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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 10

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 10: The Big Yan Family

Lan Zhirou found another chair in the office and sat down on it. Her face was still red. She turned back and looked at Yan Huang. Yan Huang was smiling at her calmly.

Lan Zhirou felt a sudden flutter in her heart, then it started to pound furiously. She never had this feeling before.

Strange, how did he know that my chair was going to break?

Lan Zhirou was puzzled. Her chair broke without any warning. It broke right after Yan Huang spoke. This was too much of a coincidence.

Lan Zhirou recalled the scene just now and felt uncomfortable. The place where Yan Huang grabbed a moment ago started feeling itchy.

“Go back to your class,” said Lan Zhirou to Yan Huang after a while. Her face was still red.

“Yes.” Yan Huang nodded and started walking calmly.

He took two steps and turned back and said, “Teacher.”

“Yes?” Lan Zhirou asked curiously.

“Don’t worry. If no accidents happen during the university entrance examination, I will be able to get full marks.”

Lan Zhirou almost choked on her own saliva. She frowned and replied, “Ever since the university entrance examination was reintroduced, no one had gotten full marks.”

“Oh.” Yan Huang answered nonchalantly, “Then I will be the first one.”

Yan Huang turned and left. Lan Zhirou raised her eyebrows and froze on the spot.

For some reason, Yan Huang’s calm speech had some power to it. It made Lan Zhirou believe that Yan Huang would really be able to get full marks for his university entrance examination.

Actually, it was easy for Yan Huang to get full marks in his exam. It only depends on whether he wanted to do it or not.

Once someone reached the foundation building state, his or her thinking and understanding ability would increase exponentially. He or she would also have a photographic memory. Hence, the university entrance examination would be easy for them.

Yan Huang returned to the classroom safe and sound. The students in the classroom started discussing about him, and the teacher had to ask them to keep quiet.

“Old Huang… Old Huang… You…” Zhang Ziyun didn’t know what to say. He held onto his glasses and looked at him as though he just recognized him.

Zhang Ziyun touched Yan Huang’s arms and then felt his back. He was trying to see if this was the Yan Huang that he knew.

“Oh my god, you were so fierce these two days!” Zhang Ziyun shouted in astonishment. He joked, “Why do I feel that you are a different person?”

“Yes.” Yan Huang nodded and replied, “I am a different person. Although my body didn’t change, the spirit in me changed.”

“Huh?” Zhang Ziyun heard Yan Huang’s honest reply and didn’t know how to continue the conversation. He was just joking.

Today was Friday. After school ended, the students had two days off. Yan Huang wanted to go to the Nine Dragon Mountain to continue his cultivation, but he received a call from his mother asking him to come back for dinner today.

In his past life, Yan Huang’s parents died in the fight between him and the Devil clan while protecting him.

Yan Huang felt that now that he was reborn, he could make up for the regret he felt for his parents. This body was a filial son. When Yan Huang took over the body, he inherited the feelings this body had for his parents.

This matched with Yan Huang’s principles. People who were useless and had no relationship with him were all nobodies. Their only purpose was to provide him with faith energy.

Only people like Zhang Ziyun and Lan Zhirou had the right to become his subordinates, friends, and comrades. As for how far they could go, it all depended on their character and abilities.

For people that were blood-related, he didn’t mind helping them. In the end, Yan Huang was just a human. He had the character of a human.

Hence, when Yan Huang took the call, he didn’t reject his mother or feel awkward. He answered her naturally, “Yes, mother. I will go back now.”

Yan Huang’s mother, Shui Xiaolian, heard Yan Huang’s cold voice and hurriedly asked, “Yan Huang, what happened to you? Were you bullied?”

His mother took Yan Huang’s coldness as a sign of depression from being bullied.

“Mother, you are thinking too much. Only I can bully other people. No one would bully me.”

His mother laughed. “My son is all grown up now. I am very happy. Hurry up and come back.”


Jiangnan city was the main city. It was situated along the sea on the South part of the country. It encompassed a huge area and had a few million in population. Outside the main city of Jiangnan city, there were many satellite cities. Yan Huang’s parents and his grandparents lived in a satellite city called Jiangning city.

In order to give their son a better learning environment and better opportunities, Yan Huang’s parents sent him to study at the Jiangnan city in hope that he would get into a good university.

As the spiritual power started appearing again, the importance of university rose. It became a sacred institute.

Eight universities had set up a faculty called the “Cultivation” faculty. As long as you could get into the university, you could cultivate no matter what your status was.

This was the main reason why his parents sent Yan Huang to the Jiangnan First High. This was why Lan Zhirou placed so much importance on the university entrance examination. The Jiangnan university in Jiangnan city was one of the eight universities.

Cities developed and changed rapidly. Cultivation had become a trend in current society. Once someone entered one of the eight universities, they would have the chance to practice cultivation.

Yan Huang recalled the memories he had with his new parents.

His mother, Shui Xiaolian, was working at a traditional Chinese medicine shop. Her salary was low, while his father worked at his family’s steel business.

The Yan family’s steel business was passed down since the Qing Dynasty. It was said to have more than 300 years of history. After they entered the modern era, the industrial revolution happened and the Yan family’s steel business had had a hard time surviving. They even closed down for a period of time.

However, ever since the spiritual power appeared, refineries started becoming important again.

Yan Huang’s father had three other siblings. They were called Yan Mingguang, Yan Mingzong, Yan Mingyao, and Yan Mingzu. If you take the last character from each of their names, it would form a four-letter phrase which meant to bring glory to their ancestors. The four of them resurrected their steel refinery business under the leadership of their grandfather, Yan Haobo.

Yan Huang’s father was the third in line and he had an honest personality. Hence, he was just a normal blacksmith. He didn’t earn much. He had to put in a lot of effort in order to pay for Yan Huang’s school fees.

Yan Huang’s results were bad in his three years in High school, so there was little hope that he could enter university. His parents had to bear with the questions and stress that they got from other people.

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