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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 11

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 11: Zeng Shuwei

Yan Huang sat on a long distance coach and traveled for three hours before he reached Jiangning city. Yan Huang had nothing to do so he meditated during this time. However, the spiritual power along the journey was weak. Three hours of cultivation here was only equivalent to half an hour worth of cultivation at the Nine Dragon Lake.

Yan Huang shook his head. He needed to think of a way to earn more money.

The spiritual power on earth was weak. If he wanted to reach his cultivation speed or even surpass his cultivation speed from his past life, he needed all kinds of rare and expensive ingredients to make herbal medicines, talismans, and arrays. All these would assist his cultivation.

It was too slow to only rely on sucking in the spiritual power on earth.

At around 8 pm Yan Huang was in front of a small house, in Jiangning city. He noticed the BMW car outside the house. It was a bright red cabriolet. Although it was a cheaper BMW model, Yan Huang remembered that it still cost around rmb2 million. His family would never be able to afford this car. It seemed like they had a rare guest.

Just as he expected, when his mother opened the door for him he noticed three people sitting in the living room. There was a middle-aged couple as well as a girl around his age. The girl was skillfully making tea on the coffee table.

“Yan Huang, come and greet Uncle Zeng and Aunt Wu,” His mother said.

Yan Huang hesitated for a while. When he realized that his mother was staring at him, he greeted them nonchalantly, “Oh, hello.” There was no emotion in his voice and he didn’t even look at the two people on the sofa. He looked as if he was talking to the air.

“What is wrong with you?” Shui Xiaolian was shocked at Yan Huang’s attitude. She knew that her son was an introverted and weird person ever since he was young, so there was nothing she could do about it. She sighed and directed him to the sofa.

The discussion on the sofa had reached a stalemate, and it paused for the moment. Yan Huang’s father rubbed his eyebrows. He had a difficult expression on his face.

The couple that was dressed elegantly changed the topic and greeted Yan Huang.

“Is this your child? He is so big already. Where is he studying at?” Zeng Shuwei was wearing a branded suit which was ironed properly. He also wore a polite smile on his face.

“Yan Huang is studying at the same school as Zeng Caixuan. He is taking the university exam this year,” Shui Xiaolian replied immediately.

Zeng Caixuan was the girl that was making tea for everyone. She was a beautiful girl. Her hair reached her waist and her eyes had a bright glow. Her figure was good too.

“Jiangnan First High? Such a coincidence!” Zeng Caixuan’s mother, Wu Jiaming, a beautiful lady who was around 40 years old, said excitedly, “You two can meet up next time to have a meal.”

When she heard that Yan Huang was studying in Jiangnan First High, the girl at the coffee table looked towards him. She saw Yan Huang’s normal-looking face and the normal clothes on him. Her eyes dimmed a little.

“Jiangnan First High is a good school. What are his results like? Are you among the top few in your school? Can you get into the Jiangnan University?” Zeng Shuwei’s interest got perked and he asked immediately.

“Probably in the first 1,000 in school,” Shui Xiaolian saw that Yan Huang had no intention of replying, so she answered for him.

“In the first 1,000?” Zeng Shuwei was stunned for a moment. If you included all the schools in Jiangnan city as well as the satellite cities, Yan Huang would be at the bottom of the list.

“Does that mean that he will not be able to enter Jiangnan university?”

“Sigh, this child was never good at studying.” Shui Xiaolian gave an awkward smile. “I just hope that he works harder in this period of time.”

Zeng Shuwei sneered. Could he get into university just by working hard now?

Zeng Caixuan was disappointed once again. She bit her lips as she struggled internally.

Before she came, her mother told her that Yan Huang was in Jiangnan First High too. She hoped that Zeng Caixuan would interact more with Yan Huang.

Zeng Caixuan was a smart person. She knew that her mother was trying to match them up. However, when she saw how normal-looking and poor Yan Huang’s results were, she was unwilling to interact with him. He had no hope of getting into Jiangnan University.

Zeng Shuwei lost his interest in Yan Huang too. He leaned against the sofa and looked at Yan Mingyao who was frowning and not speaking. He gritted his teeth and said, “I will add another 100 thousand.” He took out a pile of notes from his bag and slammed it on the table. He stared at Yan Mingyao with a frustrated look.

There were already 7 piles of notes on the coffee table. Adding the pile that Zeng Shuwei just slammed down, there were rmb800 thousand on the table!

Yan Huang knew that his father’s salary at the steel business was only around 4,000. Besides that, he had no other sources of income. The steel business was run by his grandfather, Yan Haoren, and his second uncle, Yan Mingzong.

His father was not able to gain any bonus at all.

With rmb800 thousand Yan Huang’s family could lavishly eat for an entire year.

