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The Nine Godheads Chapter 83 - Zenith Novels

The Nine Godheads Chapter 83

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Translator: Endless

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Chapter 83: Sharing in Joy and in Sorrow!

“This…” listening to Hong Xiaobao’s word, Yuan Taining obviously hadn’t grasped what he meant. It must be said that both sides will be cooperating, but having to work under the leadership of Hong Xiaobao was a little bit harder to accept.

After all, he was still a 6-star martial artist, his leader was also a 7-star martial artist who has lived for more than 120 years. Listening to the orders of an 18-year-old child, this was something that cannot be justified.

The good news though was that Hong Xiaobao did not forcefully put a firecracker in his mouth. Therefore, Yuan Taining thought that making a decision now would not be appropriate. Although the leader displayed loftiness and disdain towards lower martial practitioners, he still couldn’t replace him in agreeing or rejecting Hong Xiaobao offer.

Moreover they really do have too many problems to solve. They can go hungry anytime soon, if they couldn’t find a solution soon, they were really going to have a very big problem in the future.

Hence, Yuan Taining decided to seek the leader first to explain what happened. As long as they agreed and left the mountains to work under Hong Xiaobao, all their problems would surely be fixed.

“Good, I am assured that the words Your Highness spoke will be upheld until the end.” Yuan Taining nodded, then asked cautiously, “Your Highness, do you not fear that I will run away and won’t come back?”

Under normal circumstances, limitations would be put into the other person body to restrict them and prevent them from fleeing. It could be either poison, curses, a wound or crippled cultivation to keep anyone from running away.

“No,” Hong Xiaobao had not planned on putting any kind of restrictions on Yuan Taining. He smoothed out his clothes and said, “My words are still the same, I feel that it would be more convenient if you can lead your leader here to discuss this matter. I will also reward you handsomely once this matter is concluded.”

Not only he was not given any restriction, he would also receive reward?

Does this Ninth Prince want to ruin his family by overspending?

Yuan Taining cannot contain his shock and a small gasp left his mouth. Hong Xiaobao pulled out several medicine bottles from his clothes “I did not bring much, but take these first. If your leaders are interested in my proposition, when the time comes, I will give you more as I have more than I can use.”

I can have these several medicine bottles? If I bring the leader I can have more of this?!

Yuan Taining expression rippled like water in the lake, he hurriedly took a medicine bottle, opened the wooden corked and fiercely responded, “Qi Condensation Powder! Heavens, this is at most can be sold for 20,000 tael silver!” He took another bottle of medicine and exclaimed, “Another Qi Condensation Powder!” Opened another one. “Dragon Spirit Powder! This is a Dragon Spirit Powder!” He opened another one. “Ah! Rejuvenation Dew, this is the Rejuvenation Dew!”

Before, Yuan Taining still thought that Hong Xiaobao words and condition were unacceptable and can only be discussed with the school leaders. However, now he felt that it would not be a bad thing if they can be annexed to such power and obtain such resources!

These elixir prices were not low, even buying 12 bottles will already be extremely difficult for their school. However, His Highness Ninth Prince actually gave out such medicines so easily, it was unbelievable.

“Looks like this quantity already frightened you, however this isn’t much for me,” Hong Xiaobao curled his lip. “This is good, why don’t you hurry and go? Do you still wished to eat meal with us?”

“I’ll go back, I will go back immediately!” Yuan Taining looked at Hong Xiaobao, but his gaze was obviously different this time. He looked at him with respect. “I’ll go back now and deliver your message to the leader, Your Highness!”

“En, it’s about time, you can go now,” Hong Xiaobao let out a long breath and warmed his hands together, “It is already late and having holed up here for long, I will also go back”

Yuan Taining disappeared like tornado in the night, Qingqing said with a smile, “Giving so much medicine to that person, their leaders will surely consider Big Brother Xiaobao proposition. Receiving several bottles of elixir is a really good deal for their school.”

“It is really easy,” Hong Xiaobao lied down his bed and said with a smile, “Their school have almost a hundred thousand people. My resources are sufficient enough to guarantee that their work will be compensated. If they did not accept, it is their loss.”

