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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 20 - Zenith Novels

Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 20

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 20: King Of Ninjas

As the dust settled down, the bodyguards saw two people standing at the entrance.

One of them was a silver-haired old man dressed properly in a grey Chinese tunic suit. The other person was a young man dressed casually. The young man was in a bow stance.

The bodyguards in the room gasped in shock. They saw two giant fist marks in the middle of the golden door.

One of the men in black suit shivered uncontrollably. If you listened carefully, you could hear his teeth clattering.

“Martial arts master!” Many men in black suits shouted simultaneously. To them, only a real martial arts master who managed to reach a certain level of internal energy was able to destroy a door made of composite metal with two punches.

“Master Yan!” The silver-haired old man immediately rushed in when the door was knocked down.

“Master Yan, are you alright?” Mo Chongshan ignored the bodyguards around him and walked directly towards Yan Huang. He bowed down and looked really concerned.

“Why will I be hurt?” Yan Huang replied calmly.

“Yes… Yes!” Mo Chongshan instantly understood what he meant. This normal looking young man in front of him had reached the foundation building state. The fierce-looking bodyguards were not his match at all. He could subdue them with just one finger.

“It is good that you are alright.”

Mo Chongshan heaved a sigh of relief. He slowly turned around and looked at Master Hong. Master Hong was stunned. Mo Chongshan looked at him coldly.

When the door of the emperor suite had fallen, Master Hong already saw the familiar figure outside the door and stood up violently. The smile on his face froze.

His arrogance turned into shock and then turned into fear. The cigar in his hand had fallen down. However, he didn’t notice it.

“Old… Old… Old Master Mo…” When he saw the old man walking towards him, he couldn’t help but kneel down.

He kneeled down!

The king of the underground world in Jiangning city, Master Hong, kneeled down.

The bodyguards around him were stunned. They looked at the three people in the middle of the room as their legs shivered.

Master Hong was’s face was pale. He looked at the furious Mo Chongshan with a dazed look. Then he looked at Yan Huang who had a nonchalant expression. Drops of cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He shivered in fear.

“This person… why does he… know you…” Master Hong looked at Yan Huang frighteningly.

“Good! Very good!” Mo Chongshan narrowed his eyes. He exuded the presence of a powerful person. He was like a lion who showed his claws.

He stared fiercely at Master Hong. Then, he looked at the bodyguards around them. “Master Hong, you are getting bolder.”

Master Hong’s face turned white. He didn’t dare to refute Old Master Mo. He widened his eyes and stared at Yan Huang. No wonder this young man was so strong. No wonder he was fearless. He knew the Defense Minister!

Mo Chongshan walked to Yan Huang. “Master Yan, I apologize for what happened today. Give me some time and I will give you a satisfactory reply.”

Yan Huang didn’t say anything. He looked at the old man who was standing up straight. Then, he turned and glanced at the man kneeling on the floor. A certain emotion flashed passed his eyes.

Yan Huang didn’t know what Mo Chongshan’s attitude was so he replied coldly, “Is he your man?”

“No, he is not!” Mo Chongshan was shocked. He knew that Yan Huang misunderstood him.

He hesitated before explaining, “He is the man of a subordinate of my political enemy. I have heard about him but I live in Jiangnan city and Jiangning city is not under me. I apologize if he offended you in any way.”

Yan Huang remained silent for a moment. He looked sternly at Master Hong. He acknowledged Old Master Mo and then left.

No one dared to stop Yan Huang, Old Master Mo, and Little Luo from leaving.

Master Hong closed his eyes in despair.

Before he left, Yan Huang flicked his finger and an invisible strand of vital spirit landed on Master Hong’s body.


In another extravagant room in the Imperial Flourish Hotel, Old Master Mo told Yan Huang his difficulty.

When the spiritual power had appeared ten years ago, many cultivation clans were formed. The political scene of the entire world had been split into two factions.

One wanted to continue their ancestor’s efforts and promote cultivation. Their goal was to make humans strong again.

The other faction felt that promoting cultivation would cause commoners to be at risk. The society would lose its balance. Technology would move backward and, in the end, the country would be controlled by cultivators. Dictatorship might occur.

It was reasonable for people to be against cultivation. The people from the various ancient cultivation families and secret clans that had appeared in the world were all arrogant and unruly people. They didn’t care about the laws and regulations of any country.

They killed whoever they wanted. Anyone who didn’t bow down to them would be killed too.

The most famous instance was the evil organization known as ‘The King Of Ninjas’ from Dongyang Island. The first thing this organization did was taking Tokyo down in a bloodbath.

Corpses could be seen everywhere after the battle. Blood formed rivers. The evil ninjas had even used the malicious ninja skill: Reborn From Soil. They had almost turned the entire Dongyang Island into a living hell.

Ever since this organization had appeared, leaders of various countries remained vigilant against secret factions and ancient cultivation families. They were fearful of ancient cultivation skills.

Of course, this was the official statement given. There were two main reasons for going against cultivation.

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