The Nine Godheads Chapter 81

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Translated by: Endless

Edited by: LittleBubble


Chapter 81: Training the Wife from Childhood!

In the room, Hong Xiaobao remained still, pale face and crouching on the floor.

“Ah! Thanks god! It is fortunate that the other things were not ignited otherwise with such big explosions happening, this headquarters may not remain standing anymore.” Hong Xiaobao dumbfoundedly look at the aftermath. At the time of explosion, he saw a person in black being sent flying. He can only feel sorry for that person’s bad luck.

“It’s finally safe, that really scared me to death, if I had not been able to get to this room, then that was definitely a disaster!” Hong Xiaobao stabled his breathing when he suddenly felt the tenderly soft skin under his body.

He hurriedly look down. Upon seeing Qingqing cold and frosty eyes staring daggers at him, he could not help, but feel the temperature drop down a notch. “Big brother Xiaobao has pressed me for a long time, should you not get up  now?”

The explosion has already happened outside, but he cannot help but think that she may erupt anytime.

“Hahahaha, this, I’m really sorry I have forgotten.” Hong Xiaobao crawl off hurriedly like a wandering soul and awkwardly stood up. “Oh? The moon tonight is really round and beautiful”

In Hong Xiaobao bracelet.

“This bastard! Missing such a good opportunity! He missed it!” Meng Xianji expression was livid and wild, he kept shouting abuse, “This Qinqing‘s status is obviously not simple. Such a good opportunity was bypassed just like that by this bastard! He should have seized her right away! This is simply hateful!”

Xiao Sanshao decisively disapproved his words. “Xiaobao is a sincere person, naturally he won’t take advantage of other people. Isn’t this Qingqing status not simple? Should he obtain this lady just to borrow her support?”

“En.” Xi Hong supported Hong Xiaobao action to walk away from Qingqing. “The important thing is that Hong Xiaobao is safe. He acts bashful all day long and Qingqing is ten-year old little girl. Such little kid, do you want Xiaobao to have an accident if he forcefully press her down?”

“Little kid? Little girl?” Meng Xianli yelled and gathered his Qi, ‘Who doesn’t grow up? It will only be several years before she becomes an outstanding beauty. Can he not train his wife from childhood? This Qingqing status is mystical and she probably practices a powerful martial arts. Her background should not be weak either. If he cannot seize and take her today for himself, how many tortuous path in the future will he have to take to get her then?”

“Xianji, what you said may be incorrect.This time was Xiao Sanshao turn to feel strange with Xianji’s words. “With your temperament, it is indeed no wonder that you do not have a women, your temper is enough to lose you any woman”

Meng Xianji is known as Eastern Demon Demon Emperor. His life was full of murder and killing, it is really just now that they hear him spouting things regarding a woman.

“You all do not understand, Xiaobao is practicing my Limitless Fortune Divine Art, he would need women to satisfy him when the time comes,” Meng Xianji excitedly exclaimed, “Therefore he must prepare as early as now and train his wife in the childhood! I think that this Qingqing is good. Her family background should be great, even her servant was powerful. Such person is what he needs for his Greedy Wolf Body!”

If Hong Xiaobao heard what he said, it would absolutely scare him. Knowing that practicing Limitless Fortune Divine Art invigorates Yang would be a big shock even for him!

“Your technique is really marvelous, having so many functions,” Xi Hong said with a laugh, “It is really good, but let’s not interfere with their lives and allow nature to take its course. After all, Caixiao has been good to Xiaobao as well and Xiaobao has his own opinion, let’s not meddle with it too much.”

Humph! Opinion it is then,” Meng Xianji snorted, but finally agreed.

 In room.

Standing up, Qingqing patted away the dust that stuck on her and look at the fleeing Xiaobao. She pursed her lips and smiled.

“This Hong Xiaobao is interesting alright.” Qingqing was being cold and sarcastic just now, but it was actually the opposite. Knowing that Hong Xiaobao was good to her, even saving her before running felt quite good. If she was left in the open area earlier, with her current strength, she might just have died. That’s why even though it’s troublesome to pretend, she still showed anger in the surface, even though the truth was that she wasn’t.

“This firecrackers might is not something  to be trifled with.” Qingqing looked at the trashed floor that Hong Xiaobao stood on while clearing up the other firecrackers: “I don’t really know what is within his head, but all the ideas that comes out are really fierce. If we can enlarge this firecracker and have it explode in the crowd, the damage will be really big.”

Whatever this thing was actually had a name, firecracker.

It’s really simple and can be made just by stuffing a bamboo tube with enough gunpowder to load it. Its explosion power is really great. If it was just a bit bigger and thrown into a building, it will surely cause the whole place to crash.

“What a extraordinary thing, is it possible for it to be the long lost space mine?” Qingqing thought and finally nodded, “Should be. What else has such might if not the long lost space mine? Even those two dogs that fled really fast were wounded by this explosion. Were they really slow or was their true Qi dispersed by the explosion?”

