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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 84 - Zenith Novels

The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 84

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Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 84: End of the War

The 2nd hour of the bunker time, at 12:40 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

The war fortress collapsed; the subordinate Hunter was performing the final collection task;

National Volcanic Geological Park.

The shadow caused by the dimensional breaks was like a candle in the wind, and the body of the Guardian stood inside this shadow and seemed to be in over its head. Wang Ji stood in the crater and used the runes to summon his servant. Later, a golden beam emerged from the cooled volcanic rock reflected in Wang Ji’s eyes. After the forming a sun in his pupil, the golden flame was burned.


The guardian made a low voice, disappeared with the mountain wind in the volcanic group, and the shadow that shrouded the world disappeared.

“Cossettin should already collect the central AllSpark now.”

Wang Ji thought, turned and glanced at Lily, who stood in the woods and looked at himself. Because of her appearance, it’s shrouded by the darkness. This witch never walked in the light, even if she traveled, she took a dark world. “The Psychiatrist said that you were close to God and then leave safely. I have always been very curious about how you carry the wisdom of God.”

Lily leaned against the tree and calmly lit a cigarette.

“I used the spell to control God.”

Wang Ji jumped off from the crater, and the Wave-particle Duality in his hand overflowed with a layer of colorless energy to wrap him, and beam conflict landed smoothly.

“What did you say?” Lily asked in surprise.

“As a result, I don’t know that God was born to enslave everything. When he was enslaved by the curse, he was no longer a god, so the dimensional breaks disappeared. The Garden of Eden you mentioned will be no longer to be formed. This is the case, don’t ask about something like why I am not crazy. In short, I can’t imagine how I am going crazy now.”

Wang Ji knew the purpose of Lily’s coming. He’s also said everything he could say. He didn’t say anything he has not figured out. Lily came to herself, turned her head, and took out a letter from behind. “This is what the Psychiatrist gave you. You didn’t take it before. Now it seems that \you have stabilized the situation. Take a look. He is applying for your subordinate Hunter now.”

“It’s mentioned on the item.”

Wang Ji replied, and he opened the letter.

Capital A:

Hello. First of all, thank you very much for your help. You gave my world a new life. Then, I need to say something, lest you misunderstand.

I am not begging you to forgive me for being out of the game. In fact, I didn’t forget myself. As the most powerful Hunter at the time, you were naturally the target of my attack. Killing you was the most promising solution to the fundamental problem. Of course, in the final conversation with you, I didn’t deny that I still bury a trap because I want to apply to become your subordinate Hunter, so I have to say it clearly. For a person who has helped me, at least I should let him know what kind of person I am. My defense area is currently facing a very embarrassing situation. My superior Hunter abandoned me and this zone, and my independent test ended because of your assistance, but I’m not your subordinate Hunter.

As the most sensible choice, I will apply for your subordinate Hunter. After all, you are a Hunter who comes out of the dimensional breaks. If choosing you as a superior Hunter, it’s definitely the best choice. All my knowledge and items will also be handed over to your supply team. You can choose the knowledge and items you need from those. If necessary, I will also listen to your call, making the defense united into a line of defense and fight together. After all, there are more than 400,000 people who have survived here, and they can be used as backup human resources. Three days later, I will arrive at your defense area for a visit. You can talk about your thoughts.

May you do well in the preaching war.

The Psychiatrist

“I guess he would apply to become your subordinate Hunter soon.”

Looking at Wang Ji put down the letter, Lily asked. “What do you think, I heard Rodin said that the Psychiatrist was not easy to deal with, and his original superior Hunter had suffered more than one loss because of him.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a strategic resource.”

Wang Ji put away the letter and he said indifferently. “You stay here during this preaching war. Are you not ready to leave now? If that is the case, then there are no new items to exchange, right?”

“I haven’t found the equivalent of your blood for the time being.”

Lily shook her head. “Blood is the equivalent of the soul, you let God sleep in your soul. But your body is still yours, so your blood is a little bit expensive, I have to go back and prepare. Like Rodin, maybe you have to wait for the end of your next preaching war to find the right socialite. I will be relieved to know about these things about you. Stay alive, and there’s plenty of time to return my favor.”

Lily finished, she stepped back and disappeared into the dark fog, and the fog that filled the forest disappeared.

“She’s probably worrying?”

Wang Ji said to himself. He saw Lily’s face very clearly, and it’s not a frank and reassuring idea. He didn’t want to think too deep about it, and it was useless anyway. Seeing that the protective film has not disappeared yet, he turned into a storm crow and went to the place where the war fortress collapsed to find Cossettin.

The edge of the protective film.

