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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu- Extra 11

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this is a very important chapter and a really good chapter.
I am actually releasing this early because I feel you guys should read this right now immediately.

Thank you to Axelia for editing

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 11

Around that time……..3

Tlnote: Since this is a chapter about gods, please expect many tlnotes regarding the mythology.

In the Northern region of Europe’s Divine Realm, there are three goddesses who manage fate.

Each of the three sister goddesses are responsible for one part of fate. One is responsible for the past, one is responsible for the present, and one is responsible for the future. As a whole, they are one of the supreme deities in the world and can be said to be independent gods that do not rely on the others.

Their duties are to record the past and present and use those to predict the future.

They are three goddesses with a major influence on the world and are very popular among the humans who have created countless stories and books with them either being the forefront of the plot or driving the plot. They are very difficult goddesses to meet and attempting to do so would take months, if not years to even get just an appointment date.

“It sounds like a loud dispute.”(Urd)

The person who looks outside because of the noise, even though this is a very rare action for her, is the goddess who records the past, Urd*.

Tlnote: One of the sisters of Norn, Urd. The author put the name as Elta. I do not know how he got that name, but since the actual name is Urd, I will be using that name.

She has taken an interest in the disturbance that has interrupted her daily life and wants to talk to the gods that have come to the World Tree*.

Tlnote: The World Tree is Yggdrasil. This is Norse Mythology as some of you may know from the name Urd, one of the 3 sisters of Norn.

“They were very rowdy on their way here. I believe three gods that have come here, Onee-sama.” (Verdandi)

One of the two women who are at the entrance of Urd’s room responds to her. The one who called Urd, Onee-sama, is the middle goddess Verdandi*, the goddess that records the present.

“We have evacuated all the other personnel. Right now, it is just Onee-sama’s friends and us.”(Skuld)

The voice that follows Verdandi comes from the woman standing beside her, Skuld. She is the youngest sister of Norn, and the goddess the predicts the future. Though they are goddesses of fate, they do not actually have much power to do battle with other gods. The only who can fight is Skuld*.

Tlnote: Many lores and poems also have Skuld as one of the Valkyries of Odin. This is why the author says Skuld is the only who can fight among the three sisters.

“Hmm, they are not very calm and are coming quite fast. Would you like it if I helped, Urd?”(Queen Mother of the West)

“I am very thankful for your offer, but please do not worry and quickly evacuate Queen Mother of the West*. There are no longer any gods that would challenge us to a fight. There is no merit in it at all. The person who is coming is a little foolish and seems to be in a hurry.”(Urd)  

Tlnote: She is a Chinese goddess worshipped in Taoism, but the her earliest incarnation pre-dates the formation of Taoism.

“Very well, I shall take my leave. Please do not hesitate to call.”(Queen Mother of the West)

“I thank you for your words.”(Urd)

The figure of the woman named Queen Mother of the West disappears in an instant. She has left the place known as the World Tree. It is exactly as Urd said, there is no meaning in fighting the three sisters of Norn. They are just the Observers and Recorders of fate. They do not have the ability to distort or change fate itself. Moreover, the three sisters of Norn have immense defensive power when they reside in the World Tree*. There is absolutely no meaning in having a battle in this place.

Tlnote: They are also the protectors of Yggdrasil in Norse mythology. They use the water from the Well of Urd to keep the tree alive and healthy.

“Oh, I’m sorry for barging in here like this, Norn Sisters. I am kind of in a hurry. Just send the complaints to me later, okay? “(Susanoo)

“Coming out after such a long absence really is hard on these old bones. I am sorry as well.”(Daikokuten)

“. . . I wonder if there is even a need to come here in the first place.”(Athena)

Verdandi and Skuld both move to the side of Urd. From the entrance of the room, three people rowdily enter the room with any prior notice.

“Oh my, if it is not Susanoo-dono, Daikokuten-dono, and Athena-dono. This is a very unusual combination of people.”(Urd)

The elder sister, who usually does not have any interest in things or move around the celestial realm, is surprised by the combination of gods that has appeared before her.

“Susanoo-dono, how is Tsukiyomi-dono? Has his health improved? I have visited before, but has there been a change in his condition?”(Verdandi)

After seeing Susanoo, the situation no longer causes Verdandi any concern, and she becomes entirely relaxed and proceeds to ask about Tsukiyomi. She has always been like this.