Qingqing stopped thinking when she saw Guan Juxiong hold up a disheveled man and spoke in a deep and gruff voice, “Your Highness, there is a spy here. He may have fainted a moment ago after the explosion. Please give me instructions on what to do.

He raised the figure higher in the air and kept his guard up, not losing hs focus until Hong Xiaobao gave his order. He was ready to kill him if Hong Xiaobao said so.

“This spy may have come for my Living printing technique,” Hong Xiaobao smiled, he reorganized the things again and said, “Bring him in the room and get some more details out of him.

“Ask him? Living printing technique?” Guan Juxiong stop and thought for some time before obeying Hong Xiaobao. He immediately went into the room, tied the man’s hands, scooped a bucket of cold water and splashed it onto his face to wake him.

Looking at Hong Xiaobao who was sitting in front, the man laugh lowly and snorted “Do everything you want, but you will never get me to say anything!” His clothes were now tattered with holes and his mask has also been removed, revealing an ordinary looking middle-aged man with his burnt hair.

Actually, it was a bit of good luck that he was not dead right now. Upon seeing Xiu Wenle rapidly retreating, he subconsciously generated true Qi to protect his entire body. Otherwise, without the true Qi, let alone a burnt hair and tattered clothes, he may have lost an arm or a leg to that explosion.

Listening to his words, Hong Xiaobao did not really mind. He looked in his eyes and said with a smile, “You’re really determined not to say anything? Actually, I had not planned to ask why you are here, since I know what you would be answering anyway. Em, first I’ll ask you a simple question. What is your name?”

“I am nameless and do not have a surname.” The man gave an answer.

“Nameless, oh this name sounds really pleasant to the ear,” Hong Xiaobao laugh and asked, “You come here to steal my Living printing technique right? You desired my technology and searched the whole building. Then you finally saw us in the open area and secretly listened. However, your luck was really bad when Qingqing threw the firecracker in your direction. With your curiosity piqued, you pick up the bamboo tube and it exploded, right?”

The more Hong Xiaobao spoke, the more the man in black pursed his lip and shut up. He no longer spoke.

However, not speaking was solely his own idea and the only thing he can hope for. It must be said, Hong Xiaobao had at least 100 ways to torture him into talking on his own initiative!

It’s a trend to take your grandfather along with you when passing through to another world, but we have kind of been cheated—have you ever experienced buy one get eight free? Hong Xiaobao: “This opponent is a bit formidable. All you old-timers, hurry up and save me please! If you don’t appear, then this prince is going to get angry!” Demon Emperor Meng Xianji: “Mockers, kill! Those who defy me, kill! Strong people, eat! Valuable treasures and materials, eat! Good equipment, steal!” Wine God Xiao Sanshao: “Why must you be so brutal? If there’s something wrong, can we not just all sit down and have a nice chat? I’ll teach you how to taste wine, youngster!” Medicine Immortal Tian Can: “You guys chat first. My condition today isn’t very good, so I’ll go rest first…. If you want to concoct some medicine, tell me after I wake up….” Godly Craftsman Xi Hong: “Didn’t I just upgrade your equipment yesterday? What are you afraid of? Attack, youngster! Isn’t that right, Chen Nan?” Formation Spirit Chen Nan: “En…. How about you go ask Mao Yue.” Beast Emperor Mao Yue: “Today’s sunshine is too bright. I’m recalling that cat of mine who died because of menstrual pain….” Hong Xiaobao: “Can you guys not be so misleading?”

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Hey, is there any point using your time to translate this novel? It’s been dropped by the author.

Light Novels World

This has been answered multiple times by the TL.. xD
He does it because he just likes this novel..


It’s silly translating a story and also reading a story that we know has been dropped, i hope all readers are aware that they won’t be able to finish reading this.


My favourite sci-fi show never even finished the first season, but it’s still good to watch an enjoyable journey.

Cong Tran

why did the author drop this? -_-
hate it when authors just drop their works


You do realise that that’s exactly like asking “Why are you living? You’re gonna die anyways. Why are you still wasting your time living?” To a cancer patient. You do realize that, right? He does it because he enjoys it. Just like some enjoy living. 😉

Thanks for the chapters.


The real question is how did the author leave the story when he dropped it. If the ending appears natural e.g. an end of a stoey arc then it does not matter to me.
Secondly thanks for translating this novel it is a great read




Thank you for the new chapter 🙂


Thanks for the new chapter!


As long as read is entertaining and updating it is good. I mean there is little diffrence between it being dropped by translator and being dropped by author. Dead end either way.


Thanks for the Chapter 😀


Thanks for the chapter Endless and LittleBubble!

Skilvh Sil

Naaww~ It’s just for the fun of it.
Really this story is funny. It’s a good read.
I don’t care if it’s been dropped by the author. At least I’ve got a new muse~
Thanks for translating~ Love this series.

Maria Lorenzo

thanks for posting ^^

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