The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Civilization Heritage Exploration

“Aren’t we going to Atlantic City?” Cossettin also put down the newspaper and was surprised by the broadcast. The two looked at each other and received information from the tree party machine at the same time:

Capital A, you and your subordinate Hunter, Cossettin, have triggered the exploration mission of the civilization heritage, which is involved with the construction of the defense line. When you arrive at the foggy township, you will get the mission by default. If you don’t get off the train within one minute, you will continue to move forward by default. The train will continue to Atlantic City defense zone, and the mission will be missed forever.

Note: As a tactical choice, your Hunter squad can choose to leave the superior Hunter alone to complete the mission. Subordinate Hunters are not qualified to complete the mission alone.

Exploration Mission: Foggy Township

Mission Difficulty: 2 stars

Mission Background: In the last century, the Second World War raged on Chinese soil. An Air Force soldier from the United States had international support for the war against the Fascist in southern Yunnan. In the case of language barriers and tight material support, he formed a deep friendship with the local residents. On the eve of the dawn of victory, a fire burned the mountain city here. The soldier was buried here and could no longer return to his hometown, Atlantic City. This mountain city was also lost in the fire and disappeared forever in the fog of flames. According to our information, this air force soldier from the United States is a descendant of a Hunter. The knowledge of his ancestors is still left in his consciousness and he retains the tokens left by his ancestors.

Mission Objective: Explore all the information in the town; bring people wandering on the land to their hometown.

Note: 3-day limited from the time of receiving the mission.

Experiment A


Cossettin wanted to say something but stopped, he looked embarrassed.


Wang Ji turned his head and motioned that he should say it. Since he was already sitting in the train, Wang Ji believed that there’s no need to conceal from the officer. It’s nothing but a matter of civilization. Even if the officer knew it, it didn’t matter. Cossettin hesitated and saw that Li Nian was watching them, thinking about it, he still said it:

“The civilization heritage mission that we have encountered is actually due to the cultural background of the defense city, some events in history, and some kind of connection. This kind of civilization heritage is still very important for your defense zone. After all, there is now a ruin, and I have the ability to rebuild. But the civilized city in the ordinary sense is only suitable for living, and it is not strategically suitable to resist the Preacher.”

Wang Ji suddenly asked an irrelevant question. “When do you think the Preacher will come?”

“Ten days at most, half a month at least. The super film transmission channel will limit them, so their error is always between ten and fifteen days.”

Cossettin said firmly.

“Well, then I’ll do this civilization explore.”

After confirming the most uncertain information in his mind, Wang Ji immediately made a judgment. He got up and said to Li in the train. “There have been some problems. The next stop is not Atlantic City, but to a place called foggy township. Officer Li, I have something important to deal with there. So during the following trip, my subordinate Hunter will accompany you, and it’ll be Atlantic City after foggy township. Of course, you can choose to visit there freely in the defense zone. Atlantic City is a highly developed defense zone with a relatively complete defense system compared to our civilization. Your knowledge there is very important to your decisions.”

“That’s best.”

Li Nian smiled.

This trip, in fact, he was already holding determination. He refused countless advanced equipment for monitoring and recording before departure. He understood that although the Hunter was an individual, he had a strong scientific and technological strength and could compete with a country. Thinking about the concept of disarming a big country within six hours, Li Nian believed that the real situation was far more terrible than this despite the fact that others have questioned it.

Li Nian has shown enough sincerity to treat such an opponent.

“The next stop of the foggy township is Atlantic City. After taking an inspection from Atlantic City, take the subway in the Super Subway Station and you can return to our civilization. In fact, this can be done by yourself without a Hunter. Officer Li, I only hope that you can be a person representing the country and the civilization. I will come back after three days. I hope that you will have a clearer understanding of the Hunters after the inspection of the defense zone. If you don’t mind, it is okay for you to form a study tour.” When finishing, Wang Ji said to Cossettin. “The time limit is up to three days. I estimate that I am likely to stay there for three days. Two days later, a Hunter whose hunting group is called Psychiatrist may come to visit my defense zone. He is here to be my subordinate Hunter, your future colleague. I am probably not there at the time, let him wait for me for one day in the defense zone, and warn him not to have a desire for the people in my defense zone. If he does not want to wait, let him leave Beowulf’s knowledge and Demon Bow.”

Wang Ji began to explain what he considered necessary to say seriously. “If I have not returned before the Preacher comes, you can handle it like I’m dead by default. Take over the defense zone here. At that time, if our civilization is still in some bad environment, like chaos, protesting, parades, you can use any means to erase the problems; if it involves the secret operation of other countries in civilization, I will allow you to clean it with any weapon.”

