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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 82 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 82

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 82: War Fortress

The 2nd hour of the bunker time, at 12:25 p.m. on September 2017.

There are only 8 minutes left before the weapon ghost upgrade to war fortress.

Nan’an District.

Dropping from the sky, Cossettin was about to hit an armed helicopter dragon chasing the storm crow, the daring engineer stayed focus and immediately pressed the open button of the jetpack. Behind the backpack, a strong air flow was generated, Cossettin was pushed forward by the reaction force, and the toolbox was stuck on the propeller!

“Right now.”

Cossettin pressed the switch of the toolbox with his thumb, and a wrench fell out along the gap. He grabbed it and poked it forward. He successfully inserted it into the scales of the armed helicopter dragon. The AllSpark quickly turned from blue to red, and the out-of-control armed helicopter dragon fell from the sky fast.

“Leave it to you.”

Cossettin said, and the silver nano bug leaped into the scales of the armed helicopter dragon along his fingertips and went to the scattered AllSpark. Cossettin, who completed the action, jumped immediately and rose into the sky with the power of the jetpack.

“I have finished, start the nano bug mission!”

Cossettin shouted at the storm crow who was pinning down other armed helicopter dragons.


Wang Ji, who got the news, immediately mobilized the missions of the new nano bug, and related tips quickly were sent.

Capital A, your item, new nano bug, is upgraded to the AllSpark nano bug; with the ability to decompose AllSpark energy bodies, you can now choose the AllSpark nano bug mission.

From experiment A.

“Clear the seeds of disaster in the whole city.”
Wang Ji landed on the top of the high-rise building, and quickly issued the command after maintaining his balance. The outer armor of the armed helicopter dragon falling on the ground quickly passed away, and the scattered AllSpark with red light scatters in an instant, turning into a star-shaped igniting wind, and the armed helicopter dragons which surrounded Wang Ji were surrounded in the sky. The wind was blowing, and all the armed helicopter dragons disappear at this moment. Winds like Mars quickly spread in all directions along the streets and alleys. The ruthless artillery goblins and their own artillery disappeared in an instant, the situation quickly changed, and the seeds of disaster began to be cleaned on a large scale. At the same time, Wang Ji was keenly aware that the building under his feet seemed to be shaking slightly.

“It’s a war fortress, it’s coming soon!”

Cossettin yelled.

“Got it.”

Wang Ji looked glanced sideways, through the echoes of the perception, he found some traces left by the super film gliding constantly moving in his mind in the form of light and shadow. Subsequently, a message was sent immediately:

Capital A, you have a courier from afar, after getting the information quickly, please get to…

From experiment A

Wang Ji’s eyes looked at Guanyin Well. He did not carefully look at the item clues. He had already found the place where the items were transmitted through the perceptual echoes. “How can there be item support for no reason this time? There must be something happening.” Wang Ji quickly turned around and took out the master ball he obtained in advance.

“Catch it!”

Wang Ji threw the items into the sky and handed the master ball to his subordinate Hunter. “I am going to get an item support right now. The war fortress is about to appear. I’ve already told you how to deal with this battle through the tree party machine. Control the situation here, I will support you as soon as possible.

“Ok, ok.”

Cossettin, who caught the master ball, nodded hard, and Wang did not say much. He quickly turned into a storm crow and flew in the direction of Guanyin Well. At the same time, the vibration of the earth was becoming more and more fierce. In the center of the city, large pieces of masonry, streets, and reinforced concrete began to be metalized rapidly. Under the sunlight, there was a breathtaking silver light. “I have to leave a message in the sky quickly to apply for support.” Cossettin was spaced out, and the Sky quickly simulated in his mind. The engineer quickly left his words, explained the situation, and called his own world to give him support. “If it succeeds, this should be the first time that the Warband has finished the weapon ghosts. Our model here can be extended to other worlds in the future.”

Cossettin whispered.

Guanyin Well.

On the roof of the Devil’s Bar rental building, the storm crow turned back to his human body. After Wang Ji quickly walked over to a water pipe, he picked up the gloves he was familiar with and a letter with a very familiar handwriting.

Capital A, you got the item “explosive gloves” which was sent to you by the hell smuggler, and the letters he gave you.

Wang Ji craftily put on the gloves and quickly opened the envelope to read the letter.

Capital A:

This is the third transaction; you have to give something better to me. Don’t complain, nothing comes for free. You still have no strength at all to get what I really need. I talked about you with the independent Hunter 4000 years ago. I’m glad that the timeline has been entangled for 4,000 years and there’s finally an independent Hunter appearing again in a certain universe. They have given you high hopes. A Hunter who can come out of the dimensional breaks is a miracle in any era.

