reminded him of the scattered AllSpark, he was always paying attention to it.

Command room.

Wang Si listened carefully to the Hunter’s voice and suddenly laughed. She replied by holding down the intercom. “I can’t answer you. This is not something I can understand. But I have to tell you about the situation. When I entered the command, all the tanks and martial helicopters in the military region have disappeared…”

Fffff… bang!

Wang Ji did not listen to what Wang Si said. A tall building in the city was collapsed in a sudden moment. On the high building, he turned his head and saw a violent explosion in the distant city. The smoke rose!

In the distant sky, several mechanical dragons flew over the ridge, and two guns at the corner of their mouth violently shot in the direction of the city entrance! From the propeller on the top of the dragon, Wang Ji could still judge that the monster should have been an armed helicopter. But now their shells have undergone dramatic deformation, turning into a very mechanical and beautiful dragon, launching a fierce gunfire and passing over the city!


The second explosion followed, the building in the city suddenly encountered a violent big explosion, and the smoke and mushroom cloud rose into the sky. But the explosion was not lasting for only a moment, but intensifying and bursting into flames after the first explosion!

In his sight, Wang Ji clearly saw that a huge cannonball shot from the corner of the street. A shopping mall turned into a fierce explosion. The smoke was everywhere, the gravel was flying, tanks were rolling over the main road, and the turret above was completely deformed, which was like a beast head with a huge barrel of caliber. The cannon was twisted, and a blue ball was shining under the black barrel, showing the shape of the stellar flame from the inside out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fire poured out without any breaks, the high-rise buildings instantly turned into nothing, the earth seemed to be torn, and the fire that gradually stopped became instantly violent. The seeds of disaster that showed the momentum of the mechanical army finally appeared. In Wang Ji’s sight, lines of information were also displayed on the gravitational lens at a rapid speed:

Capital A, two seeds of disaster dominated by the scattered AllSparks have been identified. They are Armed Helicopter Dragons and Artillery Goblins. Seeds of disaster with scattered AllSparks have strong ability to evolve and adapt to the environment. Its metal is in an active state and has the basic AllSpark capability of anti-phagocytic nano-robots. Please use the new nano bug carefully to avoid being damaged by the AllSpark.


The central AllSpark has detected the ability of the Wave-particle Duality you used; all seeds of disaster with scattered AllSparks will automatically start the AllSpark upgrade, and within 15 minutes, the defense capability against the dark beams will be upgraded. Please try to eliminate all kinds of seeds of disaster by this time.

From experiment A.

“I have to hurry to the energy field. The current beam load is less than 300 rounds.”

Wang Ji pointed his finger to the sky. When he just turned into a storm crow to rush toward North Sea Town, bad news came one after another, the second warning from experiment A was sent!


The central AllSpark has just passed the investigation of Armed Helicopter Dragons, confirming the location of your energy field. At present, the central AllSpark is taking control of the energy field and deciphering the information protection of the energy field. Once the central AllSpark controls the energy field, you will lose control of the protective film. Artillery Goblins will be upgraded to the high-ranked seeds of disaster “War Fortress” with the powerful energy of the force field, and they will clean up the entire civilized world!

After calculation, it takes 1 hour for the central AllSpark to decipher the energy field information protection currently; it starts counting down immediately. Please confirm the location of the central AllSpark as soon as possible and destroy it completely; there is currently no suitable third-party item support arriving. Capital A, you can directly apply for tree party item support, or find ways to guard the defense zone with all the knowledge and items you have at your disposal.

Professor Oak from another universe (the coordinate of his universe is 307.68.742) will arrive in your zone after 30 minutes. He has a battlefield mission to complete, please go to South Sea Town within 30 minutes to receive and complete the commissioned task of Professor Oak.

Note: Professor Oak will take an opportunity of the third-party item support in the current preaching war.

From experiment A.

“Tree party support? No! The information I have now is still far away. I have not found the hiding place of the central AllSpark. In this case, the support application for the tree party is too hasty. Once the problem occurs, my most important support will be aborted.”

Wang Ji looked at the dramatic changes on the spy satellite map, and the sudden warning did catch him off guard. But the more it was, the less he could panic. The seed of disaster was trickier than the three types he encountered before. The relevant information has not yet been proved. If he was in over his head, the consequences would be unimaginable!

The more critical the crisis, the more he should calm down. The storm crow took off and Wang Ji quickly reached the sky, overlooking and facing the encirclement of hundreds of Armed Helicopter Dragons!

“It takes 1 hour for the central AllSpark to occupy the energy field; it takes only 15 minutes for the scattered AllSpark to upgrade to resist the dark beams; the battlefield mission arrives in half an hour. Only the dark beams will be invalid… I am sure that there is room for maneuver, but life is irreparable. The mechanical army is increasingly invading the city. The first priority now is to attract firepower and fight for time!”


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