“Do you mean that I can clean up the national unit?”

Cossettin raised his head and asked.

“Yes, I don’t mind. Just leave a civilized fire.” Wang Ji replied, “I have left the AllSpark nano bug at Mrs. Isa’s Mansion to keep the house. You will take over and make you own decision if you confirmed that I am dead.”

He calmly explained what the Hunters needed to do after he died. Even if he died, the original document was still binding if Cossettin has not yet found a new superior. Unless he took the initiative to abandon Cossettin or Cossettin successfully passed the independent test, even if he died, the binding force of the tree party will still be there.

To a certain extent, he was now talking about his funeral. It’s unlucky to say it, but it’s a must. Li Nian was a little scared when listening to it. If you let an ordinary people say that, then he should be joking. But he knew how the broken bridge in the Nan’an District was repaired, and how the firearms that ravaged the whole city were missing. The two Hunters were not so simple.

Especially the words they spoke, in Li Nian’s view, there’s a terrible feeling like giving the nuclear bomb launch button to the children to play with.

“You have too much to tell?” Cossettin laughed. “Where have you not yet begun to explore, you have already explained the aftermath?”

“Because it is necessary.” Wang Ji said seriously: “Unexpected death is no way to beware, especially for Hunters. In short, remember what arrangements I said.”

“No problem.”

Cossettin agreed and was very confident.

Later, the broadcast rang.

To the station: the foggy township.

Passengers getting off the train, please take your luggage and get off. Passengers who do not need to get off the train should stay on the train. This train route is a super film channel route, and the world that passes through may pose a danger to passengers. Please put away your curiosity and don’t die.

After the calm and indifferent broadcast was over, the train gradually stopped, and the door of the carriage opened automatically. Suddenly, a cold fog came through the doors. Li Nian, who was unprepared, could not help but feel cold. The train seemed to be parked in an uninhabited valley. The gray world seemed to be snowing, the fog outside the window was blurred, the visibility was very low. The gray snow slowly wiped from the glass of the window, Li Nian closely observed and found that the snow seemed to be ashes. A stop sign full of rust marks was inserted in the dirt not far away, and two lines of marks were written in Traditional Chinese characters and Japanese characters.

Anshan County.


Wang Ji once again sighed and turned to get off. The flame of the moonfire ignited from outside, and the ink-like hair was so long that it was glowing with the rainbow. The iron branches and the feathers began to interweave, and the dark cloak fell from the back. Wang Ji put the black hood on, and reached out through the transparent film of the outer layer of the door and got out of the train.

Turned around, Wang Ji waited for the departure of the train. He looked at the rails, and the rails were rusty, and it seemed that there had not been trains passing for a long time. As the door closed and Cossettin was given a goodbye gesture by the window, the slow train turned into a rainbow in an instant. The train disappeared, and the panorama of the misty valley was all in Wang Ji’s sight.

“The mission said that it was related to the war in this area. Even on the eve of the dawn of victory, it has been more than 60 years since then. Let me bring the people here to leave, means that they are still alive, or, they are still thriving here, until now.”

Wang Ji briefly sorted out the information. He looked at the street sign. The wooden road sign craftsmanship was somewhat rough, and the ‘county’ word was also a Traditional Chinese character. It seemed that it’s also set here casually. It’s still here despite the wind and rain for so long, which was really tough. The ashes seemed to be about one-inch-thick on the road sign.

It seemed that the ashes have been going on for a long time.

Wang Ji reached out and took a piece of ashes. The air here was a bit dry and cold, and the surrounding vegetation was also thriving in the cold winter chill. There were some winter feelings, but the snow was actually fake. He got rid of the ashes and looked at the street sign again. Wang Ji couldn’t understand the Japanese words under ‘Anshan County’, which was twisted like scratching with nails. Experiment A gave some translation, and Wang Ji could read it right away.

Dedicated to the Bushido with our body, the fire is reborn, the fire does not go out, and the ambition is not extinguished.

“The Japanese army should be the threat of this exploration.” In this sentence, Wang Ji briefly had an understanding of the exploration.

“After all these years, if they are still alive after the fire, these Japanese troops are also very likely to be alive. Let’s explore the situation first. If the fire buried everything here, who will I bring back? Where is the rating of difficulty of 2 stars? I guess it is like this. The American pilot and the people fighting here should be taken away by me. After all, one is the person in my defense zone, and one hometown in the defense zone of Cossettin. If the Japanese army is still here, it is probably a 2-star threat.”

After thinking a little, Wang Ji brief had some understandings, and the next thing he’d do was to verify it.



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