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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 18 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 18

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 18: Eight Punches In A Second

“Pfft. Hahaha!” 

Hong Xin and his bodyguards started laughing again when they heard what Yan Huang said.

Hong Xin took a long time to control his laughter. He no longer felt that Yan Huang was an idiot. To him, he was a mentally handicapped child now.

Zeng Caixuan and her friends looked away in despair.

Zeng Caixuan thought that Yan Huang had a plan to help them. She didn’t expect him to joke around like this.

My dear friends, please call the police soon! 

Zeng Caixuan prayed silently.

Yan Huang frowned. “What are you all laughing for?”

“Nothi… Hahaha…” Hong Xin held onto Ah Tie with one hand and clutched his stomach with another. His abdomen was hurting from all the laughing.

“Little brat, if you said that you are Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, Diao Zhatian or someone like them, I might have been afraid of you. However, I have never heard of Yan Huang before. I can’t do this. I can’t control myself. Hahahaha…”

Hong Xin exploded into laughter again. The scar on his face kept moving.

“Fine.” Hong Xin waved his hand nonchalantly after a while. He looked as though he was chasing a fly away. He had tears in his eyes from laughing too much. He walked towards the mahogany sofa.

“Ah Tie, throw this little brat out. Since he gave us such a good laugh, be gentle to him. Just break his legs.”

“Yes,” The man in the black suit replied and smiled as he walked towards Yan Huang.

“Look at how skinny you are. Are you going to be obedient and let me break your legs or are you going to resist and let me break your legs? Choose one.”

Yan Huang looked at the muscular and tall person in front of him. He looked indifferent and replied calmly, “Imbecile nobody.”

“You are looking for death.” Ah Tie heard Yan Huang calling him a nobody and immediately raised his fist. He aimed it at Yan Huang’s face.

“Go and die!” Ah Tie smiled hideously.

“Ah!” Zeng Caixuan and her friends screamed in shock.

Yan Huang’s face was around the same size as the fist. They didn’t dare to imagine how Yan Huang could receive this blow.

Zeng Caixuan felt remorse. Yan Huang got into this situation because she had brought him here.

The other bodyguards had evil smiles on their faces too. They were anticipating what would happen.

“What a fool.” Yan Huang shook his head and raised his small fist. He aimed it at the huge fist coming towards him.

Everyone was shocked. Zeng Caixuan was agitated. She widened her eyes. Yan Huang’s arm was going to break soon.



When the two fists collided, one of the figures flew out like a sandbag.

“This…” Everyone was astounded. They froze on the spot.

Hong Xin was preparing to sit down on the sofa. “Ah Tie, you do not have to be so violent towards a little child…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt a gust of wind behind him.


Hong Xin felt a huge object flying passed him. The object slammed hard into the mahogany sofa.




The luxurious mahogany sofa behind Hong Xin, the antique paintings on the wall, and the precious stone ornaments all fell onto the ground.

Hong Xin looked at the person in front of him. He was dumbfounded. Yan Huang was still standing in the front of the atrium with a nonchalant expression on his face.

Hong Xin’s heart started pumping furiously. He turned his body slowly and looked at the person who was lying on the ground like a dead fish. It was Ah Tie.

“Omg!” Zeng Caixuan looked at Yan Huang with disbelief. She suddenly felt that she didn’t need to rely on her classmates anymore.

“Wow…” An Ya was looking at Yan Huang with her mouth agape.

“Omg!” Ruonan was shocked too. She had learned martial arts before, so she was even more surprised at the power of Yan Huang’s fist.

“This…” Mu Xiaoqiao was unable to accept this change. She had laughed at Yan Huang and mocked him for coming here. She had even called him a country bumpkin. She stammered, “This… this… this bumpkin is so powerful?”

“Charge!” Hong Xin regained his senses. Anger boiled inside him and he shouted furiously, “What are you all waiting for? He is just a small kid. Kill him!”

The bodyguards in the room regained their composure. Hong Xin was right. No matter how powerful Yan Huang was, he was alone.

“Charge!” The 12 bodyguards shouted loudly and charged at Yan Huang.

“Nobodies will always be nobodies. No matter how many of them are there, they are still nobodies.” Yan Huang calmly looked at the 12 people rushing towards him.

“Boom!” Two men reached him first. Yan Huang didn’t look at them and just raised his leg. He kicked to the right and left and the two men flew out as though they were knocked by a train.

Eight other men attacked him from different directions. Yan Huang sneered. His hand formed a lingering shadow in the air. He threw out eight punches in a second!



“Ah!” The eight men screamed in agony. They flew back and slammed into the wall. They cried in pain as they laid on the ground. They were unable to get up.

The remaining 2 men stopped in their tracks. They looked at the 17 years old teenager in the room and felt that he was a huge beast. They were frightened. Their legs started giving way. 

“Ghost!” The two men shouted in fear and rushed out of the emperor suite quickly. They disappeared without a trace.

“Oh my god!” Zeng Caixuan grabbed her hair. She felt that she was dreaming. “Is he really so powerful? No wonder he didn’t fell down when I was driving…”

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