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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 13

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 13: The Imperial Flourish Hotel

Zeng Caixuan ignored Yan Huang and closed the car door. She made a call to Xiaoqiao and got the room number of the KTV. She hurriedly walked there.

Yan Huang turned around nonchalantly and prepared to go home. His cellphone rang. Yan Huang looked at the number displayed on the screen. It was his mother.

“Yes?” Yan Huang picked up the call.

“Huang’er, did you manage to find Caixuan?” Shui Xiaolian asked him worriedly.


“That is good. It is dangerous for a girl to stay outside in the middle of the night. Hurry up and come back with her.”

“She is singing with her friends. I can’t get her back.” Yan Huang leaned against the car. He looked at the extravagant Imperial Flourish Hotel beside him.

He was the father of the human race. However, he was not a babysitter.

It was an honor for Zeng Caixuan when he agreed to give her an opportunity.

“Yan Huang, Yan Huang!” Wu Jiaming’s voice came from the other end of the call. “Look after her for me. Let her sing if she wants to. Just come back with her later.”

His mother’s voice sounded again. “Yes, come back with Xuan’er later after she finished playing. Don’t come back alone!”

Before Yan Huang could agree, his mother hung up.

Yan Huang: “…”


Zeng Caixuan pushed opened the door of one of the premium KTV rooms. A few girls immediately surrounded her.

One of them said unhappily, “Caixuan, how can you forget my birthday?” A girl wearing branded clothes all over her body grabbed her hand. This was one of Zeng Caixuan’s close friends, Mu Xiaoqiao, the birthday girl.

“Yes.” Another short-haired and outspoken girl said to Zeng Caixuan, “You are late. You need to drink three cups.” This person was another close friend of Zeng Caixuan, Ruonan. 

“Stop quarreling. Come over and sit down,” A tall and long-legged cold-looking lady said. She was the last close friend, An Ya, the campus belle.

“Yes, drink three cups and you can enter.” Mu Xiaoqiao pulled Caixuan into the room. Suddenly, she realized that there was a man standing behind Caixuan.

“Hey, who are you?” Mu Xiaoqiao sized up Yan Huang. She frowned when she noticed that his clothes were worth less than a hundred yuan. The cheapest piece of clothes on her cost more than a hundred. They were her Chanel socks.

“You…” Zeng Caixuan turned back to look at Yan Huang who was behind her. She was shocked. “You… why do you always appear so suddenly?”

Yan Huang looked at the nobodies in front of him. His gaze was arrogant and blatant. He walked in and sat down on the biggest sofa in the KTV room.

He acted as though it was their honor that he came.

“Sigh, who is this poor guy?” Mu Xiaoqiao was unhappy that Yan Huang ignored her and even took the middle spot of the KTV. It was her birthday, not his.

“My friend.” Zeng Caixuan’s head hurt.

“What is the matter?” Ruonan walked towards Zeng Caixuan. She looked at Yan Huang’s clothes with disdain. She cracked her knuckles. “Do you need my help?”

Ruonan was the most violent out of the four best friends. She learned taekwondo and was a blue-belt now. She would always beat up those admirers that pestered her best friends.

The arrogant An Ya looked at Yan Huang with contempt. She turned her head nonchalantly. She had seen many poor guys like him who wanted to fool a wealthy lady. 

“What do you want?” Zeng Caixuan walked towards Yan Huang. She hated him even more.

“I will just sit here. You can do whatever you like.”

“Fine!” Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang angrily.

Just as he said, Yan Huang sat cross-legged on the sofa and started cultivating. He ignored everything that was happening around him. There were around 20 people in the KTV. They were having a lot of fun.

In the middle of the celebration, Yan Huang received a call. It was from Old Master Mo.

“Hello, is this Master Yan?” Old Master Mo said politely.

“Yes,” Yan Huang replied nonchalantly.

“Master, sorry to disturb you. I’m calling you because there is a herb in your Dan prescription, ‘Han Yi Gen’ which I couldn’t find. I have looked through all the Chinese medicine books and even asked a respected Dan-making master. There is no such herb present. Master…”

Old Master Mo understood that old and secret factions had their own way of naming certain herbs.  

Yan Huang was stunned when he heard this. He had made a mistake.

As compared to his 5000 years of memory, the original memories of ‘Yan Huang’ seemed negligible. Hence, when he had written the Dan prescription, he didn’t check the original memories and just wrote it based on what he remembered.

Although this was a simple version of Strengthening Dan, in this spiritual power-lacking earth, some herbs might not be available.

Yan Huang looked through his memory and realized that Han Yi Gen was not present on this earth. He needed to find another herb to replace it.

