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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 12

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 12: Creating Trouble For His Father

The room turned silent for a moment. Zeng Shuwei and Wu Jiaming looked at each other. Suddenly, they regained their senses and jumped in front of Yan Huang.

Zeng Shuwei was elated. “Yes, yes. Yan Huang, I have nothing to give you now. Please accept my red packet.” Zeng Shuwei placed a stack of money in Yan Huang’s hand.

“Yes.” Wu Jiaming smiled happily at him too. She took the money on the coffee table and stuffed it in Yan Huang’s hand. She said, “You are so skinny and your clothes are old. Take this money and get more food and new clothes for yourself.”

Yan Mingyao and Shui Xiaolian were stunned. They understood that Zeng Shuwei and Wu Jiaming were trying to bribe their son.

As for Yan Huang saying that he would make the magic instrument, no one believed him. He was just a normal high school student who couldn’t even study well. He might even have difficulties getting into university.

Yan Huang knew what his parents were thinking. He shook his head. He didn’t want to explain himself. If his oldest uncle and cousin didn’t want to make the instrument, he could make it himself. The 1 million was enough to improve his family’s current situation.

Zeng Caixuan was also shaking her head. She finished the tea and poured a cup for herself. Then, she raised her head and gulped the bitter tea down. She didn’t expect Yan Huang to be so ugly, greedy, unscrupulous, and cunning.

She was disgusted that her mother wanted to match them together.

Zeng Caixuan suddenly wished that her father’s business deal for the magic instrument would fail. That way, her mother would stop what she was doing.

Yan Mingyao looked at his son. He felt that his son was making his life difficult.

“I will try my best.” After some time, Yan Mingyao sighed loudly. He hesitated before continuing, “Shuwei, we are classmates. I want to help you but since I don’t cultivate, I can’t do much.”

“There are many orders to finish in the smithery, so I can only mention your order to my eldest brother and see if he has the time to make it for you. I cannot guarantee whether it would succeed or not.”

“Your words are enough for me.” Zeng Shuwei was happy that Yan Mingyao was willing to help him.

“Thank you, Brother Yan. Thank you!” Wu Jiaming finally felt at ease when she heard him and her smile got brighter.

“Caixuan, what are you doing? Hurry up and thank uncle,” Wu Jiaming saw Zeng Caixuan drinking her tea solemnly and scolded her instantly.

“Thank you, Uncle Zeng,” Zeng Caixuan said helplessly. She glanced at Yan Huang with her beautiful eyes. Her dislike for him grew stronger.

“Let’s have dinner first.” Shui Xiaolian unhappily shook her head as she looked at Yan Huang. She placed the money on the table in a box. If they couldn’t make the magic instrument in time, she would return all the money back to Zeng Shuwei.

The order was extremely important to Zeng Shuwei. Hence, they were unwilling to leave even after dinner ended. They pulled Yan Mingyao into the living room and started conversing with him.

Yan Huang sat on the sofa. He narrowed his eyes and started looking at Zeng Caixuan with interest.

While they were eating just now, Yan Huang had directed his vital spirit into his eyes to assess his parents’ potential in cultivation. However, he unexpectedly realized that Zeng Caixuan had the potential to cultivate. She had a pure physique which was very rare.

The spirit root was important in cultivation. Zeng Caixuan’s spirit root was normal. It was just slightly above average. But, she had a pure physique.

There was only one pure physique in ten thousand cultivators. Yan Huang didn’t expect this ordinary looking girl to be one of them.

Zeng Caixuan also had a fire-element physique. This meant that if she practiced fire-element skills, she would advance much faster than a normal person.

Zeng Caixuan sat on the sofa lazily after the meal. Her long hair spread out on the sofa behind her, revealing her forehead and her cute little ears. She was wearing earplugs and listening to music while playing with her cellphone.

Just as Zeng Caixuan was changing her position, she noticed Yan Huang staring intently at her from the corner of her eyes.

Zeng Caixuan got shocked. After that, she got furious.

Did her mother say something to Yan Huang? If not, why was he staring at her with such a dirty look?

Zeng Caixuan felt that this had to be the case. Humiliation and anger filled up her heart.

Because of a business deal, her parents actually pushed their own daughter to an obscene and evil beast.

“Ring ring…” Zeng Caixuan’s cellphone suddenly rang.

