Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 21

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Translator: Yuchaoz

Editors: Fire, Wise

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Chapter 21: Master Hong Was Caught

One of the reasons was because of the talent. Having talent was important in cultivation.

Not everyone could become a cultivator. Those who didn’t have the talent might only reach enlightenment, even if they used many Dan medicines and other resources. As for those that were exceptional talents, their speed of cultivation would increase tremendously when they managed to get one or two Dan medicine.

One’s talent restricted one’s cultivation level. This meant that only a small portion of people was able to become cultivators.

Among these small group of people, some of them, especially those with higher authorities, were old and couldn’t cultivate fast.

What would happen to those people who couldn’t cultivate?

Let the cultivators take control of their country and in turn, take control of their lives? How could these powerful people allow others to step over them?

Thus, those leaders who couldn’t cultivate objected cultivation.

The second reason was that the cultivation system was not perfected yet. This was the most relevant in objecting cultivation.

For instance, in the immortal dragon nation, the relics that had been dug up were underground for more than 10 thousand years. Although these relics might have been protected by certain energies, after such a long time, the protection would have been gone.

Hence, most of the scriptures describing the art of cultivation were broken and incomplete. The pioneer batch of cultivators needed to progress through trial and error before finding the right path of cultivation.

If they managed to cultivate correctly, they would become physically stronger and their lives could be elongated.

If they practiced it wrongly, they would suffer from a relapse and might even harm the society and the commoners. They would become perfect examples for those people who wanted to object cultivation.

“This means that Hong Xin is the man of the subordinate of the person who objects cultivation?” Yan Huang asked.

In the immortal dragon nation, every city had a City Mayor and a Vice Mayor. The City Mayor governed six departments. These six departments were: Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs, Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of Rites, Ministry of Punishments, and Ministry of Works. As for Mo Chongshan, he was the person in charge of the army, the Minister of Defense.

Satellite cities were a level lower than the main cities. They were under the main cities.

“Yes,” Mo Chongshan replied. “The City Mayor is against cultivation while the Vice Mayor is for it. The 6 ministries are split into two teams. Hong Xin is the man of the subordinate of the Minister of Revenue.”

“Why did they say that Hong Xin has a cultivator supporting him?” Yan Huang thought about this.

“Rumors are to control public opinion,” Old Master Mo smiled bitterly as he said, “If the cultivator doesn’t want to reveal himself, the news would not spread so quickly. This method was used to discredit cultivators. Killing two birds with one stone. Why won’t they do it?”

Yan Huang remained silent for a moment. He said indifferently, “You will take over this matter.”

Yan Huang looked at the herbal medicines which Mo Chongshan brought. Besides the ‘Han Yi Gen’, the rest of the herbal medicines were all present. The alternatives for ‘Han Yi Gen’ were not too useful.

Yan Huang remembered that his mother worked at a Chinese medicine shop and decided to pay a visit to the shop. He would go and look for herbal medicine which had the same effects as ‘Han Yi Gen’.

“These are not Han Yi Gen.” Yan Huang pointed to the herbal medicines on the table as he said, “I will be staying in Jiangning city for two more days. Tomorrow, I will personally visit a Chinese medicine shop and look for herbal medicine. Once the Dan medicine is ready, I will send you a message. You can come and take it.”

“Can…” Old Master Mo looked hesitant. “Master Yan, can I watch you make the Dan medicine?”

Yan Huang smiled secretly. Mo Chongshan wanted to see whether his Dan medicine skills were real. If he could, he probably wanted to learn the skills too.

Forget it. As the Minister of Defense, he had been respectful of him and helped him. Yan Huang decided to give some benefits to Mo Chongshan. After all, it was just a simple version of Strengthening Dan. It didn’t matter if he learned the steps.

“Yes. I will teach you how to make this Dan medicine tomorrow,” Yan Huang blatantly stated Mo Chongshan’s ultimate motive.

“Thank you, Master Yan. Thank you.” Mo Chongshan was stunned for a moment before he understood what Yan Huang said. He was elated.

Actually, Mo Chongshan just wanted to see if Yan Huang really knew how to make Dan medicine. Besides the Dan prescription, he didn’t any other skills relating to Dan preparation.

Today, he went to visit a respectable Dan making master in Jiangning city. When the master saw the Dan prescription that Yan Huang had written, he scoffed. He said that it was impossible to create the Strengthening Dan just from these few herbal medicines. He must be daydreaming!

Mo Chongshan was embarrassed but he didn’t dare to refute the master. Thus, he wanted to confirm if Yan Huang was really able to make the Strengthening Dan.

He didn’t expect Yan Huang to see through him and exposed his ulterior motive.

“Yes.” Yan Huang nodded. He prepared to leave. After taking a few steps, he remembered what Mo Chongshan had told him. Many officials were against cultivation. He turned to Little Luo and said, “If you are not confident of achieving your breakthrough, you can look for me.”

Little Luo was confused for a moment. Then, he immediately kneeled down and kowtowed. “Thank you, Master Yan. Thank you.”

“Good.” Yan Huang left without a pause.


When he walked out of the Imperial Flourish Hotel, he noticed that Zeng Caixuan and her friends hadn’t left. Mu Xiaoqiao was crying on the stairs while An Ya and Ruonan were comforting her.

Zeng Caixuan consoled her too. She kept glancing at the entrance of the hotel. When she saw Yan Huang appearing at the entrance, she shouted.

“Yan Huang!” Zeng Caixuan rushed towards Yan Huang. She observed him and realized that he was unscathed. She was astounded.

“You… you…”

An Ya and Ruonan were dumbfounded when they saw Yan Huang coming out of the hotel safe and sound.

Ruonan was the most shocked. She learned martial arts before, so she knew how powerful Master Hong’s bodyguards were. She didn’t expect Yan Huang to survive. Also, he was in one piece and unharmed!

“Ring ring ring!”

More than 10 police cars appeared at his moment in front of the Imperial Flourish Hotel. These police cars parked at the entrance of the hotel and a huge number of constables and yamen officials came down the cars. All of them rushed into the hotel.

Zeng Caixuan looked at them in disbelief. “Wow. I just called the police and say that someone was drinking and fighting. Why did so many constables come?”

Within a moment, Zeng Caixuan and her friends saw the constables taking away the men in black suits. The leader of the pack had his face covered with a black bag, but Zeng Caixuan knew that it was Hong Xin.

“Let’s go.” Yan Huang lost his interest after a while. He took Zeng Caixuan’s car keys and jumped into the convertible.

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