Old Master Mo could hear the hesitation in Yan Huang’s voice. “Master, we have collected the other herbs necessary and got some herbs that seemed similar to Han Yi Gen. You can take a look and see which one is more suitable.”

“Yes. I can do that.” Yan Huang nodded his head. Old Master Mo was someone who prepared ahead. He had predicted the issues that Yan Huang could face and made the necessary preparations. “Come over later. Since you are so sincere, I will help you make the Dan medicine later.”

“Sure sure.” Old Master Mo was elated. He replied, “Master, where are you. I will go over immediately.”

“I am at the Imperial Flourish Hotel. Emperor Hall Room Number 2.”

“I didn’t expect you to be in Jiangning city. I will go over immediately.”



Mu Xiaoqiao was dressed in branded clothes. She laid in the arms of a handsome and nicely dressed man. This was Xiaoqiao’s boyfriend, Yang Wenrui. Yang Wenrui’s family owned several big hotels. Their assets were worth a few hundred million. His father had relationships in both the white and black world.

Yang Wenrui was a flirtatious person. He hugged Mu Xiaoqiao with one hand and had a glass of wine in another. He gave an amorous smile and nodded at Yan Huang. “Your admirer? Do you need me to chase him away?” 

“Yeah.” Mu Xiaoqiao didn’t like how poor Yan Huang looked. When she heard that Yang Wenrui was willing to lend a helping hand, she immediately continued, “Caixuan, don’t worry. Wenrui will definitely help you.”

Zeng Caixuan had received a message from her mother that she ordered Yan Huang to accompany her and send her back later. Zeng Caixuan saw that Yan Huang just sat obediently in a corner after he came in so she shook her head and said, “No, he is just a common friend.” 

“Okay. If you need any help, just tell me.” Yang Wenrui finished the cup of wine in his hand. He glanced at Yan Huang indifferently. To him, Yan Huang was like an ant. He could kill him whenever he wanted to.

Today was Yang Wenrui’s girlfriend, Mu Xiaoqiao’s birthday. The people he invited were all from wealthy families.

A rich young man who was sitting beside Yang Wenrui with a beautiful lady in his arms praised as he looked at the interior of the KTV room, “I heard that the person behind this Imperial Flourish Hotel is Master Hong. The minute he opened this hotel, all the rooms were filled. Everyone from the black and white world came to support him.”

“Yes.” Yang Wenrui got excited the moment he heard about Master Hong. “I heard my father say that the Hong Clan developed really quickly. Within just a few years, they grew from a small clan into the head of the clans within the Jiangning city. They are a legend.”

“Yes. There were just around for a few years but they dared to stand up against the leader of the black world, the Dragon Tiger Sect.”

The people around them gasped in shock. The Dragon Tiger Sect was the ultimate leader of the mafia world.

When he talked about this, Yang Wenrui lowered his voice, “I heard that Master Hong was able to grow strong so quickly because there is a cultivator helping him.”

“Woah!” The people around them exclaimed in surprise again. Cultivators were starting to gain more importance. Most of the people here were young and hot-blooded. It was understandable that they had a desire to become stronger. Everyone had dreams of becoming a hero.

Zeng Caixuan held her wine glass tighter when she heard this. There was longing in her eyes.

She was an arrogant person. She studied hard because she wanted to get into the Jiangnan university so that she could become a cultivator.

Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang secretly.

Yes. If I become a cultivator, my parents will not ask me to like such a useless person even if his family help us create the magic instrument.

Zeng Caixuan thought about this and decided that she must work harder from now on. Her results were slightly below the minimum requirements for the university, so she just needed to work hard and she would get into the university.

“Wenrui, you are in the best situation.” The people looked at Yang Wenrui with envy. Their results were all normal so there was no way they could get into the Jiangnan University.

Yang Wenrui’s results were normal too but his family was wealthy! According to rumors, in some high-class auctions, Dan medicine had started appearing and cultivation techniques were being sold in the auctions too. With Yang Wenrui’s family background, he could easily buy some Dan to help with his cultivation.

Yang Wenrui smiled brighter. He raised the wine glass in his hand and gulped it down.

He said in a drunk manner, “Don’t worry, once I become a cultivator, I will help all of you and make sure that you all become cultivators too!”

“You are the best!”

“Good brother!”

The people around tried to curry favores with him. Mu Xiaoqiao hugged him even tighter. Her eyes lit up. When that time came, he would become a highly-respected cultivator.

As they were singing, Yang Wenrui went to the washroom. When he walked passed the female toilet, his eyes turned bright. He saw a lady with a black miniskirt. Her back and legs were all shown. It was a hot lady.

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