Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 2

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 2: It’s So Tiring To Be A Father

“You… you…” Chen Biao was even more shocked. He screamed crazily and kept trying to pull his hand away. However, Yan Huang’s fingers held onto him like a hawkbill. No matter how much he struggled, his fingers didn’t move.

“You… let go of me!” Chen Biao shouted. His face was filled with anger and astonishment. The people observing them had turned quiet. They opened their mouths in shock. Liu Cuihua even had her hands on her mouth in surprise. She looked as though she saw a ghost.

Why was the cowardly and weak Yan Huang so strong and fierce today?

Yan Huang had no expression on his face. He looked at Chen Biao coldly. An invisible oppressive aura engulfed him. “Since you are my grandson, I will pardon you this time. If you do it again, I will not show mercy anymore. Get off!”

Yan Huang finished his sentence and released his two fingers. Chen Biao was still trying to pull out his hand so when the force holding him disappeared, he fell backward instantly.

A loud sound echoed throughout the classroom. Chen Biao turned over two metal tables before he managed to stop himself.

The entire senior high class 10 was in silence. You could hear the sound of a pin dropping.

Everyone stared at Yan Huang in bewilderment. They suddenly felt that Yan Huang was completely different today. His aura was so scary!

Chen Biao got up from the floor in a daze. He looked at the classmates staring at him, and he felt embarrassed and angry.

He didn’t know why Yan Huang suddenly became so strong today, but he was used to bullying Yan Huang. So, how could he yield to Yan Huang?

“Yan Huang, you are dead today!” Chen Biao’s face turned red and he shouted angrily as he rushed toward Yan Huang.

“Chen Biao, what are you doing!” At this moment, a pretty female teacher appeared at the door of the classroom. She was really tall and lean, she also had a furious expression on her face. This was the teacher-in-charge of senior high class 10, Lan Zhirou!

The moment Lan Zhirou finished her sentence, the ear-splitting school bell sounded. It was time for class.

Lan Zhirou was a strict and responsible teacher. Most of the time, she would be in the classroom before the bell rang to help the students with their work and to answer any questions that they may have had. Today, she was already a little late.

Chen Biao clenched his fist and stared deadly at Yan Huang with his bloodshot eyes. He took a look at Lan Zhirou and walked unwillingly toward the last row of tables. When he walked past Yan Huang, Chen Biao said angrily, “Bastard, you are lucky the teacher came. Just wait till school ends.”

Yan Huang sat down indifferently. He didn’t look nervous and scared by the threat.

Lan Zhirou walked up to the podium. Her black high heels knocked against the floor as she walked. Her eyebrows curled upwards as she stared at Yan Huang with her beautiful eyes. After a while, a sigh came out of her soft and seductive red lips.

She crossed her arms placing them in front of her chest. The full and beautiful contour of her breasts could be seen.

Lan Zhirou said coldly, “There is less than one semester before the university entrance examination. Time is tight. The exam is very important so I hope that everyone, especially a certain bunch of students, would get their act together!”

“Even if you don’t want to study, other people do.”

“Everyone is the descendants of Yan Huang, why can’t we be more lenient towards each other? Put down whatever grudges you have. You all are already 17 and 18 years old. If you keep creating so many commotions every day and not focus on the right thing, what is the point in graduating?”

“I have said what I wanted to say. Lesson start!”

“Stand up!” The class monitor immediately shouted.

“Good afternoon teacher!”

“Good afternoon students!”


“Right, Chen Biao is my descendant. I am Emperor Yan Huang. Why must I argue with him?” Yan Huang sat on his seat and nodded his head as he agreed with what the teacher said.

This was a history lesson. The main content of the lesson: Ten years ago, in the year 2008, the immortal dragon nation’s investigation team found an earthshaking ancient ruin at Kunlun mountain, which is situated at the West side of the country. This caused a cultivation craze in the entire world.

Yan Huang lost his interest after a few minutes and opened his history textbook. He flipped through the book. In these few seconds, he had used his vital spirit to read all the content. He finished the book.

He even read through the little pictures and side notes in the book. The notes the dead Yan Huang wrote were also taken note of.

