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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 77 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 77

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Translator: xjshengchen

PS: I’m sorry but the schedule of this novel will be reduced to 2 chapters per week. xjshengchen is really disappointed because he worked hard on translating this novel for several months and earned close to nothing, I don’t know how long he can keep that up. I also feel sorry for him because I was the one who recommended this novel to him. That’s all. Thanks for your reading.

Chapter 77: Gods

The 1st of the bunker time; at 11:35 a.m. on September 25th, 2017.

In the City.

The storm crow hovered in the sky, agilely kicking off the fire siege of five Armed Helicopter Dragons. Wang Ji rocked into the sky and swiftly rose above the height of the Armed Helicopter Dragons. His dark claws caught on the dark magic flame, and flew at it to ignite the dragon. The burning armor began to distort, and the propeller on the Armed Helicopter Dragon swayed madly, all the scales were opened, and the faint blue light was emitted from the gap.

“It should be the light of the AllSpark.”

Wang Ji faced it on its side, fluttering along an arc swiftly and avoiding the firepower of other Armed Helicopter Dragons. The bullets were shot into the high-rise buildings, the glass windows were smashed and the floors were pierced.


The storm crow turned fiercely and aimed at an Armed Helicopter Dragon which was left alone. He flew at it and tore off the propeller with his claws, and the Armed Helicopter Dragon which was flying up and down in the air struggled and fell quickly. When it was going to hit the ground, the scales on it back started to deform and the new propeller was generated immediately.

“So the AllSpark can control the regeneration of the metal. No wonder experiment A reminded me that I can’t use nano bug.”

Wang Ji landed on the tower crane of a tall building, and quickly changed back to the human body. He pulled the Wave-particle Duality, and he aimed at the Armed Helicopter Dragon which struggled because of the flame burning. The dark beam shot through its waist!

The violent blue light was emitted from the broken gap of the Armed Helicopter Dragon, and the dark magic flame in the outer layer quickly penetrated, and the steel armored reflective dragon exploded instantly!


A missile was fired from the fort on the front end of the Armed Helicopter Dragon, and the tower crane was blown away. Wang Ji jumped off from the dozen-story high-rise buildings. The cloak fluttered in the wind and turned into the storm crow again in the raging lightning. He took off. Above the sky, more and more Armed Helicopter Dragons joined the air battle!

The fierce gunfire continued to chase along the flight path of the storm crow. Wang Ji swept down quickly and rushed to an artillery goblin. As he was going to bump into it, he waved his claws, rose up, and threw the dark magic flame. The flame covered the body of the artillery goblin in an instant.


The following gunfire blew up the artillery goblin, and the pieces of steel and the blue light of the AllSpark poured into the ground.

“I can’t control the situation right now, and it’s hard for the remnants of the troops now to guide the refuge. I can only try to find ways to lead them away, and buy time for the refuge. As for the energy field, I can see through the spy satellite that there are a large number of Armed Helicopter Dragons and artillery goblins in North Sea Town, and it takes less than 5 minutes for scattered AllSpark to upgrade the resistance to beams. It is too late. I can only give up the energy field temporarily.”

The storm crow’s dark eyes were like two gems. Wang Ji saw more and more Armed Helicopter Dragons giving up destroying the city and killing the crowds, and they joined in besieging him. Even the artillery goblins walking on the ground raised the turrets to attack him.

He was therefore relieved.

For the entire campaign, Wang Ji had his own choices.

The destruction and casualties caused by seeds of disaster were too great. Wang Ji didn’t need the data statistics from experiment A. He could judge the number of casualties in the protective film only by the refreshing of the spy satellite map.

At least half of them died.

Wars and smoke have ravaged the city, and the escaping citizens and the remaining troops have not yet escaped danger. He must strive to attract more firepower and try to pin down the mechanical army composed of Armed Helicopter Dragons and artillery goblins in order to create greater chance to survive for them.

As for the energy field, Wang Ji saw the mechanical army there and the upgrade time of the scattered AllSpark against the dark beam through the spy satellite. Obviously, it’s impossible for him to recapture the energy field in a short time.

Therefore, whether he was willing or not, the rational choice was to give up.

“The outbreak is too sudden this time. I made serious mistakes in controlling the situation. If I can reach the energy field before the outbreak, I would rather turn those who died into slaves of the darkness than letting them die. But afterwards, it is useless to think about it. I should now clear my mind and prepare for the next step.”

Wang Ji constantly attacked and provoked the artillery goblins on the ground with the dark magic flame. In his mind, he also quickly filtered the information of the entire war.

