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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 83 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 83

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 83: Into the Wall

The 2nd hour of the bunker time, at 12:33 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

The war fortress was born.

After 130 seconds, the nuclear missile attack would arrive.

North Sea Town.

Because the remnant of the mechanical army spared from the urban area has surrounded Mrs. Isa’s Mansion, all the surrounding dwellings were flattened during the patrol. The approaching storm crow immediately attracted the firepower of the legion. Wang Ji flexibly shuttled through the fire, avoiding the volatility of the cannonballs with the echoes.

He would know the enemy’s trajectory first.

“The number of armed helicopter dragons is 18; the number of artillery goblins is 35; priority is given to air superiority, destroy their propellers and then eliminate them on land.”

Wang Ji, who quickly formulated the strategy, suddenly dived, and his claws tore the propeller of the top of the armed helicopter dragon apart, and then quickly rushed to the next one. The artillery fire was raging, and no bullets could touch his body.

In the meanwhile, the super fortress has slowly lifted off, revealing a sly appearance. The fighter aircrafts of the fortress have also begun to take off in a dense way, and they have started the journey of conquering the earth like a silver wing!

“Those Bloody Road Flowers should be able to survive, as long as they pin it down in the protective film range before I regain the energy field.”

Wang Ji, who was confident, shredded the armed helicopter dragon in front of him. The raging dark magic flame immediately invaded the interior of the armor, and all the armed helicopter dragons were shot down in a moment. “Start cleaning up.”


The storm crow landed. Wang Ji, who was transformed into a human body with the attack of a shell, swiftly rolled forward, facing the huge artillery goblin in front of him. While avoiding the shell explosion, he opened his palms in the explosive gloves, slapping the artillery goblin in front of him!


Boom, boom, boom…

Violent explosion began to resound in the city of North Sea Town.

Seeing that the protective film disappeared, Cossettin pressed the backpack button and began to give orders to the AllSpark nano bug through the tree party machine. He was spaced out and caught in a short memory.

Unlike the rumors about the skeptical Hunters he heard at the university, the superior Hunter he met had chosen to trust him in all aspects when the situation was critical. In the city, he got the chance to solo so easily.

The young intern Hunter took a deep breath and calmed down to order the task to the AllSpark nano bug. He knew that his responsibility was not small. As the highest-rated student at the school, he had to pick the weapon ghosts that the Warband still hadn’t cracked it as the first battle of his intern Hunter career.

“Control an armed helicopter dragon, simulate the AllSpark, I am going to the core of the war fortress!”

His order was issued!
Less than five seconds later, an armed helicopter dragon with red light emitted from the gap of its scales landed from the sky. Cossettin converted the jetpack into a traditional branding to hide it, catching the tail of the dragon in the sky and climbing the back of the dragon. At the same time, a distant burning live wire in the distant sky was thrown, a dark missile hit the earth. The target pointed to the city center, where the war fortress was floating!

Keeping his ten fingers crossed, he held the live wire and he waited for the landing of the nuclear missile.

Nan’an District.

“After crossing the bridge, I prefer the bomb shelter in Xiaojinshan, there is depth…”

Wang Si’s voice from the walkie-talkie was calm and crisp as always. The chief of staff sat on the edge of the desolate ruins and watched the emergence of the skyfire. He knew that it was finally here. Behind him, all the officers who had escaped from the military region with him were all sitting, and no one was hiding back into the bomb shelter.

Staying to pass the war message?

No need, Beijing has already known the information they knew through the satellites. What they didn’t know will soon be buried deep in the nuclear shadow under this land. The only belief that could make them survive was the family members, and now they felt guilty for their families, their motherland, and their people.

All the embarrassment has made such a calm death.

“Do you find out that the protective film has disappeared? I have been guessing that the protective film is controlled by the Hunter. Now I believe it more firmly. He canceled the protective film probably because it’s better for us to hit the target. And it is a coincidence that that target has appeared.”

Li Nian, the chief of staff, calmly analyzed. What he meant was the huge war fortress that rose in the center of the city.

“Kids, leave, you don’t need to do this.”

Suddenly, he said and burst into tears. Turbid tears slipped from his wrinkles. He has explained what he should explain and issued the orders he should issue. But no one prevented the youth from going to the battlefield because they could not hear it. Deep guilty was burst again after hearing the calming schedule through the walkie-talkie.

“Brother Wang, I am sorry.”

He looked down and looked at the walkie-talkie in his hand.

Provincial road.

“We get the information; we will immediately rush to the refuge.” Commander Chu replied to the command from the headquarters exhaustedly, put down the walkie-talkie, and continued to escape from the city with the people who fled and walked on the provincial road. “Look!” At this moment, a sudden voice appeared from the crowds. Commander Chu suddenly turned back, saw the direction of the distant city. A huge mechanical floating island was constantly rising, shining silver in the sun. In the distant sky, a black spot was continually approaching the city!