During this time, Zhang Ziyun kept looking at him carefully with a look of astonishment on his face. Yan Huang didn’t hear him saying anything, so he was too lazy to care about him.

According to the book, 10 years ago, the spiritual power on earth appeared again. Ancient ruins started appearing in other countries that had a long history too. Because of that, some mysterious ancient factions started appearing in modern society as well.

Everyone was rushing to cultivate and there was a revolution in the modern society. However, not many factions really focused on cultivation. There were very few people who could cultivate a vital spirit.

The book introduced and said that the person who had advanced the most in the cultivation journey was an elderly from Hua Xia country. He had reached the later stage of foundation building. The elderly was heavily protected by the country.

“You only reached the later stage of foundation building after cultivating for 10 years?” Yan Huang pouted and said, “Rubbish!”

The lesson went by really quickly. The sound of the school rang again, signaling the end of school.

Zhang Ziyun grabbed Yan Huang’s elbow the minute Lan Zhirou walked out. “Old Huang, I don’t know why you became so fierce but you better call your mother. If not, you are dead.”

Yan Huang sat on his chair and frowned slightly when he saw the creases on his shirt. However, he still said calmly, “Even if you don’t call my mother, he will still be dead.”

In actual fact, the more arrogant a person is, the more they treasure a real relationship.

In Yan Huang’s eyes, humans were grouped according to different segments. All the people that he didn’t care about were nobodies to him. They were just mortals. For example, Chen Biao and Liu Cuihua.

People like Zhang Ziyun, who treated him wholeheartedly, as well as teacher Lan Zhirou, who did her job properly and cared for her students, were considered humans.

Yan Huang was very clear about these groupings. He was the father of the human race. He needed to interact with the humans and even help them walk onto the path of cultivation so that they could resist against the invasion of the devil clan.

He couldn’t be the only one available when the devil clan will come, right?

“Yan Huang!” Zhang Ziyun grabbed his hair and almost went crazy. “Now is not the time to act cool. Hurry up!”

Chen Biao was already walking to the front of the classroom. He heard what Zhang Ziyun told Yan Huang and looked at them with contempt. “Bastards, I will wait for you at the school gates. If you dare, don’t call your parents. We will have a one-on-one battle. Cowardly fellow.”

“If you dare to call, I will make sure I hit you every time your parents are not here!” Chen Biao sneered and rushed out with his bag.

On the other hand, Liu Cuihua had packed up her things and stood up too. She raised her head arrogantly. “Yan Huang, you are dead. Brother Leopard is buying things at the hypermart outside. If you kneel down and apologize to me now, I will let him pardon yo…”

Liu Cuihua didn’t manage to finish her sentence. Yan Huang walked past her with a calm face as though he didn’t hear what she said at all. He didn’t carry his bag and had his hands in his pocket.

Liu Cuihua was so angry her full chest heaved up and down. She stomped her feet. When she looked at Yan Huang again, she could only see the back of his head.

“Yan Huang, You are dead!” Liu Cuihua took out her new Poulo X and pressed on it as she called brother Leopard angrily.


The moment Yan Huang walked out of the classroom, he felt around and walked towards the school gates. He felt that the spiritual power in Jiangnan First High was too thin. It was even thinner than the spiritual power at the rubbish dump. He needed to find a place that had a richer spiritual power. That way, he could cultivate faster too.

To tell the truth, he was really disappointed with this earth. Millions of people cultivated for over 10 years but the strongest was only at the later stage of foundation building.

Yan Huang felt helpless. This is fate.

In his previous life, the human race relied on him to resist against the invasion of the devil clan.

Now, he was reborn on this barren earth, and he had to lead these stupid mortals to fight again. Yan Huang couldn’t help but complain. Why is being a father so tiring?

Yan Huang walked out of the school gates and followed his senses into a small and deserted road beside the school.

Chen Biao, who had been waiting for him outside the school gates, jumped up excitedly. He looked around and confirmed that Yan Huang didn’t call his parents. Parents were scary creatures. He whistled eagerly and quickly walked into the alley too.

The moment he entered the alley, he jumped out with cold sweats all over his forehead. His heart was pumping furiously due to fear.

In the alley, Yan Huang was being surrounded by a huge group of people!

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