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The Nine Godheads Chapter 61 - Zenith Novels

The Nine Godheads Chapter 61

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Translated by: daryldyh

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Chapter 61: The World Is Filled with Weird Malice


At this moment, everyone including the guards, Qingqing and Jian Pu formed a O shape on their mouths, not able to process what had just happened. Like this: *o*


They had seen Guan Juxiong before, a formidable 7-star martial artist who was stronger than the preceptor of Saint Academy, Zuo Shixian. He almost died from Hong Xiaobao’s trick earlier at the Warm Fragrant Building. Who would have guessed that he would become the ninth’s prince ninth guard today? Not only that, judging by Guan Juxiong’s facial expression, he seemed to be extremely satisfied with his identity.


What’s going on?


Some of the guards looked at each other. One of them said, “Oh my god, what His Majesty just did was so random and unpredictable. He so easily recruited a 7-star martial artist?!” The other guard said, “Earlier at Warm Fragrant Building, all of us worked together and failed to take his single strike. However, he just became our colleague today.” The third guard said, “Hey, this would make our income lower. We won’t live a good life anymore…” The commander then said, “What do you mean by not living a good life? The ninth prince won’t take advantage of us. From now on, we are all colleagues. Nobody here is allowed to speak about the past. Did I make myself clear?!” Every guard nodded and said silently, “Understood…”


Hong Xiaobao obviously did not hate Guan Juxiong for what he had done. Hating a naive person would not benefit him either. He laughed and said, “Stupid bear, are you hungry now? I’m hungry already. Let’s eat something nice together.”


It was already late afternoon when he said that, he was truly hungry.


“Keke, yes I’m hungry.” Guan Juxiong got up and remained a small distance behind Hong Xiaobao to show respect. He then looked at Hong Xiaobao just like how a sincere, religious person would look at gods. “However, Your Majesty has not eaten yet. Big Bear, me, does not dare to eat.”


En, this attitude. I give you a hundred thumbs up!


Guan Juxiong was indeed a unique person. He had drunk bear’s milk since young. His heart was very naive and he treated whoever treated him well in the same manner. Likewise, he would skin whoever bullied him. He almost killed himself back then, in addition to Zuo Shixian’s palm attack — he had almost lost his life. He had wandered around aimlessly for a few days and had finally regained consciousness today. Hong Xiaobao naturally had a special place in his heart.


“Your Majesty, please wait for me. I’ll go and grab something!” Guan Juxiong suddenly said and fled off.


Eh? What’s going on? Is this fellow sick again? Everyone was confused. Very quickly, Guan Juxiong rushed back, “Your Majesty, when I was young, I myself killed a mountain-patrolling tiger whose pelt I have kept with me for around forty years. I did not want to use it since it was very precious for me. You can have it, it is very effective on blocking wind.” As he said that, he carefully passed the tiger skin over to Hong Xiaobao who later wore it like a cape.


Hong Xiaobao himself looked very great wearing a royal robe. Now that he had a tiger skin on his back, he seemed even more domineering and cool!


“Haha, you have such a kind heart,” Hong Xiaobao said as he patted Guan Juxiong’s shoulder, laughing. “Why is it that you still remember what happened when you were young?”


“Hehe. I still remember my childhood a little but I cannot recall anything after that.” Guan Juxiong scratched his head and said, “I had a little clue that I lost my memory because of Your Majesty. However I don’t know how that happened. Now that I started to understand things again because of Your Majesty, I will not dare to forget what happened today.”


What he said was a total mess which led the guards to raise their awareness.


Hong Xiaobao on the other hand smiled, “Just forget about it already. You only have to know that I will take good care of you from now on. Wow there are quite a lot of fish here. Come, some of you. Catch some fish and I’ll make all of you fish soup!”


Hong Xiaobao changed topics so quickly that Guan Juxiong obviously did not manage to react properly. The guards were used to Hong Xiaobao’s style, so they did not give much thought and proceeded to catch fish.


Qingqing pulled Hong Xiaobao’s sleeve, “Brother Xiaobao, just like that, you trust this stupid fellow?”


“Yeah of course. Why not?” Hong Xiaobao did not mind it at all, “Although he is quite rude and rough, his personality is straightforward. Rest assured, he has lived with beasts since his youth and is considerably more naive than us.”


What Hong Xiaobao said was rough. Beasts never backstabbed people, they dealt with enemies head-on…


“En… It makes sense,” Qingqing smiled and went to look at the guards catch fish.


“Pak!” One fish was caught.


“Pak!” Another fish was caught.


Fifteen seconds later, “Pak!” Eh? What’s that?!


The guards worked together to pull the string. They pulled out a treasure chest! “Your Majesty, we’ve just discovered a treasure chest!”


“Treasure chest? Wow, great!” Hong Xiaobao was immensely curious. “Take it over, let’s take a look at what’s inside.”


The guards delivered the treasure chest to Hong Xiaobao, “Your Majesty, take a look. It seems quite valuable. Do you want us to open it?”


What nonsense were they talking about? Of course!


Hong Xiaobao nodded, “En, open it.”


“Let me do it!” Guan Juxiong came over and snatched the treasure chest over. “Baam!” The chest’s outer shell broke into dust, exposing some papers in it.


Everyone came over to take a look. Suddenly, they opened their mouth wide open.


There were 10 silver tickets! Each silver ticket had 3 large words on it, ‘Ten Thousand Taels!’ This must be Wang Fugui’s savings! Bloody hell! A hundred thousand silver taels in total! Behind the silver ticket, there were some words on it — ‘Chiyun Bank’, together with its official seal.


Qingqing was shocked, “What? Spending 60 thousand to get back 100 thousand…”


This was not what shocked her the most. What shocked her the most was what happened next. Hong Xiaobao took out one silver ticket and said, “Here, take this. Go out and buy good meats. Don’t hesitate on spending it! All of you can keep whatever is left. En, including Qingqing and Jian Pu. Big stupid bear as well!”


Was there anyone who was that generous?!

It’s a trend to take your grandfather along with you when passing through to another world, but we have kind of been cheated—have you ever experienced buy one get eight free? Hong Xiaobao: “This opponent is a bit formidable. All you old-timers, hurry up and save me please! If you don’t appear, then this prince is going to get angry!” Demon Emperor Meng Xianji: “Mockers, kill! Those who defy me, kill! Strong people, eat! Valuable treasures and materials, eat! Good equipment, steal!” Wine God Xiao Sanshao: “Why must you be so brutal? If there’s something wrong, can we not just all sit down and have a nice chat? I’ll teach you how to taste wine, youngster!” Medicine Immortal Tian Can: “You guys chat first. My condition today isn’t very good, so I’ll go rest first…. If you want to concoct some medicine, tell me after I wake up….” Godly Craftsman Xi Hong: “Didn’t I just upgrade your equipment yesterday? What are you afraid of? Attack, youngster! Isn’t that right, Chen Nan?” Formation Spirit Chen Nan: “En…. How about you go ask Mao Yue.” Beast Emperor Mao Yue: “Today’s sunshine is too bright. I’m recalling that cat of mine who died because of menstrual pain….” Hong Xiaobao: “Can you guys not be so misleading?”

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