The Nine Godheads Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Want To Leave?


Spirit medicines were usually kept in cool places and would naturally be cool as well. However why is this bottle of medicine still hot?


“Ah, I’m afraid that Little Sister Caixiao would get stomach ache from consuming it so I heated it up for a bit,” Hong Xiaobao directly gave a godly excuse.


Everybody looked like this: 0___0


“En… Okay then.” Nobody would think that he refined it himself anyway, including Fang Xinghan. He carefully opened the bottle cap and smelled it, after which his face was suddenly filled with joy, “Qi-concentrating elixir. This is definitely Qi-concentrating elixir! However…”


Fang Xinghan’s words first gave Hong Wenqing and everybody else joy. However, the last word made everyone anxious.


“However what?” Hong Wenqing was very concerned with the results. After all, Yun Caixiao had to depend on this to recover her power.


“When I sniffed at the scent, something felt off… This elixir seems fresh! My judge would be that this elixir less than a month old and the quality is top-notch.” Actually, Fang Xinghan predicted that it was less than 2 weeks old but he was not confident with his answer.


“I’m glad that the elixir is legit,” everybody finally relaxed and let out a round of applause, “Haha, great! With this, Lady Caixiao may be able to recover immediately!” “I know right! This time, Elder Ye would have nothing else to say.”


Ye Feihong’s expression was gloomy. He had banged into walls everywhere today. This Hong Xiaobao, just what kind of character he truly was? How did he manage to get this kind of spirit medicine?!


“Jinning, let’s go!” Ye Feihong’s look changed for a few times as he dragged Jinning to leave. “We’ll get back to our sect and tell everything to the Head Teacher.”


Ye Feihong was already rushing to leave. Hong Xiaobao had not even finished humiliating him.


Hong Xiaobao was speechless. The Head Teacher of Saint Academy Fang Xinghan who had been very polite and kind for the whole time suddenly called out, “Not so fast! Elder Ye, you had just attacked Saint Academy’s keeper Zuo Shixian not long ago. Do you think that you can slip by?”


Once he heard Fang Xinghan’s words, Ye Feihong’s heart tremored as he stopped his footsteps. Hong Xiaobao widened his eyes, “Is it fun to play a role in snatching people’s wife? My heaving-crushing, earth-destroying, agonizing face slap ultimate skill hasn’t even been used yet!”


Aiyaya, speaking of my heaving-crushing, earth-destroying, agonizing face slap ultimate skill, even I myself am terrified! Based on my childish principle, let’s wait and see what the Head Teacher of Saint Academy does next.


At this moment, Ye Feihong had no chance to leave after being called by the Head Teacher of Saint Academy Fang Xinghan himself. Everybody witnessed him for attacking Zuo Shixian and forcing Yun Caixiao to sabotage her martial arts to quit Thunder Sound Pavilion.


He could not possibly deny what he did and so he decided to become cocky. He looked at Fang Xinghan, “Hmph! I certainly did attack him. However, he is to be blamed for being weak. What are you going to do about it? Although my martial skills are not in the eyes of Head Teacher Fang, however if you want to humiliate me, it is not a simple task!”


En, this was a very classic scene of what a shameless man would do. What he meant was simple. Since he did something that was irreversible, you could do whatever you wanted to him.


It doesn’t matter if I lose. However don’t expect your Saint Academy to be peaceful at that time!


“Keke. Being the Head Teacher of Saint Academy, if I can’t even protect my people, I would be embarrassed to sit on this place.” Fang Xinghan laughed and said, “However if I directly attack you now, I would be considered a bully. Since that’s the case, I’ll use only one hand to cast 3 moves. If Elder Ye can be perfectly fine after that, good. If you can’t, your weak martial skills are to be blamed. How’s it?”


Hong Xiaobao suddenly thought that this Fang Xinghan, despite being a polite and kind role model for the young, he was quite domineering when being serious! En, give you a thumbs up!


“One hand, three moves?” Ye Feihong squinted. After that, he said steadily, “Brilliant! I accept your request!”


He thought that this was a good deal. If he lost, it was no big deal. However if he managed to withstand the attacks, his reputation would increase immensely.


Since both sides had agreed, Hong Wenqing led everybody to back off.


Once a 9-star martial artist made a move, the sky and land would easily be moved. This Xuan Yang Pavilion might be completely demolished. However, this was not a big problem — knowing Fang Xinghan, he would not simply leave after causing a mess.


Very quickly, the entire pavilion’s centre was emptied for a thirty-metre diameter. This area was not considered small. However there may not be too much of an impact between them. Otherwise, if they really went all out, another thirty metres would still be insufficient.


“Elder Ye, be careful.” Fang Xinghan rested his left hand on his back and slowly raised his right arm. His palm was rather white and good looking and his fingers were long.


Ye Feihong drew his longsword out and looked like he was ready to take on the end of the world.


“The sky palace…” Fang Xinghan sang softly. Suddenly, the air in the entire pavilion condensed, exposing the underlying strength of the air which rushed towards Ye Feihong from all directions.


Ye Feihong knew that Fang Xinghan, being a Head Teacher, was certainly a 9-star martial artist and he did not dare to be careless. The longsword in his hand suddenly inflated for thirty feet which he swung for a few times around him.


“Ching, ching, ching” sound rang. The surrounding pillars supporting the pavilion were sliced just liked tofu. He managed to withstand the first move.


“Be careful! The pavilion is not holding up!” Hong Wenqing yelled and brought everyone out of it.


They stepped forward and boom! The entire Xuan Yang Pavilion collapsed, forming debris all over the place.


Not a single hair of Ye Feihong was hit damaged. Around 10 feet around Fang Xinghan did not have any tiles and wreckage. At this moment, here came the second move!


Fang Xinghan mumbled the <Commander’s Lines> which was a poem created during war. The meaning was all about killing. Once the first line came out of his mouth, lots of concentrated, invisible Arrow Qi fell from the sky, as if a million arrows were fired towards Ye Feihong. This move was at least 3 times stronger than the previous one, the entire building was pierced!


Even Qingqing atop the tree was hit. However, Jian Pu reacted very quickly — she drew out her longsword and blocked the attack. She frowned and said, “This Fang Xinghan is obviously doing it on purpose!”


“He was testing out our true identities,” Qingqing however, did not care about it. “He should know them by now, hehe.”

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