Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 19

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 19: Waited For Half A Minute

“This…” Master Hong was dumbfounded by what had just happened in the atrium. Within 10 seconds, his ten bodyguards were subdued. They were currently lying on the ground and crying in pain.

However, as the boss of the underground world, Master Hong managed to regain his composure quickly. He picked up a useable mahogany chair from the ruins behind him and wiped it. Then, he sat down casually.

Footsteps came from outside the emperor suite.

After a while, numerous fierce-looking men rushed in. No one knew if they were called by the two bodyguards who had run out or if they were attracted over by the commotion in the emperor suite.

Zeng Caixuan and her friends felt hopeless again.

Master Hong took out a cigar from his pocket and lighted it calmly. The smoke floated around him.

“You… are called Yan Huang, right?” Master Hong asked, “You are indeed powerful. Stronger than my best bodyguard, Ah Tie.”

“However, we are living in the modern society. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t beat a bullet. I just need to give a word and your entire family will be found out.” Master Hong regained his dominant demeanor as he spoke. By the time he finished speaking, he had resumed the stance of the underground world king.

Yan Huang narrowed his eyes. He wanted to kill him.

Yes, Yan Huang wanted to kill Hong Xin.

He wanted to kill Hong Xin for two reasons.

First, Yan Huang was the father of the human race. He was the pioneer of cultivation. His aim was to lead the human race into prosperity. Hence, he needed to remove all the black sheep of the human race. Hong Xin was one of them.

Yan Huang had been observing all this time because he wanted to know if he should kill Master Hong or not.

Yan Huang had the power to control the life-and-death of a human. However, he would not abuse this power.

Second, Master Hong wanted to harm his family. He had touched his bottom line.

Yan Huang had once experienced what it was like to lose his family in his past life. Thus, this time, he would work even harder to protect his own family.

Yan Huang looked at Zeng Caixuan and her friends. “Let them go. I will stay back.”

Yan Huang decided to use his skills to wipe out everyone here the moment Zeng Caixuan and her friends left. That way, the police would not be able to find any evidence.

Master Hong hesitated for a moment before nodding. The grudge between the young man and him was formed. If they really had a fight later, these four ladies would be a burden.

“Let them go.” Master Hong looked at the four beauties unwillingly.

“Huh?” Zeng Caixuan and her friends were stunned. They didn’t know what to do now. They wanted to leave immediately but they felt it was wrong to leave Yan Huang alone.

Yan Huang had stayed back to help them. How could they forsake him now?

“Yan Huang… you…” Zeng Caixuan clenched her fist. She was in a dilemma.

“Go.” Yan Huang said calmly, “Don’t be a burden.”

“Fi… fine.” Zeng Caixuan swallowed her kind words when she saw how cold Yan Huang was. She bit her lips and pulled her three friends out of the suite.

By right, they had only met each other today.

“Bang!” The door of the emperor suite shut tightly after the 4 people left.

Yan Huang stood in the atrium all alone. More than a hundred bodyguards surrounded him.

Every one of them rubbed their hands and cracked their knuckles. They looked at the stubborn and proud young man mockingly.

Master Hong smoked his cigar in satisfaction. He puffed out a round of smoke.

He scanned Yan Huang and then revealed his intention. “You are called Yan Huang, right? Since you are so good at fighting, why not follow me? You can have Ah Tie’s position, andI will forget about what happened today.”

The moment Master Hong finished speaking, there was an uproar in the room. Everyone looked at the young man with envy. Only the two people who had ran out just now knew how powerful Yan Huang was. The rest never saw how Yan Huang fought before.

Master Hong was the king of the underground world in Jiangning city. Ah Tie was like the most important general beside Master Hong. If Yan Huang agreed to stay beside Master Hong, he would have a few hundred men under him. It was a huge leap in power.

Yan Huang looked at Master Hong who was staring at him with anticipation. Then, he glanced at the men in a suit who were looking at him jealously. He couldn’t help but sneer.

“Be your sidekick? Are you trying to humiliate me?” Yan Huang spoke each word carefully.

Master Hong’s expression turned cold. He didn’t expect this young man to be so unaware of the situation. The people around him looked at him fiercely. How dare he scold them!

“Ring ring!” Just as Master Hong was about to act, the sound of a cellphone echoed in the room.

“Ring ring… ring ring…”

Yan Huang looked down. It was his cellphone. Yan Huang took out his phone. Mo Chongshan was calling him.

Master Hong sat on his chair in a relaxed manner and said, “Call everyone that you know over. Let me see who dares to stand up for you in the Jiangning city.”

“Speak.” Yan Huang answered the call.

“Master, where are you?” Old Master Mo’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “I am in the Emperor Hall Room Number 2. I don’t see you.”

“Something happened. I am in the emperor suite.”

“Something happened?” Old Master Mo was an experienced person. He immediately understood what Yan Huang was saying. “Master Yan, don’t worry. I do have some power in the Jiangnan city. I will go over immediately. Just wait for half a minute, master.”
“Yes.” Yan Huang thought for a moment and didn’t reject him. He was still at the starting stage of foundation building. Normal guns were manageable but if his opponents shot at him with machine guns or more powerful handguns, he might be in danger. Also, he didn’t need to kill Master Hong now.

“Okay, have you finished your call? How is it?” Master Hong sat on the chair and smiled at him.

“He asked you to wait for half a minute,” Yan Huang said.

“Fine.” Master Hong’s smile got brighter. “I will wait for half a minute.”

“Bang!” After around 10 seconds, a huge explosion came from the emperor suite. It sounded as though a huge beast was slamming against the wall.

The loud explosion echoed throughout the entire building. People almost turned deaf.

Then, the door of the emperor suite creaked and fell down.

“Boom!” Dust flew in the air.

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