“You are right, Big Brother Xiaobao. You sleep first, I will also go back to sleep,” Qingqing spoke till here. Her walk was full of graciousness, after going out, she returned to that cold person like an iceberg. She launched her qinqgong and became so fast that even ghost and demons cannot catch up. It only took a few breaths for her to leave Grand Alliance yard totally.

In a not too big dwelling in the city.

“Senior, I have prepared.” Yun Caixiao stood beside Jianpu who was wearing full black clothing with a mask and said in a soft voice, “What do we practice today?”

“Today I will teach you a set of swordsmanship, the name of this technique is called «Windless Body Swordsmanship,»[1. The technique name is «Expels wind from the body Swordsmanship» from the MTL version. I changed it to «Windless Body Swordsmanship» for better naming.] Jianpu coughed and seriously said, “«Windless Body Swordsmanship» originally has 36 moves, but 22 moves of the 36 requires the inner strength a 3-star martial artist or above in order to practice, this does not suit your current cultivation. Therefore, I carefully studied this technique for the past two days and slightly modified it to suit you.”

Then, Jianpu said slowly, “These moves are mostly use for counter-attacking. The principle for this technique is to counter attack. Come, you attack me first, I will demonstrate it to you.”

“En. Senior please be careful.” Yun Caixiao focused her mind. With a slight swing of her sword, a straight light was thrust towards Jianpu’s chest.

The sword was fast, it only took few breaths before the sword arrived at the chest of Jianpu. When it was half an inch from its target, Jianpu twisted her waist and calmly went from defensive to offensive. With a tree branch in her hands, she arrived in front of Yun Caixiao and stopped only when the branch landed on Yun Caixiao body.

The demonstration swiftly ended, Jianpu said, “Counter-attack. They are dependent on the wielders formidable eyesight to judge the target instantaneously, first defending against the attack and next launching your counter offensive. In theory, even 3-star martial artist do not have really fast movements and reflexes. Their strengths are not too high either. So long as you grasped this «Windless Body Swordsmanship»’s several counter-attack moves, even with your present cultivation, facing a 3-star martial artist, even if you cannot win, at least you will be able to keep up!”

Listening to Jainpu words, Yun Caixiao gently nodded.

Because she fell from her cultivation, she was only a 1-star martial artist now. If she can really run from 3-star martial artist with ease, then it wouldbe better.

“Many thanks senior for your guidance,” Yun Caixiao hurriedly gave a salute, she later said, “Caixiao has a presumptuous request, I hope senior can agree.”

“A matter? Say it,” Jianpu said coolly.

“Senior strength is unfathomable, I do not know if senior would agree to give guidance to this one’s fiancée Hong Xiaobao?” Yun Caixiao asked carefully, “He has created his own martial cultivation technique and he is skilled. Therefore I hope you may give guidance to him.”

Yun Caixiao words held one obvious meaning.

Sharing joy, sharing sorrows!

It’s a trend to take your grandfather along with you when passing through to another world, but we have kind of been cheated—have you ever experienced buy one get eight free? Hong Xiaobao: “This opponent is a bit formidable. All you old-timers, hurry up and save me please! If you don’t appear, then this prince is going to get angry!” Demon Emperor Meng Xianji: “Mockers, kill! Those who defy me, kill! Strong people, eat! Valuable treasures and materials, eat! Good equipment, steal!” Wine God Xiao Sanshao: “Why must you be so brutal? If there’s something wrong, can we not just all sit down and have a nice chat? I’ll teach you how to taste wine, youngster!” Medicine Immortal Tian Can: “You guys chat first. My condition today isn’t very good, so I’ll go rest first…. If you want to concoct some medicine, tell me after I wake up….” Godly Craftsman Xi Hong: “Didn’t I just upgrade your equipment yesterday? What are you afraid of? Attack, youngster! Isn’t that right, Chen Nan?” Formation Spirit Chen Nan: “En…. How about you go ask Mao Yue.” Beast Emperor Mao Yue: “Today’s sunshine is too bright. I’m recalling that cat of mine who died because of menstrual pain….” Hong Xiaobao: “Can you guys not be so misleading?”

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