“That visit was truly unexpected. As a visit from one of the sisters of Norn, it made a big scene from the top to the very bottom. My Aniki is fine. He is currently sleeping and recovering.”(Susanoo)

“Well, that is good news. We met each other during a god gathering, and he helped me greatly during that time. I would very much like you to thank him for me.”(Verdandi)

Every single word that comes from her mouth relaxes the atmosphere in the room. They had just barged into the World Tree, but from the conversation now, it does not look like that at all.

“No, no, actually the reason I am here concerns that meeting. You had said to my brother at that time, that if he was ever in trouble, you would help. I will be using that favor right now.”(Susanoo)

“Verd Onee-sama, did you really say such a thing?”(Skuld)

“Yes, Skuld. He really did help me a lot there.”(Verdandi)

“You always do things so freely . . . Even though that day you went to that meeting, Skuld and I almost died from overwork . . . But it is fine, I understand that this is just a rowdy visit and not a raid on us.”(Urd)

The elder sister Urd is amazed that Verdandi made such a promise and she accepts the visit of three gods. Well, Urd actually has no choice because even though Urd is the older one, the amount of work Verdandi does far surpasses both her and Skuld combined. Thus, she is more lenient towards her little sister Verdandi.

“To come all the way over here to the World Tree . . . Susanoo, you really do not have any tact.”(Athena)

“Athena, this is just preparations and nothing more. Do not worry, I will take you there as well.”(Susanoo)

“I do appreciate that, but I understand that I am still lacking in-terms of you two people. I understand there are still things we must do before we depart.”(Athena)

“What is the matter you want to speak about? We will hear it and then decide. I believe Susanoo would like to continue on with the discussion?”(Skuld)

Skuld interrupts the conversation between the gods and then sighs from them going off topic.

“Oh, this little one still has big mouth but knows how to get to the point nicely.”(Susanoo)

“. . . Stupid father* acting stupidly great.”(Skuld)

Tlnote: This is Skuld insulting Susanoo, they are no way related.



“Okay then . . . I want to ask Urd about a certain boy. I would like as much information about him as possible please.”(Susanoo)

“What is the boy’s name?”(Urd)

“Misumi Makoto. He is a human child that is somewhat related to the reason why my brother is in his current predicament.”(Susanoo)

The moment Susanoo mentions the name, the expressions of the three sister changes. This surprises Susanoo since they shouldn’t care or be knowledgeable about any humans in particular.

“What, do you already know the boy? If there are children that interest you in another culture, you must follow the proper procedures when asking to observe them.”(Susanoo)

“It is as Susanoo says . . . In fact, I did not hear of that name until I heard it from Susanoo. Who is this boy to make your faces change like that?”(Daikokuten)

“No, it is not like that. He is a unusual child that had a peculiar upbringing, and Skuld was interested in this child, thus, I wanted to check on him as well.”(Urd)

“Yes, I did not think I would hear the name Misumi Makoto from you.”(Skuld)

Skuld is honestly surprised when hearing this name from them. Her eyes spread out a little more, and they can tell she is not lying either.  

Verdandi also seems to be aware of the name and heard about him from her sister.

“That boy is from another world though. Did my brother tell you about him, little Skuld?”(Susanoo)

“Do not say little. Even if he is from another world, his fate thread was given to us when he was born in this world, and he was able to grab hold of his true talent forcibly . . .”(Skuld)

Skuld struggles to explain the situation of Misumi Makoto.

“Why are you tongue tied Skuld? I remember you saying this cheat boy was truly funny?”(Verdandi)

“Verd Onee-sama . . . I was trying to explain without using that word.”(Skuld)

“Cheat boy . . . Did he defy the physical boundaries of fate?”(Susanoo)

Susanoo picks up on the word Verdandi says and then urges Skuld to explain.

“Well, it is a bit different than a cheat really.”(Verdandi)

“Yes . . . first of all, he was actually supposed to die after his little sister was born, but this was evaded when he met a healer that had helped him. He did not notice the power of that person though.”(Skuld)

“A healer? To meet such a person is very rare, especially in the human world . . . This is too much of a coincidence.”(Athena)

“Isn’t that right! As expected from the Goddess of War, Athena! I also thought that someone had been guiding his fate, thus, I followed his thread of fate. But it truly was just a coincidence, there was no trickery by anyone. He had escaped the fate of death by pure coincidence. This was worth the luck of at least five lifetimes! Thus, his thread of fate begin to spin itself again, and when I followed it to the future, it had transitioned into his former world. This is the reason I took an interest in this boy.”(Skuld)

“But to call this a cheat is slightly a bit too much. It is just pure luck, is it not?”(Daikokuten)

The god called Daikokuten doubts the words of Skuld and Verdandi when they describe the boy as a cheat. Even though he is taking the form of Daikokuten, he is actually the God of War in Hinduism. It is as he says, to say something is a cheat refers to obtaining unjust power that would defy the very laws of the world. It is a little too much to use that word to describe just avoiding the destiny of death by fortune.