“It’s a missile!”

Commander Chu’s pupils suddenly shrank. He had heard that the rocket would make final preparations for it. He originally thought it was just a popular legend in the army, and a gossip. But he didn’t think that the legend was not a fake. Then he saw the disappearance of the protective film.

“Bunker! Find a bunker!”

Some soldiers began to scream and yell like going crazy, but on the vast provincial road, where are the bunkers to accommodate and protect them? People who took refuge were caught in a strange silence, and the chaos that had been difficult to suppress had disappeared at a moment. No one spoke, no one escaped. They all looked at the approaching dark spot and it’s too late, and they couldn’t escape anyway.

No. 3 refuge area.

When the soldiers took turns to leave the refuge area to check the city, Liu Hsiao Nan took the initiative to join them. Just below the Qingshan Lighthouse, she looked at the mechanical fortress in the far sky begin to split. At the same time, a missile flew out from the sky, rushing to the mechanical fortress!

“Go back!”

The patrolman began to run, while Liu Hsiao Nan stood still.

“Run! That is…”

“It’s useless.”

Liu Hsiao Nan whispered, “Our weapons are useless to it. It has been proved at the very beginning.” When these words were just uttered, the missile has already fallen into the center of the city. With a whistling sound, it fell into the gap of the machinery. In an instant, the armor on the gap was repaired and closed, and the entire mechanical fortress was violently shaken!

Later, its body shape began to skyrocket, the body armor could not stop emitting blue light. The light was so strong that it’s glaring across several kilometers! As if the actual beam of light went, the speed of full metallization skyrocketed, and the metal frenzy instantly rushed to the stubborn plant monster!

“It’s now!”

Keeping waiting, Cossettin quickly put on the goggles and drove armed helicopter dragon to rush up. However, when he was just approaching, the violent artillery immediately poured out. The turrets almost instantly popped from the outer layer of the fortress, which was so violent that the engineer had to withdraw immediately. He couldn’t get close to the fortress!

“… In this case, there is no way to get close to the fortress, and I can’t use the supporting items. I have to think of other ways!”

The engineer immediately opened the toolbox, and a drone flew out from it, flying around him at a maximum radius of 500. The front end of the drone was equipped with a light tube that illuminated the faint red light. Cossettin grasped the armed helicopter dragon, fighting with the silver-wing fighter aircrafts rushing out of the fortress. He gritted his teeth and approached those fighter aircrafts.


The light bulb at the front of the drone was irradiating. After a silver-wing fighter aircraft was shot, it immediately turned its direction and began to attack other fighter aircrafts around.

“The thing that the political commissar gave me is really useful. I will control more, then blow up the fortress with a bang and rush in to get the central AllSpark!”

Cossettin thought. The support from the world was really effective at the key moment. With the item given by the political commissar, he still had the confidence to complete the mission.

At this moment, the message from his superior Hunter on the tree party machine was reflected in his mind:

Let it continue, don’t stop it.

Capital A.


Cossettin was shocked.

Mrs. Isa’s Mansion, North Sea Town.

In the underground energy field, erratic electric light was polluted into faint blue, Wang Ji stood in the center of the energy field, monitoring the situation of the entire battlefield through satellite map quietly. Of course, he could also clearly see how his subordinate Hunter fought. After all, the scanning effect of the gravitational lens was far from comparable to the original multi-function glasses.

Capital A, do you want to regain the power of the energy field immediately? As the original owner of the civilized heritage, you can decipher the password protection of the war fortress from inside immediately.

From experiment A.

Experiment A has sent the request again.

“hold on.”

Wang Ji said indifferently.

On the satellite map, the war fortress that completely smashed the plant frenzy flew high, and began to breathe flames under the fortress. The acceleration in the layers increased its speed. During the constant acceleration, it began to drive northeast. Escorted by the dense silver-wing fighter aircrafts, and the fortress began its journey to conquer the civilization.


Wang Ji began an inexplicable countdown.


The war fortress was going full throttle and accelerating.

Wang Ji measured the spatial distance of the protective film.

“Occupy the energy field, recharge the protective film, and land in the original range.”

Wang Ji gave the order calmly.

In the sky above the edge of the town, a layer of protective film suddenly enveloped the sky, dividing the world into two halves. Dozens of silver fighter aircrafts were instantly cut in half, and those that had already flown out of the protective film also lost control of the central AllSpark at this moment, hitting the protective film!


The huge accelerating mechanical fortress crashed into the transparent wall. Under the powerful force, the front end of the fortress began to fall apart, and the subsequent fortress part continued to squeeze it up!


Cossettin, who was accompanying him, grabbed his hair with his hand and looked at the scene in front of him inconspicuously. He was confused. “This is not the strategy we discussed! It has fallen before I have the chance to fight.”


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