“Hello?” Zeng Caixuan glared at Yan Huang as she answered the call. “Caixuan, where are you? We are at the Imperial Flourish Hotel now. Why are you not here yet? Today is Little Qiao’s birthday. We planned this two days ago.” A girl’s voice came from the other end of the call. With Yan Huang’s cultivation level, he could hear noises from the other side too. There were many people there.

“Ah!” Zeng Caixuan was shocked. She forgot about her anger and shouted into the phone, “I almost forgot about this! My mother pulled me to her friend’s house tonight. Wait for a while, I will hurry over now.”

“How can you forgot about such an important thing?”

“It just happened to have something on. I will rush over immediately. I am hanging up.” Zeng Caixuan hung up and wanted to leave.

Wu Jiaming was helping Yan Huang’s mother in the kitchen. She came out when she heard her daughter’s voice.

She looked at Zeng Caixuan unhappily and said, “It is already past 11 pm. Where do you want to go at this time? You are not allowed to go anywhere!”

“Stay here and talk to Aunt Xiaolian and Yan Huang.”

“Mother! I must go.” Zeng Caixuan was still hesitant to leave at the start but when she heard Yan Huang’s name, her anger surged up and she shouted at her mother, “I will go wherever I want. You have no right to bother about it.”

Wu Jiaming took a while to regain her composure. She shouted back angrily, “Your wings are getting hard. You want to fly out now?”

“Yes, my wings are hard. I want to fly out!” Zeng Caixuan replied furiously. She grabbed the car keys on the table and rushed out of the door. The door vibrated after the impact as she slammed it shut.

Shui Xiaolian came out of the kitchen when she heard the quarreling outside. She looked at the time and frowned. She said to Yan Huang, “Yan Huang, hurry up and get Caixuan back. It is dangerous for a girl to go out in the middle of the night.”

“Yes, hurry up and get her back,” Wu Jiaming agreed. She was panting in anger.

“Yes.” Yan Huang nodded and slowly got up from the sofa. He could take this time to pass her some fire-type skills since he was the ‘father of the human race’. As for whether she wanted to learn it or not, it was up to her.

Zeng Caixuan ran towards the car park and opened the car door. Just as she sat down and was going to pull up the brake, a figure suddenly appeared on the passenger’s seat.

“Ah!” Zeng Caixuan screamed in shock. She took a closer look at the figure. It was the irritating Yan Huang.

“You… you…” Zeng Caixuan widened her eyes in surprise. She scanned her surroundings. “How did you suddenly appear?”

Yan Huang looked at Zeng Caixuan’s shocked face and frowned. He was displeased with this girl who was going to become his next cultivator. “Mortals are mortals. Your mental prowess quality is weak.”

Zeng Caixuan was so angry she didn’t know what to say. You are the one who appeared in my passenger’s seat. Even a ghost would be frightened.

Zeng Caixuan frowned and glared at Yan Huang. “Get out of the car!”

“Mortal, it is dangerous for you to talk to me like this.” Yan Huang narrowed his eyes. “If you beg me, I might give you an opportunity.”

“You… you…” Zeng Caixuan was speechless again. Her anger burned in her heart. She was going crazy!

Under the dim light, Zeng Caixuan noticed that Yan Huang didn’t have his seatbelt on. She quickly released the brake and stepped on the accelerator.

She smiled. “Fine. Let me give you an opportunity too.”

“Vroom!” The BMW zoomed out of the parking lot. Zeng Caixuan was pushed against her seat by the huge inertia.

She laughed happily. She felt that the irritating Yan Huang must have fallen all over the ground now.

She looked to her side. Her smile froze.

Even without his seatbelt, Yan Huang was sitting leisurely on the passenger’s seat. It was as though there were nails in his shoes.

The red BMW zoomed through the road like a ball of flame. Luckily, there were not many cars on the road as it was close to midnight.

Zeng Caixuan stepped on the accelerator again and pulled the handbrake. However, no matter how many emergency brakes or sudden turns she did, Yan Huang just sat on the seat as if nothing happened.

Zeng Caixuan was disappointed. She glared at Yan Huang. After her impulsiveness died down, she slowed down too.

“Forget it. Let me just take her as a daughter who ran away from home.” Yan Huang leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes.

Twenty minutes later, the red BMW reached a huge plaza which had a fountain in the middle. There were many expensive cars parked outside. In front of them was a gigantic and extravagant hotel.

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