“The cheat part comes from the talent he forcibly grabbed hold of.”(Skuld)

“Oh, you mean that.”(Susanoo)

“Everyone in this world is born with one or more talents at least. Misumi Makoto is no exception to this rule. He had been born with one talent, but it was a terrible frightening talent. He was not supposed to be able to awaken to that talent because of his premature death.”(Skuld)

“I heard about his talent from my brother. It is the ability to always hit a target. This will eventually become a physical law or a concept level ability. There is no level of accuracy that ability cannot reach. It was awoken when he took up archery.”(Susanoo)

Susanoo heard about Misumi Makoto’s ability from Tsukiyomi. The ability to concentrate, to concentrate and hit whatever you desire. According to his brother, this ability will eventually surpass the physical boundaries of the world itself. It is an excellent ability that is quite useful in a harsh world like this where human powers are difficult to manifest.

“No, it is a different talent than that. Him obtaining that talent is the reason I call him a cheat. He has one talent, meaning there is only one road he can take to awaken his talent. People actually do not always notice their talent and sometimes never awaken it either, but he is different. Misumi Makoto realized his talent. He became aware that he had this talent but then turned his eyes away from it. I do not know whether it was an intentional or unconscious decision. Maybe it was because that is not the talent he wanted.”(Verdandi)

“Why would one deny their talent while understanding it is their talent? What is this boy?”(Athena)

“Yes, exactly Athena. It was at a really young age, thus I doubt he remembers anymore. However, later on he encountered archery and became fond of it, but he does not have talent for archery at all. Misumi Makoto has no talent other than the talent he turned his eyes away from, but he is still pursuing archery and is walking on that path . . . He is walking a road that has no end or direction.”(Skuld)

“To deny the single talent you are born with. Humans are truly pitiful beings.”(Susanoo)

Susanoo sympathizes with Misumi Makoto. He fell in love with archery, but sadly that love will never return to him. Of course, this is the talent he forcibly grasped.

“Well . . . I do not have any right to sympathize with him. I was laughing at the little boy, but his talent was truly wonderful. Despite this, he still chose to go through the hardships of the other roads . . . It is like a person with the talent having a red carpet in front of him, but Misumi Makoto chose to ignore that carpet, go to thick wall in front of him, and keep hitting that wall with his bare hands. “(SKuld)

“What an awful example.” (Athena)

Athena disliked the example Skuld gave to exemplify her point.

What is the talent being described in such a fashion? Athena originally did not have much interest in Misumi Makoto, but after hearing this, her interest towards his talents peaked.

“For people with multiple talents, they have many paths they may proceed down, and they can also return to the start and start a new path. However, this boy is very stubborn and would not go down that other path.”(Skuld)

“I am not trying to defend my sister’s example, but it is true. If only that child’s stubbornness to look away from his talent hadn’t been so steadfast. He would have left his name in the annals of history had he actually taken the time to cultivate it.”(Urd)

Urd helps explain what Skuld is trying to say. Verdandi agrees with this point and nods.

“So the reason you had said cheat is because this boy defied this rule and obtained another talent through some unfair means.”(Daikokuten)

Daikokuten looks convinced.

“Daikokuten-sama, as I said before, the word cheat is not the correct term.”(Skuld)

“Oh, then how did Misumi Makoto obtained the talent he wanted?”(Daikokuten)

“This will not be written on the document I will give later but . . . that boy . . . just kept hitting it . . . forever . . . that thick wall . . . forever and ever . . . non-stop.”(Urd)

“. . .”(Susanoo/Daikokuten/Athena)

“This is an absolutely pointless action and will never create any results, but that boy did not give up. Rather, I am sure he did not even have the conscious choice to give up. I believe this concept does not exist in him. That is the reason he could keep doing archery so happily. Maybe he did not even have time to think about giving up because he was trying to so hard with his weak body. Eventually, his fate thread spun and created the talent for him. That big wall was broken down.”(Urd)   

“To create a talent, can such a thing be even done!”(Daikokuten)

“It is impossible . . . but there have been outliers in the past.”(Urd)

“There is a precedent?”(Daikokuten)

“There was Alexander the Great* in the past. In recent years it would be Hans Ulrich Rudel*. Both of these men were born with different talents and destinies as was this boy, and compared to this boy, their scale of destiny was also different. However, in those cases, they had rewritten their talents and avoided their original times of death. This is most likely the first time anyone has added a talent to himself.”(Urd)

TLnote: Alexander the Great, the great Greek Ruler of Macedon, Iskander from Fate/zero if you need another thing to remember by. Han Ulrich Rudel, a german Nazi pilot who was credited with eight victories in battles by himself, destroying 519 tanks and 800 other vehicles.