Also, I have to remind you, in addition to my courier, the national government in your world also sent you an “express delivery”. In your cultural context, I think you must know what is being delivered, a nuclear bomb. It will arrive about 30 seconds after you lose the energy field. There is no doubt that it will be swallowed by the War Fortress and turned into the energy of the seeds of disaster. So you should know how to do it.

From the devil smuggler

Gomorrah, 1902 B.C.

This letter is translated by experiment A.

“Energy field!”

Wang Ji turned, took off, turned into a storm crow, and quickly rushed to the energy field. The arrival of the nuclear bomb did not surprise him, but he did not expect that it would be during the preaching war. Between the haste, Wang Ji could only hurry to rush to the energy field. The explosion gloves have been sent, the time to recapture the energy field arrived!

Through the gravitational lens, Wang Ji quickly sent a message to his subordinate Hunter:

I will go back to regain the energy field; within 30 seconds after the emergence of the war fortress, the missiles of our country’s government will arrive in the city. I have already handed over the use of the AllSpark nano bug to you. Act accordingly and pay attention to safety.

Capital A

“Also, now is the time to use the last strength of the Garden of Eden, now it is time to do it!”

Wang Ji used the spell to sense the Garden of Eden in the super volcano. During the time when he was busy flying back and forth, the speed of the disappearance of the dimensional breaks continued to accelerate. Until now, the shadow could only cover the area of the National Volcanic Geological Park. Immediately, even the park could not be completely covered.

In the same city, the engineer, Cossettin, received the message immediately.


Cossettin quickly stopped flying the jetpack and froze in the air, looking at the large-scale high-rise buildings and shopping malls in the center of the city begin to collapse and the silver metal begins to engulf the earth. From the center, a huge bulge gradually rose from the ground, and the masonry cement was transformed into silver metal. Ordinary vehicles were constantly deformed.

The workload of the AllSpark nano bug has also increased.

“It’s a nuclear bomb. This world is in 2017, and it’s not surprising that China has a complete nuclear weapon program at this time.”

Cossettin’s eyes were twinkling and he quickly filtered the information in his mind.

“But nuclear weapons will certainly be swallowed up by war fortress. Its energy will speed up the outer defense and central closure of war fortress. It will be short in time. Once it has absorbed the energy of nuclear missiles, it is really unreasonable. Is it the best choice to recapture the energy field at this time?”

The young German engineer has questioned this. Although he has just started his job, he has been meticulous. Before he supported, he had fully understood the information in the Sky and cooperated with another world to deal with the weapon ghosts successfully, which was promoted to all Hunters in the Sky.

But now, the problems in this world have made him in over his head, the disappearing dimensional and the nuclear strike of the national government were completely beyond his expectations.



In the center of the city, the raging seeds of disaster were constantly resurrected from any existing machinery and electrical appliances. The earth shook and the city collapsed. At the dusty and smoky moment, a huge number of sly monsters were drilled from the ground, and mad thorns were raging in the ruins, shredding all the seeds of disaster around them.

The battle began to become extremely fierce in a short period of time. At the height where Cossettin was floating in the sky, he could clearly see that the ruins and the smoke-filled everywhere, the plants with horrific appearances were armed with guns, smashing the transformed seeds of disaster with terribly huge vines.

Cossettin was speechless, looking at black smoke rising from everywhere in the ruined city, and he felt shocked from the bottom of his heart. The nano bug were all over the city, swallowing a large number of transformed metals at an alarming rate. Although they were fast, they never caught up with the metal transition of war fortresses.

A green tree on the side of the street turned into silver in an instant. The resurrected metal began to deform rapidly. A large number leaves on silver-colored trees flew like bullets, and a huge plant monster around it lifted its huge rhizome, smashing that metal tree.

This kind of confrontation quickly spread everywhere, the ruins in the city began to shatter, the ruins were separated. In the smoke, the integrated metal ground spread in an order, a huge metal city began to float slowly, and the metal at the edge assembled quickly into forts.

The earth shook, a huge war fortress began to float, the outer armor broke constantly, and the silver-wing aircrafts roared out of the fortress! At the same time, the protective film in the sky quickly disappeared after several flashes. Only in the direction of the volcanic geological park, a dark shadow could be seen. Like a bonfire in the wind, it continued to exist.

The disappearance of the protective film, the beginning of conquering the earth!


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