The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Inferno

“I hope the facts are not too exaggerated.”

Thinking of this, Wang Ji walked along the path in the valley, going walking in the fog. The visibility was very low. The sky he saw was too gray from the distance. Only the earth under his feet had some real colors, but it also looked pale. Wang Ji did not go fast. He listened carefully to the echoes from everything around him and alertly looked around.

Becoming a storm crow in this environment was somewhat reckless.

Everything was silent.

The foggy valley was fascinating, everything seemed to be dead, and the echoes of the vegetation weren’t different from those of the rocks. Unlike the cold winter in Yellowstone Park, there wasn’t snow, but ashes floating in the sky. The ashes seemed to be burning deep under the land, and they have not been extinguished so far. The dry and cold climate hid a sense of chill. The sky was gray, and the crows can be heard in the distance.

The ashes fluttered, the fog surrounded, the valley became narrower and narrower, but the terrain was relatively flatter. Gradually, Wang Ji saw some abandoned vegetable fields separated by fence fences and saw the prospect of the village. The top of the old archway was full of ashes like a snow-capped village. There’s a kind of pale beauty, but also a sense of awe. Wang Ji saw that people working on this land had been diligent and capable, and the houses built in the village were towering and sturdy. It’s a kind of human charm that later generations couldn’t fix after.

Under the archway, Wang Ji stood still. There’s a stone monument on the side of the road, which was engraved with Traditional Chinese characters.

“Built by the 14th squad commander of the Expeditionary Army, Lin Guozhong, to the fellow countrymen of Anshan County…”

Wang Ji thought. “I’ve found this monument when I checked the information before. Right. Anshan County.” He suddenly recalled that he had seen information about Anshan County when he was looking for local information. The geographical location there should be in the southwest of the National Volcanic Geological Park, where there’s now a memorial hall to commemorate the local people who fought hard.

As for the history of the war there, Wang Ji remembered that it’s after 1940. The Japanese army took down Myanmar and then attacked Yunnan. It was originally the last land, but immediately caught in a war. It was said that they pushed forward to Kunming at that time, and the situation was extremely tense.

“Civilized heritage, as well as the descendants of the Hunter… “ Wang Ji whispered, walked past the archway and entered the village.

After passing through the small courtyard and alleys, there has been little activity. The eucalyptus trees in the courtyard grew wildly, and the roads paved with blue bricks outside the courtyard were covered with snow-like ashes. Wang Ji went to the front door of a house and reached out to hold the Wave-particle Duality in his hand, quietly opening the door. With a slight crack, a stale scent came.

“It’s been abandoned for a long time.”

After touching the temperature of the cooktop, Wang Ji retreated from the courtyard and continued to walk deeper. After walking a distance, he began to feel the echoes. Gradually, he also heard some subtle movements of the ploughing. However, what surprised him was that he did not hear any echoes of life. Only two dead ghost shadows fluctuated in his mind.

Wang Ji began to approach, his pace was very light, which did not alarm the two ghosts ploughing the earth. Through the reverberation, he secretly monitored them.

The ashes were raging in the sky, and covered the entire village with a gray layer. Only the echoes of the two ghosts fluctuated in the fog. Among the shadows, one was lying on the ground and ploughing, and the other was waiting anxiously with a bird cage. The crow in the cage was a living creature, standing quietly. Wang Ji quietly approached and the echo was gradually clear.

The fluctuating shadows of the two people had some anxious subtle expressions and changes, especially the ghost with the bird cage. She looked down at the crow in the cage from time to time. The details of the facial features were constantly changing due to the tension of the mood.

They’re a man and a woman. The two ghosts looked young when they died, and they were ragged and dressed like those in old photographs of the old society in the 1930s.

“Quickly, brother. We’ve been out for a long time, and they should come in a while.”

The girl with the bird cage urged anxiously. This sentence informed Wang Ji of the identities between the two. The elder brother lying on the ground didn’t say anything. After throwing out two unknown things, he quickly put them in the basket and said, “Don’t worry, put the food first, or we’ll have to starve tonight again.”


Wang Ji temporarily stopped.

Are people still hungry when they are dead?

Do they still don’t know that they are dead?

Whether it is catching a crow or ploughing, the ghost was using its own energy to influence the surrounding objects. But the place was like a real death, and there is no echo anywhere, including the so-called food they dug out. If the crow wasn’t hanging under the hand of the person, Wang Ji could not feel the existence of the bird cage.

Wang Ji really felt weird.

Indeed, in addition to the echoes of the two ghosts, the surrounding earth and rocks have not echoed. If everything has echoes, what are the grass and trees here? He could feel the existence of two ghosts, but they were like walking in nothing.

