Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 1

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 1: The Return Of Huang Yan Emperor

On the outskirts of Jiangnan city, Yan Huang moved his body and slowly woke up in a pile of pungent and dirty rubbish which was infested with flies.

“Did I succeed?” After a long time, Yan Huang looked at his limbs in surprise. He then scanned his surroundings. Even though he had cultivated for 5000 years, a thunderstorm formed in his iron-like heart.

He really went back in time to 5000 years ago!

In the last battle with the devil clan, he, the only immortal emperor of the human race — Emperor Yan Huang, couldn’t withstand the attack by three devil kings and at the last crucial moment, he had no choice but to activate the ancient treasure, the chaos cauldron, with the hope that he could go back in time to 5000 years ago.

There was a saying about the chaos cauldron having the power to change the time back to 5000 years ago but no one saw this power being used before.

When Yan Huang operated the chaos cauldron to its maximum, it suddenly swelled and exploded. Yan Huang thought the saying was fake and he was going to be turned into dust along with the chaos cauldron. However, in the end, he was really reborn!

He could start cultivating and planning everything again to prepare for the invasion of the devil clan.

“Ah!” Yan Huang jumped up happily but the next moment, a bone-shattering pain shot through Yan Huang’s entire body like a huge wave. Yan Huang fell on the ground again. All kinds of sewage and rubbish splashed onto him.

“This…” Yan Huang subconsciously tried to activate the immortal energy in his body but he felt nothing. The next moment, a surge of memories struck him.

“This planet is called Earth and this body is also called Yan Huang?” Yan Huang managed to look through all the memories of this body in just a short while.

“He got dragged here by the guys in his class, was humiliated and beaten up because he wrote a love letter to the class belle.” Yan Huang frowned slightly.

The personality of this body was a little cowardly and his physical quality was frail too. After he was viciously beaten up, he just directly died.

This was why when Yan Huang came over, this whole body was in pain.

“Are all human bodies so weak now? How can they resist against the invasion of the devil clan next time?!” Yan Huang thought unhappily.

Yan Huang looked at the huge dump around him and frowned slightly. Based on the current condition of this body, it would not be easy to get out of here.

He could only cultivate a little first and strengthened this body a bit. As he thought about it, Yan Huang bore with the pain from the body and sat down cross-legged. He ignored the pungent smell in the air and the flies flying around him.

In the past 5000 years of wars, Yan Huang had experienced conditions a hundred times worse than this.

“The spiritual power in this planet is so… weak!” He frowned just as he started his meditation but his brows untangled after a while.

The hardest part of the reborn had succeeded. What other obstacles could there be for me?

The young man sat cross-legged on the ground and immediately started his meditation. He used his self-created ‘Yan Huang scripture’ and immediately the spiritual power in the air flew towards him gathering around him. Every single one of them rushed to enter his body and they started flowing through his meridians.

Once the spiritual power entered his body, Yan Huang was surprised. He suddenly realized there were two strange energies coming out from his forehead.


“This is the true immortal energy and the faith energy!”

Yan Huang never expected these two energies to remain in his body even after his immortal body was destroyed. The moment he sucked in the spiritual power, these two energies were awakened.

A tinge of surprise flashed past Yan Huang’s eyes. He sucked these two energies into his body without any hesitation.

Once the true immortal energy entered his body, it turned into a huge amount of spiritual power essence and flowed through Yan Huang’s body. Yan Huang felt his body getting warmer as if he was in a furnace.

After a short while, under the help of this true immortal energy, the injuries on Yan Huang’s body healed at a very fast speed and the skin turned back to its soft supple state.

At the same time, Yan Huang’s frail body started bulking up. The bones in his body cracked and his height increased. His belly disappeared becoming a strong six-pack. A huge amount of dirty things excreted out of Yan Huang’s body.

The path of cultivation comprised of the following states: qi cultivation, foundation building, gold elixir, original form, out-of-body, splitting of mind, combining of mind, ultimate progression, and crossing the boundary to immortality. There were nine states in total. The vital spirit in your body would only become true immortal energy when you become an immortal!

Qi cultivation meant taking in the spiritual power from the surroundings and detoxing all the dirty energy in your body. Due to the help of the true immortal energy, Yan Huang managed to complete his qi cultivation and broke through the qi cultivation stage, immediately advancing into the foundation building.

After he finished his foundation building, the faith energy that was left went into Yan Huang’s pectoral region. It burned steadily like a star.

Yan Huang heaved a small sigh of relief. Luckily, he had the true immortal energy to help him. If not, with this thin spiritual power present on the planet, he didn’t know when he would complete his qi cultivation and went into foundation building.

Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction and got up to walk towards Jiangnan Number One High. He needed to see the other humans on this planet. There was still 10 more years before the devil clan invade them. He needed to take over this barren planet as fast as possible.

When Yan Huang appeared at Jiangnan Number One High, he immediately became the center of attraction. He was like a celebrity. Wherever he went, people would scream at him.

It was understandable though. He just came out from a dump and all kinds of sewage and rubbish was on his body. Also, after he cultivated, his body was cleansed and detoxified, so there was a lot of dirty things that came out of his body. The smell on his body was totally pungent!

