The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 88

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Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 88: Foggy Township

Mrs. Isa’s Mansion.


After playing the game, Cossettin carefully walked over the corridor and approached Wang Ji’s room. At the cracks in the door, the overflowing golden light became clearer, as if a little golden rune was flowing. Cossettin put his ear on the door and listened carefully to the movement inside.


Cossettin opened his eyes. “Didn’t he close the window?”

Cossettin suspiciously pressed the door handle and pushed the door open. At this moment, the light in the room rushed out, and the endless sacred radiance was spreading.

Cossettin couldn’t help but look at it.

The golden light in the room flashed everywhere, and the golden grass out of nowhere was swaying on the floor. Wang Ji was lying in bed and sleeping like a dead man, and behind his bed was a strange tree standing in the room. The leaves were blooming, and the rich divine glow was scattered.

Suddenly, Cossettin felt a pair of eyes open in the darkness. Then, in front of Wang Ji’s bed, a shadow wearing a burning golden armor appeared, carrying a fiery blade, and a pair of burning eyes stared at him.

“Ex, excuse me.”


Cossettin closed the door and sat down in the hallway weakly. His forehead burst into a cold sweat and his back was cold. In front of him, endless dark tides began to emerge. In the dark forest, there seemed to be countless terrible eyes staring at him, and his consciousness quickly fell into the edge of collapse.

“Commissioner, commissioner.”

Cossettin tried his best and tumbled back to his room. He was already spaced out. He was groping around like a blind man, looking for his own toolbox, and his shoulders trembled as if he felt cold.

“Commissioner, commissioner.”

He whispered, madly knocked down the vase, and horrible brown hair gradually grew on his palms.


The hairy hands hit the toolbox box on the table and the box opened, a drone flew out immediately. The front-end tube illumined Cossettin, who fell down, and showed the red light.

For a moment, the brown hair on the hands of the engineer who fell to the ground gradually faded, and the absent-minded pupils re-agglomerated.


Cossettin took a deep breath and sat up, his clothes were soaked with sweat. He looked back at the drone and made a gesture of salute. “Thank you, commissioner. Thank you, commissioner.” He said weakly. “I almost die. This is more horrible than the political control test of the commissioner. Oh, no more than knocking on his door, I’m freaking out…”


The sleeping body gradually recovered its vitality. Wang Ji slowly opened his eyes and his body temperature began to recover. The reminder of experiment A began to appear in front of his eyes:

After a long night of study, your control over the Dark Ranger has improved.

Current learning process;

Silent magic (level 9 and Sylvanas is 18);

Dark Arrows (level 9 and Sylvanas is 18)

Life Capture (level 13 and Sylvanas is 18);

Charm (level 7 and Sylvanas is 18);

Notice: The Super Subway Station has been built and the location has been marked on the satellite map.

From experiment A.

“The efficiency is higher than the last time.”

Wang Ji rubbed his hair and got down the bed to look at the time. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning. Another hour later, it would be the time he agreed with the military. “I can imagine that there will be no sleep in Beijing tonight.” Wang Ji whispered.

The screen of the mobile phone on the bed cabinet was lit, and a headline news was displayed on the notice bar. The public protest became the hottest news. The slogan “Kill the Hunter, blood for blood!” was on the image. Without delving into it, he knew that the government was now facing a lot of pressure.

He has expected it, otherwise he would not communicate with the public as a Hunter. His appearance would only be the target of the people, and the Preacher’s message should not be underestimated. Wang Ji was not stupid enough to argue with those who have lost their minds.

“I now have the identity of being kidnapped to cover up my identity as a Hunter, I should focus on being a Hunter and cooperating with the government. It is difficult for her. If the situation is growing like this, the media will focus on her sooner or later. The family of a calm hero in the protective film was kidnapped by the Hunter. If such information breaks out, it will be difficult for her.”

Wang Ji thought about it. He was thinking about the situation of his sister Wang Si. This woman was indeed very unusual, but what she chose to do was undoubtedly dragged her troubles to herself. In addition, the international situation has become extremely complicated. Now he could imagine that the situation was in chaos.

“I should let them take care about that, no matter how terrible the violence is in the outside world, I can’t do anything alone.”

The Wang Ji, who thought of this, gave up the attention to the outside world, got up and washed his face, put on a casual sport suit, tied the shoelaces, and fixed his collar. He then went to knock on Cossettin’s door.

He knocked on the door twice, and Cossettin, who was sleepy, rubbed his eyes and opened the door. He was snoring, and he asked. “You get up so early, what happens?”

“Wash your face, then go to have breakfast.”

Wang Ji said and he had put on the ninja mask.

“Where to eat, it’s a ruin outside. Didn’t we get the grain yesterday? It would be nice to have some instant noodles.”