Susanoo, Daikokuten, Athena are silenced by the words said by Urd. They do not believe the Norn would lie in this situation. In other words, Misumi Makoto is someone who would greatly influence the world. They wonder why these three sisters did not inform the other gods about this person. Normally, if such a person exists, they would be closely watched by the gods.

“I understand your silence and thoughts. Why did we not share this information? Regardless of his future or his potential to influence the world and overturn his death, he is a normal person when all is said and done. He would not even an adult before he transfering back to his world. Thus, we did not feel the need to put him onto the list of closely observed humans.”(Verdandi)

Verdandi’s words answer their doubts. The information about this human was supposed to be shared among the gods if he was going to influence this world greatly, but they did not. It was not because of negligence, but a judgement these three sisters made about Misumi Makoto regarding his influence on this world. It was in their power and within their discretion to do this.

“So, may I ask what is the reason you need the information regarding Misumi Makoto? I believe he should have already transferred to the other world already.”(Urd)

“Oh, yeah, that right? We are going to talk to that goddess over there. Me and my brother wants to know more about the child. Perhaps the destiny his thread is spinning has already been unraveled many times. Even though it is incredibly difficult to keep punching a wall that should not break and break it to grasp the talent behind it. From the point of view of people who govern fate, it is something close to a cheat. You may even say this is a foul, but now I am really interested in this kid. I do not hate stubborn kids who pursue something with all their might, hahaha.”(Susanoo)  

Susanoo tries to laugh moderately since the place they are in is not the most appropriate place to have a very big laugh, but in the end, it still leaks through.

“Oh, then are you all going to that world? Even Athena is going to that world?”(Verdandi)

“It is truly embarrassing. That goddess, the work she is doing is truly unsightly thing as a god. I will quickly finish my business over there.”(Athena)

“Well, let us just leave it at that. I am curious though. What was Misumi Makoto’s original talent?”(Susanoo)

Susanoo asks Skuld a question. They learned how the boy obtained another talent, but they had not yet heard what the other talent he looked away from is.

Urd handed a piece of paper to Susanoo with a smile.

They all stare at the gold colored piece of paper. However, none of them seem to be surprised. This ability is within their range of expectation. They all close their eyes for a moment to ponder something.

The three gods who have their eyes closed for a moment open them, and you can see their eyelids tremble slightly.

“This is definitely . . .”(Susanoo)

“Well, I can understand why a normal boy would divert his eyes from this.”(Athena)

“Yep, it would be hard to not turn your eyes away from this ability.”(Daikokuten)  

The expressions on the three gods are complicated, and you could see that those words were filled with sympathy for Makoto.

“Do you understand the original talent Misumi Makoto had?”(Urd)

“Yeah, I am looking forward to the meeting. I am sorry for the rowdy arrival, as I said before, just make the complaint to me.”(Susanoo)

“No, I heard a very nostalgic name. I will pass it off as a causal visit. Please give him my regards.”(Skuld)

“Ok, let’ go to meeting that boy.”(Susanoo)

With Susanoo’s words, the other two gods leave. Silence returns to the World Tree Temple.

“What bad luck for that goddess. To take a person who can influence even the origin world into her own world.”(Verdandi)

“If you try to twist fate into your own hands, there will be a distortion somewhere along the way . If you keep doing this to accomplish misdeeds, even a god will fall from heaven.”(Urd)

“But I wonder why that matter requires one of the highest Goddesses of War and two of the top Gods of Destruction. I really wonder if her punishment will just be a punishment in the end.”(Skuld)

The subtle words of her sister make Skuld wonder what kind of punishment awaits that goddess. Those last words echo in the empty temple at the base of the World Tree.



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Thank u always for ur great work…


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probably creation, in the sense of a god-like creation ability

Ascending Flame

Wouldn’t his talent be. . . to be able to destroy the world? To bring death and destruction to wherever he is? His luck causes the worst to come about, he has insane amounts of power. . . Would he not be fitting to assume the mantle of Demon Lord? His nickname is already “Devil”. We have also seen, through the alternate reality dreams, that he is quite capable at killing and destroying things. Wouldn’t it be a talent to bring ruin?