Yan Huang walked forward and ignored the people around him.

“Hmph, humans are humans. Getting shocked by such a small matter.”

By the time Yan Huang washed himself up and returned to the classroom, the third lesson for the day had ended. The people in the classroom exploded the moment Yan Huang sat down in the last row.

The girls were still whispering but the guys didn’t hide themselves at all. Their voices were really loud.

“Did you hear that our little brother Yan Huang actually wrote a love letter to confess to Liu Cuihua?”

“Yeah, it is true, I saw him stuffing it secretly into Liu Cuihua’s table during the morning exercise!”

“He was thrown into the dump by Cuihua’s boyfriend. I saw him at the school gates just now. He was totally dirty. I was almost dying of laughter.”


A bunch of guys chatted excitedly as though they were talking about something funny. The girl called Liu Cuihua was surrounded by a group of talkative girls. She was really pretty, her figure was tall and lean. When she heard the confession issue everyone was discussing, her face turned red. She felt pride and contempt at the same time.

Pride since she was confessed to and contempt because the person to confess was Yan Huang.

All the people in senior class 10 know that Yan Huang was frail and cowardly. He had a weak personality and his background was really normal. His results were normal too and he was a typical ‘three none’ student. No one knew if he was able to go into university next time. It was not a glamorous thing to be liked by this kind of person.

Yan Huang found his seat based on his memory and sat down. He flipped through the things in his drawer and then flipped through the familiar yet unfamiliar textbook. Since his cultivation was at the foundation building state now, he could hear all the discussions about himself. He could even hear them clearly, every single word of it.

However, Yan Huang, who is more than 5000 years old, was really not interested in all these childish little things!

He had only one motive for his rebirth. He wanted to cultivate back into his immortal body and prepare for the invasion by the devil clan ten years later.

Yan Huang glanced at the class belle Liu Cuihua for a while then looked away in contempt.

“Commonplace!” As the forefather of the human race and the pioneer of cultivation, Yan Huang had a lot of beauties surrounding him over all these years. All of them were really beautiful. As compared to them, Liu Cuihua was ugly. She didn’t even know how to cultivate.

On the other side, Liu Cuihua exploded with anger. She noticed the look of disdain Yan Huang gave her and all her hair stood up in anger.

Her body shivered as she widened her eyes and looked at Yan Huang. She gritted her teeth and scolded, “Are you feeling itchy in your skin? How dare you look at me! Wait till school ends. I will get brother Leopard to take care of you!”

Once they heard what Liu Cuihua said, the class immediately went into an uproar. Some people pitied Yan Huang. He was going to get beaten again. Some people excitedly discussed where he would be thrown this time.

However, before brother Leopard came, a ruffian-looking and athletic male student walked over to Yan Huang.

This male student jumped and sat blatantly on Yan Huang’s table. He opened his mouth and said, “Hey, Little Huang, lend me 100 dollars to buy cigarettes. I will return it tomorrow.”

Yan Huang got stunned for a moment and looked at the people around him in surprise. After a moment, he finally understood that the ‘Little Huang’ was referring to him.

He frowned instinctively.

He was the father of the human race. He was Emperor Yan Huang who ruled over millions of humans. Everyone was his child. Why would a father need to give money to the child? Normally, the child was the one who should be filial to the father.

Yan Huang looked at the ruffian-looking face and a memory appeared in his mind. This guy was called Chen Biao. He was an infamous hooligan of class 10. He always bullied the weak people and had already ‘borrowed’ a lot of 100 dollars from Yan Huang. He never returned them.

“Haha!” Chen Biao raised his head arrogantly and laughed when he saw Yan Huang’s dazed look. He thought that Yan Huang was scared.

On the other side, Liu Cuihua smiled at Yan Huang’s plight when she saw Chen Biao finding him for trouble.

“What are you looking at? Give me the money!” Chen Biao noticed Yan Huang hadn’t taken out the money and immediately got unhappy. Normally, this person was so weak and cowardly like an egg. Why was he so slow today?

The person sitting beside Yan Huang was called Zhang Ziyun. He was wearing a refined pair of silver-framed glasses and looked really gentle. He looked back and forth at Chen Biao and Yan Huang. He gritted his teeth and locked up his courage. “Chen Biao, didn’t you borrow 100 dollars from old Huang* yesterday? Why are you borrowing again when you have not return—”
(*T/N: It doesn’t really mean old. In chinese it is like a way people call their friends who are really close with.)

“Zhang Ziyun, is this any of your business?!” Chen Biao got really angry when he saw Zhang Ziyun speaking up for Yan Huang. He sprung up and shouted at him. At the same time, he raised his hand and wanted to slap Zhang Ziyun to teach him a lesson.

“Pa!” A clear sound rang in the air. Zhang Ziyun hugged his head instinctively and closed his eyes in fear.

However, the stinging pain he was expecting didn’t come. Zhang Ziyun opened his eyes a little and realized to his astonishment that Chen Biao’s huge hand was stopped by Yan Huang’s two fingers!

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He was the father of the human race. He was Emperor Yan Huang who ruled over millions of humans.
>solely leads humans
>protects them from cosmic invaders
So hes the Emperor of Mankind chinese version

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