Countless mechanical bones were listed in the forest. The huge fortresses crushed the trees and houses of a square kilometer. The split fortress breaks were exposed, surrounding the core, and a layer of blue light was shrouding. The jetpack was thrown aside, and next to the engineer’s feet was an open toolbox. Cossettin continually clicking the outer layer of the light curtain with a wrench and used a laptop to crack it.

The war fortress has been unable to recover. The energy supply of the energy field has been lost. When the nuclear missile was absorbed, it’s all used for internal upgrading. Now the central AllSpark had no energy available, and the outer layer password protection would be deciphered sooner or later. However, the occupation and repair of a building required only a moment for Cossettin, but it’s a bit difficult to crack the password now.

“The value is wrong, should I change the algorithm?”

Cossettin turned and re-tuned the laptop.

In the sky.

The storm crow landed from the sky and returned to his human body.

Wang Ji looked at the huge wreckage of the war fortress and asked him. “Why, haven’t you arrested it yet?”

“There’s a password lock, it takes a little time for me to solve it.” Cossettin was tuning the computer without turning his head, and replied casually.

“It’s too inefficient. I’ll do it.”

Wang Ji reached out and touched the metal near the core of the War Fortress with the explosive gloves. Cossettin unintentionally turned back and hurriedly stopped. “No, the explosion will only provide energy to it, and the algorithm will be more complicated!”


Wang Ji nodded and promised, took off the explosive gloves, spread his hand, and a small hammer with an ugly appearance appeared in his hand.

“Give a way for me.”

He pushed his own subordinate Hunter aside, waved the hammer and smashed the light layer, and the collision area burst into a dazzling light. With a bang, numbers of 0 and 1 immediately appeared on the protective light layer of the central AllSpark. The light curtain was cracked

“The algorithm is correct.”

Behind the light curtain, the light ball that emitted the blue light uttered a voice hint, and the external light began to dim, indicating that the energy consumption reached a very high level. Cossettin was stunned. Why is the algorithm correct?

“Master Ball.”

Wang Ji ordered.

“Right now.”
Cossettin threw out the fairy ball, and the ball was wide open on the ground. The rays emitted shrouded the central fire and quickly collected it.

Later, the information was sent to Wang Ji through the experiment A: all the red targets on the satellite map were cleared; you collected the central AllSpark; Capital A, you won the preaching war: the battle completion degree 2/5 (1. The city has energy facilities with the lowest energy level √; 2. Civilization defense success √; 3. Eliminate all invasive seeds of disaster; 4. Hunt all the Preachers)

Chances of zone material support +2:

From experiment A

Capital A, aiming at the weapon ghosts you encountered this time, the allies of the two civilized worlds have negotiated with you and made great contributions to your defense of the zone and the destruction of the seeds of disaster. Your success means that the Warband successfully cracks the threat of weapon ghosts and includes its information.

Thank you for your contribution to the Warband in your civilization. The Warband will provide you with an opportunity of city material support.

The Warband

Capital A, the protective film will be closed within ten minutes, when the bunker time is officially over, please be prepared to deal with the identity test. Your city has suffered serious casualties after the preaching war. Please master the family relationship and communicate with the national government. It is best to ensure that your defense zone continues to support.

The binding of the super film transport channel must be a city; if the population is below 100,000, the city will be disqualified. For example, if the population of your defense zone is below 100,000 before the next preaching war, the binding of the super film transport channel will be judged as a failure, and the Preacher will be free to choose the city for preaching and attacking.

From experiment A

“Three times of material support opportunities, I have accumulated four times before.”

Wang Ji thought about it, and then asked Cossettin. “When you came, have you eaten?” “Ah?” The latter did not think that Wang Ji would ask this question, and then replied. “Of course, I came after eating dinner at home.”

“Then let’s rest at the energy field.”

Wang Ji said. “Ten minutes later, the protective film will disappear. At that time, our government will intervene in the defense zone for the second time. In fact, I should communicate with them last time, but the disaster was not serious enough. At most, the scale of casualties was like the nuclear test failed. I am afraid that they can’t pay attention to it. Now, in the case of this city, they should see it through the satellite. The weapon ghosts help me to some extent, but the cost is too high. And the intent of the Preacher is still not clear.”

Saying this, Wang Ji couldn’t help guessing the enemies that he might encounter in his next preaching war. Mastering such a powerful seed of disaster, the Preacher should be very strong, right?

“I didn’t even hear that after I came back, the Preacher this time was not the same as the last conceited guy. He didn’t send any attack notice to humans before the attack. It’s the trickiest to completely hide his information.”

Ten minutes later, the bunker time was over and the country’s reconnaissance planes appeared in the sky above the ruins.


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