Well then why the three Gods agreed that it’s expected that he would turn away from his original talent?


Maybe a really embarrassing talent?
As in talent to make harem, lucky pervert, etc

Just wait for the the translation to reach that part


Lucky pervert is something boys would welcome, in theory, so not something any young boy would turn away from on sight, same with harem.

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think it’s his talent to kill without hesitation and no emotions, like we all see when he kills….except for his first one


The only way a child learns they have that talent, is to kill something, and if he felt little or no emotion from the act, he would have no reason to turn away. This is therefore not something several people would agree that young boys would avoid.

If you want unusual possibilities that fit the current character’s personality, instead of a child’s outlook, then maybe it was empathy, or mindreading. He could have seen some of the darkness in people’s hearts as a child, and started to look away then. Being able to reliably read people would have made him very influential to world politics.

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Since the gods agreed that normal guys wouldn’t want the talent, I suspect that it is something like “Giving birth”, and that he realized that talent when he gave birth to Asora, Giving birth doesn’t feel like something guys would care about, while in essence giving birth is a form of creation.


Nope, He averted his eyes from his talent when he was a kid, thus turning to archery. So his talent must be something that can be manifested in origin world without mana, so I think that’s his battle apathy, maybe he noticed that he feel nothing from death of others at some point.


i think its about harem or trouble regarding women… as you can see from his kouhai and senpai that he reject… if i must continue the name, that would be…. tomoe, mio, bug(lol why she’s here anyway), ema, sif, yuno, hibiki, rona, sari, sofia, eva, sairitz and the recently tamaki… if you read again, perhaps the healer mentioned on this chapter is a women too… that should’ve be embarrassing enough for someone with low confidence over relationship like him…


I’m more to agree with this option.


Maybe it was matchmaking, like he was doing in the school, they did say his matches remained together, like some urban legend about haunted cherry trees. That’s not a skill a guy would be proud of….

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I believe that the talent of Makoto is connected to the one that Chiya saw peeking from the inside of him. . .

may be his talent is that he is a big big S. . .


though that confirmthe theory of someone (don’t remember who) that said maybe the white shell weren’t breaking, but built around the black thing.

if the black thing is his inborn talent and the white shell(with the bow) represent the talent he took (arechery), the white shell is indeed enclosing and sealling the black thing


thats… quite makes sense

Garudius Cavaleiro

It was me who mentioned this theory ^^


As a talent a normal boy wouldn’t like, it must be something that can’t leave him live a normal life. It’s also a talent whose road could end up leaving a mark at history. It’s something Makoto dislike to the point of turning away his sight from it completely ignoring that red carpet. Makoto’s archery teacher said that when she wanted to teach Makoto how to use guns he refused because the guns image he see when thinking about guns as assassin weapon is just too strong. This last sentence could have nothing to do with his talent but still wanted to remark it.


I think there is a hint in the second dream, when he said he ‘understood’ his power only when he fought zef, the power he used to turn lorel to sand, I think it’s something related to destruction.


I think his talent is “misfortune”.

As in, he will bring about misfortune to anyone he hope for it to happy…
Be it disaster, sadness etc.

Phantasms Namer

I can relate to this theory, it has alot to do with how he feels about his familys, friends, the girls that confessed to him, tomoe, mio and how he won’t even try to seek love on the other world he can’t leave from.
It is ‘closely’ related with ‘Misfortune’ but not the word itself.
Great guess. I like this theory. It sparks the idea of his inborn talent and the reason why he wants to look away from it.


i feel like there is alot of evidence to support this for example one of his passive skills is really bad luck. Before he went to the other world it was said that he had a weak body at birth which can pertain to bad luck. It is something you would not want and it is something that can influence almost any situation from the beginning of the story to the end. Also if his talent is bad luck it would make sense that it affects him in certain situations and not all the time.


The weak body was a consequence of someone born on a secondary world having kids on the Origin World. The genes of a hyuman just aren’t strong enough to stand side by side with a human.

Malvin Cahyadi

it is definitely has something to do with his abrupt change and the crack. his white frame is the new talent, while the black is the original talent. He repeatedly show dislike to dark emotion ( mmo pvp dark side, gun (which he sees as weapon that could easily kills), his very poor adaptability in dangerous environment that is close to denial, etc ).
the talent is definitely a dark or cunning type, since the gods already said it is not related to magic power. his mind frame is practically changed after the comprehension gift, so the talent definitely has something to do with his mind.

