Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 16

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 16: Son, Why Are You Vomiting Blood?

There were many people outside the emperor suite. A loud voice shouted, “Who dares to bully my son?”

“Wenrui, where are you? Father is here to save you.”

“Young Master Wenrui, where are you?”

“Who are you? How dare you stop me? Do you know who I am? I am Yang Yong. People call me Second Master Yang!”


Yang Wenrui’s expression turned worse when he heard his father’s voice outside the door.

His friend, who had called Yang Wenrui’s father, looked even more frightened, so much that his face also turned pale.

Zeng Caixuan, An Ya, and Ruonan covered their faces helplessly. They couldn’t bear to watch anymore. Mu Xiaoqiao was dumbfounded. Her mouth was wide-opened.

Yan Huang looked at Hong Xin calmly. He realized that Hong Xin’s expression was cold.

He had just talked about Yang Wenrui’s father and the next moment, his father appeared.

It was humiliating.

“Boom!” A young man pushed open the door of the emperor suite. The moment he opened the door, he saw his Young Master Wenrui kneeling on the ground with a look of despair. He looked pitiful.

“Young Master!” The young man shouted with agitation.

“Master, young master is here!”

“Brothers, young master is here!”

“How dare these people bully our young master. Everyone hit them!”

Yang Wenrui wanted to die.

Master Hong not only had someone backing him up, but he was also the boss of the underground world in the Jiangning city. His assets were worth a few thousand million. To him, the Yang family was nothing.

Yang Wenrui’s face turned pale. He fell onto the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood onto the floor.

He muttered to himself, “I am dead… I am dead… I am really dead…”

All his friends couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

Very soon, a group of a muscular man in black rushed in under the guidance of the young man. The leader of the pack had a machete in his hand. He was wearing a thick gold necklace.

The moment Yang Yong entered the emperor suite, he saw his precious son vomiting blood onto the floor. He was frightened. He rushed forward and held his son.

“My God, my precious baby, what are you vomiting blood?” Yang Yong was anxious. Yang Wenrui was his only son in the 5th generation. If anything happened to him, he would commit suicide.

“Father.” Yang Wenrui grabbed his father’s arm. He had a complicated expression. “Father… I vomit blood… because of you…”

“Huh?” Yang Yong was confused. He didn’t understand what his son was saying but he was furious.

Yang Yong hugged his son. His heart hurt to see his son like this. There was a strong malicious intent coming from his eyes.

“Who dares to hit my son? I will not forgive him!” Yang Yong shouted in anger. He had gone crazy from anger.

Yang Yong scanned the surroundings with his small eyes. He must find the culprit who hurt his son.

When Yang Yong saw a familiar figure on the mahogany sofa, his eyes froze. He blinked. The next moment, his eyes widened.

Yang Yong got a shock. He rushed towards Master Hong in excitement. “Master Hong, why are you here? It is my honor to meet you.”

“I didn’t expect to meet you today. It is really an honor.” Yang Yong was indeed someone who managed to gain networks in both the white and black world. His face changed as quickly as flipping a book.

“Honor your head!”

Hong Xin had been controlling his anger ever since Yang Yong had rushed in. Now, he finally couldn’t control it anymore. He raised his leg and kicked Yang Yong’s fat butt.

Yang Yong fell on the ground. One of his teeth fell out. However, he didn’t dare to complain at all. He laid on the floor and looked at Master Hong fearfully. He glanced at his son. He wondered what happened. Why was Master Hong and his precious son both here?

“Good. Very good. Extremely good.” Hong Xin walked towards Yang Yong. He looked at Yang Wenrui and Yang Yong coldly.

“Yang Yong.”

“Yes,” Yang Yong said in a weak voice.

“Your dear son molested my man’s woman and even humiliated me in front of so many people. Now, his father, who is you, came and ruined my place. How should you compensate me?”

Hong Xin glared at Zeng Caixuan and the other people fiercely.

Yang Yong’s face turned paler with each sentence Hong Xin said. By the time Hong Xin finished speaking, his face was white.

“Please spare us.” Yang Yong crawled towards Hong Xin and hugged his left leg. “Master Hong, my dear son likes to drink. He must have been too drunk and that is why he was so atrocious. I only have one son. Please spare him.”

“If any drunkard can come and humiliate me, how can I maintain my dignity?” Master Hong smiled.

“Please spare him!” Yang Yong lowered his head even more. “Master Hong, I beg you. I only have one son. Please spare him. I am willing to do anything for you.”

“Let him go. Sure.” Master Hong’s scar became even more hideous as he smiled. “Give me all the pubs under you and I will let him go.”

“Ah!” Yang Yong felt as though he was struck by lightning. He froze on the spot.

Yang Yong shivered in fear. There were tears in his eyes as he stammered, “Master Hong… if I give you all my pubs, how will I be able to survive?”

“Hmph, didn’t you say that you are willing to do anything for your son?” Hong Xin replied coldly.

On the other end.

When Mu Xiaoqiao heard that Hong Xin wanted all her boyfriend’s family’s assets, she panicked. She said without thinking, “He just touched the lady. Why does he need to compensate you with all his pubs? This doesn’t make sense.”

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