It was a huge sum of money.

Yan Mingyao’s was in a dilemma when he saw the money on the table. He hesitated and said, “Shuwei, I want to help you but the steel business is really busy lately. I can’t help—”

“I will add another 200 thousand.” Before Yan Mingyao could finish his sentence, Zeng Shuwei shouted again. He dumped all the money out of his bag and glared hideously at Yan Mingyao with his bloodshot eyes.

“Old friend, there is a million here. Is it enough to buy a low-level magic instrument?”

“Low-level magic instrument?” Yan Huang’s heard this phrase and immediately started listening to them seriously.

Zeng Shuwei had an international trading business under him. Recently, he received an order for a low-level magic instrument.

The word ‘magic instrument’ started trending after the spiritual energy appeared on earth. However, not many people had seen one.

A magic instrument was made for cultivators. Zeng Shuwei mentioned that this order was extremely important to him. It could decide whether his business would survive or not.

He heard from someone that one of his high school classmates was an owner of the Yan family steel business so he came over with his family to visit his old friend.

20 years ago, Zeng Shuwei and Yan Mingyao were classmates. Zeng Shuwei was a sly, smart, and capable person. He had started doing business right after he had graduated from high school. Within these 20 years, he managed to create a huge wealth with his business. Now, he even had the foresight to get involved in the cultivation industry.

On the other hand, Yan Mingyao had continued studying and graduated from university. He became a code farmer getting a salary of a few thousand dollars. He was able to survive but he couldn’t become wealthy.

10 years ago, the spiritual power appeared on earth again. People started cultivating and the refinery workshops got popular again. Yan Mingyao was brought back to restart the Yan family steel business.

However, the magic instruments would only be useful in the hands of a cultivator. Mortals would not be able to gain anything from the magic instruments. Hence, the refineries were only in charge of making the instruments. They would then sell the instruments to the government or businesses.

In order for the instrument to become a magic instrument, a cultivator needed to infuse his or her vital spirit into the instrument. Yan Huang had reached the foundation building state. He could infuse his vital spirit into the instrument.

Five years ago, Yan Huang’s cousin, the son of his oldest uncle, Yan Pengfei, had entered the Jiangnan University. He had managed to get in touch with the cultivation world and everything changed from there. The Yan family steel business improved vastly and became one of the not many instrument refineries around Jiangnan city.

This was why Zeng Shuwei got interested when he heard that Yan Huang was taking the university exam too.

If Yan Huang entered the Jiangnan University and his daughter married him, he would be able to start cultivating too. His old friend would rise in status and would be able to create magic instruments just like his oldest uncle!

All the countries in the world were competing based on the speed of cultivation. Hence, the Yan family steel business became a hot favourite. Yan Huang heard that the orders from the Jiangning city were enough to let the Yan family steel business run until next year.

Thus, rather than saying that Zeng Shuwei was here to plead with Yan Mingyao, it was more accurate to say that he wanted to use Yan Mingyao to get in touch with Yan Mingguang. Only cultivators could make real magic instruments. This was a rule that could not be broken.

“Shuwei…” Yan Mingyao was in a difficult position. He looked at the money on the table with frustration.

“The deadline for one of our order is drawing near. My brother works almost 24 hours every day to rush out the order. We are not even sure if we can deliver the order before the deadline. I can’t help you… Can you wait for a while? Once there are fewer orders—”

“By the time you are freer, my company will have collapsed!”

Zeng Shuwei interrupted Yan Huang’s father impatiently. He almost shouted at him, “1 million. Is 1 million not enough to buy a low-level magic instrument?”

Yan Huang nodded. He agreed with what Zeng Shuwei said. According to his memory, a low-level magic instrument cost around 600 thousand. 1 million was a little too much. Zeng Shuwei was losing out in this deal.

However, currently, magic instruments were rare. There were lots of demand but no supply.

“It is not about the price.” Yan Mingyao didn’t know what to say. “We have signed a contract with the client. If we are unable to give him the products on time, we need to compensate him with three times the price of the order.”

“I signed a contract too. If I am unable to deliver the product on time, my company will close down.”

“It is just a low-level magic instrument. I believe that you all can squeeze out some time to make it.”

“Yes.” Wu Jiaming pleaded with them too. She grabbed Yan Huang’s mother and begged her, “Xiaolian, you can just mention it to your elder brother and ask him to work overtime for a while. You all just need to work harder for a short period of time. Otherwise, Shuwei and I will end up begging on the streets, you don’t want to see that, right?”

Wu Jiaming stuffed the money into Yan Huang’s mother’s hand. Yan Huang’s mother looked at her husband, then she rejected the money.

At this moment, a young voice said, “I will make the magic instrument.”

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