Schlagen 42

This is extremely late, but I think there is one thing that was mentioned in the story that nobody in the replies has wrote, and that is ‘gun’. The reason is because it was mentioned previously that his teacher has tried to confince him to train in the ways of gun, but he refused. With such talent, it is true that he will certainly left his name in history, and it also conicide with the reason why those three gods understand why Makoto chose to abandon that talent.

Though I’m not completely sure because of this line;

“Yes, exactly Athena. It was at a really young age, thus I doubt he remembers anymore. However, later on he encountered archery and became fond of it, but he does not have talent for archery at all. Misumi Makoto has no talent other than the talent he turned his eyes away from, but he is still pursuing archery and is walking on that path . . . He is walking a road that has no end or direction.”(Skuld)


It’s way too late, but i want to leave my thought here. His talent is probably something close to “death” And “destruction”, so in origin world his destiny to became/close to ‘assassin’ or “mass murder”. Just like what people thread say on above is related to ” Gun” And when he have debate with hibiki he feel disgust to word “mass killer”. And in his 4th dream, daikokuten said that (if my memory server me right) : “the moment you use ‘Creation’ is what make you different from all makoto’s” That statement will be understandable if his true talent is related “to take (life) ” And he overturn it with “to create (life) “.

Last edited 1 year ago by re:venant
Deus Rex

If only we could know what that talent he looked away from actually is. If i had to guess it would be something like Destruction or Murder. It also made me think of what Lorel’s Priestess saw when she looked at him, the thing inside the crack. So, if the story keeps progressing as it is Makoto will probably get back that talent he looked away from, whatever it is.

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Skill: Unstoppable Force


God slaying 😀
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Could be a power similar to Shiki from “Kara no kyoukai”

Nail Kaizer

i wonder if odan and zues were brother .it weird that they are old father godsHEY COULD BE BROTHERS


He still has it, but he never awakened it, that’s the part that makes him weird.

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alpha demi god a child half breed


I don’t really classify hitting a wall without end as alpha, more like an idiot really. Idiot fits Makoto way more than alpha anyway xD

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stupid stubbornness is a trait for alpha 🙂


idiot? *gasp* he is a campione

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aliens were the gods that made humans from monkeys




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Nail Kaizer



where is Keiichi?


Talent to become hero? Lol

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That’s not a talent, that’s a right by a god,

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Makoto’s true talent is to make women drop their panties or to make a waterfall between their legs.
It is world changing and embarrassing enough for Makoto to turn it away.
Want evidence? Look at Mio, Tomoe, Ema, and the two classmates in the other world. He turned away from it with his policy towards love. He turned down his beautiful Senpai and kouhai.
Please note this is a response to all the negative speculations of his talent being dark like his talent is to be a killer.
Another idea is he is the Ultimate High School Level Otouto(little brother) seeing as how everyone in Asora loves him and wants to protect him. His motivation is the birth of his little sister. If I recall he used to be a very naughty boy before she was born. And as we all know girls love them bad boys.


I don’t believe this is the kind of talent gods would agree, young boys would turn away from, but you worded it in a very convincing manner. Being everyone’s little brother on the other hand, might be it, since it was supposed to be a talent that would change the world.

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Now I’m really curious what his original talent was. I hope the author will touch upon it later on.


agree on that


maybe his talent is to make people like him without him noticing (well… most people)
Trashmoki is definitely an exemption


awesome but now i want to know his original talent!

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its probably the dark thing that the priestess saw inside of him


true enough


Something like a conqueror or a genocidal dictator? That’s something a normal boy would run away from.


… now i’m really curious about Makoto’s True Talent…
and his Talent for his Godly Archery is not his talent…. but from Hardworking method to get that…. damn that Hardcore…..

and for that talent who can make Makoto’s Name written in History and make The Gods and Goddess sympathic with him….
… i think the talent is the “Thing” that lurking inside Makoto…. and the white human shape cocoon is a wall that makoto unconsciously build to block and look away from that talent….


A talent that he knew when he was a kid but denied it even god/goddess tremble with it… destruction? Manipulation? Creation?


