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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 17

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 17: Who Dares To Not Give Me Face

“Oh my god!”

The moment Mu Xiaoqiao opened her mouth, Zeng Caixuan, An Ya, and Ruonan knew that things were turning for the worse.

They were all good friends, so they knew how much Mu Xiaoqiao liked money. She loved, respected and was passionate about money. However, they didn’t expect her to say such things.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Yang Wenrui’s girlfriend!” Mu Xiaoqiao raised her chest as she plucked up her courage and replied, “Wenrui… Wenrui… even if Wenrui touched someone’s woman, he doesn’t need to compensate with so many bars.”

“Master Hong.” Yang Yong quickly climbed towards Master Hong again. “Yes, Master Hong. You are a great man. Please spare us. I will give you one of my bars which is situated in the prime area right in the middle of the Jiangning city.”

“Haha!” Hong Xin laughed at the girl who dared to speak up to him. He kicked Yang Yong away.

He looked at Mu Xiaoqiao intently. He sized her voluptuous figure up with greedy eyes. “Yes, you are right. It is ridiculous for me to ask you all to compensate me with so many pubs.”

“Yes.” Mu Xiaoqiao didn’t notice Hong Xin’s gaze. She was elated when he agreed with what she said.

“Yes. Businessmen like us should be fair, righteous, and transparent.”

Hong Xin smiled at Mu Xiaoqiao. “Since your boyfriend touched my man’s woman, he should let his girlfriend compensate for his actions.”

“Drag this girl into my room!” Hong Xin revealed his true intentions.

Mu Xiaoqiao felt a chill run down her spine when she heard what Hong Xin said.

A few men in suits came towards Mu Xiaoqiao with an evil grin on their faces. They wanted to grab Mu Xiaoqiao.

“Help, help! Let me go!” Mu Xiaoqiao screamed in fear. “Master Hong, this is wrong! Even thoughWenrui touched your man’s woman, but you want to…”

“Uncle Yang, help me! Help me!” Mu Xiaoqiao stepped back frightened.

“Hmph, who am I? How can my man be bullied by normal people?”

“Master Hong.” Yang Yong was shocked when he saw what happened. He didn’t expect things to change so quickly. “This girl is Wenrui’s girlfriend. Can you let her go?”

“Let her go? Do you want your son or do you want your son’s girlfriend? Choose one.”

“Ah!” Yang Yong was stunned. He looked at Mu Xiaoqiao who was surrounded by bodyguards and then glanced at his son who was vomiting blood. He was speechless.

The other people in the room were shocked too. They were shivering. A few pretty ladies even hid behind the men. They were afraid that Hong Xin would target them too.

They were all teenagers and had heard about such things before. However, when they experienced it personally, the fear was worse than expected.

“Help me! Help me!” Mu Xiaoqiao screamed. “Ah Qiang, Ah Sheng, Ah Qi, help me!” Mu Xiaoqiao called Wenrui’s good friends.

The young men looked at Hong Xin. They stared at Yang Wenrui and Yang Yong and clenched their fists. But, they just stood on the spot with a hesitant expressions.

Only Mu Xiaoqiao’s friends rushed forward and tried to help her. However, the three ladies were unable to stop the muscular men. Ruonan learned martial arts before, so she had an easier time. However, there were too many people on the other side. After a few rounds, she was hit in the abdomen by two men and fell onto the floor in pain.

Zeng Caixuan grabbed a man’s hand. She was so agitated she started crying. “Let her go, what are you all doing? Do you all know that it is against the law to do this?”

“You all are too overboard.” The tall and lean An Ya kicked the muscular man in front of her. She didn’t manage to injure the man and even ended up hurting her foot. She grabbed her leg and cried in pain.

“I’m going to call the police. You all are too evil.” An Ya was going to cry too. She took out her handphone. A huge hand grabbed her.

An Ya was astounded. The person who grabbed her was the hideous-looking Hong Xin.

“Haha.” Hong Xin knocked An Ya’s phone away and held onto her hand. He looked at An Ya’s figure greedily. Then, he glanced at Zeng Caixuan and Ruonan.

The moment they entered, Hong Xin had already laid his eyes on these four beauties.

He didn’t ask for them immediately since he didn’t have a reason but Mu Xiaoqiao entered the lion’s den herself.

“These three ladies are not bad either.” Hong Xin shouted, “Bring them into my room too!”

Hong Xin glared viciously at the other people in the room. “Cowards! If you all don’t leave now, you will stay back and accompany them.”

“Ah!” The rest of the people in the room started screaming. The person who ran the fastest was Yang Yong. He glanced at Mu Xiaoqiao hesitantly. Then, he called his sidekicks and they carried Yang Wenrui out.

Mu Xiaoqiao cried hysterically.

The other young masters exchanged glances with one another. They struggled internally but in the end, they sighed and left.

They had no other choices. Yang Wenrui hit a hard spot today. The Hong Clan was the most powerful clan in the Jiangning city and there was even a cultivator behind him. They couldn’t provoke him.

Within a few minutes, the emperor suite turned empty. It was only filled with the four ladies’ screams.

Oh, there was still a young man left in the suite.

It was a normal looking man who wore clothes that were worth less than a hundred dollars.

Yan Huang walked towards Hong Xin without any expression. He looked at him coldly and said, “This is enough. Release them for my sake.”

“Huh?” Hong Xin was stunned when he heard what Yan Huang said. He was enjoying the texture of the smooth skin in his hand. He looked at Ah Tie with a puzzled look. Then he looked at the other bodyguards in the room. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“What did you say?” Hong Xin couldn’t stop laughing. He grabbed his stomach and laughed heartily.

Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang. She felt grateful and bitter at the same time. An Ya, Mu Xiaoqiao and Ruonan looked at Yan Huang in disbelief.

They didn’t expect a stranger to stand up for them. Even their classmates and friends left.

However, there was nothing he could do. His opponent was the powerful Master Hong!

Zeng Caixuan hoped that her friends would call the police after they went out. She wished that some of them would call her parents too. That way, they might be saved.

Hong Xin’s bodyguards were laughing too. They looked at Yan Huang as though he was an idiot.

“Why must I release them for your sake? Who are you?” Hong Xin finally finished laughing.

“My name is Yan Huang. You are all descendants of Yan Huang. Who dares to not give me face?” Yan Huang replied indifferently.

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