Cossettin said and he yawned again. Wang Ji shook his head and said. “The super subway station has been built. Our government here will contact me unilaterally by 8 o’clock. Don’t delay time. Pay attention to my current words, this is an order. I don’t want my subordinate Hunter to be a lazy people who can’t get up in bed, if you want to drag me, I would rather be alone.”

“Okay, okay.”

Cossettin turned and changed clothes, Wang Ji went to the “office” and settled the items he needed to bring. As he just left, Cossettin quietly followed him to the door and observed his back.

“Doesn’t he feel that he has anything wrong with him?”

Cossettin muttered in his mind.

“Don’t peek at me, change your clothes quickly.”

Wang Ji uttered a sentence without turning his head, which scared Cossettin, he thought he had eyes on the back of his head. In the office, in addition to the traditional branding, Wang Ji put all his items on the table. The 6 traditional brandings were: moonlight cloak, Wave-particle Duality, Cenarius horn, holy light bomb, charger, and Yan Wang’s wisdom. The items that could be worn were the gravitational lens, the fallen badge, the exorcism powder. The plant seeds in the back garden and the useless wand were temporarily unavailable. He has given his subordinate Hunter the jetpack.

“The useless wand will be temporarily placed in the toy box. If Isaac needs it, there is nothing wrong with it. I will write a letter to him. The plant seeds in the back garden are used to grow sunflowers and make energy fields. After the city material support is confirmed, I’ll plant it.”

Wang Ji opened the drawer, took an envelope and a postcard, and wrote a letter to Isaac.


Thanks for helping me last time, this is really important for me to get started. This useless wand for casting is temporarily placed in the toy box. In the future, I will put items that I can’t use for a while in the toy box. If you need it, just take it.

Capital A

September 26th, 2017.

After writing the letter, Wang Ji got up and opened the toy box, putting the envelope and all the items into it. The huge, useless wand passed through the bottom of the dark box, as if it had reached into a different space.

“I’m ready.”

At the door, Cossettin knocked on the door with a toolbox in his hand.

“Go.” Wang Ji got up.

At 7:30 in the morning.

The storm crow passed through the ruins and scorched earth, landing outside the newly built subway station. From the outside, the entrance to the new subway station wasn’t different from that in the past. It’s this ordinary look that helped it hide. Wang Ji stood at the station and waited for a moment. Cossettin flew down and took away the jetpack.

“I flew too slowly, letting the troops see me coming here,” Cossettin said embarrassedly.

“That’s just alright, they will come over to the interview directly.” Wang Ji did not care about this, and entered the station along the stairs. Across two blocks, a moment later, a military vehicle stopped at the entrance. The chief of staff, Li Nian, got out of the car, looked around the ruins, shook his head, and entered the station alone. The lights in the underground plaza were bright. The city was already out of power. The brightness of the subway station made Li Nian alert. He walked along the passage to the end, suddenly, a radio rang.

The subway from the defense zone to the Atlantic City defense zone will arrive at the station in one minute. Passengers please pack up and get ready to board the subway.

“Atlantic City Defense Zone?”

Li Nian was a little surprised. He remembered that Atlantic City was in the United States.


In the direction of the waiting room, a voice suddenly stopped him.

Li Nian turned his head and found that two figures in the empty waiting room were waiting. He quickly fixed his uniform and stepped forward. “About your proposal, we went through discussions last night…”

“We’ll talk on the subway.” Wang Ji said.

“We agreed to cooperate.”

Li Nian was patient with the temper. He carefully observed the two people in front of him. One looked like a foreigner, with an engineering cap and a toolbox. The one who talked to him was wearing a mask. From his outlines and eyes, he was identifiable to be Asian, and his voice was the same with the voice last night.

He should be very young, at least judging from what he’s wearing.


As the train whistle resounded in the tunnel, the following cymbal sound came, and Li Nian asked subconsciously. “Is this train to Atlantic City defense zone?” “Yes, since we reached a consensus. Then, of course, you can look at the construction of other defense zones. Get ready to get on the train, don’t be nervous, I am also getting on the train for the first time.”

Wang Ji said and got up. He waited for the train to stop, and he was the first one who went up, followed by Cossettin, who was familiar with trains. Li Nian, the chief of staff, hesitated and followed them.

As the door closed, the train slowly started and sailed into the dark tunnel. Li Nian glanced at the waiting point outside the window in the end. As the train speeded up, the window quickly turned into darkness. Then, the vast starry sky suddenly appeared on the window, the beautiful stars flashed, Li Nian’s heart was beating hard, and he turned to look at the two people in the same car as he pretended to be calm.

One closed his eyes, and the other was calmly reading the newspaper.

The broadcast sounded at this time: the train entered the super film channel. Next stop, Foggy Township.

“Foggy Township?”

On the train, Wang Ji opened his eyes.



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