A talent that someone would not want would be something with a negative aspect. Taking into consideration the fact that makoto like to protect people he likes and the fake future he will get; the talent he hid should most likely be the ability to absorb the luck/lifeforce from the people around him and turn it into strength. The ultimate loner ability.


damn… what would be his original talent…
what was the punishment given to bug…
what will be my dinner…

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a talent that no one noticed till now hard to say , moreover something even a child could understand and make use of , is it machine mode


So my theory on Makoto’s true talent would be that of Great Misfortune. The ability to bring great misfortune on others is not something Makoto would want, and has actively tried his best to avoid throughout the series. I have a feeling that by not using this talent to bring misfortune to others, it is bringing misfortune to himself instead. But through his sheer force of will (hitting the unbreakable brick wall forever until it breaks), he is able to overcome this and get the results he wants.
This would also explain the “terrifying thing” Chiyo saw within him, as if he used this talent, could bring calamity to the entire world. The “white person” shell (which holds a bow btw) keeping it in check would be Makoto’s denial of this talent and acceptance of one he made himself.

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great theory.

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oh sh*t. what talent is that?! im guessing God-Slaying talent? or perhaps, martial arts since he avoided that after learning the basics of it. maybe a talent to become a God? too much mysteries..


“. . . Stupid father* acting stupidly great.”(Skuld)
let me guess, was the word for that ‘stupid father’ is BakaOyaji in japanese?

if that is the case, then it should be ‘stupid old man’ instead. Oyaji means old man, but also a rude way to call your father. machine translator usually chose father instead, no idea why

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its the talent to be liked by old (and wise) people
considering that his shisho, follower, gods, are all old and tend to like him


Thanks for the chapter a really interesting one. Sadly we didn’t got a TL Note for Verdandi, guess I will have to go to google sensei to know more about her. So if the three sisters are from North Mythology why the author state that they are independent??? And really that original talent of Makoto got me itchy, I WANT TO NOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the independent probably because they mostly doing the observer task in the world even though the author use the 3 sisters name from the Norse myth, greek also have their own 3 sister of fate but i dont know their name 😛


So they are problaly the same. I see you are refering the three with the single eye. By the way I don’t know how to clasify Makoto luck if its good or bad I mean he meet a healer when was supossed to die and yet his first monster figth was a Boss class one!!!!!!!!!!!

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well since just from this novel i know that Shiva in hinduism also known as daikokuten from the 7 god of fortune in japanese/chinese lore maybe most of the gods in world just have different name base on their place of lore/religion


Thinking about what his actually talent is will drive me crazy for the next few days . If I had to guess is a Conqueror/army destroyer based on the examples the goddess of fates provided . What else can leave his name in the annals of history ? Probably would have started ww3.


I will guess his talents will be what the lorel priestess saw in makoto that shaken her so badly. The dark shadow under his crack white shell.
If I have to make a guess it will probably be killing or taking lives.
Any normal person will have go down other paths then nurther that talent, ESPECIALLY makoto after what mio observe of him. He did not value life that much, so taking lives will be of no interest to him.
However the talent will find ways to slip through the crack(hence the crack eggshell image seen by the priestess)if makoto is fighting, as observe by Io how makoto seems like a different person when fighting.
All of this is just speculation though.
EDIT: when shiva gift makoto the ability to “dream” about alternate timelines, all of it was centered around death and destruction, something to consider too


thanks for the chapter!

is there a need to use “onee-sama”? since they are from European myths, why not translate it into “sister” rather than keeping the japanese term?

“This was worth the luck of at least five lifetimes!”
So that’s why he always end up with the worst case of result with random event! he already used all his ‘luck’…

” . . . that boy . . . just kept hitting it . . . forever . . . that thick wall . . . forever and ever . . . non-stop.”(Urd)”
Makoto: let me in thrump-sama! I am a Caucasian whose god changed hair and eye color, I swear!

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Here’s the link of the ln it’s in the early chapters somewhere http://www.novelupdates.com/series/sendai-yuusha-wa-inkyou-shitai/

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Thinking of his family and archery club and now the world maybe it’s to attract lots of people more beautiful than himself

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“This is definitely . . .”(Susanoo)

“Well, I can understand why a normal boy would divert his eyes from this.”(Athena)

“Yep, it would be hard to not turn your eyes away from this ability.”(Daikokuten)

Calling it the original talent was being a g*y PS

on a serious note, can someone explain this
“Regardless of his future or his potential to influence the world and overturn his death, he is a normal person when all is said and done. He would not even an adult before he transfering back to his world. Thus, we did not feel the need to put him onto the list of closely observed humans.”(Verdandi)”

Is this a foreshadowing? He would go back to his world (Earth) before adulthood? but if we apply the definition of an adult he is already past adult in the web novel he is already 19. So the three goddess were wrong and they must be observing him now because we all know Makoto defies (or unpredictable) anything/expectations(?) that’s why Root likes him very much

