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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 14

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 14: Who Is Yang Wenrui?

Yang Wenrui was still feeling good about being called a future cultivator. Hence, he didn’t hold back his emotions and slapped the woman’s butt. He smiled flirtatiously and said, “Whose family’s princess are you? Tell me and I will call for you next time!”

“Ah!” The woman who got slapped screamed, “Molest! Molest!”

Yang Wenrui’s face turned black. He grabbed her butt with his hand. “Why are you still acting?”

At this moment, a scrawny man rushed out. He looked at Yang Wenrui furiously and pounced at him after shouting.

Unfortunately, Yang Wenrui was much taller and muscular than the man. The man was not his match. The man was beaten up badly. He grabbed his woman and ran away. He shouted angrily at Yang Wenrui as he ran, “Bastard if you have the guts, don’t run away!”

Yang Wenrui was a future cultivator. He was not afraid of such low-level threats. “My name is Yang Wenrui. I am at the Emperor Hall Room number 2. Come and find me if you dare!” 

When Yang Wenrui came back with his clothes in a mess, everyone was shocked.

“Wenrui, what happened?” Mu Xiaoqiao immediately came over and hugged him. There was dirt all over his clothes.

Yang Wenrui was still drunk. His face was red. He complained, “I met a shameless bitch who wanted to molest me just because I am handsome. No worries. I beat up her boyfriend!”

“Come, let’s drink!” 

Mu Xiaoqiao didn’t understand what he was saying. His friends looked awkward and tried to change the topic. “Wenrui, you drank too much.”

“Yes, he always sprouts nonsense when he is drunk. Let’s just ignore him. Today is Xiaoqiao’s birthday, We must drink till we are drunk!” 

His friends grew up with Yang Wenrui so they knew his personality and didn’t believe that the bitch would molest Yang Wenrui. Yang Wenrui was probably the one that molested the lady.

However, this was not an issue. The Yang family was a huge and powerful family. Nothing would happen if he molested a few princesses.


The location of this extravagant hotel was chosen after much consideration. Yan Huang could feel the rich spiritual power in the air the moment he had arrived. It was only a little below the Nine Dragon Mountain. The place where the spiritual power was the strongest was the spot where Yan Huang was sitting at. 

Spiritual power congregated around Yan Huang. After entering his pectoral region, they became a vital spirit and flowed through his body.

It flowed 36 times through his body. Suddenly, Yan Huang sensed something. He quickly stopped his cultivation.

He opened his eyes and saw the door of the KTV room being kicked open by a few men with sunglasses. They all wore black suits. They rushed into the KTV. All of them were fierce-looking and muscular.

The leader of the group was a big-sized man. His muscles caused his black suit to seem tight on him. They were frightening!

“Who is Yang Wenrui?” The leader shouted angrily. The veins on his neck bulged out. His voice echoed in the KTV room. Dust feel down from the ceiling.

The people in the room covered their ears in shock. The voice of the man penetrated right into their ears. Everyone staggered and looked at the men with fear. They didn’t know what was happening.

A few rich young men heard what the leader said and turned pale.

“Hmm?” Yan Huang was the only one who could still sit straight. He frowned at the man who shouted. He was surprised. He actually felt a tinge of vital spirit when the man had shouted.

“Is he a cultivator?” Yan Huang was puzzled. However, after a while, he shook his head in disappointment. The man had some vital spirit in his body but it was very little and faint. It couldn’t even be considered an ‘air vital spirit’ which was the most basic form of vital spirit.

This meant that the vital spirit in the man’s body came about due to some special method. The man might not even know that there was a vital spirit in his body. He must be someone who practiced martial arts. The faint vital spirit was known as internal energy to them.

The vital spirit during the Qi cultivation stage was the air vital spirit. Once a person reached the foundation building, the vital spirit changed into liquid form. Hence, the foundation building state was also known as the Liquid Jade state. The vital spirit in Yan Huang’s body was in a liquid state. In terms of internal energy, he had attained a high level of it and he was powerful beyond measure.

If the fierce-looking man had a fight with Yan Huang, he would not be able to take one punch from Yan Huang.

The spiritual power on earth was scarce. The art of cultivation had stopped for almost a few thousand years. A normal person would not be able to learn the art of cultivation so easily. 

“Pa!” One of the men turned on the lights in the room. The room became bright. Then, the man rushed to the television and plucked out all the wires connecting to the sound system.

“Buzz.” The entire KTV room turned quiet.

“Let me ask you all again. Who the hell is Yang Wenrui?” The leader shouted once again. His voice resounded in the room. Under the bright light, the men looked even more frightening. Some timid girls were already crying.

“It is him.” A scrawny man rushed into the room. This was the man who got beaten up by Yang Wenrui just now. The minute he came into the room, he saw the unconscious and drunk Yang Wenrui lying on the sofa.

“Take him.” The leader waved his hand. A few men ran over and grabbed Yang Wenrui from both sides.

“What are you all doing? Why are you all taking my boyfriend away?” Mu Xiaoqiao shouted when she saw what was happening.

“Who are you all? What do you all want?” A few rich young men who got invited by Yang Wenrui regained their senses. They had a powerful family background so they knew that these bodyguards might be hired by someone’s family. Most of the rich and powerful people had their own bodyguards.

They wanted to stop them, but they were not their match at all. They could only follow behind them.

“Who are you all? Let me go! If not, I will ask my father to kill you all!” Yang Wenrui realized subconsciously that he was being dragged away so he shouted in anger at the men. 

Yang Wenrui’s friend immediately said, “Do you all know who he is? Yang Wenrui’s family owns a pub franchise. Their family’s assets are worth a few hundred million. His father is known as ‘Second Yang Master’ and has power in both the white and black world! Let him go! If not, you all will suffer later.”   

“Yes, you are all dead. We are calling Wenrui’s father now!” Another rich young man saw that persuading them was useless, so he started threatening the men. He took out his cellphone and pressed some numbers.

“Do you think that you all are powerful just because you all have some muscles?” A few bold ladies screamed at the men too.

“Do you know that my father is the vice minister of the city defense department of the Jiangning city? This person’s father is the person-in-charge of the general logistics department and her mother is one of the leading bosses of Jiangning city’s construction business. We are not easily bullied. Put Yang Wenrui down!”

No matter what these people said, the men in suits just ignored them and continued dragging away the drunk Yang Wenrui. The scrawny man followed them too. He kept looking coldly at the crowd of young men and women.

Yan Huang saw Zeng Caixuan following behind the crowd too. He shook his head. He had no choice but to follow her too. Internal fights between these nobodies are so boring.

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