It only took the weapon ghosts with the central AllSpark an hour to occupy the energy field. After one hour, the protective film disappeared and the weapon ghost will be upgraded to a war fortress. The time in this information was the farthest, and he should consider it last;

It only took 15 minutes to upgrade the scattered AllSpark of the ghost weapons to resist the beams, and the time would come soon, which meant that his dark beam has lost its effectiveness against the mechanical army, and it also indicated that his operation to regain the energy field must fail;

“The last one, after 20 minutes, I will get a battlefield commission. This commission should be the key point of coming back. This commission is handed over to me by a person named Professor Oak, and the task is estimated to be related to some scientific research. When it comes to scientific research, I used to do network engineering. I also have some opinions on the relationship between the central AllSpark and the scattered AllSpark, and their usefulness.”

Thinking about this, Wang Ji had a terrible idea. This idea was born from the god he controlled not long ago. He also clearly remembered that when he controlled God, a source that was not experiment A told him: Everything has echoes and everything can be enslaved.

Perhaps it’s not as simple as destroying the seeds of disaster in front of him. The position of the central AllSpark gave him the feeling that a ubiquitous ghost was wandering on the earth. But if it’s really omnipresent, then how could the dark beam that Wang Ji shot before not hitting it?

“Maybe, I just have to upgrade it to a war fortress. At least the name of the War Fortress sounds much higher than the presence of a weapon ghost.”

Wang Ji thought.

This was a way he found in the deadlock. If the enemy was invisible, then indulge it now and let it upgrade to a tangible form. The only dilemma of making such a choice was how to control a situation that was getting more complicated, and how to ensure that the final stability would not be out of control, which allowed the upgraded war fortress to attack the entire civilized world.

In this regard, Wang Ji has already thought of a solution!


The huge ballistic shadow passed through the chest of the storm crow, and the echoes predicted all the attacking orbits. Wang Ji dashed between the gunfire, covering the last group of escaping citizens who left the city.

The storm crow swooped across the tall buildings several times and was almost hit by the gunfire of the artillery goblin. No matter how fast Wang Ji flew, after all, he’s alone, which was indeed laborious to face such a large mechanical army.

“Soon, soon.”

Wang Ji rushed to the sky, and circled along the protective film for the last time. After confirming that most of the surviving people in the city had left the dangerous area, he rushed to the sky and began to attack the heavy containment of the Armed Helicopter Dragons. The lightning around his body sizzled, and the dark magic flame under the storm crow’s claws formed an ink-colored flame in the sky, intercepting the Armed Helicopter Dragons chasing after him!


Wang Ji smashed the intercepted Armed Helicopter Dragons with his storm crow body, and rushed out of the heavy encirclement. The broken metal and shredded armor fell, and Wang Ji flew high all the way, resisting the pain caused by the wound after the impact and trying his best to get rid of the chasing Armed Helicopter Dragons. He rushed out of the city in the fierce artillery fire and flew to the volcano.

“The wound will soon be restored by the natural power of the Cenarius horn. The speed of the chasing Armed Helicopter Dragons is not as fast as I am, let them chase me, and I’ll finish them when we get to the place.”

Through the echoes, Wang Ji clearly felt the chasing of dozens of Armed Helicopter Dragons behind him, letting them chase him. Wang Ji did not care. Immediately, he would call out the power to control the situation.

The 1st of the bunker time; at 12:01 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

The resistance of the scattered AllSpark to the dark beams has been upgraded; the seeds of disaster known to have scattered AllSparks were artillery goblins and Armed Helicopter Dragons;

The location of the central AllSpark remained unknown.

National Volcanic Geological Park.

Under the volcanoes, the smoky lakes were splashed by bullets, and the storm crow flew across the primitive forest toward the crater. Behind him, there were still more than a dozen Armed Helicopter Dragons chasing him with perseverance. It’s was almost noon, the sun shined on the outer armor of Armed Helicopter Dragons. The traces of bullets quickly extended from the sparkling lake to the shore. The mechanical scales of each Armed Helicopter Dragon’s shell began to agitate, and the blue light emitted from the gap was fascinating. Equipped with scattered AllSparks, they seemed to be independent individuals with endless ammunition.

But the chasing was about over.

In the crater.

The wings of the storm crow fell, the plump wings faded, the iron woven robe appeared, the cloaks fluttered, the black hair glowed with the rainbow, and the stars were falling in the eyes of Wang Ji, who was falling at a fast speed. The scene was displayed in a very small world, and then, after the full moon, it turned into a full moon of golden flame burning.

“My sleeping servant, tell me if you can still reproduce in that cold blood and be born in this world.”

The ancient resounds stirred up in his mind, and Wang Ji began to try to communicate with his sleeping servant. The lava was the cool blood of God, and the volcano was the tomb of God. Time seemed to stop at this moment. Then, in his heart, in the sea of thinking, the full moon burning with gold flame slowly rose and reflected in the world of Wang Ji’s thinking.


A golden beam emerged from Wang Ji’s eyes and fell into the crater that formed the crust. As Armed Helicopter Dragons also flew over the crater, the sun disappeared.

The earth fell into darkness. In the eastern sky, the shadow quickly began to cover the entire sky!


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