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I think what verdandi means by His world is the bug world as in his parent real world.., because back then makoto isn’t adult yet iirc


Thank you for the chapter~

I wonder what his talent is~


When Makoto was about to give a name to Tamaki, he releases he has been turning his eyes away from something, and goes to Rembrandt asking him to be teached about the evil within people. I think his talent must be something realted to this

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His original talent has nothing to do with destruction carnage or such…Have u guys read properly??
“This is definitely . . .”(Susanoo)

“Well, I can understand why a normal boy would divert his eyes from this.”(Athena)

“Yep, it would be hard to not turn your eyes away from this ability.”(Daikokuten)

<<<<<>>>>(Sympathy ? Means its something diferent than destruction and such)


I believe the Author put Elta so that he can differentiate betwee Urd and Uld (both god in Norse Mythologies)


A power, a talent he wouldn’t like as a child…he can mess with fate itself… the Gods already somewhat knew of it… as he was a child and still is naive, for him to not want that and go for another one while not remembering nor wanting to remember, a sealed memory, it must be quite ominous and evil… Chiya saw a crack on his throat(?) that had eyes on the darkness inside that crack, as if it knew she was looking and had a will of its own…he doesn’t have any desire in particular or he suppressed them, but he devotes himself only to archery… he has shown signs of no emotions towards enemies when battling them… shows no hesitation to kill… these moments of no emotion nor hesitation have come after he got (presumably) the crack on his true self… it came after Tomoki had fainted on one of his fates where he fights Zef, and he (hipothetically) used it to turn a whole country into a wasteland…

His talent must be one of these (included with things supressed and his “true feelings” and naivety):

Destroyer (no hesitation to kill/no mercy, battle trance, power to obliterate anything and everything, in his point of view it is evil for the peaceful society, desire to destroy everything(comes from one of his alternatives), desire for vengeance, false words of peace(seen through by Mio, he hasn’t noticed yet and it was mentioned after the crack on his “true self”), no attachment to life or any object(also told by Mio), feelings of humiliation and disgust for himself and others)

Conqueror(his greed is mostly non-existant(possibly suppressed), he doesn’t hesitate to take lives for the sake of his will, never gives up, changes fate, possibility to change the world, he conquered power and position)

『Shu Ouma』

Hate how they hide it. Dammit…

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His talent is probably gonna be imitate a cold cruel robot


I guess his original talent is something regarding ruling since he seems to always run away from these kind of positions ( he doesn’t like being referred as King in Asora.. and despite the pact with his followers being a Ruling pact he never treated them like servants )


I’d his talent is harem, but with his looks of course he’d looked away yknow.. also if you retraced his conversation with those great women, you’ll see he’s looking away with them “even though its a red carpet” you’d understand right? it includes the bug cause her name is great (supposedly)

Chaos DA

Alter ego perhaps. One that is aligned to evil or chaotic.

azaz zaza

That was… a very interesting chapter
I wounder what was his frightening original talent that would shake the world, I think it was a perverted talent as the three found it natural for him to ignore it, that’s why Athena said that she can understand why a “normal boy” divert his eyes from it.

… and Athena was one of the highest Goddesses of War, Makoto made a good fight against her(unequiped)


Is this actually the ability they talk the merciless that kind of person who erase her empathy huhuhu you guys remember if you read the tensei shitara slime datta Ken there’s a chapter that rimaru kill all the invader of his country that killed his subordinates then he got the skill merciless what a surprise if it’s really the ability that our mc is got


His talent was going to be as DNA2’s MC, a mega-playboy with a 100% chance of impregnation. His fate shifting for his stubborness changed it more broadly to 100% accuracy 😉

Carmeops Renard

i just got an idea about what his first powerful talent could be!

Coming Back To Life!

when he was young, he was so frail he could die at any moment

what if… he DID die! and felt all the pain of dying, and got horrified by it, never wanting to feel that again!

so after the encounter with the healer that made him possible to get better by training his body, he clutched HARD on training his body, in order to never having to revive himself!

and so the dark ability hidden inside of him that the lady saw, it’s ruling over death itself! that’s pretty spooky stuff!

Gold RogerD

I think that the method the healer used in order to save makoto’s life might have been the cause for makoto’s current inability to heal himself.

Also the fact that he used five lifetimes worth of luck in order to survive his fate of death might have resulted in him gaining the title of “Owner of unconventional luck(bad)”.

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