The Nine Godheads Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Conspiracy in the Valley


Three aspects that they knew? Zou Xiuwen brought up Hou Yuanxun’s curiosity.


Zou Xiuwen started to analyze, “Firstly, Ye Jinning must have lost his face to Hong Xiaobao. And I’m pretty sure that it’s quite serious. More importantly, he might have tried to seek revenge but failed severely. At last, he ran out of ideas and summoned his father, Elder Ye to help him personally.”


Hou Yuanxun could not stop nodding and said, “En, that must be the case.”


What Zou Xiuwen said made the most sense. After all, Ye Jinning was a one-in-a-hundred-years martial genius. This kind of character certainly had their own pride. He must have been forced to a position where he had to ask for help.


“Secondly,” Zou Xiuwen continued saying, “although I’m not too sure why both parties started to argue, I’m pretty sure that the origin of this argument must have been significant. Elder Ye wouldn’t have brought an entire troops here just to seek face for his son Ye Jinning. And obviously, they failed once again.”


“Oh ya, it all makes sense now!” Hou Yuanxun said and frowned. “I haven’t thought of this point before — the fact that Elder Ye could lead a group of soldiers there means that the cause must be major!”


“En, however this is not something we should focus on. Since the less we know about Thunder Sound Pavilion, the better.” Zou Xiuwen said slowly, “The true thing that is worth our attention is, just how did Elder Ye fail to Hong Xiaobao? That leads us to the third point, this Hong Xiaobao is definitely not a minor character. Even a formidable 8-star martial artist Elder Ye lost to him. What does this translate into? Hong Xiaobao has someone strong backing him! Furthermore, he also said that he wanted to build a sect just to stand against Thunder Sound Pavilion. Let me ask you, what kind of ordinary person would dare to say something as crazy as this?”


After listening to Zou Xiuwen’s words, Hou Yuanxun remained silent. It was undeniable that Zou Xiuwen’s analysis was on point.


“So what does Brother Zou…” Hou Yuanxun suddenly felt that this matter was not as easy as it may seem.


“We have insufficient information,” Zou Xiuwen laughed and said. “The only thing we are sure of is that this Hong Xiaobao is not a weak opponent. Being able to humiliate Ye Jinning and Elder Ye has already proven his capabilities.”


“Yeah…” Hou Yuanxun sighed and shook his head. “I knew it. There is no free lunch in this world. If this task was simple, it would not have fallen on our heads so easily.”


After pondering for a while, Hou Yuanxun said, “What if we wait another 3 months until the Gathering of Jiang Hu Elders takes place. At that time, we will gather other major sects to teach Hong Xiaobao a lesson?


Unexpectedly, Zou Xiuwen laughed and shook his head. “No way. No way. Brother Hou, think about it. Even if we’ve completed an easy task by Elder Ye, he wouldn’t lay his eyes on us anyway. Although this is a risky path, if we are able to do this effectively, how would he look at us by then?”


After listening to Zou Xiuwen’s words, Hou Yuanxun’s eyes shined brightly. He slapped his thigh fiercely and said, “Brother Zou, what you said was right! Hahahaha. If you weren’t here now, I’m afraid that I would’ve lost such a good opportunity. Haha!”


The two of them laughed for a while before Hou Yuanxun opened his mouth again, “Brother Zou. So what do you think we can do to deal with this Hong Xiaobao?”


“We have to gather more detailed information.” Zou Xiuwen said slowly, “According to Elder Ye, Hong Xiaobao’s power is only among 2-star martial artists at most. Based on our power, it would be easy to take him out without fail. That leads us to our real plan. By the time his Grand Alliance is set up, we will go there to send Hong Xiaobao an invitation card to the Gathering of Jiang Hu Elders and at the meantime challenge his sect to a duel.”


“Great! This idea is brilliant!” Hou Yuanxun applauded. “It is common for a challenge session to take place on the day a new sect is set up. Even if he knows that we are going for him, he wouldn’t have any excuse to reject our request.”


“Furthermore, since his sect is just set up at that time, his disciples wouldn’t be abundant, especially talented ones.” Zou Xiuwen smiled and said, “I predict that there would only be a few cats and dogs waiting to be dominated, and maybe some guards of the palace. However at that time, we can make use of the presence of the other sects to force him to hold the guards down. This way, we only need to send a few elites from our sects to challenge him. I assure you, he will be crushed if he agrees to duel. No mercy shall be left!”


Zou Xiuwen was indeed savage. It was impossible for a newly-set-up sect to have elite disciples. If a sect lost every challenge on the day of its formation, nobody would want to enter this sect and its reputation would be ruined!


Zou Xiuwen had not finished talking, “It is still not cruel enough.”


“Not cruel enough?!” Hou Yuanxun wiped his cold sweat.


“Of course not!” Zou Xiuwen laughed and said slowly, “We shall make everyone in the world know about this, especially the ones in the Jiang Hu! Brother Hou, think about it. Why did Elder Ye fail? It is because there are people who are as strong as, or even stronger than Elder Ye helping Hong Xiaobao! If we let everyone know about it, do you think that that martial expert would have the face to take action on us?”


“Yeah! You’re right!” Hou Yuanxun’s eyes brightened.


Zou Xiuwen chuckled and said, “That’s it! Our plan is set. At that time after dominating them in battles, we’ll let our disciples to spread this story all over the world, letting as many people in the Jiang Hu as possible know about it. This way, where would Hong Xiaobao stand in the Jiang Hu? If everything goes as planned, he would have no choice but to surrender! Hehehe, I wonder how Elder Ye is going to reward us at that time?”


Hou Yuanxun clapped and said, “You are absolutely right! Let’s do it this way!”

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