“Let’s go back quickly.”

The two ghosts got up from the vegetable fields and quickly got up. They ran along the village road and ran to the unknown place in the fog. The ashes raged, and Wang Ji’s footsteps became faster, he sped up.

The villages and towns on the mountain have come to an end, and the vast road also appeared in the fog. The distant mountains were still in the fog, the “heavy snow” was raging, the avenues were surrounded by vast expanse of earth, and under the vast space was a feeling of silence. The loneliness was particularly attractive in this mountain. The ghosts walked quickly on the road. The two gradually got a gasp.

“It’s getting more and more strange.”

Wang Ji thought.

His breathed regularly, and he followed at a proper speed. He carefully separated the branches on the roadside with Wave-particle Duality and stepped on the gray ashes to follow them.

“That is….go back!”

There was a slight dialogue between the two ghosts, and the fluctuations of shadows suddenly began to strengthen. The two ghosts began to retreat quickly back in the direction of Wang Ji.


In the distant fog, a strange sound from the throat sounded. The ashes faded silently, and the man and woman on the road quickly ran back. After seeing Wang Ji suddenly, the two could not help but freeze. Wang Ji also saw these two ghosts at first sight. The full body, full flesh and blood, if they were not confirmed dead through the echoes, what Wang Ji saw with his naked eyes were two living people.

The brother and sister were dressed like those in the old society. The brother was carrying a basket filled with winter radishes and potatoes, while the younger sister was carrying the bird cage. After seeing Wang Ji, the two were somewhat overwhelmed. The clear flame burnt in the ashes and the fog, and the person’s body seemed to be wearing a robe woven with black branches and feathers, and he held a black bow in his hand. They have never seen this style of dress before.


Wang Ji uttered under his breath and then walked along the road deep into the fog.

“Be careful!”

The brother shouted in a low voice. Suddenly, in the cage in the sister’s hand, the crow began to scream sharply, and fluttered its wings and struggled.


The sister, finding the crow’s strangeness, shouted at this moment desperately. Then, the color of the outer layer of the whole earth began to fade like a wall paint, and the fog began to dissipate. It seemed like a layer of skin was torn off from the world that began to collapse. The distant mountains, villages and towns, quickly retreated from a grayish white. The smell of scorch seemed to have begun to spread, and the true face of blood and fire appeared.

Wang Ji stood still and clenched his bow.

As far as he could see, everything surrounding began to change, and the flaming light began to shine on his back. When he turned back, it’s already become a fire, swallowing the entire village. The flames spread along the villages, the vegetation of the mountains were all ignited, and the dry and cold winter scenery became a burning inferno. The trees burned. On the distant hills, a small mountain town fell into the raging fire, and the fire was shining on the earth, the dark ashes continued to rage into the sky with the hot air. On both sides of the road, a lot of burning crops appeared in the abandoned fields when everything was fading. The crying began to echo in the mountains, and the purgatory scene appeared in front of Wang Ji.

“A fire.”

Wang Ji murmured.

The fog has disappeared. At the end of the road, monsters that were naked and dark like metals rushed over the fire and waved the samurai swords. They also retained the human bodies, but the skin was dark gray like smeared volcanic ash. The skin presented a metallic luster. Red veins burst from the inside of the skin, as if there was magma flowing in its blood. At the chest, some lava was exposed, representing the core of the heart. These humanoid monsters did not have any echoes, and they’re hardly anything. But they had targets, they all madly waved a katana and rushed along the avenue, fluttering the red eyes like a beast and aiming at Wang Ji!

The latter silently took the Holy Light Bomb in his hand.

“Three, five, seven…”

Seeing that the humanoid monsters wielding the samurai swords were about to rush to his front, Wang Ji silently calculated the proceeds of the Holy Light Bomb in his mind, and then threw the Holy Light Bomb!


The magnificent flame of the Holy Light instantly rose up and presented a huge cross. The pure holy light loomed a touch of gold, and it’s particularly bright in the world glowing with blood and fire. In the flames, the monsters were blown up one by one, but what Wang Ji noticed was that their limbs were intact. They were not blown into pieces by the Holy Light Bomb!

“Immune to holy light? No, no.”

Wang Ji was calm and he began to call out the hurricane. The dark wind blade on the ground immediately rolled up a monster to the sky. Wang Ji stepped back and pulled the purple-red bowstring.

“Split attack…73 loads.”

With the whisper, the bowstrings were loosened, and the split dark beams scattered, all of which were immersed in the monsters’ bodies, but it didn’t cause any effect!

“Chest! Destroy the films at their chests!”

Behind him, the scream of the brother came!



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